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The Magician Tarot: Kailani Fleurn

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Renji would lay on the comfortable ground below him and he would look over to Nimbus when he was done. It seemed like he was more open to her now than he was before. That was a good thing for sure to hear from him and he was glad he was maturing.

“I enjoy my time with him. I think he’s too rash and might get himself killed one day, but I’m hoping that I can prevent that. He’s always buying me food after work is done and is always cooking for us whenever he isn’t doing anything. I think he cares about those around him too much, but I guess that’s a good thing.” He said to Nimbus as he was resting with his friend.

While Yuurei was moving around the trees and the area around him, his ears would twitch as he would smile. He was going to become a predator and catch his prey. Yuurei would push off the branch and in the direction of where he heard the noise. He would catch the big old rabbit and take its life without making it suffer. His eyes would close as he would pray a bit before heading over to the nearby stream. Yuurei would catch three fishes for the rest as he would walk back to the area where Kailani was meditating.

Before he got there, he would prep the food by skinning the rabbit before he got to where everyone was. When he was done, he would make it to the area. He looked around and he was gathering materials to start a nice fire to cook everything.


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Kailani Fleurn †
"Better than not caring at all." Nimbus nodded, thinking about how Kailani wasn't too dissimilar. She too tended to care about people too much, but it also helped her grow. He'd been with her so long now, that the idea of being apart was alien to him. When he had thought he had been the reason she'd lost her magic, it had been eating him alive. He'd go quiet, simply enjoying the relaxing atmosphere while sitting with Renji.

Kailani frowned as she felt the air shifting around the statue. It was still absorbing the wind around it? It was slow certainly, slow enough, that one wouldn't notice without paying close attention, but it was steadily drawing mana from the land around it. How was such a tiny gem capable of holding so much within it? The world was certainly full of mysteries.

It didn't seem like simply sitting here with it was doing anything, and despite her being used to mediation she was growing impatient. So she considered the second thing on the list, trying to force the magic out. There were a couple of ways suggested, the final one being shattering the stone as a last resort because if that failed, she'd lose her magic forever. The other was much more embarrassing, but she was less likely to lose everything in the attempt.

With one long sigh, she'd lift the statue to her face, shoving the dragon's mouth and the crystal held within in her mouth, sucking on it. It tasted as one would expect at first, like a rock, however, as she continued to suck, she felt something swirling inside her mouth, it tasted, weird. As she glanced around, she noted the two exceeds laying down together, it seemed Nimbus had fallen asleep his chest slowly rising with each breath. At least he wasn't paying attention to make fun of her.



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Once Yuurei created the area where he was going to create the fire, he would look over to everyone. He would see that Exceeds was sleeping, which was a good thing. They would be able to leave Kailani alone. At the same time, he wouldn’t have anybody who would have called out to him if something had happened to Kailani. That meant that he was going to have to stick around, which of course, didn’t mind at all. When he looked over to Kailani, his eyes widen when he saw what she was doing. He was confused for a bit as his head tilted as he was watching what she was doing to the dragon.

He scratched the side of his head as he would walk over to her and would simply be next to her. He would crouch down as he looked at her while she had her face planted into the dragon’s mouth.

“Are you practicing kissing with the dragon? Or did meditating not work and you decided you would eat the crystal.” He said to Kailani.

Yuurei had thought she should have taken the crystal from the statue and swallowed it whole. He figured that might help her gain her magic back and something new as well. Still, he didn’t want to offer that option yet.


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Kailani Fleurn †
Kailani's eyes widened as Yuurei approached, her face flushing a bright crimson. She had been hoping he'd take a bit longer to arrive, but it was far too late for hopes now. Hanging her head in shame, she'd avert her gaze momentarily.

"Itch no' wha' itch 'ooks 'ike!" she mumbled through her mouth being half full of dragon face, desperately waving her hands around in a frenzied panic. Her mind was a complete jumble at how to explain the situation she was in. It definitely would have looked like she was making out with the statue.

