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The Magician Tarot: Kailani Fleurn

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#1Kailani Fleurn † 

The Magician Tarot: Kailani Fleurn Empty Wed Feb 23, 2022 11:45 pm

Kailani Fleurn †
The faint sounds of voices could be heard as she regained consciousness, the brightness of the day causing her to blink a few times as her eyes adjusted. Where was she? Looking around, it seemed she was in a hospital bed, the window nearby allowing the sunlight to shine through told her it was daytime. Why was she here? She tried to recall what happened, as the memories of the previous night came back. Right, she fainted. Considering the sun was shining now she must have been out of it for a while. She focused on the voices coming through the curtain.

"I'm afraid we still don't quite understand it, physically, she's perfectly healthy, there was no reason for her collapse. However..." The deep voice paused nervously, "Are you sure she's about to use magic? We couldn't find a single trace of  Ethernano within her. Even if she used up all her magic power, she should have started to draw in more from the world around her by now." The voice sounded a little shaky. Considering the location, it appeared that it was a doctor or nurse speaking to someone. Was it about her? Fear crept up from inside her, was her magic gone?


On the other side sat Nimbus on one of the plastic chairs available for visitors, the black and white exceed staring off into space while Yuurei spoke to the doctor. Since Kailani had collapsed he hadn't uttered even a single word.



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He couldn’t believe that she had collapsed right in front of him. He didn’t see if there was anything wrong with her, and it bothered him. Yuurei was afraid that there was something wrong with Kailani, so he listen to the doctor. He told him that she was physically fine, which he figured that much when she collapsed and he checked on her. It seemed like the doctor didn’t know what was wrong with her either even though he told him everything that had happened.

“Yes, I saw her about to use her magic, and then the next second she didn’t and started feeling off and fell.” He said to the doctor.

“I see, that’s mysterious. The only thing I can say is this we will keep her here for a bit until she feels better. Then from there we can monitor her and see what causes all of this. For now, I will leave you to her.” The doctor said to Yuurei as he walked away to attend to the other patients here.

Yuurei would enter through the curtains as he would see Nimbus quiet in a chair and then Kailani on the bed. He saw her eyes moving and it seemed like she had gained consciousness once again. The light mage would take a seat on her side and he would smile.

“I’m glad you’re awake. You scared me there. I thought I might have lost you.” He said this to her.

Renji would hop off Yuurei’s shoulder and he would walk over to Nimbus. He looked at his friend waiting for him to speak to him. He felt as if something bothered Nimbus, so he didn’t want to intrude unless he felt like talking.


#3Kailani Fleurn † 

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Kailani Fleurn †
"Going to take a bit more than a little fatigue to kill me off." Kailani chuckled with a gentle smile, still a little sleepy after just waking up. Shuffling her pillows around so she could sit up a bit, as she did the doctor must have heard and rushed in to stand beside the white-haired young man. He looked to be around middle age, his hair thinning, a look of relief seemed to wash over his face as he spotted the young elven girl awake.

"Ah, how are you feeling miss?" He'd ask raising an eyebrow as he noted her complexion seemed normal.

"F-Fine, I guess. Just a little thirsty." She stated as her throat was feeling a little parched.

"Alright, well I have a few questions to ask you, would you be able to grab some water from the cooler in the hall, young man?" He'd ask Yuurei, figuring he'd be more than capable of doing that much and it would give him a moment to ask some more personal questions. Once Yuurei left them he'd shoot a few questions Kailani's way, but the wind mage's answers would only leave him more confused. She was a complete mystery, people didn't just lose their magic for no reason.



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Yuurei would chuckle with her as he was happy that she wasn’t sick. He was also glad that she could joke around, but he felt like it was his fault. He was the reason why she had left the forest, so whatever was happening to him was his fault.

The light mage was going to say something as she was fixing herself, but the doctor had rushed over to them. They spoke a bit and when he heard that she was thirsty, he would get her something to drink. He decided to get her water because she had just gone through something mysterious. Plus, it seemed like the doctor didn’t want him there right now.

