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Best Friends Back Together (Social//Kailani)

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Yuurei was finally home, he had to go through Magnolia to get onto the airship, but now he was on board the Christina. He felt weird being back at her, but at the same time, he felt like he never left. Still, he knew that things couldn’t possibly be the same as they were two years ago. He wanted to shout out that he was back home but felt like he didn’t need to make a grand announcement. The light mage still felt new to the guild, and no matter what his reputation, or ranking within the guild it still felt that way. He walked through the airship trying to figure out where everybody was. It felt empty in here, or it was probably because people were out here doing jobs of their own.

Renji was also curious, but unlike Yuurei he didn’t keep quiet.

“I wondered if they abandoned the airship and went somewhere else. What do you think Yuu?” He asked Yuurei.

Yuurei would rub his chin as he heard those words and looked around the area. He would shake his head for a bit as he looked at Renji.

“Nah, I wouldn’t abandon an airship. These things are pretty expensive, and something like this must cost a lot of jewels.” He would say this as he continued walking through the airship.

Yuurei hoped to find someone, but he didn’t know if that would be the case.


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Kailani Fleurn †
"I'm telling you, it's far easier to just eat it with your paws, those weird stick things suck." A rough voice echoed through the airship's halls.

"Easier but far less refined, if you wanna catch her attention properly you should eat like a proper gentleman." A woman's voice retaliated. The sound of a door sliding open, revealed the two, a small black and white cat in a red and white suit and a young woman with medium length pale purple hair messily pulled back into a ponytail that left her pointed ears on full display. Her attire was simple, a white tank top that left her lilac-coloured pegasi guild mark openly visible on her left shoulder and a pair of denim shorts that showed off her slender, but muscular legs. Her lilac eyes fondly smiled at the feline as she stepped out into the hallway, as they trailed up they stopped, locking onto a strange male form coming down the hall.

She was about to prepare to fight as she spied the orange cat beside him. Renji!?! Then...Her eyes trailed back to the male widening in surprise, she barely recognised him, but he definitely was Yuurei after closer inspection. Quickly composing herself she'd cough to get his attention.

"I'm sorry sir, but this airship is guild members only, so I'm going to have to ask you to leave." The wind mage teased, crossing her arms while stifling her chuckle as she waited for him to finally notice her.



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Yuurei would stop walking when he would see someone finally appear. This person was different than anybody he had ever seen and was as beautiful as ever, but those eyes were familiar, and then the ears said enough for him to know who it was. Two years was short for them, but it seemed like a lot had changed while they were away from each other. He could only fluster when he saw her because there was something he wanted to do when he came back and saw her. Now he saw her like this and he kind of didn’t know what to do.

She did, however, caught him off guard. She didn’t recognize him even though Renji was next to him. Nah, she was playing around him and trying to get a reaction out of him.

“Are you sure this is for Guild members only? I have never seen you before here. I’m a part of this guild just as much as you are.” He said as he unbutton his shirt, and showed her his chest.

On the left side, she would see the insignia of the guild there, and he would have a smirk on his face.

“You always tried to get me riled up Kai.” He laughed a bit when he tried to see her reaction to what he did.

Meanwhile, Renji had rushed straight to Nimbus and had given his good friend a hug. He was happy to see someone he had been closed to his whole life again.

“How’s it been? Have you been making sure she’s been training? I can have that woman get Yuu killed.” He asked Nimbus if he was doing what he was asked to do by Renji two years ago.


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Kailani Fleurn †
Kailani's cheeks heated up as she watched the young man begin to unbutton his shirt. What? Why? She was about to blurt out to ask, only to stop as her eyes caught the sight of his guild mark.  Oh right, of course, that's where he had chosen to place it. She felt herself calm down, as she took a deep breath. Wasn't she the one supposed to be teasing him here? The wind mage pouted a bit as he laughed at her, but eventually couldn't contain her excitement and joined in with giggles as she raced over to embrace him. Arms wrapping around his form and squeezing him tightly

"I missed Yuuuuu~" She purred, a small play on words as she continued to grip him tightly, it had been so long since she'd last hugged him goodbye.

Nimbus wiped away the tears that were prickling at his eyes as he spied Renji. In all their life they hadn't spent so much time apart.