Instead of spitting it out, she shuffled around, in an attempt to hide the scene from the half-elf. Continuing to suck on the crystal which was now starting to taste sort of delicious. She couldn't quite describe the flavour, but it was sort of sweet, yet bitter simultaneously with a hint of saltiness. All she could say for certain was that she didn't dislike it.



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While he was crouching right next to her, he would see her turning her face away from her. He had a smile on his face as she tried to tell him something. He had an idea of what she said but decided not to pry on that. Still, it seemed like whatever she was doing, she wasn’t going to stop, which made him chuckle a bit more.

“Wow, Kai, you’re doing such a thing with a dragon statue, and you won’t even let me watch.” He said to her as he would give out a devious smirk.

He kept looking at her as he was wondering if she would turn to look at him. Yuurei did find her face to be loving to look at, and he could understand that she would be able to have anybody she desired. He would stand tall though as he figured he wouldn’t pry on the kinky stuff that she was doing with the dragon.

“It’s okay, if you don’t want me to look I’ll be heading over here and giving you two some alone time. I’ll be cooking for us, so don’t tire yourself out with the dragon.” He said out loud as he walked away as he was going to prep the meal.

Yuurei had gotten some seasoning out of Renji’s bag and would make sure that his hand was cleaned before he got started.


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Kailani Fleurn †
Kailani could feel his eyes on her as he continued to make fun of her ridiculous situation. As he went off to continue whatever he had planned to do the wind mage went to turn to retaliate to his words.

"'or thoth uh ehnuh!" she cried out to him, flailing her arms about, she went to stand and yell at him some more, but as 'spoke' the first word there was a loud cracking sound.


"Uh...oh...." Kailani began to freak out as she felt the crystal shatter within her mouth, a tidal wave of wind surging from it, directly into her mouth as she felt the strange tasting magical energy pour down her throat, filling her body from top to bottom as it absorbed the weird mana. Her vision grew clouded as the air around her body began to pick up, turning into a raging storm before her very eyes within seconds. From the outside it would appear as if the storming winds had completely consumed her, creating a powerful spherical ball that contained her inside, stopping anyone from entering.

Inside the wind mage felt her head begin to throb, what started as a slight tingling pain rapidly becoming an unbearable migraine. A voice she'd never heard before whispered in her ears, the words, making no sense at first, before becoming clear.

"...Child of wind, my power is bestowed upon you..."

As quickly as the storm of raging wind had appeared, it was gone again, as it cleared, Kailani would be on all fours coughing and spluttering. As she coughed the shattered remains of the crystal were spat out. They were no longer bright and vibrant, but the dull, colourless gemstone they had been the day before.


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While he was prepping the food, he would put everything on sticks, poking the food in one end and out the other. He was getting ready to put them over the fire, but something went wrong. He felt it in his body, and he would look over to Kailani to see if she was okay. When his eyes met where she was, the light mage would see wind surrounding her. His face turned with anger and worry as he didn’t know what the fuck was going on. Yes, he felt the power of the mana that was consuming or covering his best friend, but what could he do. Renji would wake up from the strong flow of wind around him, to see that a storm was in the forest.

“How did that get there?” He asked.

Yuurei would stab the sticks onto the ground, so the food wouldn’t get dirty and rush straight towards the storm. He would try to enter the ball of the storm, but he would only be pushed back and at the same cut up. The light mage would grunt in pain from the feeling but would shake it off due to her being in danger. He would try again, but of course, he would fail as he would be pushed back. Renji saw this and figured if Yuurei didn’t answer him, then Kailani was in that thing.

Soon enough, the storm would stop, Kailani on the floor, and Yuurei rushed straight towards her. He would do his best to comfort her as it seemed like she was spitting out shards of the crystal that seemed to have been broken.

“Are you okay Kai?!” He asked worried about her more than himself right now.


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Kailani Fleurn †
Nimbus jerked awake beside Renji, the sudden burst of wind chilling him to the bone.

"THE HELL IS HAPPENING!?!" He screeched. As the wind cleared he spotted Kailani hunched over the ground.  His golden eyes grew wide, but before his little exceed legs could rush over, Yuurei was already there at her side.

