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New Look Who This (Social/Brone)

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The first person he bumped into on the ship was Kailani and that turned out to be an interesting reunion. Yuurei moved through the airship with Renji on his shoulder. He figured he would continue searching to find the other people in Blue Pegasus. He would continue moving through the ship looking around every location that he went into.

“Kailani is here, but is she the only person that is on the ship? I figured I would bump into Brone as well. I wanted to see how he was doing.” He said to Renji.

“Yuu, you been looking up the entire time, if you going to find him, then you going to have to look down. I should know I’ve been easily missed because of my height.” He said to Yuurei.

Yuurei would let a small chuckle escape from his lips. He didn’t expect him to say that, but he was right. If he wanted to find his friend, he was going to have to look down to find him. While moving through the airship his eyes would adjust and he was looking down. It wouldn’t take long, but he would see someone not far from him. He was short like Brone, but there was a big difference between the two of them. The light mage remembered his friend having dark hair and not white hair.

“Hey are you new here or are you a friend of Brone? Have you seen him?” He would ask this as he was approaching him.


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Brone Heavyaxe
The ship was clean and well kept just as Brone had remembered it. Though it has only been two years, nostalgia greeted the dwarf as he began moving up and down the halls with his hand gliding upon the walls. Luckily the dwarf managed to locate the ship by asking around once he returned to Fiore from the mountains of Stella, "Good to be back" the love of his home was strong, but he missed the chance to venture on the surface with his elven friends.

A familiar voice called out to him and he turned about. At first Brone didn't recognize the man, "Nah, I'm not new, but- ... wait.... Yuurei?" he managed to put a face on the familiarity. The man was indeed Yuurei, but different, older, shorter hair, "Ha! You son of a elf, it's me! Brone!" he swung his arms wide open and leaned in to try and pull the half-elf into a bearhug.

"Lad, I haven't seen you in some time, you look older, though I question why you cut down that wonderful mane of yours, it was a lady-catcher indeed" he couldn't control how loud his voice was, he was so taken by his excitement, "Ah! Renji! you furball! Good to see you too! You look... the same" despite how it sound, the dwarf was indeed glad to see the familiar cat.



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Yuurei heard what he said and was surprised that this guy was indeed Brone. He had his friend’s features, but his hair what happen to his hair. It wouldn’t take long, but he would be hugged by the small dwarf. He was short, but he was strong indeed as Yuurei would just let him do what he needed to do. The light mage would only chuckle when he heard those words as he was happy to see him too.

“It’s good to see you too Brone. I know we haven’t seen each other in a long time. I mean I do look older, but I’m still young. Remember I’m half-elf, so I live a long life just not as long as you and Kailani.” He said to him as he paused for a second.

When he heard about his hair he remembered having to cut it for the sake of it not being grabbed in combat.

“Yeah, I had to make sure that when I fought it didn’t get caught with something. That or if someone tries to grab it, then it would be harder for them to do. Trust me I think there is only one lady I’m interested in.” He said to Brone.

Still, now that they spoke about him being older and cutting his hair, it was time to address him and his hair.

“What happened to your hair Brone? It couldn’t go from dark to white in the span of two years. I know you’re not that old man.” He said to him as he would look at him.

Renji, on the other hand, was glad to be on Yuurei’s shoulder because he was scared that he might have gotten hugged like that as well.

“Good to see you too short stuff. Yuu is getting really bulky as well, he’s going to catch up to you.” He chuckled as he was showing his partner off.


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Brone Heavyaxe
The comment of lifespan sort of threw off Brone, he had never given it full thought. He forgets at times that humans have short lifespans, and given that Yuurei is half human, it would more than likely affect his age. Kailani on the other hand, being a full elf must live to see many trees sprout and die, as far as he had heard from elven stories.

"Ah, that's fine, but trust me, I'm not cutting my hair anytime soon, as for my beard, if anyone dares to try and grab this beauty, they'll regret it" Brone bellowed a laughter as he stroke his beard, "As for the white in my hair, or white of my hair..." he laughed again, "It was from a battle with a dark sorcerer, though I regret to say I didn't manage to defeat him" his laughter stopped and his mood shift to a more serious tone, "I managed to barely escape, though I wasn't sure exactly what we were fighting about, but... I just didn't trust the dwarf" he then grunted.

