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Officially Meeting [Jove/Private]

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#1Lee Nakamura 

Officially Meeting [Jove/Private] Empty Thu Feb 24, 2022 3:40 pm

Lee Nakamura
The past two years were a blur for the dragon slayer. Coming out of a seven month coma, she was still adjusting to her daily duties. Raymus and Lucretia took over the best they could. The guild was intact, everyone was safe. That's all the mattered for her. Already, issues were starting to arrise with the restrictions on several races including her own children. She had adopted two demi-humans and a werewolf along with her own blood demi-human child. The guildmaster was standing on the rocks with Lector, her exceed. He was happy that she was back. "Where did all these laws come in against these races? God...hmm" she whispered to herself. There was no way she would be able to do this one her own. Everyone was gone in her guild and the matter of the fact she had an idea when. The dragon slayer growled as her fire magic set the papers ablaze. Scorched piece of torn paper flew everywhere, raining ash all over the place.

"Lee...please. Calm down, I know how you must feel, but getting upset over it will not change the issue" assured Lector. The exceed was right in that matter. Her temper wouldn't help at all. AFter several minutes, she managed to calm herself to a simmer Her father had brought it to her attention when she first woke up after asking about what had all happened. He had her meet up with someone who could help with getting these laws undone or lessen the effect. "We should be meet him here. Dad forgot to mention his name" she spoke. LeeAnn sat on the rocks with Lector staring at the portside.

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#2Jove Augustus 

Officially Meeting [Jove/Private] Empty Sun Feb 27, 2022 8:45 am

Jove Augustus
An official request had gone through to the Rune Knights to meet with someone of substantial influence within the organization. There was no specification as to who, and so the only available Captain or Captain-Commander would be assigned this responsibility.

Luckily enough for Jove, that meant it would be him.

A blank look rested upon his face, his green tinted sunglasses hiding his eyes and the new Exceed wearing a onesie pair of pajamas sat on his shoulder, blankly staring off in the distance. Whereas Jove seemed to hold a level of mild displeasure on his face, the Exceed seemed to be completely amused with the world around them.

The two sat in silence, perhaps the main reason Jove was comfortable with the companion, at a random bench in which he was told he would meet the person who requested a meeting with the Rune Knights. Before long, a face he knew by association began approaching. Lee Nakamura, the Guild Master of Infinity Wolves. Standing and bowing slightly, with Frosch tilting his head as well in greetings, Jove spoke up.

"Jove Augustus, Captain of the Rune Knights. It's a pleasure to meet you, Lee Nakamura."

#3Lee Nakamura 

Officially Meeting [Jove/Private] Empty Sun Feb 27, 2022 8:58 pm

Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn paced back and forth, stressed about what to do. Many of the refugees who had come to her recently asked what all this means or if she could do anything. The last two years have had a lot of changes for her to really not understand. The guildmaster had not a clue of what expect from all of this. Someone on the inside was going to help her understand this. Her father had this covered. She had to calm down. The demi-human stood with her reptilian tail swishing. The small exceed stood by her side.

She smelled two unfamilliar scents, her head tilted back a little. From the corner of her eye, she saw a tall, gentlemen with a small exceed dresssed in a onesie pajamas. Lector waved, looking as proud as he usually was. LeeAnn bowed back out of her nature from being previously in the Rune Knights. "Captain Jove, thank you for coming all this way. I am sorry for disturbing the work you do, but I do want to thank you for answering my guild's request" she spoke.

She turned towards the oceanside for a moment. LeeAnn held several documents that were handed to her pressing on the rights against other races. "As it's probably already known, Infinity Wolves serves as a safe house for non-human races and humans alike. We fight for rights of other races and help get their lives started. Recently, its come to my attention there are new laws and rules enforced preventing refugees and others from living a peaceful life. It concerns me and was wondering if someone could explain all of this. I want to fight to change this on the behalf of my guild and for my children's future" she spoke of. Those refugees from the war seeked shelter with her guild with fear of being oppressed. A woman in her powerful position was able to make some sort of change. Though, she needed help or more information. "Here's the documents I was given recently by my guild members about the recent law changes," she spoke.

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#4Jove Augustus 

Officially Meeting [Jove/Private] Empty Mon Mar 21, 2022 5:14 pm

Jove Augustus
The woman before him was one whose fame preceded her, and yet she acted completely different from what one would expect. She possessed the charisma and self confidence of a leader, of course, yet she carried a sense of humility that instantly made Jove more willing to have this meeting. He had prepared himself to meet with someone who was pompous, so it was a pleasant surprise. She stood from her bow, and Jove lifted a hand into a stop sign as she finished her apology. "Please, Madam Nakamura, do not lower your head. You're a mage of high influence and caliber; you shouldn't lower yourself to anyone other than Royalty, Nobility, or their equivalent." It wasn't a reprimand, but more of Jove attempting to reestablish that they should be equals here.

Lee began to explain the reason of her requesting this meeting, going into detail about her and her guilds concerns. Jove listened, silently taking the documentation she provided and scanning through it.

