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Fitting The Missing Pieces.(Kazimir.)

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#1Judith Karlinius 

Fitting The Missing Pieces.(Kazimir.) Empty Mon Jan 31, 2022 6:59 am

Judith Karlinius
Yes food could wait later, Judith would most likely ask if there was really anything of his interest later in terms of food. But first the more important thing that mattered to Judith would be marked off of the list. So far it was a bit of a mess, Judith would start making things a bit neater here.

The first of these graves to be seen is actually names Kazimir might not have seen before, But that had the last names Karlinus. Thus it would be easy to piece that these two graves were part of her family, Since there was mention of two already passed on family. It would be easy to piece that these two were Regis' wife and daughter. Judith had them move a long time a go to keep watch over them. Then again as this progressed signs of other things would eventually be shown.

"I had no idea how to talk to a few other people about her, But I have managed to continue on and not linger upon it any longer."
Then she would brush off the snow of Judina's grave and put back the misplaced objects of symbolic passing from the other family members. The signs that Anders, Regis and Waylon had fall been here. Judith was fixing the flower she had placed there not too long a go."She was ambushed in Hosenka in a walk, It was a fair amount of time to come to terms with it."

Yes it was Judina's passing, maybe to think the grave robbers goal might have been pretty simple to guess. Fixing the the pole that looks like a sword made by Anders, The dark blue scarf left by Waylon, The helmet Regis wore left by hind resting on the handle of the designed pole made to look like a sword. There was signs of family members being here before Kazimir was apparent, But this was the first stop before food and questions about Judith herself, since Kazimir should know about this situation.

#2Kazimir Seiryu 

Fitting The Missing Pieces.(Kazimir.) Empty Fri Feb 11, 2022 10:28 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir stood quietly as Judith stepped by the gravesites. He examined the unknown sites for any tampering. His mind was still focused o making sure the robbers didn't take anything. "Sorry that people are disturbing their resting place," Kaz said to be polite about the loss of her family and how hard it must be, and having to protect it from robbers now.

"Hm," Kazimir spoke softly as those were words unlike Judith had spoken before. Kaz's newly returned heart, sank in his chest when he read the words, standing somber in his silence as Judith fixed the items around the gravesite. "Judi..." he muttered with a swelling of sorrow in his eyes. He reached for the grave but his fingers fell short from trepidation. He pressed onward, unfurling his hand to run his fingers across the name. Before he could ask how, Judith answered.

"Ambushed on a walk," his hand turned to a fist atop her gravestone. "She deserved better than that." He flashed back to their history together. The night by the fire. He first joined the knights and she entered as bold as ever. "Judi was...one of my first friends. First comrades. The last of the Rune Knights that I served with. All of them...are all gone now." Kaz wore the face of a man who had lost too much to the chaos of the world.

"I...wasn't there for her. I can't even remember that last thing we talked about. I left Fiore. Phoenix Feather fell apart, and we went our separate ways for the first time. She was truly my most valued Ally." He remembered that one sweet moment they spent sitting on a bench. She demonstrated the flow of her magic and creation of armor. One of the few times she made a joke. darkness magic slowly trickled from beneath Kazimir's feet

"Did they find out who did it?"

#3Judith Karlinius 

Fitting The Missing Pieces.(Kazimir.) Empty Sat Feb 12, 2022 12:57 pm

Judith Karlinius
It would be a few moments really be Judith would consider speaking anything else. It did in some manner make Judith feel horrible not coming out about this situation sooner."It would have been safer for them to deal with Anders or myself."Judith then simply pointed to the other two graves not too far away, with the mention of."Rather then the madness that the one who has little left would do."It was Judith's warning that Regis was some where near here and watching, But it would make sense since it was all his family as just as much as Judith's family. Just because he had no place to live and everything else, Did not mean Regis was a resentful bitter being towards them in the end, these woods close by had him lingering in them, Just as much as Judith and the rest of them had visited.

For his wonder it was a simple answer."I had them looked after...For Judina's tall fluffy companion was with her."Because she really did not leave with out Alistair up until then, But you never took fate for granted, they choose things to work the way they did."Since my sister's guild is normally the one that handles things in the city, I did some personal string pulling...Allowed other people to deal the justice to them."It sounded unfair, But Judith dealt with it in her own way, Just wanting it under control at the time.

At least with Kazimir knowing this, He could visit any time he wanted."Welcome to the Karlinus graveyard Kazimir, A grie yet peaceful reminder one's time is not chosen by their own will to stop sometimes."Whatever else Kazimir chose to do would entirely be up to him, at least it showed what happen with distance.

