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Quintis De Flores

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Name: Quintis De Flores

Age: 19 (September 19th, 774)

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Homosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Stellan

Ethnicity, Mother: Sevenese

Class: Spell Singer

Race: Half-Elf

Rank: B-rank

Guild: Infinity Wolves

Tattoo: Chest, center, blue

Face: Felix - Fire Emblem Three Houses


Height: 5'8"

Weight: 125 lbs

Hair: Black (Bluish-Black)

Eyes: Gold

Overall: A relatively attractive but feminine individuals. Quintis De Flores stands about five foot eight inches and weighs about one hundred and twenty-five pounds. He has relatively pale skin from hours and hours under a dark candlelight while studying, and a slender frame. While he does not seem like it, Quintis De Flores does possess some muscles and abs however, its nothing to be too proud of boast for about. Quintis has long bluish black hair, which can darken and lighten depending on the light that he is in. For the most part, Quintis likes to either wear formal attire or long flowing robes, in some cases, Quintis may incorporate bits of armor depending on the occasion.

Extra: ---


Personality: A bumbling scholar of the arcane arts, and researcher of medicine and herbs. Quintis is an odd little fellow, one that is not really great in conversations. A dominate trait that permeates his personality, is his sense of compassion and intense desire to help those in need. The primary catalyst for this overwhelming sense of compassion was the death of his parents, both of whom, died due to an unknown and deadly plague that swept through his village. Even before his parent’s death, Quintis was overly cautious and concern about of his friends. At one point in his life, a companion of his sarcastically remarked that Quintis was the “Dad” or “Mom” of the group- something which, at the time, Quintis vehemently denied. Even to this very day, Quintis is the type of person to take care of his friends, and adamantly works hard to make sure that he can help other people and protect the ones he loves, no matter the cost to himself.

Quintis tends to be bit of an overachiever and holds himself in high standards. If he is task with something, Quintis tries to complete the task with “flying colors”, and that said task is executed perfectly- because of his perfectionist nature, Quintis is often a bundle of anxiety and stress. In fact, Quintis has at one time, stayed up for hours even entire nights conducting research on various projects that he takes onto himself. Due to the amount of stress and pressure he holds himself with, Quintis also tends to be easily irritated or frustrated, especially when things do not go his way, or when something is not completed perfectly. A friend once said that Quintis simply does not know how to chill and have fun, which is relatively true.

When it comes to social situations, Quintis tends to be a nervous wreck. He likes to present himself as being cool and collected, but well, the truth is Quintis is just a mess. Admittedly he has extreme social anxiety, and often finds himself stumbling over words or phrases- which can actually be rather hilarious at times, seeing that on some occasions he says the opposite of what he means, or screws up the pronunciation of a word completely. Quintis can also be a bit absent-minded, clumsy, and even downright forgetful, especially when it comes to names. At times, it seems that his head is constantly in a different world, and he has a bad habit of tuning people out when the conversation simply does not interest him. Quintis tends to be a little sensitive at times as well, and places a lot of responsibility on himself where there should be none. That and well, he values the opinion of his peers a bit too much.

  • Wine: Namely sweet red wines. A nice swing of wine is usually calming to Quintis, and when going out to social events, Quintis is known to get a head start in the drinking department when it comes to major and loud social events.

  • Books: Specifically lost grimoires, history books, and fantasy novels. A friend of Quintis can often find the young scholar in the library, hidden away in a quiet place, or tucked in his room with a nice book or scroll to accompany him.

  • Obnoxious People: specifically, people who are overly loud and cheery. Quintis tends to be an introvert, one whose social battery is relatively low and easily drained. Therefore, being around cheery, and really extroverted people is somewhat draining on him.  

  • Tomatoes: For some reason, a reason that even Quintis cannot understand. Quintis admittedly holds a deep distaste and hatred for tomatoes, this was something that he even had as a kid. There is something about the texture, and the taste that just repulses him.

  • Bring his Parents Back: A secret and dark ambition of Quintis is his desire to bring back his parents from death, an action, which he wishes to achieve no matter the cost, no matter what he must do.

  • Knowledge: Quintis is like a sponge when it comes to knowledge and secrets, and admittedly, he wants to become the smartest, the most knowledgeable, and the wisest of magicians. After all, knowledge is power.

  • Failure: Quintis is obsessed with bringing back his parents and curing the plague that took them. For that reason, he is highly critical of himself when he fails, as he views any form of failure as incompetence that could prevent him from achieving his ambitions.