“I don’t know what to do. How do I take her with me, if I’m going to put her in danger? She doesn’t have her magic or there is something wrong with her magic.” He spoke to himself as he was getting the water from the cooler.

When he had gotten it, the light mage would walk back to the two of them. He had made sure that he had given the doctor enough time to ask all his questions. When he got there, he would smile at Kailani and he would hand over the water that he got her.

“You better feel back to normal soon.” He said with a smile on his face as he could be hopeful.


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Kailani Fleurn †
Kailani would force a smile as she took the water and downed it quickly, turned out she was even more thirsty than she'd thought. After scratching down a few more notes, the doctor would turn to the duo.

"Well, I'll leave you two be, for now. I'll have to go discuss this with my colleagues, it's got me completely stumped. As you're physically fine, you're more than welcome to leave if you wish, Miss, just give the nurse at the counter your details so I can contact you if we figure anything out. Of course, you're also more than welcome to stay as long as you need to process everything." After giving his little speech he'd bid them farewell and disappear off into the hallway, leaving the two elves and their companions alone in the room.

As she watched him leave, Kailani would release a long, deep sigh.

"So..." She paused, clearly unsure what to say, her eyes lifeless, as if all the joy had been drained from her. She wanted to just curl up and cry but forced back the tears that were threatening to tumble down. The idea of appearing weak in front of him, terrifying her. Instead, it was like all the emotions had been drowned out of her, as she stared off into space, unable to think of anything to break the silence that ensued.

Nimbus meanwhile sat fidgeting with his paws as he frowned, seemingly deep in thought. As if he was trying to build up the confidence to speak again.



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Yuurei would say his farewell to the doctor after he explained everything to them. He would bow slightly as he was happy that the man had helped out as fast as he could. Yuurei would look over to Kailani when the doctor left as it seemed like she was glad that he left. Still, there would be quiet in the room as he looked at her waiting for her to say something. It seemed like this whole ordeal was bothering her, and he was thinking about what he could do to make her feel better. He would take a seat next to her and he would look into her eyes with a smile.

“There’s no need for you to be sad about this. I can’t say this happens to all of us, but this might be something that rarely happens, and it will go away soon. You need to make sure you don’t let it bother you.” He paused for a bit.

“How about this, we get you out of here, and we go try and see if we can find a solution to your problem. I’m sure there might be something in the library that has an answer, or I might remember something throughout my two years of traveling through Fiore.” He said making sure that he would be able to get her on her feet.

There was no way he was going to have her here, feeling bad or weak about a situation that fell upon her.


#7Kailani Fleurn † 

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Kailani Fleurn †
As much as she felt like just sitting around moping and feeling sorry for herself, Yuurei had a point. Doing that wasn't going to get them anywhere. Instead of wallowing in self-pity it would be better if she tried to actively figure out if there was some way to fix it all. With one more sigh, she'd wipe her eyes, removing the excess moisture that had been building up.

"Yea, you're right." She smiled a little more optimistically, if they could find out why it had happened, then perhaps they could find a way to fix it, and if they couldn't? Well, then she had to just learn to live without it, Brone seemed to do just fine and he was completely magically inept.

As she went to remove the blankets covering her, Nimbus suddenly burst into tears, causing the elven woman to be taken aback, blinking in confusion in his direction.

"I'm s-sorry, i-it's all m-my f-fault!" the exceed sobbed hysterically, his face now buried in his paws as he tried to hide his face.

"Huh...?" Kailani blinked once more, even more confused now, "This isn't anyone's fault, there's no need to blame yourself." She tried to reassure him, which only made him cry even harder.



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Yuurei would watch her take the blanket off her and his eyes would widen as he remembered that they had undressed her. He turned away because he didn’t want to see anything he wasn’t allowed to. That was when Nimbus started bursting into tears and blaming himself. The light mage looked confused when he heard those words, and he would look at the Exceed.

“Why do you think it’s your fault Nimbus? I’m sure it isn’t but I’m curious to hear your reasoning behind it all.” He said.

