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Shopping Crisis (Kailani/Brone)

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Yuurei and Renji were back in Magnolia city and when they saw everyone they needed to see, they were going to go back at it again. This time they weren’t going to be doing missions on their own, but with their friends from Blue Pegasus. Yuurei saw Brone, whose hair became full white, which was surprising to him, and Kailani who he felt was even more beautiful than when they last saw each other. He had taken the job request for three of them and headed straight towards a specific shop. This shop dealt with selling antiquities, which meant they were plagued by people trying to break in. Still, the reason they were heading to this store was that they needed protection from men who are trying to make money from them.

It wouldn’t take long for them to reach the spot and when they would enter the shop, an old man would be there to greet all of them.

“How can I help you five?” He asked as he counted the two Exceeds.

Yuurei would look at everyone and then to the old man before speaking up for everyone.

“We’re here for the job request you put on the board. I heard you need people to protect your shop for the night?” He asked to make sure they were in the right store.

“Yes, yes I do need people to protect this shop for the night. There are terrible people who want me to give them money or else they’ll break into my shop. I refused, so now they have threatened me. So do you think you can take care of the shop for the night?” He asked them.

“I’m fine with taking on the job, what about you guys?” He asked waiting for a confirmation from everyone.



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#2Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
It was a sight for sore eyes looking upon Yuurei. The young man looked older and more mature even though it's been just two years, though for Brone, two years isn't much to the long lifespan of a dwarf. Then, seeing Kailani, the dwarf put a hand over heart as he pointed out how her beauty had sharpened, not only complimenting her, but showing both of his friends that he had practiced his etiquette as a Blue Pegasus member. Here they were, together again after two years and the dwarf felt as if he hadn't smiled in some time and how do they spend their first outing? Taking up a quest... just as he likes it.

They entered the antique shop and was immediately greeted by the old shop keeper. As Yuurei delt with the introduction, Brone looked about at the old antiques, wondering how old each item was and how their make is. Some things were either pottery or made of stone which caught Brone's attention. He didn't realize the shop sold items that were far older than his own father. Some of the stonework peeked his interest, he wondered what type of stone was used and how it was crafted.

Brone caught Yuurei asking him what seem to be a polar question, which he wasn't sure what the question was, so he just said "Y-yeah, whatever you say" before turning back to the stone tablet that show what might be ancient dwarven writing. He hesitated from touching the tablet, not knowing how delicate it was, even stone can fall away if incorrectly worked.


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Kailani Fleurn †
It would be the biggest lie in history if Kailani said she wasn't excited to work with these two lads again. It had been quite some time, but she was much stronger and her instincts sharper than before. Confident in her abilities to supply the others with whatever supportive magic they may need. She'd even used Brone for inspiration of some of her spells, but she would keep that little fact to herself for now.

Much like Brone she and Nimbus had begun eyeing over the strange and fancy antiques within the store, finding herself intrigued by all the strange creations. Some definitely showed signs of their age, while others miraculously appeared in pristine condition despite how much time had passed. Evidently, the wind mage was doing a better job at listening into the conversation between Yuurei and the shopkeeper, it seemed he had somehow got himself caught up in some bullshit simply by owning a store in the area.

"Sounds good, Yuu. But er... I don't know if defending the shop and beating them up will do much to stop them coming back." Kailani commented, her eyes now fixated on one of the strange pristine antiques. A clay dragonhead with a strange shimmering stone clutched within its jaws. It almost seemed colourless, so how did it sparkle so? Did it use magic to stay so pretty?



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Yuurei looked at Kailani as she was correct on the matter. This truly wouldn’t solve this at all, but they were only here to defend the shop for the night and that was it. There was also the fact that it showed that this man was protected by people who were strong.

“You do have a point there Kai, but how I see it is like this, we’re getting paid to protect the shop for the night. I assume he will find someone to continuously protect the shop after this night is over. There is also hope that whoever is bothering this guy would leave him alone when he sees how bad we beat up those who come to threaten the shop.” He said this to her as everyone was fine with taking the job.