Judith however would place one of hands on one of his shoulders."A personal admission for things you may learn about me from here on are many."Judith mentioned to Kazimir, Since this one thing she had hoped for could no longer happen. She did not mind telling him."That time first time you heard me mentioned that the only way to know my secrets is to join my family."Turns out what Kazimir did was not exactly in Judith's plan and she did not seem to mind in the end.

"I was hoping she would have tried to date or marry you. But alas, I was putting in a gamble at something I never assumed to win with just only sheer luck."With that person admission out of the way she would walk over to Judina's gave place one of her hands at the base of the stone and flowers would grow around it. They were sprouting out pink and red gladiolus flowers, Commonly sometimes refereed to as sword flowers."But I am still blessed and find with what you have chosen, For my sister deserves happiness as well."Even if it was grim, Judith seemed to be trying to keep the good going with the situation.

Repeating the same process of flowers around the other two graves. Then with some what of a smile on her."Now that you know, Please come visit here when you want...Just be warned you may see more then just I here."Waylon,Regis,Anders the list could go on. But Kazimir knew they would not hurt him here, If they were here they most likely considered the land to important to do anything on."You may not see Alistair here, The Cattian eventually had some one work with him enough to continue on forward."Judith did not know Miriko by name, Only by looks but it was better then having him just sit by the grave expecting something to happen to nothing going on for days.

#4Kazimir Seiryu 

Fitting The Missing Pieces.(Kazimir.) Empty Fri Feb 18, 2022 2:56 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir straigthened out his robes around his neck and chest. "Probably so," The wind mage replied. Thinking about whoever else she could have been talking about. Although kazimir may not have been as gentle with them either, if he had known the truth.

"I'm glad they have been dealt with," the wind mage said, but a part of him wanted to be the one to do it. it was probable best if he didn't find out who they were, but then again...His Rune Knight way of thinking, made him wonder if it was a targeted attack and if more people close to Judi were in danger. He wouldn't bring that up just yet though. If nothing had happened yet.

"Thank you for telling me. And inviting me to this place. It will not be the last time I come here." Kaz wasn't worried by whoever else would show up here. It would be nice for the departed to have many visitors. "Makes you wonder sometimes. Why we are the ones left living," kaz shook his head, thinking about all the headfirst times he rushed into danger.

"A personal admission? Yes You mentioned that method before," he turned to face her. A small smile crept onto the mage's face. "There was an interesting conversation the two of us had once. I always felt like that's something you wanted. I can't say that I had never thought about it. But the stars never aligned, I suppose you could say. We made for better comrades under fire." He placed a hand back atop her grave. Strange the way life twists and turns. Even in the end though. He was not beside her even as a comrade.

"I'll be by as often as I can. And thank you. I've somehow ended up being with a few women in my time. But this time is different. I fully believe that this one will last." He replied, thinking about his lover, before turning his attention back to the matter at hand.

"Alistair moved on eventually then. That must have been tough. i don't know much about their kind, or if He would ever come back to visit here."

"Sorry you have lost so much, Judith."

#5Judith Karlinius 

Fitting The Missing Pieces.(Kazimir.) Empty Sat Feb 19, 2022 2:04 pm

Judith Karlinius
The only other part to them dealing with Judith would mention."Regis, Would have done far worst, For he lingers not too far away from here."Judith did not seem to want any blood to touch these graves, So she took the matter under his control, A sound mind for a woman who has passed on loved ones here. It was like Judith looked to the wood around these grave to see if the name she just mentioned was lurking close by or if you could hear him walking, For now Judith heard nothing. Showing the value of the mad son was still with family, Even if he did not express it all that much.

That just means, Times here Kazimir could find him or trances that he lingered around recently. For it was just not Judith looking after these things. But surely that was an easy guess."May Regis forgive himself...So that when he passes on, He does not linger in darkness or despair."It was the final mention like it general. Not just to Kazimir, That Judith and Anders had finally forgiven him fully, Able to come to term with his situation, That Regis just needed to continue himself.

Letting out a bit of a sigh."The tree yet out lives the leaf, Only to be left bear and withered when they are all gone."It was just something that even if good to wonder was not the best to linger on for it could only make a person worst, Then again death was a grim and draining subject."As long as whoever comes here with you or even you alone, treat the place respectfully and keep the mementos the family left in place. I am sure that won't be a problem."it was a fairly simple mention that she already could assume Kazimir had no problems following.