There might be something in his words that would probably give them a clue as to what really happened to Kailani. He wasn’t blaming him, but he knew that any little clue could help. Renji saw his friend crying and he would slide down Yuurei's shoulder and towards Nimbus.

When he got close he would hop on a chair next to Nimbus and place his paw on the back of his friend’s head as he patted him a couple of times.

“You held that in for quite some time. Let it out and use your words. I don’t think it's your fault, but talking about it will help.” He said to his friend as Yuurei had a smile on his face as he knew that Renji cared for his fellow Exceeds indeed.

Yuurei forgot that Kailani had to get dressed and he would bring that up.

“Your clothes are right on that seat Kai. If you want I can leave the room, or stay turned the way I am until you’re done.” He blushed waiting for an answer.


#9Kailani Fleurn † 

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Kailani Fleurn †
Kailani blushed at Yuurei's words, she had been too preoccupied with her thoughts to even notice her state of undress, it must have been necessary for some of the tests.

"Ah, I'll be real quick, just stay like that." She mumbled hesitatingly while rushing to dress before addressing the issue with Nimbus at hand. With a flick, she'd pull her long hair out of her shirt as she finished putting her clothes back on. After which she found her hair accessories, and tied it back up into a messy ponytail.

"Calm down a bit first Nim, remember to take deep breaths." She'd say gently in an attempt to soothe him, taking a seat next to him, taking off his santa hat to pet his head, slowly stroking his fur. After several minutes passed, the exceed finally managed to calm himself down enough to speak somewhat properly between sniffles.

"T-the th-thing, it was sh-shining after you touched it a-and... I picked it up and... and... th-then your m-magic was gone..." He whimpered, his words causing Kailani to frown. What was he talking about? What thing did she... wait.

"Are you talking about the statue from the shop?" She asked curiously, continuing to pet him as he nodded, confirming her suspicions and causing her to sigh and turn to Yuurei.

"We may have to return to the antique store." She announced, still unsure if what Nimbus was saying was the reason or not, but it was the only lead they had right now.



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Yuurei would wait for her to tell him that she was ready with her clothes on, but she never said anything. He figured he would look when he heard her talking to Nimbus and trying to calm him down. He would turn to look at her and he would sigh with relief that she wasn’t still dressing up. The light mage would stand there because he didn’t know what to do with this Exceed. Instead, he watched, and he listened as it seemed like Nimbus did something with a statue that she touched. He looked at her because she had touched something in the shop that might have caused her to lose her powers. He had also touched a statue there, and it made him see things that he didn’t want to see.

He thought about it and it actually made him want to throw up. He would have his hand on his chest as he was thinking about it. He would do his best to calm himself down and when he did, he would take deep breaths for a second until he calmed down. He twitched when he heard Kailani talking to him and he would look at her with a smile on his face.

“Sure we can head over there right now. If you feel sick, please let me know. I can carry you.” He said to her as he wanted her to take it as easy as possible.

Renji would leave Nimbus's side as he would get to Yuurei and climbed up on his shoulder. When everybody was ready, they would leave the hospital and head to the antique shop. The light mage knew they would first find out what happen to Kailani and he would then touch that statue again.


#11Kailani Fleurn † 

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Kailani Fleurn †
"W-wait..." Nimbus mumbled, but everyone was already moving, and before he knew it they were making their way back down the cobblestone streets of Magnolia towards the shopping district. Clinging onto Kailani, he looked more nervous than normal, which the elven maiden was about to write off as him still feeling guilty until she noticed the way he kept stealing glances at the red sack in his paws that he always carted about with him.

With a sigh, she'd tap Yuurei's shoulder to get his attention and lead him off to the side of the road and into an alley, figuring it would be easier to talk away from the busy street.

"Out with it." Kailani urged bluntly, placing the black and white exceed on the top of a trashcan so she could look him in the eyes.

"Um..." Nimbus squeaked diverting his eyes, clearly hesitant to speak, "I may have..." His eyes shifted once more his paws fidgetting with the bag once more, "...taken it..." He finally admitted, unable to look Kailani in the eye.