"What? Yes, of course!" The exceed sniffled, trying to hide his happiness at being reunited, "With my assistance she's become much tougher." He proudly stated, crossing his paws and puffing out his chest as if it was all thanks to his guidance.



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Yuurei would hug Kailani as she had embraced him first. Time apart was good for them, but at the same time, it was not something he wanted to go through again. She smelled nice as he had his eyes closed as he thought about the past two years he spent, interacting with people and spending his alone time with a cat.

“Trust me I missed you too, Kai.” He said to her as held on a bit longer as he noticed that her boobs got a bit bigger from how they were pressed on him.

Renji could see that he was happy to say that Kailani did get stronger after all, which was a good thing. He would nod as he would pat Nimbus on the head with a proud look on his face.

“That’s good to hear, I can’t wait to see what she’s capable of doing. And I’m glad you were on the job to make sure everything was fine. By the way, you wouldn’t believe who I saw.” He said to Nimbus as he was excited to tell him he met Revy, she was an Exceed they knew from their time with Santa Claus.

Yuurei would hold on just a little longer though as he wanted this to last forever and figured he would talk to her while they were like this.

“I see you’ve gotten even prettier than ever. I guess you really went the whole way with Blue Pegasus. I hope it matches with new your strength.” He said hoping that she had truly been training the last two years.


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Kailani Fleurn †
With a confident nod, the black and white exceed's demeanor oozed confidence, it was nice to hear him talk of her strength, it was the closest thing to a compliment she had received from the feline since beginning her training. Usually, he complained that she was lacking. However, it seemed the furball was more interested in what else Renji had to say.

"Who?" Nimbus asked, curiously tilting his head a little confused. There weren't too many people they both knew outside of Blue Pegasus.

Hearing Yuurei's compliment, however, left her blushing a little, a far sight different from her reaction towards Nimbus' words. Well at least until the rest of the light mage's comment came out of his mouth that was.

"What is that supposed to imply?" She pouted, taking his words to mean she'd spent more time trying to look pretty over actually growing stronger, "I trained really hard actually, I mean, I'm not quite on Alisa or Sofia's level but I'm getting there!" she grumbled, burying her face in his chest, still clinging to him so he wouldn't see her sulking face. Did he really think her so weak and lazy?



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Renji would puff his chest out when he was asked who and he would snicker a bit before looking at his friend as he was getting ready to tell him.

“Yuu, and me met Revy at Honseka. She was doing fine, and she was with some weird but cool guy. I think she’s going to be just fine.” He said to Nimbus as he had a crush on her.

Yuurei would hear her words and his eyes widen when he heard how she took it. He shook a bit as he was nervous now as that was not what he meant. He would hear her finished speaking and he didn’t care if she was as strong as those two. They were monsters on their own, and that wasn’t who he wanted by his side. He did feel her pressed against his chest harder than before and he would just hold her tighter.

“Of course, that isn’t what I meant. I was saying that with how beautiful you look now, I hope it matches your strength. I’m just saying your beauty is out of this world and I hope your training matches it, but to be fair I don’t think it can, and not because I'm saying you didn't train, but that your beauty is unrivaled.” He said to her as he would move her slightly kissing her on her forehead.

“I’m sorry if I made you think otherwise.” He said as he placed her head back on his chest to keep her close to him.


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Kailani Fleurn †
"R-REVY!?! Really!?!" Nimbus spluttered, taking in what he was saying. Jealous that he hadn't had the chance to see her again, "Are you guys planning to see her again? Bring us next time!" The exceed demanded, curious to see her with his own eyes, he couldn't just trust Renji's words on this one. He needed to make certain that weird but cool guy wasn't doing strange things to her. Only then would he be satisfied with letting her stick around with him.

Meanwhile, Kailani's face had grown as red as a tomato, her friend's words and actions embarrassing her to no end, only making her want to hide her face more.

"I-I'm not tha- er... SHUT UP!" She spouted, unable to think of a proper way to reject Yuurei's claims over her appearance. He'd always been kind and complimented her, but not to this extreme. It was making her all anxious all over again, her forehead still warm and tingly where he had pressed his lips moments before.