Judith would take a moment to make sure the blue scarf left behind from Waylon was fixed and tight as to no be blown away from the wind while she was gone. There was always more after all surely Kazimir thought the first admission was the only one? Judith knew she had to explain more anyway."Do keep in mind, I have more then one secret. That was a simple one to explain."Judith did have that wish, But always just wanted to be sure to never meddle too horribly in the end of a persons choice in life.

She would have to ponder if there was anything else she could put around this area to make it a bit neater and pleasing to be around, Even if grim people could look upon this place and enjoy the detail that was put into taking care of it."I am sure if there was ever a way to talk with the dead, Any of the three here would be happy to have visitors."There was that small thought in her mind to consider finding a spell that could allow her to do that, But that almost felt like lingering into...old habits.

For the mention of Alistair she would just mention."I am sure if I ever found the person who manage to get him moving again sometimes, I will make sure they bring him here, It would be far more inviting now."She laughed about it slightly since she always eventually found brightness in all things in life."Life has many experiences some you are prepared for, Others the opposite."All things were equal in death, At least she felt like she was about to say but felt it was best saved for another time.

Then she would mention."We will have a few other things to talk about, So whenever you are ready to leave we can continue on and return to my home, where I am sure over food the other things we may walk about can continue."She did not want to move on unless Kazimir did. Which was most likely Judith allowing people to grieve how they want too.

#6Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz looked around and lifted his nose to the air, but decided not to try and smell the man's presence. His lips parted to say, that he would have done worse also, but he let the sentence fade back into his mind. "I hope he does Judith," There was a lot he didn't know about the man, but Judith had confided in the wind mage enough for him to know, he was part of a terrible tragedy that was something he had to work through.

A powerful comparison to nature came from Judith. Kaz felt the wind blow between his fingers. She was like a great tree that branched out to her family and others. "Your tree will never wither Judith. We live on for the ones we have lost and the ones that remain." he stepped to the side so that Judith had all the space she needed to conjure flowers and adjust the site. He would need to think of something to bring for her.

"Of course," he answered. Without a doubt. Kaz would do nothing to disturb the place. Kaz held his hand out to halt the wind as Judith fixed the scarf. "I know you have more," Kaz said with a lopsided smile, trying to veer away from some of the sadness of the moment.

"It is always the unexpected moments where we grow the most," Kazimir said and looked at all the progress that Judith had come through, and the new unexpected situations she was putting herself in.

He placed his hand over the gravestone once more and let it drift off, 'I'm ready. Let's go." He said and followed Judith back to her home. "We do have a lot to talk about."

#7Judith Karlinius 

Fitting The Missing Pieces.(Kazimir.) Empty Fri Feb 25, 2022 5:57 am

Judith Karlinius
With the details he was trying to pick up, Kazimir could pick up that some where with in the wood near by there was a scent of a person, could be easy to guess it was Regis, But because he was not facing them now it could guess for there was a chance it was some one else as well. Unless Kazimir went off on his own to check there was no way of ever knowing for sure.

"But for how long can one watch as they fly away knowing the risk is a good ponder."It was just a general point to mention. But that always had time to think and move on to other things. After all so many what ifs was never good for the brain after all it would just be endless pondering with little means of making it helpful or productive.

The wonderful part of having more, Just how many left unmentioned was good to leave some one guessing."And how many is a good question." She could laugh about it slightly while she considered how to go about it talking one subject that might be a bit hard to explain fully."Could be a few, Could be may." There was still a playful wonder of it still.

They had a few things to talk about and no better then at Judith's house with the company of her cooking. It was such a casual and normal thing when being around Judith."But I do wonder, What in which you would like me to cook up for you. Since you have regained your tastes, I am sure there is something on your mind you would like."Judith was slowly setting up the plan so far, There was some in depth conversations going to happen what better to going about, Then food.

#8Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir smiled as he picked up the scent, assuming it was who he thought it was, and turned his attention back to her. The being probably didn't want to be disturbed. "We watch until there is no more need for it," Kaz replied with a warm tone to his voice. If one thing had changed about the wind mage since his transformation, it was that he had foregone the comparisons to the wind. As if the trials of life had taken that jovialness from him.

"I'm sure you have many Judith. Your family is too big for only a few," Kaz laughed and teased at the fact that she had a few children and very aloof and powerful siblings.

"Pancakes," Kaz replied without missing a beat. He longed for the sweetness basted in syrup. His favorite food without a doubt. He spoke as he strolled up side by side with the fairy mother and back to her house. "Thank you. I haven't had a good meal of pancakes since my transformation back and now I won't throw them back up."