"Of course you did..." she sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose as her eyebrows furrowed, trying to figure out the best solution given the circumstances. On the plus side, they had the object they wanted to know about. However, they would more likely than not require the shopkeeper's assistance on the matter. As he would perhaps be able to tell them more. They could always sneak it back on the shelf, she supposed, or simply apologise to the shopkeeper it wasn't like he'd stolen it with bad intentions.



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Yuurei was moving through the streets of Magnolia as he was hoping that they would find a solution to Kailani’s problem quickly. While they were moving it seemed like Kailani noticed something was wrong with Nimbus. How did he know, well she pulled him to the alleyway and when they were all there, Kailani would speak to Nimbus? It seemed like he wasn’t telling them something and Yuurei tilted his head waiting for him to say something. When he did say what he had to Yuurei would smack his face with his hand as he shook his head as he couldn’t believe it. Renji would laugh when he heard Nimbus say those words. That was why he was blaming himself, and it might have actually been his fault though.

He tried to calm down because he didn’t want to argue with a cat. They were heading over to the antique store anyways to return it. He would take a deep breath and let it out as he would calm himself before speaking.

“Okay so we go back into the shop just to see how he’s doing, and you and Renji go back and put the statue where you found it. Then when you guys come back, Kai can ask him about that statue when we know it’s back where it belongs.” He said as he was hoping that they would be fine with such a plan.


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Kailani Fleurn †
"W-well..." Nimbus squeaked, still clearly nervous as his paws reached into his bag and pulled out the clay statue, the very one Kailani had indeed touched the previous evening, However, the previously dull stone that lay within the dragon's jaws was now glowing an incredibly bright purple and inside it swirled a strange wind-like pattern.

"I think he might notice..." The exceed gulped. Yes, there was certainly no way someone wouldn't notice the sudden magical energy emanating so brightly from the previously seemingly ordinary object. Kailani rubbed her temples in frustration. It seemed they were just going to have to be upfront and honest with the shopkeeper. She looked to Yuurei for help on the matter.

"We could still attempt your plan, but it would definitely seem more sketchy if we're caught. Being honest is probably our best bet." She sighed, hoping he'd agree with her on this one as she stared back at the shiny crystal. It was strange, it gave off such a familiar feeling for all four members of the group. The energy felt so much like Kailani's magic and yet, not at the same time.



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Yuurei’s plan was thrown out the window when he saw the statue that Nimbus was carrying. He would chuckle because this wasn’t enjoyable at all. Still, there was one thing they were going to do and it was simply to be honest.

“Eh, I think we just throw my plan out the window. I don’t need him to wonder how his statue ended up as some shiny antique. In the end, we’re returning it, so he shouldn’t care, especially since we made sure that they didn’t take his money.” He said to everyone.

“So, let’s go and return the artifact back to the old man.” He said as he would start walking out the alleyway and straight towards the shop.

Their travels wouldn’t take long and when he got there, he would stretch his arm forward and open the door to the store. The old man would hear the jingle of the bells that alert him when someone entered his establishment. He would walk to the front of the store to see who it was. He had a radiant smile to see that everyone was back except for the dwarf.


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Kailani Fleurn †
Kailani felt her stomach churn nervously, she was not one for breaking laws, even the smallest of them. She was an honest and upstanding citizen as was Nimbus, usually. As they had made their way to the store, he explained that he was holding and examining it when she fainted as it seemed her mana was flowing inside it every time she went to cast a spell outside the store. And when Brone had burst inside yelling about Kailani fainting he'd panicked and thrown it in his bag without thinking. So technically he didn't mean to steal it.

What really worried her was that his story did match how it felt like her mana was being drained from her. If that really was holding all her magical energy now, then she needed to find a way to get it back. Explaining all this to the shopkeeper was definitely going to be a whole ordeal. As they entered and he greeted them warmly, his smile turned to a look of confusion as Kailani asked Nimbus to show him in the clay dragon statue. To which they went about apologizing and explaining the situation to him. Thankfully, he wasn't angry, instead, it appeared they had piqued his interest.