"Now tell me, my friend, who is this 'one lady' you were referring to?" Brone shrug off the dark cloud over his head and brought Yuurei into a side hug, trying to lighten the mood.



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Yuurei laughed when he spoke about his hair, and it was good to know the man wasn’t planning on cutting his hair. Still, it seemed like the change of his hair happen when he fought against another dwarf that he didn’t trust. He nodded as that was something they were going to have to deal with at a later time.

“I see so what you’re saying is that we’re going to have to go after this guy because you’re going to need a rematch.” He said to Brone with a smirk on his face.

It wouldn’t take long for him to ask him about the one lady he was talking about. Yuurei would look away as he would whistle a bit as he rubbed the back of his head. He only brought it up because of what he mentioned earlier and now he regretted it.

“Is it weird to say that it is Kailani.” He said to him as he would feel Brone hug him on the side.

It seemed like the dwarf really missed him, but the feelings were mutual.

“It's okay tough guy, I missed you too.” He said as he allowed this to happen for a bit.

Renji saw this and it seemed like everyone wanted to hug Yuurei today. It made him want to join in on the hugging session too.


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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone nodded while staring off down the hall, thinking about the fight back at the mountain, "Yeah, I need that rematch, to gain the win and figure out what happened" he tried, but he just couldn't seem to remember much about the fight or the other dwarf, but he had a strong feeling that he should know about him, or maybe he had forgotten something important.

His deep thinking was interrupted when he heard Kailani's name, "Kailani!!!??" his voice rang out and echoed down both directions of the hall, "Since when!? Tell me, my friend! When did these feelings sprout!? And have you made a move yet!?" he bombarded the half-elf as he was guiding him towards the lounging area with his arm around his waist.

Once at the lounging area, Brone threw himself onto the couch with a shout of victory, "You need to also tell me about your ventures during the two years, what was the most exciting thing that has happened?" he then looked over to the bartender who was stationed as a small serving area, "Ale for me" he called out. The bartender nodded and was already making the drink before the dwarf could finish his sentence. Two years had passed, but the bartender was still familiar with the dwarf who frequent the bar whenever he was on Christina.



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Yuurei was glad to hear that he wanted to have another fight with whoever he lost to, but it would seem like he was surprised that Kailani was the girl he was talking about. He would ask him a bunch of questions which brought Yuurei to turn even redder. Of course, he wasn’t looking at Brone as he was looking up and away from his small friend. He didn’t know how to say it, but he would ask him another question and this was about his adventures throughout the two years. Still, while this was all asked, they made their way to the lounging area of the airship.

“You can get me some ale as well.” He said to the bartender.

As he felt his face going back to normal, he would turn to look at Brone as he was able to answer his questions now.

“I guess during the two years I was away from her. I hated being away from her, and only being able to talk to her through a lacrima was not fun. As for making a move, I kind of do not want to talk about it.” He said as the bartender would bring them their ale.

Yuurei would drink half of it in one shot and he would sigh with relief as he put the mug down and would burp right after. He would look over to Yuurei as he would smile at him.

“Well I did a lot of adventuring throughout the region, but I kind of stood towards the Northern and Western Region of Fiore. I think those had the toughest weather to go through, so I figured I would train there. I learned a lot about Fiore there as I traveled around. I also had to deal with a lot of different kinds of people who had to lose a couple of teeth to leave me alone.” He paused again as he drank a bit more of his ale.


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Brone Heavyaxe
At first the thought of Yuurei expressing his feelings towards Kailani was an interesting conversation, but as Brone watched the half-elf's expression and heard his story, even though the information wasn't enough to provide detail, the dwarf could tell the feelings may not have been reciprocated. Now he felt bad about bringing it up and ruining the mood, "Sorry about that, lad" how tone lowered. Brone wasn't much of an observant character, but he could tell how a person is feeling by what they eat and drink and this would be the first time he has ever seen Yuurei order ale.

"Well if those ruffians got in ye way, then they accepted the consequences" Brone joined Yuurei on the subject change, glad that they could move on from the grey cloud overhead. The two would fall into conversation about battle and victory and when the alcohol began to set, the dwarf became loud and rowdy, luckily the bartender and the staff were ready. Two years may have passed, but the ship's crew remembered Yuurei and Brone well enough.

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