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The Forge


  • A custom is an item that you may create yourself based on the regulations in this topic.

  • You may obtain a custom by completing your first 250 RP posts, through a storyline, and even games and events.

  • Once you have unlocked a custom, you need to create a topic in the Forge titled Guest's Forge. All future custom creations will be done in that topic.

  • The following items may be made at the Forge: weapons, armors, headpieces, shields, rings, necklaces, and relics.

  • The user may only submit their forge creation for review if they are actually capable of claiming the item e.g. completing a storyline.


► Forge Points

A custom comes with a preset amount of points depending on its type and rarity. The points can be distributed to determine the effects, spells, durability, and more.

RarityWeapons & ArmorRelicsAccessories

► Damage

A weapon comes with a base amount of damage depending on its type and rarity. This may be increased by 5 per 1 Forge Point for melee weapons and 5 per 2 Forge Points for magical staffs.

RarityMelee WeaponsStaff

► Handling

Handling determines whether a weapon is one-handed or two-handed. A spear, sword, or axe that is bigger than 1.5 meters is automatically considered a two-hander. A two-handed weapon naturally comes with a higher base damage. In addition, a two-handed weapon may be wielded one-handed once you have enough strength. Daggers may not exceed 50 centimetres in total length. Fists may not exceed 30 centimetres past the hand.

RarityBase Two-Handed Weapon Damage

► Durability

Each item comes with durability. You may increase the base durability by 1x B-rank for 2 Forge Points. At most, you can increase the durability of an item by 1x S-rank for Unique and Legendary customs, and up to 2x S-rank for Mythic customs. Base durabilities are listed below.

RarityMelee WeaponsRanged WeaponsStaffs
Unique2x S-rank1x S-rank1x S-rank
Legendary2x S-rank2x S-rank2x S-rank
Mythic3x S-rank3x S-rank3x S-rank

Rarity Light & Medium ArmorHeavy Armor, ShieldsAccessories
Unique1x S-rank2x S-rank1x S-rank
Legendary2x S-rank3x S-rank2x S-rank
Mythic3x S-rank4x S-rank3x S-rank

► Bonus, Drawbacks

Some items come with a bonus to a certain attribute while others come with a drawback as listed below. You may, however, increase the number of statistic points that you receive by 5 for 1 Forge Point.

RarityDaggers & FistsStaffs, Books
Unique+20 Speed+60 Int
Legendary+40 Speed+80 Int
Mythic+60 Speed+100 Int

RarityMedium ArmorLight ArmorHeavy ArmorShields
Unique+30 Spd+30 Int+30 Str -40 Spd-20 Spd
Legendary+40 Spd+40 Int+40 Str -60 Spd-40 Spd
Mythic+50 Spd+50 Int+50 Str -80 Spd-60 Spd

► Effects

Effects are divided into five levels. The effects must be related to the type of weapon e.g. a melee weapon cannot have a cooldown reduction effect without a penalty.

RarityMelee/Ranged WeaponsStaffs/BooksArmor, Shields & Accessories

You may refer to effects from other pieces and create effects that are not included in this list, however, this may require further reviewing upon creation. In addition, you should know that not every effect that you see in the shop is possible to have on a custom creation.

  • Lvl. 1 Effects: 5 Forge Points.
  • Lvl. 2 Effects: 10 Forge Points
  • Lvl. 3 Effects: 15 Forge Points.
  • Lvl. 4 Effects: 20 Forge Points, at most only one may be added to a Unique, two to a Legendary, and three to Mythic.
  • Lvl. 5 Effects: 35 Forge Points, at most only one Lvl. 5 Effect can be added, however, it takes up Lvl. 4 Effect slot.

► Spells

You may also add spells to your items. All types are possible to be added except for summoning. Furthermore, if an item is a bow or gun, they automatically receive the Arrow Shot or Basic Shot spells up to the rarity of the weapon at no cost. The element of the spells must be the same as the element of the item. Below you can see the maximum amount of spells per item and how much Forge Points it costs.

RarityMelee/Ranged WeaponsStaffs/BooksArmor, Shields & Accessories

  • D-Rank Spell: 2 Forge Point.
  • C-Rank Spell: 4 Forge Points.
  • B-Rank Spell: 6 Forge Points.
  • A-Rank Spell: 8 Forge Points.
  • S-Rank Spell: 10 Forge Points at most only one may be added to a Unique, two to a Legendary, and three to Mythic.
  • Exclusive Spells: 12 Forge Points, These spells have one spell modifier attached to them that makes them unlike regular spells, these include things such as Knock-Back, Lifesteal, Mana-Drain, etc. They can not exceed the regular spell creation limitation and occupy an S-Rank slot for the custom item.
  • Signature Spells: 15 Forge Points, These spells are unique allowing the user to complete feats that normally exceed the regular spell creation, they may have up to one of the following effects: Topic Wide, Instantly applied damage, etc. These occupy two S-Rank slots for the custom item. Instances of Signature Spells are subject to further scrutiny upon review.

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