#9Judith Karlinius 

Fitting The Missing Pieces.(Kazimir.) Empty Sat Mar 05, 2022 1:36 pm

Judith Karlinius
Well at least it was simple to make them." The energy and feeling of youth does not flee from you I see."Judith just mentioned so casually and did not seem to mind as well, Pancakes were simple she always had the supplies as well so it would not take much time to just make them all up."Then go wait outside where I have everything set up, I will take a few minutes for your request."It was not like Kazimir was a stranger so roaming around the house would not be that much of a problem while waiting for Judith for to do her thing.

It was a nice backyard set up, After all she took good care of it while she was hear, It was not too far away from Fairy Tail. To Kazimir the sounds of some one hammering away at something in the shop in the back yard was heard, But it was easy to guess who that was. Even if he should be rest. There he was working away, Could easily forget he was there unless you looked for him.

But Judith would show up not too longer after, It seemed to have taken her a lot fifteen minutes to cook up a fairly large take a pancake for Kazimir and the other foods she had planned for Anders and herself. Where Kazimir had pancakes fairly large in ones, seemingly one had blueberries, one with strawberries and one with chocolate. Well even for base there was an entirely plain one on top. Placed on the table was the normal syrup for it and room temperature butter.

Judith had made herself and Anders a rather equally as nice looking pan fried chicken, mash potatoes with gravy and asparagus. A balanced meal for them. After the plates, Judith got Anders and well carried over a few books, various kinds of drinks and whatever else could be needed. Then settling into the chair she would sit on she would just ask."How far back do you wish to learn?"It was out of context a rather confusing question since well. How far back could it go was a good question. From the very start? or other ways. Did Kazimir want parts of her life.

#10Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
"Somethings never change Judith," he joked back about his never-ending addiction. It was jovial for most and he even indulged himself at formal events. "Sure thing. Thank you," he replied and made his way through her home. It was becoming more and more familiar to him. He found a nice seat outside at the table that was set up and slid into a seat. The surroundings were as full of plant life as he would have expected.

He shook his head at the sound of the hammer and of a man that would never rest. They were similar in that regard. Kazimir leaned forward in his chair as the large stack of pancakes wobbled their way to the table. His mouth water at the blueberries. Once everything was set, he would arrange his plate and slid one of each of the pancakes in front of him. He cut them with a mix of each one with each bite he would eventually take.

"These look delicious Judi. Nice to see you again Anders," he said to them both as they sat down with chicken. He swallowed a mouth full of pancakes and dabbed a cloth around the edges of his mouth before answering Judith. He was a man, making up for all the lost time of eating that he spend as a vampire.

"As far back as you want to go. You know me. I'm always interested in information. And how it is you manage to remain mortal and live for so long?"

#11Judith Karlinius 

Fitting The Missing Pieces.(Kazimir.) Empty Tue Mar 08, 2022 3:11 pm

Judith Karlinius
It seemed Judith was playing the grand story teller."You might get bored and fall asleep here, So you are free to leave with your plate of food."It seemed most likely Anders might have heard a fair amount of tales before or he respected his wife enough these tales were ones he might know and did not wish to hear again. But Anders got up from the table with his plate and food. Went into the house, where he would most likely eat his food maybe nap or sleep depending on the time spent here."He is far more valued he realizes."Judith might not have the children around her anymore, But you could tell he value that one person she lives with. Simply because she knows full well even if she out lives him at this point, But in some manner always knew she did.

A grim reality to embrace it might be."I will mention, Some of these memories are a bit fragmented, But as I explain you might be able to pick up why."Fragmented if a phrase she used a few times to explain it. As it was most likely the best way to explain it. Thus her story would start placing the books next to herself, If it was story time it would feel like it.

Even if the opening might be a bit short."Long ago:A date I do not remember well. Was a tall hermit living far away any city."In some manner Judith could attempt to try to picture herself back then but, it was a struggle the longest back in time she went into."Her sliver and purple eyes often seeing the world differently."So far the starting of a pattern would show up."For to her....The world was always seen like it was coloured only by a pencil you write with."A fancy way of saying some one was colourblind."A lady so unsure even as tall as Judina about the world, She built her own house to hide in, She feared the world as black and white as she saw it."At least it was still more simple to tell him she was colour blind, but it would not be Judith other wise.

"Often she would dream that some how she would stop seeing so pale."
It was starting to seem that the opening of this story was a lady like Judith who was a hermit and colour blind."Only existing during the day if she came out, She feared large bodies of water...for she only trust as far was she could make out...The most scary thing was large bodies of water in night time."A colour blind hermit scared of large bodies of water because she could not seem the bottom, There were more silly fears but one that was a thing.