"Y-you feel stronger." She muttered as she tried to calm her nerves and change the topic over to Yuurei's appearance instead of her own. His body definitely was 'bigger', not just taller, clearly indicating his physical strength.



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Renji would hear his friend’s words and he would smile at him as he was fine with what he said.

“No problem, next time we go over there, we will bring you and Kailani along. That way you can see her for yourself.” He said to Nimbus with a paw up as he was trying to give him a thumbs up.

Yuurei would hear her words as it seemed like she was loss for words. That made him smile because it seemed like she didn’t know what to do. He kept her close though as he waited for her to either push away or say something.

That was when she would comment on his physique, or at least that was what he could assume because of her words. Yuurei had been training his butt off the entirety of the two years since he was gone from Blue Pegasus. Of course, he did a lot of learning as well when it came to the country, they lived in.

“All I did was train for the last two years. I gained a lot of magic spells to strengthen myself, and also physically trained my body so it can handle all the magic. I can take off my shirt to show you the results of what I did for a lot of the two years?” He wondered if she would like to see, or if she would become nervous again.


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Kailani Fleurn †
"Good, good." Nimbus nodded, happy that Renji agreed so easily to let them tag along. His tail twitching in excitement at the thought of meeting her again. It had truly been far too long. He missed all his friends from back at the workshop now he thought about it, wondering what the others were up to since he'd seen them last.

"Nono, that's not necessary." Kailani shook her head, her face still slightly crimson as she continued to calm her heart down, putting her anxiousness down to simply being nervous about being around him for the first time again. With one final squeeze, the wind mage would finally release Yuurei from her grip. Pulling away to get a better look at him.

"You must tell me all about your adventures of course. Oh! and I assume you're returning because you discovered something... or...?" she'd query excitedly, head tilting gently to the left, causing her fringe to fall slightly into her face.



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Renji was excited as well; it had been a long time since he had seen Nimbus and he was glad his friend was doing fine. He thought about the dwarf and wondered if he was fine.

“Have you seen the dwarf around the guild?” He asked Nimbus.

Yuurei chuckled a bit when he heard her words. It seemed like she was trying to relax and regain her composure and when she did he would step away from her as she would move back. They would look at each other and he felt like he was examining her as he couldn’t help himself. Still, she wanted to know about his adventures in the two years and she also figured out his return meant more than just a return.

“My adventures were amazing. Fiore is a weird place, and it is nothing like our home Kai. A lot of people accepted me for who I was in this country. It wasn’t just that, but I think it had to do with my reputation within Blue Pegasus. Still, I was able to learn a lot about this country and how every region had its own way of doing things. I also learned how to make a lot of different food, which made me excited since it meant I could feed you better. I met a lot of bad people too, but I felt that there was still good inside, or at least they view the world a different way than I did. There were also a lot of annoying people who wanted me for my apparently how I looked, so that was creepy.” He spoke about all of this, but for some reason, he didn’t talk about what he had discovered.

“What about you tell me what you did while sticking in Blue Pegasus? I’m sure you didn’t just stay in the guild for two whole years.” He asked her with a smile on his face and he button up his shirt.


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Kailani Fleurn †
"Occasionally..." Nimbus replied, paw on his chin as he attempted to recall the last time he'd seen him. Kalani and Brone weren't particularly close, but they had seen him around the guild from time to time when both parties were between jobs, "He seems to be doing just fine." The feline shrugged, unsure what else to say on the matter.

Kailani listened intently, hanging on every word that the light mage had to say. It seemed he'd really enjoyed hist time exploring the country and she found herself involuntarily smiling and giggling at the mention of cooking for her. That had definitely been something she had missed, homecooked meals. Neither Nimbus nor herself were capable of baking anything half-decent, the two of them instead spent a lot of the jewels they earned on eating out.

"Hmm... Well... I did take up a few jobs here and there and did a bit of exploring around the country ourselves depending on where the missions took us." The wind mage began, closing her eyes momentarily as if deep in thought, "I have to agree that there are definitely quite a few creeps out there." she shuddered, recalling a couple, less than pleasant memories, "But getting to beat up quite a few of them definitely made me feel better. This one guy in particular, was so satisfying to punch, I may have beaten him up a little too much... Heheh.." she chuckled with a devilish grin.