The old man heard the conversation, and both their points and he would nod as he was going to have to find a more permanent solution to protecting his shop. He would hope that this would be the end, but he didn’t know. He would join the others in looking at all the old, yet valuable items that were in this store. There were so many things here, and he looked at one that represented an angel. It had wings, more than once, and it was beautiful.

The light mage would touch it and would quickly take a step back as he saw something weird when he touched it. He was not going to touch that again, and he walked away from it. The half-elf would head over to the two of them as he figured they would get ready before anything happened tonight.


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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone finally looked away from the stone tablet and caught bits and pieces of the conversation to make out the simple facts of 'Protecting the shop for the night' and 'beat up any threat', "Doesn't seem that complicated to me" he gave Kailani a thumbs up, then to Yuurei and then to the shop keeper, who wasn't too thrilled, actually seemed nervous even though the group agreed to help, "Don't worry, we can handle this, we'll knock them so hard on their arses, they would think twice coming back" Always the optimist, the dwarf made his way around the shop, continuing his window shopping.

There were many things that varied in make and most of them Brone had no idea about, though what did draw his attention next was an old axe that seemed worn but not rusted, "Now that is dwarven craft" The runes nearly hidden on the edge of the blade were indeed dwarven, though like the other written work, it was hard to read, but the dwarf could tell the piece was indeed older than him, and whatever enchantment the smith placed upon the weapon, had prevented rust.

"Aye, we definitely need to preserve this place until I get enough jewels to get some of the dwarven work here" He said without taking his eyes off of the axe, hoping the shop keep would offer it as a reward for handling the quest at hand.


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Kailani Fleurn †
"Kinda defeats the whole point of not having to pay for protection in the first place..." Kailani mumbled irritatedly, delicately prodding the gemstone within the dragon's jaws she'd had her eyes on. Instant regret washed over her as she felt a wave of what could only be described as nausea overcoming her along with a sharp pain in her head. With a wince, she'd jerk her hand back, shaking it out, but still feeling a little woozy. The wind mage really needed to learn not to let her curiosity take over sometimes.

Nimbus who had wandered off by this point, holding a different ornament a few paces away, quickly placed it back down on the bottom shelf, rushing over as he noticed Kailani not looking so good.

"Hey you alright?" He'd ask in a concerned whisper, not wanting to alert the others, lest they think she was weak after talking up such a big game about her strength earlier to Renji, "You look a little..."

"I-I'm fine." The elven woman tried to reassure him with a low voice, holding one hand to her head, before quickly pulling it away before anyone could notice, "It's just a little headache. Probably from overdoing it this week, I'll be sure to rest tomorrow." She whispered so as not to be overheard, she didn't need the others worrying about her condition before the night had even started.



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Yuurei was glad to see that everybody had their own opinion about the job they were doing, and he understood them. Still, he wasn’t going to question the man and decided that it was best to do their job for now. As they continued looking like they were customers, time would go by and the daytime would disappear, and nighttime would appear quickly. The light mage would look at the glass and could see nothing but darkness. This was good because it meant that whoever was coming would come around this time. He would go to the exit of the store, and he would look at Renji and Nimbus.

“Do you two think you can guard the inside of the store, while we make sure they can never come inside in the first place? You two will be the last line of the defense.” He said hoping they would be inside for this one.

Renji was fine with staying inside because it meant that he didn’t have to get into any fighting. He also felt like Yuurei was trusting him with something important.

“Sure why not. We will make sure that nobody sneaks in here. If they do we will be screaming at the top of our lungs so you know they are in here.” He said to Yuurei.

Yuurei would look at Kailani and Brone with a smile on his face.

“This will be our first job together after two years. Let’s make sure that these guys understand that we aren’t to be messed with.” He said with confidence on his face.

They still needed to wait for these people to show up.


#8Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone was too distracted by the merchandise to pay anyone else any mind, though after the sun had finally set and the lantern lacrimas lit up the streets, the dwarf became bored of being in the shop, waiting. He groaned every so often. Because everything within the shop was so delicate, he was too cautious to lean or even sit on any of the fancy-looking chairs, thinking they too were part of the shop's merchandise.