Judith was hoping she would not dragging it on too much with an opening."Then one day, She heard a knock upon her door, When she never expected any, Woman would enter her life that would alter the hermits path forever."It started like the starting of a novel, Just the novel could walk and talk. Judith talking about her past self, IT almost seemed like if you took Judina's personality and height and Judith's appearance it could make the mentioned person, Just with out colourblindness for them.

#12Kazimir Seiryu 

Fitting The Missing Pieces.(Kazimir.) Empty Sat Mar 12, 2022 10:27 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir waved farewell to Anders as the man retreated away from the long story about to unfold. "Okay," Kaz leaned forward with his hands clasped as she mentioned the memories would be fragmented. making sure she had his attention at the start.

The wind mage sat silently as she narrated her history. He was still unsure who exactly this woman was, but as the story continued he assumed it was an ancestor of Judith's or maybe the woman herself at a younger stage in life. he noted the important details. Blind...hermit...fear of the water. A mysterious knock.

He quietly ate another pancake. "Who was the woman that entered?" Kaz asked as there was a small pause in the story. He assumed it was for dramatic effect and to give him a chance to ask a question. He was content with her just continuing onward and had no need for clarity yet. Anything he asked may be revealed in time anyway.

#13Judith Karlinius 

Fitting The Missing Pieces.(Kazimir.) Empty Sun Mar 13, 2022 11:16 am

Judith Karlinius
So now they continued on, Judith honestly stopped for a moment to actually a small amount of her food to eat, That and seeing if she still had her story telling skills, It was not they she was still able to do this because she assume it was getting lost with her age, Well human aging anyway it might be different now but that was entirely a different matter.

For she had a story to tell and she was for the most part still at the start of it, Given the Judith now it would almost sound like this is were Anders would show up, but it was not. But it was not Anders."A woman with dark red eyes and white hair."Nope not Judith's currently husband. But she did state there was a fair amount of information to connect together for this story."As the totally colour blind woman made sure her guest was settled, she would slowly learn more and more about this woman, With her man starting question was why she was here."Judith could almost revert herself back to that time and picture it now, Just...with actual colour and not white,black and grey.

Her thoughts where getting a bit distracted by it."Eventually, as Judith got comfortable with her new friend, She was taken by the hand and slowly led outside to a be guided into a new life."Just must have been hiding this lady's name for a reason."The reclusive hermit now had some one would try and make her life far different then hiding away in a wooden hut away from so many towns and people."It must have been fairly simply to lead a young hermit Judith out of her house it seemed, But it must have taken a bit of work.

But I guess Judith was delaying something too much."I guess I should stop beating around the bush, That lady's name is Kuriana."Different from the one he might now know but that was the name she remembered."One who saw much more in a person then what was presented before her at that time, Enough to take know how to make her much more."This really did sound like a novel or a book surely anyone could enjoy the story.

Judith had hope even if short summaries with it, she was hoping Kazimir could enjoy the story of how one person managed to stretch so far."The former hermit had to take a fair amount of time to adjust to a new life, She had to take a few lessons from her new friend while she was adjusting to a new life. But slowly she adjusted into normal person."It felt like it took her an eternity to adjust to that, But that was just off of her current memory. There were many embarrassing days for her."Her normal attire updated to be far more well taken care of and newer dresses rather then the one she was use too."

Then well it seemed there was at least another capture and section added in."As she adjusted to her new life, She slowly became more then just a friend, But one of the closest people to who she made, So much so you could consider her a caretaker or loyalist towards her."But this old Judith did have some things much like the current one."She learned to refine her basic cooking and cleaning skills just because she inspired to be more."So she always seemed to learn said skills and just managed to apply them no matter what, much like how normal people should.

#14Kazimir Seiryu 

Fitting The Missing Pieces.(Kazimir.) Empty Sat Mar 19, 2022 10:48 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz leaned in and took in small forkfuls of pancakes without looking so he wouldn't miss any of the details. He heard the name Kuriana and his ears perked up. That was a familiar name. Something he could have sworn he heard his wife mention before.

"This Kuriana...They wouldn't be a person that had anything to do with Karisa would it?" He was aware of his wife's many lives but the many names sometimes escaped him. "It sounds like the hermit was truly shown a new world. But how did they gain the ability to see," Kaz asked, as if the hermit wasn't Judith, just to keep the story narrative alive.

It seemed the woman was shown a great deal. It was sad in a way to hear about her days as a hermit, but many great mages come from troubled beginnings. The wind mage laid the fork down and sat ready for the next part with a full belly.