"But I can't say there was anything in particular that we did that really stood out, it was mostly just your usual type of requests. Dealing with monsters and shady people, occasionally helping out around town if places were short staffed." She shrugged, she didn't have any particularly exciting stories to tell.



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Renji was glad to hear that the Dwarf was still alive. Yuurei had picked him out from the guild to help him with his vendetta against a monster. It would be sad if they had lost one person for his cause.

“He better be doing good, or I’d give him a nice clobber to the back of his head.” He said to Nimbus.

Renji would look over to Yuurei and Kailani and it seemed like they were enjoying each other’s company, so he figured he would give them space since they hadn’t seen each other in years.

Yuurei would hear what she had done, and he would smile as he was happy that she was getting out there and exploring on her as well. It seemed like there were people who tried to make their moves on her or at least made her feel uncomfortable. He was glad that she was able to protect herself, which made him smile because she was the person who always protected him growing up. She spoke about her job, and he knew that even if she didn’t think they were interesting, he was glad that she was able to deal with things.

“I’m happy to hear that you kept yourself busy. Before I went on this trip I took on a lot of jobs to make sure I had jewels to keep me going.” He paused for a bit as he figured he would talk to her about what he discovered.

“So to answer your question earlier. I did discover the general area of where we could find a Vampire Lord.” He said to her as he was determined to this monster out.


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Kailani Fleurn †
Kailani's smile dropped at the mention of the vampire lord. It seemed he was still determined to see this through, for that she couldn't blame him, but it was still highly risky. They had no clue just how strong the creature was, or how to deal with them. If things went wrong for them, it would be difficult to escape once they had engaged the target as well.

"I did go home for a couple of months."
the wind mage admitted with a sigh, "I tried to press father for more information but..." she paused, clicking her tongue, a look of irritation briefly washing over her face, "He refused to open up, I ended up leaving in a huff again." she shrugged with another sigh, "I'm afraid I didn't find anything useful for you." She gave him a soft, sad smile, it would have been nice if the old man had actually opened up to her, but any time she pressed him for details, he just clammed up.

"I just got so annoyed being there. He's clearly keeping secrets from us." Kailani frowned, "But I do somewhat understand his hesitancy to open up to us. We are all he has left after all." the young elven woman couldn't really blame him for that, he had become a shell of his former self upon losing his wife, no doubt losing his children as well would leave him completely broken.



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Yuurei didn’t enjoy the fact that her smile had disappeared. It was the reason why he didn’t want to talk about his discovery of the Vampire Lord, but he didn’t want to keep any secrets from her. Still, he was hoping two years of brutal training would pay off. Of course, his ears twitched when he heard her mention that she had gone home for a few months. He wanted to hear what she had to say about her experience back home.

He would shake his head as it seemed like she wasn’t satisfied with her return home and left as quickly as she had returned. He would move towards her and pat her on the head with a smile on his face.

“At least you tried to get information out of him. You don’t have to worry if it didn’t work. I’m just happy you did what you felt was right. I figured the old man didn’t want us to go get ourselves killed, but we trained to make sure that doesn’t happen.” He said to her as he thought about what to say next.

He rubbed his chin for a few seconds as he figured that he would tell her more about the vampire thing later.

“So, has there been any kind of, you know, a person you been interested in, within the two years we’ve been apart?” He asked her curious to see what she had to say.


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Kailani Fleurn †
Kailani nodded, it made a lot of sense that a parent would worry for his children, but she was fairly confident in her abilities at this point, and it was clear that Yuurei hadn't been slacking off either. There was only the matter of whether or not their newfound strength would indeed be enough. His next words caused her to pause.

"Huh...What?" The wind mage blinked a couple of times, the question completely catching her off-guard, "I mean there are a few famous mages that I aspire to- wait." She paused, her cheeks flushing, as her brain processed what he actually meant, "You meant romantically didn't you?" she hung her head, staring at her feet, it was not something she often thought about. There were definitely people she respected, but she wouldn't call her feelings for them more than general interest.

