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Painted Life Reflections.(Kazimir.)

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Painted Life Reflections.(Kazimir.) Empty Mon Jan 31, 2022 6:43 am

It would be a fated meeting between these two eventually, Even if Miriko entirely had no idea when it would happen, small hints these two would cross paths would happen eventually. Since Miriko did not really consider or worry about the pieces right away it was not something on her mind.

For being in Stella and having an inspired moment, Miriko would gather one of the few blank canvas' she had setting it up on a rather lust and green area of the woods, It was perfect for something she had in mind painting up something as she normally did with in each personal reflection of her life.

So what better way to span out where she started and where she was now, it was always good to keep these things in her mind and even see how it looked into expression. but as always there was a starting point to it that she would work off of, Since it was internal reflection Miriko would get a pallet of dark colours to start with, To start painting the look of the night and the stars.

Alistair was quietly watching as always. Since he could always just sit there and wait, Since Miriko was in a state of deadly focus he would be extra careful to be sure no one scared her while she was working, Unless it was some one really important, then well maybe Alistair would have some fun with it but it would have to be some one important.

#2Kazimir Seiryu 

Painted Life Reflections.(Kazimir.) Empty Fri Feb 11, 2022 10:15 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir stood in the Woods of stella, a little off the beaten path as always. It was a clear area with a few trees to spot the horizon. The wind mage traveled far to get away for a while. To breathe after all that had gone on. He held his hand beneath the leaves, with small dew drops dripping onto his palm. He twisted the dew drops with magic and danced them into the air.

Within the droplets, he could see the reflections of his own life. The people that had come and gone through it, and the source of his newfound magical element. "Things are always shifting. Sorry I have not been to visit. I'm planning to marry someone now. You'd like her," he closed his palm, speaking to the floating droplets of water. The shuffle of a canvas rattled in the distance, leaving a vibration through the air. The water splashed downward.

"Agh," Kaz replied as some of the water dropped on top of him. He smiled and walked toward the newly arrived woman. "You startled me," he said in a soft voice. "I wasn't expecting anyone else to wander out here. Are you safe?" he asked instinctively.


Painted Life Reflections.(Kazimir.) Empty Sat Feb 12, 2022 12:27 pm

Rain? not something that would bother Miriko. She would wave Alistair over for a moment. This chance had Alistair in open view Kazimir, For Miriko to pull out a large umbrella, Then after a few minutes of fiddling it was attached to the the stand she used to work on. The good part about already knowing what you wanted to do, when things had to stop for a moment you knew where to pick up.

Thus picking up the brush after finishing the dark shade, She looked around for a moment to make sure she was not going to too wet by the rain.Alistair on the other hand was stalking Kazimir. Not that he was going to hurt him. Just watching over him, Since he was not a treat seemingly and for what he could remember, Alistair and Kazimir had met before long before Miriko took ownership of him.

Alistair was not hiding he was around, He find he would even be so bold enough to make loud foot steps in the dirt behind Kazimir. "It is okay Alistair."Miriko mentioned, because well since he asked that, there was no reason to just let Alistair keep openly let Kazimir know and show he was around and watching.

The large cattian would casually walk over to next to Miriko and take his normal resting position. While Miriko was start to line the parts of the painting she was working on."I am always safe with the watchful eyes of someone."She answered Kazimir's question. While slowly working the starting of what looked like two people staring at the same mirror.

Which mean this painting was going pretty strong so far."But you seem to be fairly more interested that some one else was out here, Are you looking for some one?"It was a fair question to ask him.

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz looked over his shoulder to see a familiar feline friend. It moved as silent as ever but let the wind mage know of his coming presence. He met the beast with a smile that faded into a somber one, as he remembered the harsh truth he had learned.

He pet the large animal, "It is good to see you again friend. The last time we really saw one another was a long time ago." it was pleasing to see a familiar face and then he shifted toward the new woman. "Seems you have met someone new."

The wind mage stepped toward the painting to get a better look. "An impressive talent you have. My name is Kazimir by the way," he extended his hand to hers. "As for that...Just speaking to the memory of an old friend. Telling the past about the future." he replied as more and more of his life had become distant past and pieces he could never see again.

"What brings you all the way out here. And with Alistair?"


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It seemed Alistair would just quietly watch from here unless he really needed to answer any questions."It is better to see him here rather then waste away in sadness."Miriko mentioned, But at least the cattian seemed to be happy about where he was at, Then again so far he had a easier life with Miriko then Judina. Even if Miriko did not know Kazimir and all of the collection he had to people she knew. Most likely as this progressed it would all be talked about, But it was just for the moment talking to a painter: A tall, pale and polite one.