When Yuurei made his move and announced the general game plan, Brone quickly got to his feet, "Now we're talking" he chuckled. As he passed by the two exceeds, he gently pat Renji on the head and scratched Nimbus under the chin before he walked out through the door into the beautiful night. He stood beside and gave him a small nudge, "Two years, how the time flies" he laughed as he fastened his helmet, hiding his white hair, "I look forward to seeing how ye two grew, so I don't mind if ye two go all out" he drew his Iron Battleaxe from his back, "I won't be the one complaining, trust me on that".

Brone looked up and down the street, there were some dark spots where the lantern lacrimas don't reach with their light, but his dwarven eyes could see them just fine. If the ruffians try dipping into the shadows, whether for a sneak attack or escape, the dwarf will be quick to act.


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Kailani Fleurn †
"I suppose we can handle that." Nimbus puffed out his chest, paws folded as he took his position a few meters into the building, to stand watch, a small purr a Brone scratched under his chin.

As the day had passed, Kailani's nausea had seemed to fade away, she was feeling a little off, but she couldn't quite place her finger on it. It was like she'd been drained of energy, perhaps she was just tired and overthinking it. It didn't matter, she doubted these thugs would put up much of a fight if they were swindling shopkeepers. Anyone with true power and authority would aim much higher.

"Sounds like a plan." the young elf followed suit, exiting out of the shop to stand guard beside the boys while tucking the loose strands of hair behind her ears and out of her eyes. Glancing up and down the dimly lit street, she'd note how empty it still appeared to be before leaning up against the shop window and staring up at the sky. A little cloudy, but there were patches where the stars and moonlight managed to shine through.

Her thoughts of the sky were soon interrupted, however, as the rattling sound of metal clanked from a nearby alleyway. Her eyes shot towards the sound, unable to make out any figures in the dark. Pushing herself off of the wall she'd ready herself just in case, eyes peeled for any unusual movement.



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Yuurei would step outside and beside him, Brone would appear. He would smile at the dwarf as he nudged him, and he could only nod in agreement as two years did fly by quickly. He would chuckle though when he heard Brone telling them to go all out. The light mage wasn’t sure if that was the right thing to do, but he figured to show off. It wouldn’t take long, but all three of them would be outside while the two Exceeds stood inside. They were going to be the lookout just in case anybody snuck inside.

While they were standing there the three of them would be on the lookout, but the noise of metal hitting against something would catch his attention too. When he looked over to the source of noise, a bunch of silhouettes would soon appear in the group. Brone being the only one who could see clearly could tell that the number of ruffians was about fifteen. They all look like they thought they had the numbers, but they didn’t know any better.

“Look at here boys. It's two guys and their little girlfriend. They think they could protect the shop with just three of them.” He said as he started laughing and the rest would laugh after.

Yuurei would shake his head hearing his words and even though he wanted to knock him out first, he would go after the others first. Out of pure frustration of giving Kailani a title both his hand would move up as they would open and in the palm of his hands a magic circle with stars would appear. The ruffians nervous as first would laugh when they saw the stars go into him instead.

“I thought he was about to shoot us down with stars. I guess not.” He said to his friends.

When he looked back to where Yuurei was, he would notice the man was no longer there, and he rushed straight past him and right to his friend. The half-elf would grab the man’s face and slam him straight into the floor and causing him to twitch on the floor unconscious. They would also see that he made an imprint on the ground with the man’s body.

“What were you saying?” He asked with a smirk on his face.  

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Brone Heavyaxe
The was getting quieter as the distant sound of the city was vanishing, citizens retiring for the night. It became awkward for the moment since the three were just standing there, waiting. Brone was about to share a funny story that happened to him during the two years he had not seen them, but the sound of metal hitting something had caught his attention.