"Th-there's been nothing like that?" Kailani shuffled her feet, eyes diverting to the side, still staring at the floor, "I've been far too busy for something like that..." She muttered, trailing off, "W-Why? Did you meet someone?" She'd ask nervously, still unable to look him in the eye but curious as to why he had asked so unexpectantly. Perhaps it was simply to change the subject, or tease her?



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Yuurei would look at her and it would seem like he had gotten her off guard. It was so bad that she couldn’t look at him anymore after she turned red in the face. He waited for her to say everything she needed to say. He would feel relaxed when she told him that she didn’t have time for anything like that. Then she asked him if he had met someone. He looked around, and his honest answer was no. Well, there was one, but he wasn’t sure if she would be fine with that.

“There are a lot of famous mages in Fiore. I heard about them during my time away. It seemed like I was naïve about that and was told a bit about the mages. Apparently, our guild master is one of them.” He said which made sense since she was a guild master.

He continued on with the subject at hand and figured he would get closer to saying what he truly wanted to say.

“Nah, I didn’t meet anybody throughout the two years. I was just strictly training; I didn’t want to make time for something like that. Still, there is someone, and it only occurred to me because I was training for two years, but it’s genuine and I don’t know if I should tell her.” He said to her as he kind of turned red now.

He would rub the back of his head as his personality didn’t change as he got older. He figured he would say it and hope for the best, that or he hope she would let him down easily.


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Kailani Fleurn †
Glancing up at his face, Kailani would take note that this subject was just as embarrassing for him as it was for her. However, he did have someone he liked? And they were a 'her'? She thought for a moment, trying to think of all the females they had met before their two years apart. He wouldn't have fallen for Sofia or Alisa, they were already so very much in love with one another, it would be stupid to confess to one of them.

She thought harder. The fish lady that owned the laboratory? They hadn't seen her for a while, but perhaps Yuurei was into older women? There was no one else that she could think of at all unless it was someone he had met without her present and never mentioned them, but that seemed even more unlikely.

"Well, it's not like you have anything to lose other than your pride by confessing." Kailani teased, patting him on the shoulder and grinning widely now that the conversation was making him nervous instead of herself.



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Yuurei would look over to her after she had spoken to him and patted him on the shoulder. It seemed like she had told him that he had nothing to lose, and she was right. Still, she was right that his pride would be hurt. She gave him what he needed thought and he would look into her eyes as he was seriously going to do it.

He would take in a deep breath before letting it all out as they were alone. His heart was pounding and it going faster than he could ever imagine. He was thinking of the right words to say, and that was even harder to do. It would only make his blood rush and make his face redder than he needed it to be.

“So, the person I’m talking about is you. I didn’t know what it was, but when we separated for two years, all I can think about was you. I missed you every time I thought about you my heartbeat quickly. It took me time to realize, but I like you Kailani, I really like you. I don’t think I want a world where you don’t exist. It might be one-sided, but I just wanted to let you know how I feel, and that I will always be by your side.” He said the reddest face of all time.

Yuurei looked at her waiting to see what she was going to say and would look away depending on her facial expression.


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Kailani Fleurn †
Kailani blinked once, twice, three times. Her face heated up for what seemed like the hundredth since they met today. 'Me? He likes ME!?!' the thought was so outlandish, she hadn't even considered it. Of course, she loved and cared for him, more than anyone else, but she'd never even begun to think of the possibility of ever being more than friends.

"I-I see..." She mumbled, her face a mix of confusion and general shock as her mind went blank while her brain struggled to digest his words. Her heart started racing as her anxiety over the matter grew. "I er- um- I..." She trailed off burying her face into her hands, too embarrassed to let him see her face. Slowly her brain restarted,  finally allowing her to process this information. He liked her. Did she like him like that too?

She hadn't ever thought about it. She'd never really found herself romantically attracted to anyone now that she thought about it. What would dating him change? Would they still be able to enjoy each other's company the same way? Would he expect more? An image flashed in her mind that only embarrassed her further. Thinking of him like that, was just so weird.

"I might... need time... to process." She finally managed to squeak out from behind her hands.



