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Ouroboros PT. 2

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Yuurei still felt like Weirdlock had set him up back and the Gambling Den, but he couldn’t put his finger on it. He figured he would continue playing the man’s game until he slipped up or he proved him wrong. He had gone to Weirdlock’s office as he had asked one of the city guards to look for him. He would open the man’s office and would see him still working on the case. The light mage would rub the back of his head as he wondered what he was going to have him do today.

“I believe you got a lead for me to work on today Weirdlock?” He asked hoping that was why he called him.

Weirdlock would stop his work as he would walk over to Yuurei with a serious look on his face.

“I got entail that both Black Dragons and White Stars gang members are going to head over to Hinoki Theater tonight.” He said to Yuurei as he was hoping he was up to the task.



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Yuurei would look at him as he was trying to see if he could tell if he was lying or not. He would just shrug when he had given up on trying to figure it out.

“Sure I will go check it out.” He said to Weirdlock.

“Good, from what I heard they’re going there to steal the theater’s earnings. It is supposed to happen at night. If they both bump heads I’m sure they’re going to fight each other to the death. See if you could stop them from taking the theater’s money and killing each other. Also investigate anything in there that has to do with either of the gangs, while you wait for their arrival.” He would say this to Yuurei.

The light mage would nod as he understood the task and he would leave Weirdlock’s office. Yuurei would start walking through the streets and towards the Hinoki Theater. He had to avoid the Gambling Den because they wanted to kill him because of the boss’s death.



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Yuurei would find himself in front of the theater and when he got there two people will be guarding the entrance. He would walk up to both, and he would smile at them.

“I’m here under Weirdlock’s order. I’m here to check up on the theater and make sure that there is nothing weird going on inside.” He would tell them as he waited for them to say something or let him enter.

They had gotten the word to let a guy with a cat on his shoulder enter the theater. Yuurei fit that description, and they would move to the side. He would enter the theater as he would look at how big and beautiful this place was. It was not the reason he was here, and he would start walking around. He was looking for clues as Weirdlock said there might be something around that would be directed to one of the gangs. The light mage was having a hard time though and it was because of how big this place was.

Still, he didn’t give up so easily as he was checking every nook and cranny in this place before he could see if he was thrown into a wild goose chase.



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Yuurei kept going around the entire theater this time; his job of searching had gone through hours, but for some reason, there was nothing to be found. It would frustrate the young man as Renji would be on his shoulder as he looked around as well.

“Could it be Yuu, that Weirdlock told you to come here because he didn’t want you to see the bigger picture?” He asked him wondering how his partner would respond.

“Yeah, I been thinking about that for some time. Still, I’m not going to leave this place until the gangs show up.” He said as he hoped at least that was true.

The light mage would continue moving around and it wouldn’t take long, but he would bump into one of the cleaners that worked in the theaters at night. They would stare at each other for a few seconds before the light mage decided it was best to ask some questions.



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“I see that you work here. How often do you work here a week?” He would ask him waiting for him to answer.

The cleaner was nervous as he would look around to make sure that Yuurei was talking to him.

“Yeah I work here every night except for two of them in the week. Why do you ask?” He asked curious to hear the reasoning behind this.

“Well I’m asking because it seems that there might be clues around here related to the two gangs that are fighting against each other in Hosenka. I was hoping there might be some clues here because I was told they might show up here tonight.” He said to the cleaner.

The cleaner nodded as he heard Yuurei’s words. He didn’t understand why those gangs would show up here, but he didn’t see anything that was suspicious nor anything that was out of the ordinary here.

“I’m going to be straight with you. I haven’t seen anything weird in these theaters. And I have never seen one of those gang members roaming around this place. It would be the first I ever heard about this. I feel like someone gave you false information. Still, I’m going to get back to work. You can continue searching if you want.” He said this as he started walking away from Yuurei.