"It must have been a difficult and surprising transition for the Hermit." he was eager to hear the next parts of the story and see how the rest of her life unfolded and the birth of her powerful nature magic. It was not often that Judith spoke so openly about the past, and he wanted to take full advantage.

#15Judith Karlinius 

Fitting The Missing Pieces.(Kazimir.) Empty Mon Mar 21, 2022 1:29 pm

Judith Karlinius
It might been a good curious question to have. Did Judith answer. Well she would answer in the pause of her story. As well she wanted a few bites of her food."With out it sounding too complex. Yes"It was a fairly simple answer, But did not go into much detail for it was yet to come into play.

"The main struggles for the hermit was trying to understand the various object around her, For when they were different colours she never got them right."Well that was a given, when your woman who could not see any colour at all there was going to be a fair amount of problems."Getting by, through being able to see the differences with shades of grey,white and black."The story continue into changing from hermit to friend/servant life, There was going to be a fair amount of difference between different kinds of things to deal with."There was a fair amount of frustration for the young hermit, Yet..her friend never gave up on her."Which was endearing to hear,some one never gave up on her and she continued on.

"As their lives progressed, The hermit played a new role...She acted as a loyal shadow, Her friend's desires and wishes the former hermit wanted to reflect."Where could this go? it was a interesting and puzzling question. For well it was not all just delights and positive changes."She had one wish,To live forever....The Hermit...Wanted to see the world's beauty for what it truly was...It would lead them down a path unexpected."Was it something Kazimir expected? most likely not, But Judith has left hints to these things before.

Just now it would be more clear."Thus the desire of wanting both wishes met at once, Yet unsure how to go about it, her friend gave her a suggestion...one that would forever set the path of their lives forever altered."Building up suspension was fun sometimes Judith just knew she might not be quite ready to mention it all."And it all started when the first person was taken off of the streets."these times Judith could also feel such things all over again and it was kind of strange to have that imprinted into the system."For the study and notation of how the human body worked and how it could be altered to live longer."It was leading to talking about human experimentation.

#16Kazimir Seiryu 

Fitting The Missing Pieces.(Kazimir.) Empty Wed Mar 23, 2022 8:55 am

Kazimir Seiryu
He figured that was the case, but was glad she added the clarity about who the person was. She continued to talk about the struggle of seeing and dealing with the world. It also was convenient as it gave him even more insight into the woman that he married. Although Judith still had yet to really talk about how long ago that was. But it was something he wasn't going to ask about.

Judith turned out to be a loyal companion to the other woman. The wind mage was not exactly sure where this was headed but listen for any clues along the way. Was it magic or science, he wondered. Maybe a combination of the two?

"Study of how the human body worked?" He asked. "What did you end up doing?" he inquired about how deep that hole was going to be. How far could Judith go in the pursuit of immortality?

#17Judith Karlinius 

Fitting The Missing Pieces.(Kazimir.) Empty Fri Mar 25, 2022 3:53 pm

Judith Karlinius
What they did might be something Judith could easily she was not proud of in the end."To learn every piece of a person inside and out."It was starting to become and feel a bit grim that part Judith knew."So the goal was to take a person and slowly break down every inch of how they worked...remove or take a part just to see what all can be learned or altered."Judith almost felt like she could repeat in obsession and in sanity like she had done it before."Recording and tracking all possible link that could lead to the perfect connection to make a person's body perfectly immortal."It seemed so strange to know this story about Judith had a hermit who turned into a person they were talking about now."But one person was not enough to start such an experiment....There had to be more, So many more."

But it was left to think of a tall hermit lady just taking people she found and experimenting on them to have an answer to something that was never clear left a lot of ways to answer."Was it altering the soul? Was it altering the body? Was it trying to learn a kind of magic that she needed to make herself? So many answers left to ponder while the hermit did as she was told and continue the task of taking an experimenting, any and all reactions were recorded on paper, any differences were recorded on paper as well."But the end for this Judith would not be so freeing or filled of some kind of peace."It is not one I remember, But she passed on before that information be would of use to her."It felt so disappointing of an end, To think all she did was gather information out of loyalty and did not achieve much in the end."To her the world was forever so shaded by the colours she could only see."But it was not the end of it.

After all connecting the pieces, this lady in the story was still sitting before her now and Judith could see colour."Or at least....that hermit."So something else was figured out after their passing."Opening eyes to a new world around her....The Hermit woke up to a new world around her...one she did not remember for the skies weren't grey anymore they where blue."Something else must have brought her back, That some one else was already mentioned. But that was just not all of it, it was not a simple new adult body and seeing colours."Being held into the arms of a faceless woman, The Hermit had a new life as a child with no memories...clueless as to what would happen."She would pause there again to see if Kazimir had any questions or wonders, But might be good to keep in mind the answers were sparing because even mentioned some parts were forgotten.