At least with her painting in mind Miriko did not mind the company while she worked away."I am sure if you need a place to sit, Alistair would be more then will to let you sit on him."It was a casual mention, It was good to have at least one options for people who show up. She had many talents so it was a normal thing to here."Miriko, People to save time just call me Mimi."She was not picky in whichever Kazimir chose to do.

But with that question, So far she a few things interesting with that question."A good place to paint or draw is sometimes the ones less seen."To start with as a part of that answer."Alistair looks after me while i focus on my painting, I continue working ideas I have wanted to make for a long period of time."The greatest focus was sometimes when some one knew no where close to where you were working, just that you were alive and working."The sounds of nature is relaxing, Even if I should sometime soon return home."Miriko could not help but laugh about it.

#6Kazimir Seiryu 

Painted Life Reflections.(Kazimir.) Empty Wed Feb 23, 2022 11:33 am

Kazimir Seiryu
"Agreed. It is good to see him again, and out and about. You must be a very good person to get his allegiance. His previous companion was." Kaz shook his head, thinking about the long-lost allies, and turned back to Mimi.

"Well, Mimi. It is a pleasure to meet you. I'll sit right here," Kaz replied and took a spot on the lush green grass. It felt weird to sit on Alistair. "true. it is easier to concentrate when you don't have distractions. That's how I get most of my training done too." he relaxed a bit in the comforting presence of an old ally an easy-going painter. His head tilted to the side as he looked at the woman. Memories began to roll around in his mind.

"You wouldn't happen to know anyone named Karisa would you," Kaz asked, remembering that his fiancee had brought up the name Mimi before, but knew this was too much of a coincidence.


Painted Life Reflections.(Kazimir.) Empty Thu Feb 24, 2022 2:55 pm

This part might be interesting to Kazimir, for Miriko answered to him."Logically I can not really know for sure, I do not know Alistair last owner." She often changed between master,owner and companion because that way she never really felt like she was truly classing him something different."Alistair has never really spoken much about them."Not that Miriko was expecting to get many answers right away.

Alistair seemed to laugh slightly at where Kazimir chose to sit, Only because it was just kind of what he expected, Most of the time children or people really fixated on Alistair himself really sat on him, At least he did never take it to heart when it did happen."Sometimes I do need to sit still for hours and not really see much around me, So quiet and peaceful is just my fancy at times."Alistair also laughed at that slightly, For how many times he saw that get broken.

At that question Miriko stopped what she was doing for a moment, depending on what else was answered beyond this point."Ah...I have a connection to her yes, She is my guild master."Depending on what else would be mentioned to her, She would expand it more but she was not lying to Kazimir. She in her guild but there was more that he might knew and she did not know he had that information.

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Kazimir Seiryu
" She was a great woman. One of my most trusted friends. And knew me better than most people," Kazimir said thinking fondly about their time together and mourning the lost memories they are now unable to make. But he spoke proudly of her time and service.

The mage looked back up at Alistair as the big cat laughed. The wind mage shared the chuckle along with him. "Peacefulness can be as hard to find sometimes as the wind is to see." He gazed into the sky happy now that he could sneak around a little easier and find silence when he wanted. But this moment in itself had a peacefulness to it that he settled into.

"Oh so you are the Mimi that's a part of Empyrean Divine," Kaz said and leaned forward with a hand on his knee. He had finally placed a face to the name. "Well then Mimi. It is a pleasure to meet you. I'm Karisa's husband...well Fiance for now." He couldn't believe he had just stumbled upon her out here.


Painted Life Reflections.(Kazimir.) Empty Sat Mar 05, 2022 1:08 pm

It seemed this might seem strange but Miriko was about to go back to her painting for a moment before she really had to ask at least one question."I see, if you do not mind me asking. What did she look like?"It seemed like a strange question Miriko might have only ever heard in passing the name and personality just never what she looked like. She would ask this as she turned back to her painting because she was just sure she kept going with the flow and motion what she was doing. After all she was still creating pieces of art while asking these questions.

She also now had to ponder."Well Mimi is a basic nickname, Unless my guild hired another Mimi or stand in. Then I would be very confused by that."Did the guild master hire a stand in while she was out exploring? She now had questions to ask when she was home, Because well she did leave a lot and tend to had a lot of new things to learn when she was back.

Alas it was back to her fancy work. Since the line work was done, Miriko moved on to the actual painting part, Then again she heard something else she might stop to mention"Your what now?"Well that getting to a point where some one continually confused a painter. But she would have more to say now."Alright I have to ask now, What else do you know of her?" It was a vague question but if going the way she thought, Maybe he already knew her connection to Karisa was more then just guild and guild master and she was hiding it because she felt like she needed to keep quiet about it. In which she never figured out why she just kept it quiet.