"I *cough* think *cough* so... Just... hurts... a little..." She spluttered, her face pale as she forced a smile up at him. She clenched her teeth as she clutched her stomach still clearly recovering from whatever just occurred. Moving slowly she'd sit up straight, her head still spinning as if the raging winds were still swirling around in it. Slowly the headache began to subside, but she could still feel the mana whirling inside her as if it was struggling to settle down.

"I don't recommend that method..." She wheezed, a little out of breath despite being full of the air that had surged inside her body.



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Yuurei was glad that she was okay, or at least not dead. He wasn’t sure what was going on within her body, but he hoped that things would get better. He knew this was going to make this weird, or at least he hoped not as he would embrace Kailani, hugging her because he thought he had lost her. Once he had done this for a few seconds, he would separate from her, and he would look over to Renji.

“Renji can I get some water and bandages?” He said to his partner.

Renji would walk over to the two of them and he would open his bag as he would take out a canister of water and bandages for Yuurei. The light mage would grab them both as he was handing the canister to Kailani and smiled at her.

“Drink some of this, it should help you out. Of course, use it to wash out whatever shards are in your mouth first.” He said as he would move away from her and he would start bandaging his arms right now as they were bleeding and cut up from the storm that was surrounding her for a bit.


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Kailani Fleurn †
His sudden embrace was unexpected, but not unwelcome as she'd hug him gently back. She would have reacted in a similar manner if roles were reversed to be fair. The idea of losing him was a painful one. As he ordered Renji around she smiled, she really was surrounded by those that loved and cared for her and she'd thank them both, her voice still a little hoarse as she'd first used a mouthful of water to rinse out her mouth as Yuurei suggested before chugging down the rest.

Nimbus sat by nervously, fidgetting with his paws as he watched her, his eyes trailing from her to the busted-up clay statue at her feet.

"Oh no..." He rushed over trying to put it back together, fearing that without it all would be lost for good, tears swelling up in his little golden orbs.

With a chuckle that sounded more like a coughing fit, Kailani would reach over and pet the poor exceed with a smile.

"It's okay, I don't really understand it, but I definitely have my magic back." She reassured him as she pulled the little feline into a hug.

"R-really?" He sniffled, fearing that she was simply lying to him to make him feel better.

"Really. It just... feels a little different." She added, not really sure how to explain it, it was like there was more energy within her than before, but because her body was not yet ready for it, it was struggling to contain and maintain it properly. Glancing over she'd notice Yuurei bandaging his arms, causing her eyes to widen.

"A-are you okay!?" She exclaimed, her voice full of concern, like that of a worried mother, "What did you do to get that cut up!?! Here, let me do that!" She winced a bit as she moved over to him, but held her hand out for the bandages so she could do them properly, instead of his one-handed method.



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Yuurei was glad that she was okay and listening to her speak to Nimbus, it seemed that she had heard magic back. That was amazing and he was glad that she was no longer feeling down about it. He was glad and it would put a load off his shoulders. It wouldn’t take long, but she would ask him what had happened. He didn’t want her to feel bad, so he didn’t want to say where he truly got it. He did, however, handed her the bandages and would stretch his arms out.

“Well, I kind of stuck my hands into something I wasn’t supposed to. Then this happens, but I will be perfectly fine. I’m just happy that you’re okay, and that you got your magic back. I know it means a lot to you and it means a lot to me that you’re happy.” He said with a huge smile on his face as he didn’t care about these wounds at all.

Renji would sigh as he had to bite his tongue. He was going to blame Kailani for Yuurei obtaining those wounds, but he considered this man’s feeling more than he thought he ever would. He would just sit down and look at both.

“Hurry up and wrap Yuu’s arm. The idiot got hurt, but he still needs to cook for all of us.” He said out loud.

Yuurei would look at him and he would shake his head at his friends, but it was something he wanted to do.

“You haven’t eaten my food for two years. I’ve gotten better and learned about many different spices from all Fiore.” He said as he couldn’t wait to see what she say about his improvement as a chef.