Down the road, out from a dark alleyway, a large amount of people had walked out, heading in their direction, "Big group heading this way, they ain't look friendly" Brone tone went serious. The look on the one leading the cluster was that of a cocky smile while he walked with swagger. As the group got closer, nearing the light of the lantern lacrima, the dwarf had managed to make the count, "Fifteen annoyances" he said to his alleys as he twirled his battleaxe in his hand.

The lead make a sly remark, but he was quickly silenced by Yuurei. The speed at which the half-elf moved to close the distance between him and the group of ruffians had shocked Brone, the two years had been kind to Yuurei. The rest of the group reacted in shock, they realized that this was a serious battle so they retaliated by drawing their weapons; some had swords, others had clubs, and others had unique weapons such as chains.

A thug had tossed one end of the chain at the dwarf which wrapped itself around his arm, "Gotcha!"

"Tch" Brone grabbed onto the chain with the wrapped up arm, then pulled as hard as he could, sending the thug flying right towards him, the dwarf's axe then was brought down, flat side slamming onto the head and bringing the foe hitting the ground hard, "Gotcha" he taunted as he let the chain unravel and fall to the ground before him.


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Kailani Fleurn †
The wind mage sighed at the thug's comments, clearly, they were underestimating them. A novice mistake. As she went to ready herself to draw her magic rapier, her eyes widened, caught off guard by Yuurei's sudden burst of speed.

"Tsk, every time I think I've caught up he's has to go and widen the gap..." Kailani mumbled to herself, a little irritated at how powerful he had become. Her eyes glancing over to Brone, he seemed to be faring well as well. Meaning now it was her turn to show off, or at least that's what she thought.

As she went to cast her magic, placing her left hand across her body and onto her right hip, she struggled to summon forth her sword. Clenching her teeth, she'd frown and try again, her mana failing to even make its way to her fingertips.

"The hell?" the elf growled, irritated that her magic didn't seem to be working properly. What was going on? Before she'd have a chance to think about it, however, one of the thugs was already heading in her direction, probably thinking her to be the weakest target due to her struggling.

"Damnit." Kailani gave up on her rapier, instead, she had to resort to her weaker dagger spell, forming a small circle on the back of her hand and drawing mana into her hand to toss towards the fellow approaching her. While the sharp blade of wind hit its mark, knocking the man back five meters and causing him some discomfort and leaving him a little disorientated, Kailani felt a sharp stabbing sensation in her chest.

"Ugh..." She grumbled clutching at her shirt with one hand and her temple with the other as her head started to spin, the nauseous feeling returning.


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Now that he had shown off his powers, the other ruffians were getting ready to fight them. He nodded as it seemed like Brone was able to do his own thing, but it seemed like something was off with Kailani. Still, he couldn’t do much for her now. There were quite a few people around him that were going to keep him busy. One of the ruffians rushed straight towards Yuurei as they tried to hit him in a blind spot. Renji was on his shoulder, and he would be the one to notice this for Yuurei.

“One at three o’clock Yuu.” He said as the light mage would look over to shake his head.

While having his right hand on the guy he just took out, Yuurei would ready his left hand and launched an overhead punch with his left hand connecting it into the man’s chest. He would drop the ruffian to the floor as he had hit him too hard. A few more men would find their way towards him, and he would push off the floor to get up and start dodging the incoming attacks that were coming his way. Yuurei’s serious facial expressions as he dodged them and looked into their eyes for what was to come next.

He would stop moving back as he would use his left leg as the center of gravity before he kicked with his right leg to launch one of the thugs away from him and onto the floor. The second would find that same leg being raised up again and swung around to his neck before bringing him down to the ground. The light mage made quick works of four people just like that as he looked at the remaining numbers.

“You guys chose the wrong store, and the wrong person to work for.” He said out loud to them as they were angry with what he had done.


#14Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
More than a dozen against three, it was a ratio the thugs figured they had an advantage with, regardless of the fact that few of their men were being tossed about like fodder, they pressed forward, hoping to catch one of the guild member's slipping. Brone had noticed one of the men had made his way towards Kailani, but before he could intercept him, another thug rushed him while wielding a sword.