"Oh my, I didn't..." He trailed off in thought for a moment, "There are stories, of ancient magics within lacrima... Powerful, powerful magics..." He started, sharing his knowledge on the subject, "but I thought that crystal was a normal gem... At least when I acquired it and ran my tests it didn't seem magical in the slightest. It's almost as if your magic reacted to it, acting like a catalyst. And you say you can't use your wind magic anymore?" He'd ask once more to be certain, to which the wood elf nodded in response.

"Well, this is certainly quite peculiar. Please give me a moment, I'll have to go fetch a tome. Ah and..." He trailed off seemingly deep in thought as he walked away, mumbling to himself.

"Well, at least it seems we're not in trouble." Kailani sighed, giving Nimbus a stern look as the shopkeep disappeared into the back room of his store, "Let's not make it a habit to take things in a panic, shall we?" she teased, ruffling his fur beneath his red and white cap.



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Yuurei would hear the shopkeeper explain things to them, and it seemed like this statue only affected Kailani because of the element that she was born with. It was interesting, and he hoped that there was a way to release Kailani’s magic from the crystal. He wanted to ask the old man about the angel-like statue, but at this moment he cared more about helping his best friend than anything else. The light mage would smile when he was getting something for them.

The half-elf would hear Kailani and how she scolded Nimbus indirectly. It would make Yuurei laugh when he heard those words, and he would look at both.

“Yeah I figured that we wouldn’t be. He seems to be happy with what we had done for him last night, so I don’t think it would have been a problem since we brought it back.” He said as he had a smile on his face as he looked over to Nimbus.

“It wasn’t your fault why Kai lost her magic. She did that when she touched the statue, but if anything is to blame it’s the statue. Still, at least we have might have a way to help Kai.” He laughed when he said this as he looked at her.

At this point, they were waiting for the old man, and he would make his return soon enough. He was holding something in his hand, and he hoped that had the answers they were looking for.


#17Kailani Fleurn † 

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Kailani Fleurn †
Nimbus seemed to have visibly relaxed and calmed down now that it was a little clearer that it wasn't his fault, but Kailani's for touching things without thinking. After the last few years, he'd grown a lot less prickly, Kailani might even dare to say he'd become affectionate with her. They still bickered over things, but it was less confrontational and more teasing one another at this point. Seeing him so stressed out over her condition had definitely confirmed the wood elf's suspicions, Nimbus definitely cared for her.

"Alright." The shopkeep brought a large, heavy tome forward, slamming it onto the counter with a puff, "Oh, geez, I'm not... the young man... I once was..." He huffed, clearly a little out of breath. He gave himself a minute to catch his breath as he pried the book open and began to flip through the pages.

"Alright, let's see..." He muttered, slowly riffling through the pages. Upon inspecting the book, Kailani noticed it seemed exceptionally old and worn, the pages seemed to contain a lot of scribbled handwritten words along with the occasional sketch of objects or diagrams.

"Damn book, doesn't have a search system..." The shopkeeper grumbled while the others continued to wait until eventually, his face seemed to light up, "Ah, here we go..." He trailed off, his fingers tapping on a page that showed a similar, image to the statue that sat shining on the counter beside them.

"I originally picked it up because it was similar to the artifact mentioned here, but once I got my hands on it, it wasn't magic at all. Well... At least I thought, until now." He chuckled to himself, clearly excited.

"So... What does it say about it?" Kailani asked curiously.

"Well... the information here isn't guaranteed accurate, a lot of it is the author's speculation, but there have been a few similar pieces, as old as the dragons themselves, forged from their very breath." He began, pointing to the image and then to a block of text that essentially explained the process, "Only those that are attuned to the element already are able to use them apparently, but they could be used to harness the power to slay other dragons. Each containing a portion of the power of the dragon that forged it." He continued, mumbling a little to himself as he poured over the text, trying to find if there were any details to their exact situation.



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Yuurei would look at the old man as he was trying to catch his breath. He would chuckle a bit because he didn’t want to go through such an age and struggle. Now he was looking through the book, and his comment just made the light mage laugh about what was said. Still, he looked at the book as he was hoping that they would have an answer to this mystery. He spoke about the power of dragons coming from the statue, which brought the half-elf to look at his best friend.