#18Kazimir Seiryu 

Fitting The Missing Pieces.(Kazimir.) Empty Wed Mar 30, 2022 7:27 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
"i see," kaz leaned back in his chair. Wondering if Judith had kidnapped people and experimented on them against their will. Was that the reason she was so nice now? To attune for treating people that way. He hesitated to ask but had to know. "Did you kidnap people to experiment on them? Did they die," Kaz asked with almost a laser focus on the woman. he was not there to judge her past actions. And he didn't want his gaze to come off as judgemental, but it was focused on the severity of whatever had happened.

"And the woman you were working with....Karisa...she vanished or died?" Kaz inquired as his questions were slowly forming the more he talked about them.

It was nice to hear that she was able to see again. A CHILD! he thought to himself. that makes perfect sense. A rebirth. Is that why the other woman died. "So you were reincarnated then? Interesting. Did the other woman's death have anything to do with your reincarnation," it was a scientific inquiry and less of an emotional one.

#19Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
So now they dived into more questions, then again that was the entire reason behind it all to start with. So it was a good thing. Because it might make things more clear however more heart breaking as well."All of them died but the ones recording and performing the experiments."So all of the kidnapped people died, Judith and the other lady did not die since it was to benefit them."It was a bit of a unsure venture at the time, One I could have never guessed would work or not."She was a bit casual with the remarks about it.

These questions where at least some what good even if heavy on the mind at times."The best way to say consider it, gone but existing still."it was a confusing say of saying it but there was some things Judith did not have answers for and sometimes she had to answers in ways she knew."The entirely cycle of it so to say is complex at times."After all explaining a cycle of reincarnation was something most people might not be able to grasp right away, Judith even if she was with in one of these loops just barely had ways of explaining it.

That final ponder was interesting indeed did her previous body's death have anything to do towards the progress. So had to even think about it slightly."If the other woman meaning The Hermit, I might have to say yes, Just how entirely I am unsure."Judith mentioned like she was trying to remember something that she was unsure was actually in her mind."Even Karisa might have had something to do with as well, It is hard to be sure with out being able to talk to them about it."So it seemed two people past might have shifted towards Judith being here now, Herself in the past and some one else going far into many pieces of information for the ideas and cycles of immortality."Maybe the notes I carry from the various parts of information about these things."After all she did have a few notebooks she might have looked through.

#20Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
"Who were the people that were taken? Do you think about them?" He asked, almost more interested in the lives that were taken back then, than the immortality that was gained from it. He wanted to know what kind of people they were, and then, see a little bit more into the kind of person that Judith once was. Regardless, she was a different person now. But with Judith's insights, she could probably guess that Kaz was really trying to ask if she kidnapped and caused the death of innocent people.

"It does sound like it was a confusing time. Even more so that the memories are a bit scattered. Have you talked to Karisa about getting the memories back? She can see through time now." Kaz replied and sat back in his chair. Did she want to have those memories back? He took another bite of food, not wanting things to lean too serious, and stare at her.

"You still have the notebooks? Would it be too much for me to look at them?" He asked, with curiosity getting the best of him. But there was still one more thing. "So then...will you continue to reincarnate, are you immortal or will time catch up to you one day?"

#21Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
Who they where was a good question, It was one she should have expected for him to ponder."People were chosen at random as I recall, no particular person was taken, Just who ever was taken from the street at the time."To think a person would just be taken by a past Judith just to suffer in die."Worst part is at one point past me did learn healing magic to keep them alive longer for the purpose of experiments."This seems to feel more and more unnerving as this went on. But since he did wonder about that one thing that would maybe how the actual Judith was now existed through out time.

"I do ponder in which how the lives used and merely left to drift in the figurative gutter, Would be if they where not just taken as they were."
Judith said almost like it some manner was a thought that could haunt her mind at times, But given she had a fair amount of life times memories maybe such things took a toll mentally longer time as she continued on."What people I could meet now if I left them to live."Then again maybe's Judith ideas and beliefs about fate and it's choosing was started to be founded.

As for gaining the memories back, It was a good question to think about. Judith would just pass over all these books to Kazimir while she thought about it."I do wish to learn the rest that seems to be gone, But I do have to ponder if I would be the same person afterwards or if something else will be affected with me."It was a fair worry, Judith was thinking that completed memories of her past could alter a her into something that was maybe risky as the past one was."Will I be the same if I know everything? Or will be more of a risk?"It was a fair thing to ponder aloud.

