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Barrang (Good)

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Yuurei was able to take out a wyvern in this place. The jobs that he was taking lately kind of seemed more dangerous than anything. While looking through the job board, Yuurei would find one of them that intrigued him the most. This one was different than all the rest as it would seem like a bunch of people who did it failed. He would grab a hold of it and he would read through it more. It seemed like he was going to have to go to where the Merchant Gallard was stationed.

Both Renji and Yuurei would make their way to the market district as they were looking for the man. It was lucky they had a picture of him, so it wouldn't be hard to find the man. He remembered how cramped up these streets were though as he moved around the people that were walking around the place.



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The light mage continued walking through the streets as he would enjoy the time. It wouldn't take long but they would make it to the merchant's market and their eyes looked at every merchant they would walk by. They couldn't find him from what they could tell, but it wouldn't take long for Renji to see something. The cat had Yuurei's back and he would see someone appearing in the corner of his eyes and it looked just like the man on the job request.

"Yuu I found that Gallard person who was on the job request. He's to your right." He said to Yuurei as he pointed in the direction of where Gallard was

The light mage would turn to look in the direction that Renji was pointing in, and there he would see the man he was looking for. Yuurei would start walking to Gallard as it seemed like he was selling some stuff.


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When Yuurei got in front of Gallard's stand, the man looked excited to see someone in front of him. He was ready to sell to them the moment they showed up.

"How can I help you guys? I got anything you might need or want. I also have parts from creatures that you  might need to forge a weapon?" He asked waiting for them to speak.

Yuurei would nod listening to the man, but he wasn't here to buy anything. He came for a different matter at hand, and Gallard wound soon find out.

"I'm actually here for this. Can you tell me more about it?" He would ask him as he would pull out the paper and push it towards Gallard on the counter.

Gallard was surprised that someone would appear to him to take on this job. He figured this guy was really brave, or he wasn't from around here, so he didn't know what he was getting himself into.


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He would grab the paper and he would look at Yuurei and Renji.

"Ah so you're here to come and slay the mighty Barrang. I must warn you though, many have tried and many have failed. Do you still think you can take him on where many have failed?" He asked Yuurei.

The light mage rubbed his chin as he was thinking about it and then he would have a smile on his face when he looked at Gallard.

"Yeah, I'll still take him on. Any information about him and where I can find the monster that scares everyone?" He asked Gallard.

The merchant was happy to hear that today might be the day he would get a piece of Barrang. This would be able to make him one of the richest and well-known merchants throughout Fiore. That meant he was going to give this guy all the information he needed.



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"So the information I got about Barrang is this. He enjoys terrorizing the cold and inhospitable wastelands to the north. He is said to be the size of a huge tower, and that those that fight him an up eaten and digested while still being alive. Here is a sketch up the creature if you're looking for him." He said as he gave Yuurei the sketch.

Yuurei would look at the sketch and now that he got the information from Gallard he was going to go and hunt the beast.

"Thank you. Once I finish my job in the wastelands, I will come back here to look for you." He said to Gallard as he started walking away from the merchant area.

His next destination was to the north and he would start walking over there. It wouldn't take him long to exit Astera as he could feel the cold that ran through here.



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Renji was prepared for this cold as he was wearing his traditional outfit. Yuurei didn't enjoy the cold period, and this was even crazier than anything he had felt before. He would shake like a mad man while he walked through the wasteland as he was hoping that he could find the stupid creature. The light mage didn't know he was going to be in for the fight of his life. He kept looking for Barrang, but for some reason, he couldn't find something so big in such a wasteland.

"If you lose I'm going to haunt you in the afterlife." Renji said to Yuurei.

Yuurei would shake his head as he was thinking about losing. It wouldn't take long for something to happen as the light mage would fall straight into the snow. He would get up quickly as he was shivering as he would realize that he had fallen into one of Barrang's footprints.



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"I think I found his trail, but you don't have to worry about losing. You would probably live, I think you too small of a meal for him anyways." He laughed as he would get out of the small hole that was left from Barrang.