Brone slammed his battleaxe against the foe's sword, not only did it deflect the blade, but with Brone's strength, he overpowered the thug and knocked the blade out of his hand and sent it flying away into the darkness of an alleyway; the dwarf then headbutted the thug, sending him stumbling back, dazed. Now that the interruption was dealt with, Brone looked back to see the thug who had rushed at Kailani had been sent flying, an air dagger in his chest and the smell of lavender in the air, "Just like ol' times" he smiled, though it was but for a quick moment when he noticed Kailani seemed off, wondering if she was hit, "Ye ok, lass?" he asked her as he positioned himself in front of her in order to prevent another ruffian from going straight for her.

One of the thugs whistled, Brone caught sight of one of the foes gesturing and the others began to move around the three Blue Pegasi, "They're trying to surround us" Brone told his companions. He wanted to rush forward and attack one of the encircling thugs, but he felt at this point if he got too far away from his friends, another foe would rush in and over take one of them. Though they seem weak, in this situation, quantity might overpower quality.


#15Kailani Fleurn † 

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Kailani Fleurn †
"I-I'm fine." Kailani lied, shooting a forced smile down to the dwarf in an attempt to reassure him, while quickly moving her hands away from the pained areas. She needed to make sure this ended quickly. Brone was very much correct, the enemy did appear to be attempting to surround them. The young elven woman didn't have much in the way of dealing with multiple enemies at once, especially when her allies were so close to her, they would get caught up in the blast of air as well and while she was confident they would come out unscathed from her magic, it might leave them in an even less desirable position, at least currently they could have each other's backs.

It seemed something was wrong with her magic as if something were limiting her mana, but at least she could still throw daggers. A small positive. Once more she'd summon forth the stabbing instrument into her hand and send it flying towards one of the thugs, sending him flying out of formation with the rest of the enemies and making it a little easier for the other two to deal with the rest. The sharp pang in her head caused her to wince as the mana was released from her body. Something was definitely very wrong with her, her magic seemingly fighting with her own body.


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Yuurei would chuckle when he noticed that everybody was trying to surround them. He cracked his knuckles as he was going to enjoy this. There was one injured man, and then there were six men that were unconscious now. He looked at the numbers and he could see that there were nine of them ready to be taken down. Still, he couldn’t use his magic on these guys because it would hurt him and his companions as well. The light mage watched as Kailani would throw another dagger at another ruffian, which made it so that there were two people injured. This was fun, and when they saw the dagger, they were startled by a split circle.

The light mage rushed straight to one of the ruffians and he would catch him with a lariat. It was so hard that he would do a backflip and fall onto the ground groaning from the pain. He would backhand the second ruffian in an instant sending him twirling in the air before he hit the ground. Yuurei saw them rushing at him again and he would start stepping back to avoid the attacks that were coming towards him. He would stop moving as he would press against a wall. They would come straight for Yuurei while another three rushed straight towards Brone and Kailani.

The light mage would thrust his foot into the chest of the person coming to hit him and would send him flying to the ground. The half-elf would see the three coming straight towards him, and he figured that he would end it. Yuurei would dodge the ruffian that was close to him and would run by him as he would go to the two behind him. He would grab both of their faces and slam them on the ground at the same time. The blow that they suffered would render them unconscious as he would look at that last guy that was left.

He looked nervous but was ready to fight against Yuurei. The light mage would watch him run to him and he would shake his head and he would punch him straight in his abdomen and knocked him out. He would sigh from this as he would look at everyone that tried to fight him and wondered why they didn’t run away when they had the chance.


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Brone Heavyaxe
As the thugs were surrounding the three, Kailani conjured another wind dagger, taking out another enemy. Brone, not wanting to break the formation he was in with his team, had took aim and tossed his battleaxe as hard as he could. The axe flew through the night and slammed into one of the thugs, knocking him out the moment he hit the wall of a building. Then they split, most taking on Yuurei while the remaining two for Kailani and Brone.