#10Kazimir Seiryu 

Painted Life Reflections.(Kazimir.) Empty Mon Mar 07, 2022 7:16 am

Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz smiled as he thought the woman was about to paint a picture of Judi but kept the thought to himself. " She always stood very proud. Dark blue hair. And blue eyes too," He chuckled a little bit thinking about her height. "She was taller than me. Maybe six foot."

"She was never without her armor, that she could move like a liquid," he added and remembered the way she wore it rushing into battle. Seemed like such a long time ago now.

"No, no stand-in that I am aware of," He shrugged. Karisa wouldn't do something like that, but it was a funny thought if the woman could. Mimi was known to be a wanderer but then again, most mages in guilds were at this point.

Kaz had a small smile at the woman's surprise. And yet she didn't mention the familiar connection that they shared with one another. Although it surprised the wind mage a little as well, "I see. She must not have told you much about me. She tends to focus on others more than her personal life." He added, not offended either way. It made things all the more interesting with the revelation.

Kazimir stood up and joined Mimi by the painting. He dusted his robes off from the dirt. "I know a great deal about her. And a decent amount about your connection to her Mimi," The wind mage stood and waited to see what reaction she would have before he continued any further. It may be abrupt information to suddenly take in.


Painted Life Reflections.(Kazimir.) Empty Tue Mar 08, 2022 1:42 pm

Starting to think at this point Judina was talked about like she was her own kind of legend of the people more then a normal person, Maybe she needed to go into digging into a few things on her own but she would remark."Interesting...I might have to ask the family if there are any pictures of her lingering around. If they will let me look at one of them at least."Miriko mentioned casually she knew some what of Judith just not as well in depth as other people did. Only her look and name and that was it.

But if ever told no she could manage as well. She was not a spoiled child by any means, But at least the joke did work some what."I would assume they would not do such a thing, I am just sure some one wants me home sooner rather then later."Yet again having a feeling some one out of the most of her guild wants her back roaming around in Hosenka, She just was not naming names at this point, Because it was just not in her nature really to do that.

As for the mention of now knowing."I do just leave and return with out much mention, She most likely had not time to tell me anything."Yet again all these problems stem from Miriko just always leaving and going on about doing her things so much, She was behind on other things, This was nothing new to her but to other things happen while she was gone and she just caught up later.

But it seemed as if what she had a feeling this was going the way she was figuring out it was going and he already knew a few things that she had kept a bit more quiet about."Well then I guess something I would keep a bit more hidden is known."So she just let out a sigh, Get up from her seat just walk over and hugged Kazimir, Sure they were still slightly strangers for the most part but."I suppose, It will be interesting to adjust having to call some one step father."Miriko having already done what she had done in life did make her a bit more of a reasonable adult."As well as interesting to get to know another person."Miriko did seemed rather okay about it in the end.

#12Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
"I'm sure they will let you see them. Especially if they can get some art work as well," kazimir nodded, knowing that Judith would love that to happen. It was clear that Kaz thought very highly of the woman and the family. His family now in many ways.

"I wonder if there is anyone that can do that. That would be a problem," Kaz was thinking out loud to himself. Always some amount of work lingering in his mind. But certainly, it was the latter and they just wanted to see the young lady back in safety. It could be dangerous for a roaming painter.

Kaz titled his head back with a slight chuckle. "I have a habit of doing the same. Although things are slowing down for me as I get older." Older wasn't the correct word as Karisa had the power to keep them both young forever. His body never really aged anymore.

"I didn't know it was supposed to be a secret?" Kaz asked confused. He hoped he didn't ruin her subterfuge. In some ways, she reminded him of another family member of his.

"Uh," Kaz uttered as the woman suddenly hugged him. His hands hung in the hair for a moment, not used to such sudden shows of affection. He smiled and returned the hug, "Having a family is something I'm still getting used to. With hugs. You don't have to call me that. Just Kaz is fine." He patted her shoulder as they hugged and didn't let go until she wanted to.

"Well then. Seems I've run into both of you now. So Mimi...what got you interested in painting," And so the familiar questions begin.


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Miriko was a smart in some ways but maybe she could due remembering some connections people she knew had, since she should know she had a few easy ways to meet the people behind the things she pondered about."An interesting notion, Maybe I do have to visit them when I get a chance too."It seemed to get the interest of Miriko, Akuko seems easy to lure for such things, But that was just because of how she worked as  person. A person to get a piece of art was something she could not resist, But that was just her normal life.

It was a good question to ponder."In a world of magic, It is simple to assume some one will be able to eventually, What a person would do with such a power is a bit of a good wonder."It was a power she would not personally want, Since she just was happy with being able to control and make the things she did.