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Kailani Fleurn †
Kailani gave him a small sideward glance, his explanation clearly lacked a lot of details. Getting cut up like this was no easy feat and while she had her suspicions she held back on scolding him for now.

"Yes, yes, I'm on it." Kailani rolled her eyes at Renji, "I think his health is a little more important than some food." She stated bluntly, taking the bandages and quickly setting to work. She'd make sure it was tightly bound, but not to the point the blood didn't flow at all as she wound it from his wrist, and up along his arms, ensuring ll the cuts were covered well. Once she was finished, she pinned down the end and wiped her brow.

"Now, would you like my help with the food, or are you going to be okay on your own?" She'd ask, a little unsure if he'd be able to handle it properly on his own given the current condition of his arms. While she was a pretty pathetic cook, surely she wouldn't be able to screw it up too badly if she followed his instructions.



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Renji heard her voice and she was right about that, but it was her fault. He decided the best he could do was backtalk again.

“Yuurei’s been through things worse than those cuts, so I figured he would be able to handle it.” He said to her as he shrugged.

Yuurei would watch as she wrapped up his wounds, and when she was done, he also shook his head because all Renji would do was make her worry about everything he had gone through in the past two years. He hoped that wouldn’t happen and soon after she would ask him if he needed her help with the food. He would get up from where he was as he would pat her on the head.

“I already prepped it before all of this happen. I just need to make sure that they're cooked over the fire properly. So you don’t have to worry about it.” He said this because he was true, and honestly he wanted to spoil her since when they first saw each other it got pretty awkward.

He would walk over to the four sticks and he would quickly start the fight before positioning the three fishes, and one rabbit to get cooked. He would look behind him though wondering if they wanted to sit by the fire with him.

“You guys can come and sit next to me by the fire if you want?” He asked them.

Renji would get up as he walked over to Yuurei and would lay down next to him and the fire.


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Kailani Fleurn †
"Oh has he just?" Kailani scrutinized, looking dead in Yuurei's eyes, "I'd love to hear more about that." She seethed sending a sharp warning smile directly at the light mage. He had promised to come back alive, and he had kept that promise, but it seemed he'd been more reckless in some of his actions during his adventures than he'd first let on.

"But, let's check the meat first shall we?" She stood up with a sigh, limping slowly over towards the makeshift campfire where the meat was sizzling away. The occasional painful twinge shot through her body as the magical energy within her body slowly began to assimilate to her own, but she ignored it, patting the ground next to her as she took a seat by the fire for Yuurei to sit.

"Well then, come on then, let's hear all about the mighty adventures of Yuurei and Renji." She smiled, still clearly irritated by Renji's words, but also a little excited to hear more about what they'd been up to. They hadn't really had the chance to share stories, since being reunited, and right now she was too tired and sore to bother doing anything else.

Nimbus shot a worried look at Renji before moving over to sit beside Kailani, resting his head in her lap so she could gently pet him and calm herself while they prepared to spend the rest of the day eating, chatting, and sharing stories.



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Yuurei would hear Kailani’s words and he would chuckle when he heard the tone behind it all. He knew she wasn’t going to be so happy with the events that had taken within the two years, but he was still alive. While she had sat next to him, he felt as if he was at home in the forest all over again. It was peaceful, and it reminded him of before their trip to Fiore. While the food was cooking, he would hear her voice as she was eager for him to tell her the stories.

The light mage would explain everything that had happened within the two years. How he was able to find the region where the Vampire who killed his parents was located. He was somewhere in the mountains in South Region, which was home to Blue Pegasus. He told her how his father’s gauntlet had finally acknowledged him and activated its ability for him. The light mage would tell her about the people he met who wanted him to join them and their guild for their own goals.

The light mage also told her about all the tips and advice he had taken into knowledge from the chefs that were located throughout Fiore. He told her about the hours of training that he had pushed himself through, and how he was probably as strong as Blue Pegasus's third strongest Daiko. He kept telling her about how the world was so different than what he had imagined it would be. This talk would continue while they ate and enjoyed their time together, but more than he wanted to know what she had done as well.


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