If they could extract the power of this statue into Kailani, then she would be able to have the ability to slay dragons. That was actually pretty cool, and he figured that her magic would be insanely strong compared to his.

“If we find out the situation that Kai is in, would there be a way to extract the power of the statue into her?” He asked curious to hear what the man had to say.

“If that happens then would she truly have the power to slay dragons?” He asked as he was really excited about this whole ordeal.

Yes, Yuurei was scared when he found out that she couldn’t use magic, and he was scared that something might happen to her. Still, if she could find a way to power up, then that would be good for what they were going to go up against.


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Kailani Fleurn †
"Well... it mentions something about attuning to the crystal in the statue but doesn't specify how exactly. I have a few ideas, but I don't know if they'd work." He looked a little apologetically at the two elves before him as he pulled out a notepad and started scribbling something down.

"As for slaying dragons, she'd have to find one first." He chuckled to himself, continuing to write, "But honestly, I couldn't say just how accurate the information is, most of what is in here is speculation made by historians, archeologists, and the like." He admitted with a sad smile.

"I'm sorry I can't be more help, however, considering how much the two of you helped me last night and the fact that I blame myself a little for having it out on display, the least I can do is give you the statue, Miss, along with this." He'd tear off the note he was working with and hand it over. Reading over it, it seemed like some instructions on possible ways to attune to the object. Starting with the simplest and moving onto the more complicated or risky.

"You've already helped me tremendously, and it's not your fault, you didn't know its capabilities, are you sure I can just have it?" She smiled, happy that he seemed like a reasonable person.

"Yes, yes, take it, after all, it's your magic that activated it, I doubt it would be useful to anyone else." The shopkeep urged, pushing the statue back towards her. Gently, she picked it up, observing it closely.

"If there's nothing else, I'll see you out. Oh and please return to let me know how it all goes, I would love to make notes!" He shuffled out from behind the counter and escorted them towards the door, it seemed he had no more knowledge to impart on them, but at least they had a place to start. The first method he'd written was simply meditating with it, so finding a nice quiet place would be the way to go.



The Magician Tarot: Kailani Fleurn Empty Sat Feb 26, 2022 5:01 am

Yuurei was happy that the shop owner had been able to help them. He was glad about everything that he had done for them. He repaid them in more ways than one just for them guarding his store. It was worth it, but he wanted to ask him something, but it would seem like they were heading out the door. When they got to the exit of the antique store, Yuurei would make sure to turn and stop before the man would go back inside.

“Hey do you know about an angel-like statue in your shop?” He asked him hoping to get an answer.

The old man looked confused when he was asked that, and he had to think about it. After a few seconds of thinking about it, he would shake his head from side to side.

“In my antique shops, I don’t anything angel-like in my shop. When I did, I sold it months ago before you guys showed up. Why do you ask?” He was curious to hear what Yuurei had to say.

Yuurei was going to explain himself as he opened his mouth but soon closed it. He sighed as he figured he would just leave the old man out of it.

“It’s nothing, forget I asked, and thank you for your help.” He said as he was more than happy to help this guy if he ever needed them to protect his shop.

Yuurei would start walking away as he would look at Kailani wondering what he was going to do first.

“What’s the plan? What did he tell you to do?” He was happy to help if he could.


#21Kailani Fleurn † 

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Kailani Fleurn †
Kailani was curious as to why Yuurei stopped the shopkeeper, but it seemed like he was just trying to find an object, was it important? The wood elf held back her curiosity, for now, she'd ask him about it later, there was already a pressing matter at hand she had to deal with first.

"Ah well, he has a number of ideas. Some are easy enough, others... could be risky..." Kailani chuckled nervously, "But we will focus on the easy ones first. So...." She tapped her chin, she didn't know this town all that well.

"Is there a place that's peaceful and quiet around here?" She'd ask, figuring Yuurei would have a better idea of the place than she did, "The first suggestion is mediating, although it doesn't say how long. So I figure, if I give it shot for a few hours and nothing happens I'll move on to the next." she explained, waiting to hear what the light mage had to say or for him to lead the way.