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Yuurei would continue looking at her as the woman in front of him didn’t say anything. The staring contest began, and it honestly made him nervous. His heart felt like it was about to explode and even come out of his mouth. Still, the silence continued, and he just felt his heart sinking and sinking. Then she spoke, and then a break a happen, and then she stuttered, which continued to make his heart sink into the abyss. He didn’t like this feeling, he wanted to hold his chest, but he wanted to stay strong in front of her eyes. What felt like forever happened in a matter of seconds and she would let him know that she needed to process this. His heart rushed still as he had misjudged everything.

For some reason, he would think the feelings were mutual, but that wasn’t the case. Instead, the thought of her heaving to think about it meant that she never thought of him like that before. His face turned away from her as it had become that of a tomato. His eyes widen as he didn’t know what he was feeling right now, but it wasn’t normal.

“I… I see. N… No rush take all the time you need.” He said as he didn’t know what to do, and he didn’t want to walk away from her either.


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Kailani Fleurn †
The awkwardness between the two continued to grow, Kailani could feel it in the air, both of them too afraid to say anything. She had no clue what was going on, the butterflies in her stomach weren't an entirely new sensation, but the situation certainly was a first for her. She'd never been confessed to and she honestly never would have imagined it to be her best friend who would do so.

Finally prying her hands away from her face, she'd try to look him in the face, he deserved that much at least. But she found herself stumbling over her words even more as she noticed the disappointment laden across his face. Clearly, he thought she was going to reject him, and where would it leave them if she did? Would they even be able to act as they had before? With a deep breath, she'd try to calm herself a little to little avail.

"I-I'm not rejecting you." the wind mage would finally blurt, her face still crimson and her eyes diverting to the side, "At least not at this moment. I just..." She paused, unsure what to even say, she claimed she needed time, but what did that even mean, "It's just a bit of a shock is all, I've never even considered that you would feel this way. Not to say I don't think of you, I Do! A lot! I love you! I just don't know if I love you in that way, that's not to say that I don't think you're attractive... ugh.. that's not..." she blushed even harder as he began to ramble, saying whatever came to mind before recalling something he said.

"You said it took you years to understand right? Can you give me just a small portion of that, um, maybe like a week or so, a month tops? I'll spend that time considering it with all my heart and then I promise to let you know." She took another deep breath, trying to look somewhat confident as she came to her conclusion. It not only would give her time to ponder over her feelings but gave herself a deadline, so he wouldn't be left waiting forever. The last thing she wanted was to leave it up in the air and keep him guessing.



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Yuurei would slowly turn his face towards her as she spoke to him. He kept quiet and thought about everything that she said. When he thought about it he was taking the situation out of hand, and he needed to calm himself. He would take a deep breath after everything she had said to him and he would exhale the air out of him. He would sigh as he would give her a faint smile as he walked over to her. His heart was still racing, but he was doing his best to calm it down as well.

“It’s okay if you don’t Kai. I love you too, and I always will. It doesn’t matter if how we love each other is different. You want to take time to process this and see what this all means to you, then by all means take as long as you need.” He said this to her as he would press his lips against her forehead once more before walking past her.

“Your decision will not change that you are important to me, so don’t worry and be honest with yourself. Still, for now, all this talk about feelings is too much to take in one seating. Which means I will take my time and walk around the ship to see who else is here.” He said this as he kept moving to pick up Renji.

Yuurei would put the Exceed on his shoulder as he kept moving through the ship to see if he could find Brone.


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Kailani Fleurn †
This time when he pecked her on the forehead, her mind went blank, no longer thinking of it as a simple gesture of friendship. This man before her saw her as more than that. When did he get so mature? It felt like it wasn't that long ago that they were still in the forest, messing around by the lilypad-filled ponds. The place where his lips met her skin still tingled as he continued to speak.

Kailani would have been lying to herself if she said her biggest fear wasn't having him leave her life over a possible rejection, so having him reassure her that would not be the case let her relax a little. His words were kind and sweet as they'd always been, he really hadn't changed that much since she'd seen him, it was nice to know he was still the same person. With that one fear no longer a consideration she'd be able to properly contemplate her decision.

"Oh right..." The wind mage muttered as he left, clearly, he was disappointed by her answer, but it would be better if she figured out her feelings than rushed into a relationship only to break things off later, right? With a sigh, she'd scoop up Nimbus and walk off in the other direction, feeling she needed to go out for a walk to get some fresh air.



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