Yuurei would start following the trail of footprints that belonged to the mighty beast. The light mage continued marching through the open field with his head down as he wondered how long this was going to go. His movements were sluggish at the moment and it was because he wasn't running around and his adrenaline wasn't kicking it.

After a few minutes of walking through the snow, Yuurei would bump into something, which make him fall on his ass on the snow. The cold feeling surged through his body as he would get up from the ground and look up to see what it was that was in his way.



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He would see something shadowing him and Renji and the creature would turn around to see that food had walked towards him. Barrang would roar through the top of its lungs as it would startle Yuurei who jumped back from the monster with both his hands out in front of him. He would open them both as he was getting ready for a fight. The magic circle that appear above the palm of his hands would create stars quickly as they would enter the light mage. He would feel the surge of energy, and he would see that Barrang wasn't giving him any more time to do anything else.

He would see the monster swing its arm trying to claw its way onto Yuurei's body. He would lunge to his right to dodge the incoming attack and he would find himself tumbling through the snow. He would stop once he was able to get on his feet as he would look at the creature.

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Yuurei would watch the monster run straight towards him, and his eyes widen when he saw how quick this crap was. He would cross his fingers and a magic circle would appear from where he was, and he would rush straight into the magic circle that he created. Once that happened, he would find himself being dashing not too far as he would come to a stop. He would look over to Barrang as the thing looked confused to find Yuurei. The light mage stretched his arm out in front of him and a magic circle would appear before the second one appeared above Barrang.

A barrage of arrows would shoot down on Barrang who started roaring through the pain it felt. The light mage would see this and nod because he wasn't going to stop there. He started running and after a few seconds, he would go into full speed.

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Yuurei would punch the shit out of Barrang's with all his might, causing the big bad monster to scream through the pain as it wouldn't be able to use the leg anymore. The light mage would look to his right though and he would see his hand coming straight towards him. Instead of being hit completely, Yuurei would dash once again to avoid a full blow from the monster. He would, however, get cut on his chest feeling the blood dripping down his chest as he hit the ground from the impact. He would groan as he would get up quickly as he didn't have time to be complaining about anything. Barrang would start limping towards his prey as he wasn't going to allow this strong human escape.

Yuurei would have a smirk on his face as he knew that this was perfect, and now he needed to make sure that he couldn't move anymore.

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Yuurei would swing his arm down and a magical circle would appear in front of him. This caused a light slash to rush straight towards the limping monster. The attack would connect causing Barrang to stumble back a bit before Yuurei started running straight towards him. When he got close to him, he would hit the other leg as he would see Barrang fall to its knees as it would no longer be able to move from where it was. The light mage would quickly make a star symbol with his hands as a magic circle would appear from behind him and he would run through it before Barrang could fully get his swing down.

The light mage understood the monster's fighting pattern, and it was too late for him to do anything. Yuurei figured one more attack would take the monster down and he would be able to go back to Astera to claim his reward.

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Yuurei would run straight towards Barrang again as the monster was in agonizing pain. It was not able to use its legs, and the little mage that had done this to him continued to run away. The light mage would run through the snow and he would leap into the air and straight into Barrang's face. He would swing his arm all the way back and then straight towards the monster's face. The monster saw this and he would try to hit Yuurei before he could get to him, but the half-elf would hit him so hard he would kill the beast after hitting him on the beast temple.

Barrang would have both his arms drop to the side before the monster fell to the floor. When the light mage saw this he would walk to the dead creature and would take three teeth from it. Once he did that, he started walking back to the town.

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It wouldn't take long for Yuurei to reach the town of Astera once again and when he arrived he would hold onto his chest as he could see that he was still bleeding from the attack. The light mage kept moving through the town of Astera as he was heading towards the merchant district. The half-elf would find himself there soon enough and there he would head to Gallard. The man was eagerly waiting for Yuurei and when he saw him, the merchant was surprised about him coming back alive.

Yuurei would hand him the two teeth, telling him one was a collection for himself and the other was for him to sell. The light mage would keep one for himself. Gallard was happy about this and he would give Yuurei more money than he intended to give him. The light mage would leave him with a smile on his face knowing that he had done a good job and to look for a doctor.


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