Brone drew his new weapon, his steel battleaxe which gleamed in the light of the lantern lacrima. One of the two goon swung his sword; he was fortunate that he was faster than the dwarf, but unfortunate that his blade didn't break through the ringmail armor. The dwarf returned the favor and slammed the flat of his blade against the torso of the bladed thug and knocked him out before tossing him back. The other thug saw his chance and went for the opening, he brought his club down upon the dwarf's head, slamming onto the top of the helmet.

"My turn" Brone chuckled, revealing the attack didn't even leave a dent in the helm. He then swung back his axe which slammed into the last goon, sending him hitting the wall too, knocking him out. Brone was about to rush over to Yuurei's aide, but he then saw the half-elf was the only one standing while the rest of the thugs were knocked out cold. "Good on ye".


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Kailani Fleurn †
Kailani grew dizzy, the world seemingly spinning around her, making it difficult to focus on the fight. She saw a number of figures surround Yuurei, her protective instincts kicking in as she prepared to protect him. The wind mage went to summon another dagger, planning to toss it at one of the swirling figures before her. A mistake. As she went to let mana flow to her fingertips, she felt a sharp pain down her arm where the magical energy flowed, the circle failing to form at all this time.

"Damnit.." She cursed under her breath, unable to tell the figures apart anymore as her vision continued to blur. Even if she had managed to create a dagger she wouldn't have known where to throw it. Her mind flashed back to the strange clay statue she'd touched in the store earlier that day. Could it have been a cursed object? Surely they wouldn't just have that kind of thing open for display.

As the world started to grow even blurrier around her, she'd hear Brone's happy and triumphant sounding voice. At least it sounded like things were going their way, giving her a small amount of relief as the dizziness finally won out. The world grew completely dark, she felt her body grow limp and all she could do was try to cry out.

"BROOOONE!" she'd call, recalling that he was still close by she'd feel her legs completely give out and started to collapse, succumbing to the pain and dizziness, her mind went blank as she slipped into unconsciousness.



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Yuurei looked at the battlefield that they had, and when everything was said in done, it seemed like Brone had taken care of the rest. The problem was Kailani; when he looked over in her direction and he would see that there was something wrong with her. He wasn’t sure what it was, but he could see that she was wobbling and it was getting worse. He worried more than he could be angry; the first thing that had gone in his mind was running straight towards her without a care for his surroundings.

The light mage ran straight towards the falling beauty, and he would scope her up before she could hit the ground. He would sigh and he would put his head onto her chest as he was making sure that her heart was still beating. It was there, and it was a little slow, but it was going strong. He wasn’t sure what had happened, so he inspected her to make sure that there were no small holes or any wounds that she might have gotten. She was perfectly fine, which made him nervous more.

He looked over to Brone as he figured he would rush to a doctor and hope everything was fine.

“Brone go get Renji, Nimbus, and the reward for taking care of the shop. I’m taking her to a mage doctor.” He said as he started running straight towards Magnolia’s clinic.


#20Brone Heavyaxe 

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Brone Heavyaxe
Brone took another look about just to make sure there weren't anymore enemies hiding in the shadows, when he confirmed that the threat seem to have been fully taken care of, he began to clap, congratulating his team, but before he could say a word, Kailani called to him, he looked to her and noticed she was falling, he immediately went to catch her, but in a blink of an eye, Yuurei swooped in and caught her, once again, the dwarf was impressed by the amazing speed Yuurei had shown, but also worried about Kailani.

Yuurei inspected the elf, but as Brone see, she seemed physically fine, no injuries as far as he could see. With the order Yuurei gave, Brone felt an urge to salute him, "Aye, we'll meet ye there" he said before rushing towards the store. Once he burst through the doors he saw the exceeds and call to them, "Yuurei is heading towards the hospital, Kailani collapsed" he said as he made his way to the shop keep, "The goods are down for the count, get the authorities if ye want to round them up, but we need to be on our way".

"I understand, my blessings to your friend" the shop keep rushed, though he was apologetic and sympathized about Kailani's well-being, he had a him of relief given the task was completed. He awarded the dwarf before Brone ran out of the shop with the exceeds on his shoulders.

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