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Celes'tiell (Celes) Cloudchaser

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Name: Celes'tiell Cloudchaser

Age: Birthdate: 4 of April 684
Age would be 110
Gender: male

Sexuality: Bi-sexuall

Ethnicity, Father: Iceberg Human

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian Woodelf

Class: Hunter

Race: Half-Elf

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Sleeping Calamity

Tattoo: Left Chest, around which multiple vine tattoos grasp and twist upwards his neck.

Face: Iorweth from The Witcher Universum


Height: 2.2 meters

Weight: 80 kg

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Green

Overall: Along Celes'tiells head we see dark brown Hair parting in the middle in two evenly portions, which go just past his ears. Along his half elven ears he adorns different golden jewelry which shows his pride towards his elven heritage. Looking at his facial features, slightly gaunt but almost not seeable cause of his father genes. From his mother he inherited the lush bright green eyes and the thin nose. From his father he inherited his iron will and a scar. This scar goes along his chin, through his lips and upwards to almost touching his eye. Alongside his neck you start to see a beautiful dark green tattoo of vines starting to wrap around his neck. Under the clothing he wears, it swirls downward to the left side of his hip.
Rather sturdier built in contrast to most elves, but cause of his staggering hight, most of it is muscle.
Over his bare skin he mostly wears white underwear and a white shirt. Over these he wears a dark brown west whit the tipps and sides of it adorned with motives of vines and thorns. A similar theme is portrayed with his other clothing. On top all that he wears a cloak adorned with a red rose on the back which extends his thorns and vines over his hole cloak

Extra: Multiple ear piercings, vine tattoo and a face scar. Many small scars across his arms.


Personality: If you would ponder on how to describe Celes'tiell, it would start at few specific Personality traits. At first he may come of as rather unpleasantly calculative. Though he would shrug it off with a smile. Behind those green eyes which radiate hope, is a dark shadow that covered his early Forty-eight years. He learned early on that you can't do everything alone and thus always looked for people he would have use for.
His stance towards people would have been different if he hadn't lived in Iceberg.
Since his more Elven stature didn't fit in with most Icberg warriors, he developed a need for Achivement. Everything to make his father proud and be the strong warrior who would come see his mother. What are a one hundred years, his presistance fuled ambitions. Throughout these years he became rather frigid, reserving his emotion to only those he truly trusts. But, trust was hard to come by in the Icy region. As the circumstances dictated he also became very cautious around other people. Even his own tribe. His only saving grace was his mother which taught him to know when to be patient and and when to take action. In her care he learned to live in a more civil, but he sometimes still shows his brutish behaviour, not benefiting him at all. (222)

  • good: loves nature and taking care of flowers. Likes sheep meat and milk.
  • bad:to smoke cigarette and drink a lot. Expensive jewelry.

  • Good:People that are too nice. People ordering him around.
  • Bad: Brokkoli, sweets, disrespecting nature

  • Half Elf Home:
A place where all half-elfs can call home.
Power and Greed.
  • Accomplishment:
    Not being able to accomplish that what he promised, what he swore.

    Not being able to see his mother.

  • Revenge:
Revenge for his father who had to attack him and get him out of the Tribe. Kill the chieftain that is a deamon/vampire.


Distribute 30 points over the attributes below with at least 1 in every Attribute.

Strength: 5

Speed: 2

Constitution: 6

Endurance: 6

Intelligence: 11


Magic Name: Hemocraft Magic

Magic Element: Water

Magic Enhancement:
Holder Magic [revolver]

Magic Description: What is the description of your magic? Magic comes from within oneself, or at least that's what Celest believes. That's why he imbues his Guns with a little extra of his blood. Drawing the water Magic from within he uses this inner source to cast various types spells, Offensive, Supplementary, Defensive and Self-Buff. He fills his magazin whit the raw water essence formed from his blood.


