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East to West [Travel]

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#1Khalfani † 

East to West [Travel] Empty Tue Feb 08, 2022 8:59 pm

Khalfani †
Magnolia was probably the lamest town Khalfani had been. They had heard of all its beauty in books and magazines only to come and be utterly disappointed. This city wasn't any fun at all. They had met some really strange people here, one of them being a dark mage from Fairy Tail? He was considerably weak but truthfully he was the most interesting thing about this city. Besides the fact that he flung a booger at the Desiertan, he was the best company one would probably find in this city. That should say a lot about Magnolia on its own. Fieros was fun though. So now Khalfani was on their way back to the west where they felt safest. Not only was Eternal Nightmare's guild hall there but they also could just chill in their fathers pub. As the vampire gazed over the town on their trusted steed, they thought for a moment. How where the hell was Daisia? They thought that their "Guardian" would be back by now, but she was nowhere to be found. She probably went back to Desierto and thought all hope was lost for the young Desiertan. Either way, Khal had some words for her. One thing they hated was abandonment. It was bad enough that they had a hard time trusting folks. Perhaps this should have been expected. After all, their family had waited thirteen whole earthly years to reach out to them. With a shake of their head, the mage of nightmare lightly patted their Gryphon. In the end, finding Daisia was important anyway. They were still trying to figure out a way to undo this vampire thing and she was probably the only one that could do it again. Suddenly the Gryphon began flapping its wings, carrying the young mage off into the distance. One thing was for certain; Khalfani would not miss this city one bit. The next time they came it would probably be on a mission or to smash Kaitos face into a wall. Who knew?

337/320 (20% Discount via Gryphon)

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