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Fitting The Missing Pieces.(Kazimir.)

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#26Kazimir Seiryu 

Fitting The Missing Pieces.(Kazimir.) - Page 2 Empty Mon May 30, 2022 10:04 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
kazimir could only reply with a somber nod at the thought of those they had lost. Even with the two of them sitting here now, it was not long ago that he discovered Judith had been killed. "Life would be nicer having them around," he added. Death was a part of life, for some anyway. But it was the circumstances behind that death that bothered the wind mage.

"Things would feel different if it was old age and not conflict that took their life." The wind mage didn't really expect any questions from Judith. Kazimir was never one to shy away from having a talk about pretty much any topic. But Judith had never been one to pry too much either.

He sat back and rest in the chair as her question hit his ears. "My worst fear huh...Outside of the obvious family matters now. Having kids has taken a bit of priority. I would say, seeing the world be built upon a false foundation." He answered and faced her to see how she took it. It was something that may have been a bit more serious coming from Kaz than normal.

#27Judith Karlinius 

Fitting The Missing Pieces.(Kazimir.) - Page 2 Empty Wed Jun 01, 2022 6:43 am

Judith Karlinius
It seemed maybe it was a pretty good and interesting introspection. But that could agree."As my things happen in such ways of my own existence, The lessons they teach me each time...Even if has every time, does not become any less painful."It showed how it worked with in Judith, She could come to terms with death her own or some one else's quickly but it does not make it any less painful to her, It was like that knife in the back you could see coming in the mirror, It was expected to hurt, Yet the impact and pain was never set in mind right away.

it was just a personal thing for her to mention."As I continue to live,I will keep my family alive or dead in my heart and watch over their resting places as long as I continue...It is a mere personal goal of mine."Between her duties she had been walking around to that set up of a quiet graveyard already she just never mentioned it to many people quiet yet, more out of a personal wish over anything else, But it was all most likely okay in the end.

A world built upon a false foundation, Judith strangely seemed to internally think about it how maybe that could be applied. with the past Judith had told him. Had Judith build her family life off of a lie even if it worked out nicely in the end? it was a good question."I think I understand what you imply with that."But each view of a person was different to one another. Judith might have her own way of understanding it that might different, There was a magic to how a persons view and life worked differently, it was beautiful to Judith.

#28Kazimir Seiryu 

Fitting The Missing Pieces.(Kazimir.) - Page 2 Empty Mon Jun 20, 2022 6:20 am

Kazimir Seiryu
He nodded, knowing all too well that Judith would always hold onto her family and do whatever needed to be done for them. "That's why you will make a good leader." He said, adding to the reasons that he was going to step down from the position of guild master and let her take it.

Among other things, Kazimir felt a growing concern within himself that his time of peace was coming to an end soon. "Judith. I will be making a trip sometime in the near future. As I've traveled for so long there has been one constant. One thing that has always been prevalent but I've pushed it to the background. The church of Illumin. Many of the people I've met have been deeply impacted by it. Both positively and negatively. And its time I look into exactly what is going on there."

He said thinking back to all the people that struggled because of the church and those that were harmed by what it was doing. Those that took up a mantle of faith to hurt others. "My stepdaughters were both affected by it. So I need to learn a bit more about it."

#29Judith Karlinius 

Fitting The Missing Pieces.(Kazimir.) - Page 2 Empty Thu Jun 23, 2022 5:59 pm

Judith Karlinius
Even if Kazimir believe it so, Judith could never agree for her downfalls as a leader where also more apparent them most, But she just kept the fact she would never feel like a worthy leader to herself for now. For the moment that was not important for what could really be going on with them for the moment."I may have other thoughts still, But I will argue with you about it."At least Judith did not feel the need to protest it at all either, it just kind of felt pointless to her as there was other things important to talk about.

If he wanted to do that. Judith seemed to not be stopping him, but merely mentioning to him as she would always make sure too."I will not stop you....But keep in mind you are for more important alive then dead."Yeah not much else really would be mentioned but that, Since him being a live was more important because it was just how she was over all in mind with it.

At least that was if for anything she really seemed to just be okay with whatever was in front of her now."It would be hard to love a family to no longer see them."But she did still have good intentions with mentioning that.But still seemed like she did kind of understand it, they were each different people valuing family in their own ways to make sure they where safe and happy.

#30Kazimir Seiryu 

Fitting The Missing Pieces.(Kazimir.) - Page 2 Empty Sun Jun 26, 2022 2:37 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir let out a soft chuckle as Judith said they would argue about that. "No leader is ever perfect. Accepting that is what makes a leader good." Kazimir stood up and pushed in his chair with both hands.

"Thank you. We all are," he responded to Judith about his potential death and then gave a smile. "But don't forget, technically I've already died once." He joked about his time as a vampire. "I'll still be around. Next time we meet like this...who knows what all will have changed. if anything at all." he smiled and thanked the woman for the meal. He began to step towards the door and turned back to wave at Anders and then look at Judith.

"Thank you for the history, Judith. You'll use your future well," he said and stepped out of the doorway. In many ways, he felt a wind of change coming that even he couldn't understand yet.


#31Judith Karlinius 

Fitting The Missing Pieces.(Kazimir.) - Page 2 Empty Mon Jun 27, 2022 1:29 pm

Judith Karlinius
He might have died once but consider the secrets hinted at with Judith there was a difference understanding with how Judith mentioned it for a bit more of a good and personal reason. But for now Kazimir seemed to have wanted to go head off to do whatever it was he wanted to go, Judith had no reason to stop him as long as he was to return alive and well. For the most part she was just hoping to retain member numbers still. Kazimir in Judith's mind was trusted for a reason, So he wanted him around and alive for a reason.

But after he left Judith let out a sigh."The wind can only flow freely so many times...Even then the knowledge both nature and wind carry, is never one yet able to be understood differently."Yes she realized she was talking to herself but nonetheless he was gone.


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