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False Prodigy (Good)

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False Prodigy (Good) Empty Thu Feb 24, 2022 11:55 pm

Yuurei had taken a simple, yet weird job from the bulletin board. It was from a man with wealth, and he figured, if he had taken care of this job, then the man would have many more jobs for him to take on. Renji on his shoulder knew that he wasn’t going to say anything about what kind of jobs Yuurei would take. He figured things would be perfectly fine. The light mage would make his way towards the meeting spot that was said on the job request. There he would see a man well dressed and he would wave at him and hoped that he was his client.

“Are you the guy who posted his up on the board? I’m here to take the job.” He said as he was hoping he would explain the situation.

“Ah good, you will be taking the job. I need you to distract a bunch of people that are going to my son’s birthday. I made my son think that he’s amazing with magic, but that’s not true. He wants to perform a magic show in front of everyone.” He said paused nervous about what was to be said next.



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“I plan to use my magic and pretend like he’s the one casting it. To do that without anybody noticing, I would need you to distract those who are looking for me, and even those who looked like they are trying their hardest to spot how my son is doing magic like that. Do you think you’re up to this selfish task?” He would ask him hoping he would say yes.

Yuurei would rub the back of his head because he knew Kailani would hit this type of job.

“Sure I can do that. Let’s go” He would tell Giuliano this as he was happy to hear that.

He would tell Yuurei to follow him and the two of them would find themselves in front of a large house. His client would enter the house, which Yuurei would follow until they reached the grand hall of it. He would look at Yuurei with a smile on his face as he was happy that he had gotten someone who could help him on this.



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He would bow slightly to Yuurei even though he was probably richer than Yuurei could ever be,

“Thank you. For the help, I’m going to get things ready for the show. The guests should arrive at any minute now, so keep an eye on those you think might need to have their attention drawn away from my son’s performance.” He said as he would leave Yuurei to attend to the people who were coming in.

Yuurei would nod as he understood his part in all of this and he would soon see the silhouettes of people showing up to the house. They would enter and make their way to the Grand Hall. The light mage would greet them humbling and keep and nod as he would see those that he would have to watch out for. As time would go by a lot of people would find themselves in the house of the Salvadori, and they would all finally settle into the place enjoying each other’s company.



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Now that everyone was here, Giuliano would introduce his son to everybody as the magic show was about to start. Everybody would clap as Luca would come out as his father would leave through the back of the stage that he built for his party. While he did that, the light mage would start moving around the grand hall as he was asking specific people if they wanted anything. While he was doing this, the magic show would begin, and he continued to move around. The people who weren’t bothered by Yuurei would be in awe of the magic they saw from Luca.

Yuurei kept moving as he would see some people wandering around as if they were looking for his client. The light mage would find himself in front of them and he would explain that Giuliano was busy rooting for his son to do a good job backstage. He would then ask them if they needed something, and they would just go back to watching the show.



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After a while, the show would come to an end, and everybody would start clapping for the boy’s fantastic work with magic. He would bow happily as he was excited that he was able to do this in front of all his friends and their parents. Yuurei would watch Giuliano come out to hug his boy as he would wave at everyone for watching the show. While the party was going on, Yuurei would move towards Giuliano, and he would take Yuurei to a spot where nobody would find them.

“Thank you for everything that you did for me today. Here’s your pay.” He said to Yuurei as he handed him a bag of jewels.

Yuurei would take the jewels and he would bow slightly to him.

“It wasn’t a problem, now go enjoy your time with your son and his party.” He said to the man as he walked out through the back.

The light mage would be in a good mood as they were able to make one happy dad. Yuurei was wondering what they were going to eat today as he walked through the streets of Magnolia.


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