"I understand your concern," Jove began. "The continent is beginning to come alive with activity, and the amount of refugees and immigrants have become too rampant to allow an open border policy. We've begun to increase the vetting process for those coming in, and some choose to forgo that process. In our efforts to track these individuals down and learn more about who they are, some of the Page's of the Rune Knights have not executed their orders well."

#5Lee Nakamura 

Officially Meeting [Jove/Private] Empty Fri Mar 25, 2022 1:06 am

Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn raised her head. Already she was taken aback by Jobe's response. It still was sinking in she was a powerful mage that lead a light guild. She wasn't used to it even after three years running Infinity Wolves. "My apologizes, force of habit. I forget that i am powerful and hold much influence, but I do hate acting like i am better than everyone like the rich snobs people think us Nakamuras were," she spoke. There was a slight embarrassed expression from her already. She thought she should of know better. Better to br overly polite than under.

Once she handed the documents, she waited patently for his response. The war had a long effect on everyone. LeeAnn wanted to take in as much life as possible and was willing to quaperate with Jove on the matter. Out of everyone she had met from the Rune Knights, he seemed to the most interesting and easiet to converse with. He lifted his head and explained what it meant. It made more sense calming her down quite a bit. "Now that is understandable seeing as how its hard to keep track of something that large of a scale. I do report all names to the Rune Knights as per requested and will continue to do so. But wgat does this mean for those who alresdy live here prior to the law being formed? Like me or those who already established themselves" she asked. Most likely, she would be fine as being born in Fiore, but sheas storied for a few of her refugees friends. She understood why this must be done and didn't know exactly to help make the effect less bumpy.

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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.
#6Jove Augustus 

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Jove Augustus
LeeAnn seemed like the type of person who couldn't help but wear her heart on her sleeve. One would never have to question what she was thinking, or expect an ulterior motive. Her words, body language, and facial expression all worked in unison to shout how she truly felt unto the heavens. Jove's mind snapped back to the painter he had recently met, and realized that the two shared some striking similarities.

Despite that deep seated honesty, it felt like the guild master was also much easier to deal with than others at her same rank and position. Jove's mind snapped to that of Seika or Odin, and he had to fight the urge to grimace. Both were greats in their own right, but so self assured in their convoluted understandings of the world that discussion with them was fruitless. LeeAnn, however, felt like someone who strove to keep an open mind and to allow the conversation to flow naturally. It was an appreciated change of pace.

And so as she asked her question, Jove felt that much more confident in giving her a fully honest answer. "To those of you who came before the law who have established yourselves within the country, nothing should change. You're documented and pay taxes to the Fiore Government, and that makes you a citizen." As he said this, though, it was painfully clear that he didn't intend to stop there.

"However Madam Nakamura, I feel like it's important to highlight that there's a difference in approach happening at all levels. King Reign and I have similar beliefs that while the protection of the country is a high priority, Fiore has always been a place willing to take in those who are struggling and give them a new chance at life. We wish to uphold that belief and continue to protect as many refugee's as possible. That being said-" he trailed off, letting out a tired sigh.

"To say that all factions within Fiore are united would be an overstatement. While the King's word is law, there is still a power balance to maintain. Many nobles, some royals, and even a few guild mages don't necessarily share these feelings. And so, often times we see Nobility or members of the Rune Knights enforcing the law cruelly, and with the intent to force the government to crack down even further."

Jove had grown quite a bit in the past two years. A man who would stick to the minimum amount of work at all times before, he was now willing and able to take his work seriously while on the clock; even if that meant talking far more than he felt comfortable doing.

#7Lee Nakamura 

Officially Meeting [Jove/Private] Empty Fri Mar 25, 2022 11:13 pm

Lee Nakamura
The demi-human listened intently. She wanted to find out everything she could about what was going on. Her background with the Rune Knights made it a lot easier to understand reasonings and why thing were the way they were. Rune Knights had a dirty background sometimes for being very racist and rude towards others that didn't share the same beliefs or apperance, something she gotten quite often in her days as a Rune Knight. Wasn't her fault she was born this way. LeeAnn was glad that those who came before the law was establish were safe including her. Jove continued forward with how King Reign and him shared the same beliefs while other did not. It was something she knew all too well with how people looked at her family. The guildmaster sighed, already feeling the stress.

"That we both agree on. Pressure from nobles and other higher forces really can call the shots. As a former Rune Knight and clan leader, I can see it. Luckily, the Nakamura family is the opposite of the average rich individual. We believe rights for all despite race. It's character we look at, I am proof of that. After all, I am the only demi-human in my family. Now my worries are, what's going to happen with those refugees seeking shelter in my guild?" An internal fear of nobles, racist Rune Knights and royalty seeking out Infinity Wolves for its rights for all policy.

Many sought out the guild for it's open door policy and system to help those establish their life. LeeAnn had already helped out hundreds of people do that. It was all thanks to her guildmates believing in her cause. In doing so, she made it clear about her ambitions for making Fiore a safer place. "From the start, Infinity Wolves has gotten some backlash, but with powerful mages such as Kon and I in the guild, they never bothered to even touch us. Though, with this law, I am afraid we cant use that anymore" she spoke.

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