If Kazimir opened up the books it was a lot of scramble notes of ideas, theories and what observations had happen, notes about what worked and did not, With each person being taken and considered for what happen with each person, To mental notes of the Judith at the times thoughts and feeling."In my current state of mind, I am content with finally passing on, If i gain all of my memories back it might change consider how different things could be."Starting to show and linger that in her mind Judith assumed becoming hold risks her becoming a different person now.

#22Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir sat back in his chair and felt like he had sunk into the cushioned seat beneath him. He wasn't sure how to process all that Judith had told him, especially the treatment and use of random people in experiments that no doubt caused them to suffer and die. He couldn't help but look at her in a different light now. The wind mage had taken lives before...but she was talking about the deaths of random people that may have been innocent or had families to go back to. To think that Karisa was a part of it too? Did she remember all that had happened?

He didn't have anything else to ask about that, as she passed the book to him. He thumbed through the dark pages of what had happened. Not spending too much time on any one page. "You seem to know the darker parts of your past life. perhaps its time to dive in and unlock the rest if you can?" he replied. If the death of those people were already on her mind, surely whatever remained would be easy to deal with.

"Fine with passing on? I suppose you have lived a long life. With healing magic though, there is still a lot of good you can do in the world."

"What will you do now or go from here?"

#23Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
It was a good thing to pose, even if she had wondered if truly able to be able to do such a thing, it feels like it might be healthy to do so even if risky, does a whole mind do the right thing or risky thing?"I have been trying to figure out that even if limited, It is out of guilt or not I remember these things or it is limited for a reason."She pondered since it was more around the end of the general ideas of what was talked about, After all Judith was not a monster now days anyway, if something altered later was a good question.

It does seem she always so okay and fine with death finally coming."I could be useful, But there are a lot of days where I think about the realize that I have been here far longer then in theory I should be."Thinking about the things in return events it seemed maybe it was entirely more about how long of a time a person has been around and what little you think a person could have done in that time."I out live sometimes people who did a lot more with their lives."Could be a reference to many people but if she was actually correct was a good question.

As for what will she do now she just simply went."I will continue on what fate throws at me to handle with in the best of my power, Then hopefully pass on when fate calls for it."So just waiting for the time of life to finish  as it would normally for an elf, It could be just as long as she might already be use too depending on what else happen in life, But a simple path.

#24Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
In the end, Kaz would lean back in his chair with his hands folded atop one another. He looked away for a moment in thought about it all. "Living forever is not such a bad thing. There will always be something to do. I plan to live alongside Karisa for eternity. In one way or another," he let his personal thoughts linger for a moment and then took another bite of the food.

"Thank you for telling me all of that. It isn't always easy to talk about the past. Or who we think we are. But if you ever find yourself in need of assistance with whatever path you are going down...then I am here for you. To help you find the mysteries of your past." He made the offer in case she wanted. But even after all this time, he didn't fully know if she would take him up on that. After all, it seemed she was not so dedicated to being in a hurry about it.

"I for one, and glad you have lived for so long. Me and karisa will need friends for the centuries to come," he joked. even though there was truth to it. They would all watch many of the people around them pass away.

he shot the woman a warm smile once more and finished the pancakes set before him.

"Is there anything you would ask of me?" he opened it up out of politeness given she had told him much about her life.

#25Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
Is it seemed maybe Judith was in the minority, But she would keep it to herself, For it was not something she felt should be normal or do able being needed to have children and allow people to progress as the body as allow changes to happen to species to continue living, just being able to living forever throw a few things of balance."It is a respectable choice to have."Judith mentioned about it in return.

It was not a argument she ever wanted to have."If my path is ever how i wanted it, Well...life would be very different everyone now."How it would be it might not be one people might not want to hear."But if i had my way as well, some people who are gone. Would still be here."That was just Judith missing a few people she had seen come and go with in her life.

Even then Judith did come to terms with how her life has been going on so long."Maybe, But how long does one tree live before the will of nature allows it to fall?"It was an interesting to thing to question over all about because it was just a short way of explaining maybe how vast her mind could go into.

Was it pointless? Not entirely."Tell me Kazimir, Even with what is progressed with our lives so far, What is your worst fear of life could throw at us?"It seemed like a pretty bland questions, But if they were both wide open books, it seemed worth to ask. For it would be good to see if there was something to learn that might be something to look out for down the road in life, But there are things that could be answered that was just a normal and typical worry.

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