  • Spiders: When he was little, a spider snuck into his cage and scared the living crap out of him. Little did he know, the spider was fake, and it was nothing more than a cruel prank from his cousin. With that being said, from that point, Quintis has become terrified of spiders.


Strength: 4

Speed: 32

Constitution: 32

Endurance: 32

Intelligence: 42


Magic Name: Astral Invocation Magic.

Magic Element: Light + Ice

Magic Enhancement: Combo-Element, Mana Burn (Offensive)

Magic Description: A unique magic one that is often practiced by Sevenese Astrologers, Magicians, and on occasion Witches- this magic is a combination of mathematics, geometric formulas, and ironically enough, faith within the Sevenese Gods. Common themes within this magic are the recitation of complex incantations, which often invoke the name of the divines, alongside the drawing of circles. Whatever the case, through belief and willpower, the user is said to call upon the power of the divine heavens, to generate and manipulate ‘harden light’ also known as ‘crystalline light’ which bares similar physical properties to ice, said substance can still be released in an energy based form. The coloration of the metaphysical substance is commonly a light blue, but on some occasions, depending on the spell being casted- it can take on different colors.


History: Raised in a simple household. Quintis is the son of Emory and Cassia De Flores , and the grandson of Marcos De Flores and Elizabeth De Flores. His father had been born and raised within the small village of Almeria, located in Stella. There his family had owned a prestigious bakery for about three to four generations. When Emory was nineteen years old, Quintis' father left their home in order to explore the world, there, he met Cassia in Seven. The two would go out on adventures and explore the world together. Until at last, their adventuring days had come to an end, and Cassia would become pregnant with Emory’s son Quintis. Emory and Cassia decided that it was time to settle down, and for that reason, they returned to Emory’s hometown and garnered control over the family bakery.

Quintis childhood was relatively normal for the son of a baker.  Most of the people within the village found his parents to be somewhat odd, especially his mother, who had been from a foreign land. You see, the village was small, and it was rare for anyone to really leave the village, those that did leave the village eventually came back, but they were treated poorly. The village was also small enough that individual who was not from it, were treated poor or with suspicion. The amount of time that Emory had spent out of the village was treated by most villagers as suspicious. That fortunately, did not affect his family’s business that much, as the reputation of Quintis’s grandfather persisted even after his death.

While his father had a business with baking goods, Cassia opened up a little shop that focused on herbal remedies and candy, in her village, Cassia had been trained in the healing herbal arts and specifically specialized in the creation of medicinal sweets. Quintis interest in the healing arts originally started with his mother’s herbal medicines, and whenever Cassia was free she would teach her son about the herbal and medicinal ingredients. Later on, these lessons encouraged Quintis to learn more about medicine, and invest his time in the healing arts.

Around the age of ten Quintis’s life would change. A plague had consumed his small town, a dangerous plague, one that could not be cured with modern medicine. The superstitious town people started to spread rumors that a necromancer or some cruel warlock had cursed the town, and eventually, a hunt for this necromancer or warlock occurred. Quintis’s mother was originally blamed for the plague, but his father managed to speak some peace into the heart of the mob. Quintis was sent to live with family in Seven, but that was before his mum and dad succumb to the plague, and the desperate towns people started to burn plague victims alive in order to prevent the spread of the disease. Quintis lived with his aunt and uncle for the next thirteen years of his life, dedicating himself to the study of magic, specifically, how to heal diseases using magic. While living in Seven, Quintis discovered a sacred magic, one said to be the product of a god’s sacrifice to save humanity. After learning this magic, Quintis decided to roam the world in order to expand his medical knowledge.

Death's Coin

Previous Character: Valentine Stevenson

Death Thread: To Kill a Doctor

Experience: 182,750

Rank: B-Rank

Attribute Points: 142

Reference: No One

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Hello, I am Atani and I'll be taking a look at your application. Before approval, the following changes need to be made:

  • First and foremost, please use the appropriate template for scooping your previous character, including the outline of total experience and attributes transferred over.
  • You may not have 0 in any attribute; the minimum allowed is 1.
  • You do not need to specify a spell type for Life Steal as it only applies to spells that cause damage
  • You also do not need to specify the spell types the magic is able to perform since a character's class (and thus their access to spells) may change
  • If you are starting at B-Rank, two free enhancements may be selected
  • Time scales linearly with the site. If Quintis's birthday is in September, he would currently be 19 with the given year specified, then turning 20 by the time September comes.

Once all changes have been made, feel free to bump this topic and link back for review.

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I believe I have fixed everything! Likewise, could I have my account name changed to my character's name?


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This character application has been approved.

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