The Magician Tarot: Kailani Fleurn Empty Sat Feb 26, 2022 5:24 am


Yuurei would listen to her and it seemed like with everything she said and suggested it was his turn to think. He was thinking about where they should go, and he thought about every place he had been in Magnolia. Where would the best place for peace and quiet be? It wouldn’t take long for him to come up with an answer. His face was bright and a huge smile as he looked over to Kailani. He knew she would love it.

“In Magnolia, they have a forest to the east called the Eastern Forest. I think that’s the best place for us to go and have you meditate. You won’t be bothered there.” He said as he was happy to be able to help.

Renji remembered that forest and it wasn’t a bad place. He also remembered that Yuurei and Kailani lived in a forest, so this would make her feel comfortable.

“I will lead the way.” He said as he started walking in the direction of their destination.

He figured that she would just smash the crystal and her powers would come back to her. Then he figured if she communed with the crystal, it would birth her with new powers and at the same time give her everything that she lost.


#23Kailani Fleurn † 

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Kailani Fleurn †
"A forest sounds perfect." Kailani grinned, there was nothing quite like relaxing in a forest to clear one's mind. While nothing was quite on par with the magical forest of Athalran, she still usually felt at home and at peace within them. Eagerly she'd follow Yuurei to the destination, deciding she should go a little further in than just the edge, truly be within nature and away from the hustle and bustle of Magnolia Town's streets.

Nimbus, on the other hand, didn't seem too keen on the whole nature thing, but stuck with the wood elf regardless, figuring he should be by her side to ensure her safety considering her current lack of magical ability. After traveling for a further five minutes into the forest, Kailani finally stopped, finding a small grassy patch between some trees and shrubbery.

"Here looks good." She nodded to the others, letting the exceed crawl down from her shoulder before sitting down with her legs crossed. She'd take out the clay figure, placing it in front of her as she began to take, deep, slow breaths.



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Yuurei was glad that she was happy with the place he chose. Their arrival to the forest wasn’t long, and when she found a location on their walk within the forest, Yuurei would watch her sit down. The light mage would allow Renji to go down onto the ground as he figured he would keep Nimbus company, so he wouldn’t bother Kailani.

“Keep Nimbus company. Make sure he doesn’t bother her.” He said to Renji.

“What are you going to be doing?” He asked Yuurei.

The light mage looked at him and figured he would tell him.

“I’m going to make sure that nobody or anything comes to bother her. I will probably start looking for something we can all eat.” He said this as he would disappear from Renji’s field of vision.

Yuurei would be on the trees now as he moved around the vicinity doing his best to not make noise. His eyes focused looking for what could be their next meal of the day. Renji would walk over to Nimbus, and he would lay on the ground and look up to the trees.

“You really care about her? What changed in the two years?” He asked the Exceed.


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Kailani Fleurn †
"What? It's not like I ever hated her." Nimbus began to argue, crossing his paws and flopping down beside Renji to also stare up towards the canopy, thinking about the past couple of years beside Kailani, "She's a pretty good person. Although she is annoying at times, she always bought me food and snu- er... she's nice." He paused, wriggling around a bit to get comfy on the ground.

"I guess, I misjudged her when we first met, but she's important to me now. What about yourself and Yuu?" He'd ask, curious to see what his friend would say. Being apart from Renji for so long had definitely been a new experience for Nimbus, but having Kailani at his side had made up for it all.

As the two exceed conversed, the wood elf continued her meditation, breathing in... and out... slowly and consistently while clearing her mind and focusing on the dragon statue and the gem within its mouth. As time continued to flow she'd focus on the air around the object as well, trying to reach out and feel how it reacted to the crystal.

Despite all her magical energy leaving her, she could still feel a sense of the wind around her, her natural attunement to the elements of nature thanks to her elvish heritage aiding her. It was as if it was slowly absorbing the air around it, feasting on it as it entered the mouth of the dragon.

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