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Yuurei figured he would continue patrolling the area as he already checked everything out. His eyes scanned the area as he continued walking through the area. He was making sure to see if there was something he was missing. The hours would go by, and while he noticed it was dark out, there were no signs of neither the Black Dragon nor the White Star gang. This pissed him off as Weirdlock was given some bad entail, which made him go through nothing, but time wasted through it all. He would hope that he was getting paid for all of this still.

He would relax a bit taking his time and taking deep breaths and exhaling before he would leave the Hinoki Theaters. The light mage would say his farewell to the guards that were in front of the establishments before he started walking towards Weirdlock’s office. He had to tell him that there was nothing there, and at the same time see if it was the right time to confront the investigator.



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Yuurei was getting close to Weirdlock’s office now and while they were traveling, Renji would be the first to speak up.

“Do you think this entire time Weirdlock has been trying to pin this on the wrong person? If that’s the case do you think he’s behind all the murders?” He asked Yuurei as that was the conclusion that was in both their heads.

“I been thinking that for some time now. If the man in the hot spring was a part of the Black Dragons, he wouldn’t be there when I got the money. That couldn’t be the boss because he would just show off a tattoo that is being looked at.” He said this as he paused.

“I think whoever was at the hot spring didn’t know we were coming, and I don’t think they’re part of the Black Dragons. Unless they’re that stupid and were taunting us.” He said to Renji.

Thinking about it all, this case needed to be solved soon or else more people were going to end up dead.



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When Yuurei got close to Weirdlock’s office, he would come to a stop. He would see a lot of the city guard’s around, and when he got even closer, he would see dead bodies all over the floor. His eyes widen when he saw this because he would get closer. The city guards would take notice of Yuurei and when they were going to stop him from getting closer, they remember he was working with Weirdlock. The light mage didn’t touch the bodies, but he would look at the same and he would see that they were members of both Black Dragons and White Stars. It seemed like somebody had taken them all out before they could even reach the Hinoki Theater. He would rub his chin as he couldn’t believe this and wondered who could do this.

He looked around to see if there were any types of footprints of someone walking away, but there were none. He figured they fought and killed each other off, but then who survived in the end? The light mage sighed as he shook his head because he had to go see Weirdlock now.



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Yuurei would make it to Weirdlock’s office as he was hoping to find the investigator cleaning off the blood of his victims. The thing is those deaths happened hours before he found them, so it would be too late. When enter the office and he would see that the man was working on the case. The investigator would stop to see that Yuurei had returned. That meant he had taken care of his job and he wanted to see what the man had found.

“So tell me what happened in the theaters?” He was curious waiting for an answer.

Yuurei would only shake his head as he didn’t know where to start.

“I was checking out the entire theater, and while looking through it all, I found absolutely nothing. Then I even bumped into someone that works there at nighttime, and he told me that the gang members never really show up in the theaters. He also told me that he didn’t see anything suspicious when he was working there.” He paused because he was done.

“I figured the information you got was bad intel, so I left and while I was walking back to your office, I saw a bunch of guards surrounding a bunch of dead bodies. They were all members of the White Star Gang, and the Black Dragon Gang. I don’t know what happen, but it seemed like someone stopped them before they even got to the theater if they ever were going there.” He said to Weirdlock.



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Weirdlock would take all of this in and he would nod as he couldn’t believe that the murderer had struck again. He would move side to side as he was rubbing his chin as if he was thinking about everything had told Yuurei. As it stood right now, they had hit a wall on the case, and this was what happen to him before he met Yuurei. He shook his head as he didn’t like this but knew that this guy had done his share of work. He walked over to his desk, and he would take out a bag of jewels from there. The investigator would walk over to Yuurei with it and smiled at him.

“You’ve done a great job as my assistant. I don’t think I could have gotten this far within the case without you. Still, as it's sad to say, we have hit a wall for the time being. Right now, I want you to go enjoy your time. I will come back to you whenever I can find another clue to move the case forward.” He said to Yuurei.

The light mage would grab the bag of jewels as he had gotten paid. He couldn’t try to confront Weirdlock because he didn’t have any evidence that was him, so for now he left it alone. Yuurei would bow slightly and walk away and out of the man’s office.

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