Neque porro quisquam est qui dolorem ipsum quia dolor sit amet, consectetur, adipisci velit .
There is no one who loves pain itself, who seeks it and wants it simply because it is pain

His father Aard Cloudchaser was a bashful young man who had a lust for adventure and wanted to keep his promise he made to a elf he once met when he was a small boy. The promise he wanted to keep is to marry his mother Alvara, is a beautiful and strong woodelf who was admired for her strong body frame and lush green eyes. Glittering with a brightness only a priestess could have. His father told him this since he was a young boy.
His mother a strong Woodelf with a even more stronger will. She could wield a bow and even at the same time talk slik to the most noble of elves. She was intrigued by this young fledglings promise and accepted it with such vigor that Aard was enthralled. Their dynamic always fascinated Celes'tiell. After they have met, years later, Aard proposed to Alvara during a battle they fought together. After slicing the beast in half he took her away and organised a ceremony.
She was at that point in her late 200s. Yes her beauty didn't vain like a flowers would. Yes, she is called the eternal rose. Even now in her 300s she still looks as gorgeous as she was before.

Early life of Celes'tiell, was rather turbulent. His father wasn't a man who could stay put as easily as His mother would like to. He didn't have the patience, as such left after ten years of life with his mother and father together, he left to his tribe. Taking Celes with himself, with a promise of returning him back within a 100 years. Not that he would live it. Spending the first 40 something years where harsh climates. With a which rowdy bunch pillaged, raided and fought against other tribes. Climbing mountains, eating things he wasent used to. All these were a tall order for him. Thus he decided to use others, make favours and collect debt within the Tribe and outwards. His most fateful experience he had during that time was with a vampire/demon. He wasn't sure which creature was saw. He knew it was something not human for sure. It for better lack of terms swept his tribe up, controlling and spying on everyone who would disobey. Since Celes didn't took kindly to the newcomer, who with unknown means became their tribe leader. His father had to resort to more unsavoury means of saving his son from this man. Many suffered or where executed und this things rule. That's where he got his scar and the first time he used magic.

After the escape from Icberg he knew he had to Achieve strength that he wasn't capable off. He met a member of the Sleeping Calamity. Not knowing at first who he was. Celes learned a great deal about using magic and became a hunter in process. Sworn on revenge even if his father isn't around anymore to witness it.
During the next years, he traveled back to Fiore and met his mother. Taking few jobs along the way he learned how to use a gun, which he got from the Sleeping Calamity member as a parting gift.

After meeting his mother, he struggled a lot. He knew that most of the elfs looked at him with disgusted looks. An aberration sullying their sacred forests. He beared with it, in sake for his mother.
Throughout these years, he learned how to act and how to love. During this time is when he learned to appreciate the beauty and symbolic relationship of Roses. His mother gave him the armor and clothing he bears even to this day.

After his patience was depleted, he couldn't bare it no more. He promised his mother to make a home for each an every half elf there is on Earthland.
Leaving in search for strength and achieving his goals. (677)

Reference: That would be a tall order for me to remember. I joined back in 2014 and only remember making a character and using it for a while. .

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#2Lucretia Wolfenstein 

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Lucretia Wolfenstein
All right just a few things here!
-The magic circle color is incorrect for water based magic: It needs to be blue.
-If you want to keep the color you can easily switch it to fire instead.
-Tattoo indicates where your guild tattoo would go not the tattoo that he has already listed in extra. [Unless that's just flavor for the guild tat, if which ignore this]
-You mention that his magic can cast various kinds of spells. What kind? [Offensive, defensive, supplementary etc etc.]


Celes'tiell (Celes) Cloudchaser Empty Sun Feb 27, 2022 2:05 am

-Circle color description has been corrected. I deleted the part which states the Redish color.
-Yes, the Vine tattoo goes around the Chest tattoo.
-my Idea was to use spells which are listed in the Hunter class Offensive, Supplementary, Defensive, Self-Buff. If that's alright, I added that to the magic section.

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Lucretia Wolfenstein
This character application has been approved.

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