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Fly in the ointment (Solo Quest)

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Fly in the ointment (Solo Quest)  Empty Tue Feb 08, 2022 3:19 pm

Emil with a request in hand telling him it is urgent and needs to show up that night, he walks up and he meets with a face he swears he knows and he greets her and she shushes him and then starts telling him what she needs and that she needs it as soon as he can get it and not waste a moment but she is gonna test him. He goes along with her test he creeps around with very little noise, he had been working on trying to be a bit more graceful unlike his usual bull in a china shop way of doing things and his friends are watching over him in case he looses his way again, but he has no plans to lose his way. not after they were returned him by Kai who ended up in a fight because of it, he was gonna take care of them and protect them.


Fly in the ointment (Solo Quest)  Empty Tue Feb 08, 2022 3:20 pm

They were gonna be his back up on this mission and he wasn't gonna waste anytime as she needed and they are burning the late night oil any ways their slave seals are gone and seem to be happy as they follow him as he goes toward the building the woman had told him it would be in and Emil watches the guards, he sees their routes are very irregular and it would be nearly impossible to plan for it so he gives them a signal Holly was gonna be his back up and Fina was gonna be the long range in case they mess up. she gets a out a telescope and watches then Fina slides down the side of a hill and gets in a spot that her magic will hit from if she is needed to attack, she was told no killing only disabling, she watches as Holly knocks two of the guards together while Emil gives the third a good combo into a upper cut that knocked the guard out and Holly smiles at Emil then they dragged the bodies into the ground dropping them in the bushes in case another guard wonder over at random.


Fly in the ointment (Solo Quest)  Empty Tue Feb 08, 2022 3:20 pm

He gets to the door and he uses a key he had swiped off of the guard that he knocked out then he goes inside with Holly he pulls out a light bulb from his pocket and he focuses his lightening and the bulb lights and he cups his other hand around it so it is working like a weak touch so they can see and try and read labels on the boxes so they can find the right box. Holly keeps her ears perked up and listening for anyone else that might be in the building then in the dark another light starts towards them and Emil stops the light and he moves to the side with Holly and squeeze into a closet and Holly is deep red because they are pressed against each other, as soon as the guard is past, Emil hurries out and knocks the guard out from behind.


Fly in the ointment (Solo Quest)  Empty Tue Feb 08, 2022 3:20 pm

Emil starts the light back up again and he walks she sticking to his back not wanting to get scared but the hair on the back of her neck was starting to stand on end as she looked around. Emil hears something and looks outside just in time to see Fina hitting someone with a spell, which means their time is running out and they need to hurry and find the box, Holly lifts and moves boxes looking for the right one cause she can actually read pretty well. They finally find a box that says the name on it but it is empty. Holly keeps looking and finds one with the stuff they need in it and she pokes Emil who jumped a little then he looked over and he nods to her and she lifts it. They keep sneaking heading back the way they came and they hope Fina is okay cause if the plan when to its plot then Fina should have never had to fire a spell off.


Fly in the ointment (Solo Quest)  Empty Tue Feb 08, 2022 3:20 pm

They get close to the door and they hear guards talking about how lazy the other shift was that they were probably all at the guard house screwing around and not actually doing their job one saying they will have to report them because they can't just be abandoning their posts. From what they are saying even one of their shift was missing and they can't find them so they seem to be a bit on edge as they know the person that is missing is a very work driven guy. They walk away from the door and Emil and Holly get out the door and Emil locks the door and he leads Holly with him in the lead. He looks around the wall and he sees a guard and he jumps out clothes lining him and the guard is out cold and he gets away with her but Fina is missing then they see the small frame slowly dragging a body and Emil hurries over and picks her up and he starts running following behind the way that Holly was told to go.


Fly in the ointment (Solo Quest)  Empty Tue Feb 08, 2022 3:20 pm

They head back to the meeting point that the woman had said but he doesn't see her he sees a note saying a new place cause she thought she had been seen so she couldn't risk being seen but she would send someone to pick up the crate from the place they put it for her and the payment will be sitting their so when he puts the crate in they reward will come up to him and he is confused but he does as he was told and he places the crate in the spot and a different box raises up and he takes that smaller box and opens it and the reward is inside and he looks at Holly and Fina who were both tired as this was the first job he had taken them on and they did well, he takes his reward from the box then go out to treat them to some late night food.
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