Just to correct his worry."Not entirely, I just omit it from people for the most part, I won't lie about it. Nor will I out right admit it."So it was an open secret once a person knew."It is much easier to hold back that information, Then getting question about why I am so much older compared to Tempris and why i just chose to forward my self in time."It was to save herself a lot of time explaining in the end, But it was most likely a bit different considering what was going on now so Kazimir kind of had a barrier he could break down and continue on with to get to know Miriko a bit more.

So far it seemed pretty easy to get along with Miriko she was not rough to deal with."I was going to settle into Kaz or Kazimir. Just needed to start imprinting that into my mind first."So that is why she did it, that and maybe it was a sign of her showing that she was okay with it and was not going to give him any trouble, Miriko did work in odd ways.

Nonetheless it seemed Kazimir had a question she did commonly answer other people. So she would settle back into her chair after grabbing her things and continuing her painting in which was a reflection of her life."I did get it to keep my mind busy at a young age, So that maybe if I put my focus into something it would be healthy to work on that, Then be able to focus on my studies."She would not admit that she then failed to focus on her studies because she wanted to paint or draw more, It was why sometimes she worried about meeting nuns or religious figures.

So she would continue painting away, being able to still talk to Kazimir while she was working away, So far the painting seemed to be the night sky, after she made outlines of a tall woman and a child looking like they where looking into a window but it was like they were looking at their own reflections in a mirror. Then she would start painting some of the stars with in the sky. Then move on to the darken clouds of the night. Her painting of younger child Miriko looking at the current Miriko in verse  reflection of one another in the night sky was coming along nicely. It would take a bit of time but when Miriko finished most of the sky and background she would finish in the details of younger Miriko and current Miriko.

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Kazimir Seiryu
It was a good notion to hold back some of what a person's life was like. Not everything needed to be aired out, especially among strangers. He let go of the hug as the young painter pulled away. it seemed in the blink of an eye, he had a family. "Fair enough. Either of those names will work for me."

"Oh, have you had much interaction with Tempris? I haven't been able to spend much time with her." He said, and it was almost a shame too. it was a nice time they had together once before and he surely hoped that her state of mind was still holding together with balancing her views on illumin.

"I see. So did it help you focus on your studies more? Seems you picked up painting more so," He joked back lightly about it, as she mentioned painting and never anything about what she studied. He assumed she chose this path instead.

The wind mage then rolled up his sleeves, "Well Mimi," he said as he watched her skillful artwork. "Perhaps you could give me a lesson on how to paint," The wind mage was always looking for things to broaden his horizons with.


Painted Life Reflections.(Kazimir.) Empty Mon Mar 21, 2022 7:32 am

It was not like Miriko was making it complex, Just made sure there was some boundaries last thing she wanted was some one nosing around her family for paintings, art or her location. When it came with her actual interaction with Tempris."It is not as much as I would like."to answer simply to start with, it was something she did not enjoy either."Limited to a small manner. I do not enjoy that it is the current case."She wanted to admit she did not like it."But I guess with how we both are different now, I can assume it is strange to have to ponder."Miriko at least admitted her feelings about it like it was something she did not really need to hide.

Well guess she had to explain the opposite happening."It was to keep the mind busy to focus but did not work as i had hoped, Then again I was younger then."Younger Miriko was a far different person then current. She ponders if it would have been worth it to return to that stage of her life when she was content and happy as she was now."The painter I might be, I  still have a love for exploring and history."Alas more things to learn about Miriko, Not just art.

He wanted a lesson on how to paint? interesting and unexpected."Normally I have to charge people money for such a suggestion,I won't for you."Miriko mentioned but she was not serious about it. After all it was an entirely different situation, with Kazimir.

So she would would hold off finishing her current painting. Even getting up to put it away, Getting an entirely new canvas. Then well she would stay standing and then say."Sit in the chair." Now she waited for him to go sit.

#16Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kaz nodded, not really sure what her feelings were towards Tempris and what their relationship or interactions had been like. "It's nice that you to at least get along even if you can't see one another often." Tempris had star religious views contrasted by Mimi who seemed to be more of a free spirit. It was nice to talk with someone so open about their feelings.

" Explains why you are out here traveling. History huh? I've recently gotten a little more into the History of this land. I'm not originally from here," he gave a little nugget about himself to Mimi. She could do with that what she wanted.

"Ah, I see. Well, In that case, I'll make you my Fiore famous pancakes, as payment" Kaz replied, assuming that everyone was a fan of pancakes....or maybe she was a waffle person?

"Oh," He was a bit surprised she put away her own. Thinking he would just paint something beside her as she worked, but this was even better.  "Alright then," He settled into the chair and was ready for instruction.


Painted Life Reflections.(Kazimir.) Empty Fri Mar 25, 2022 4:18 pm

Miriko had no reason to really be anything but happy with Tempris, She did not intentionally avoid her either she just did her own things."One day I will return to visit her, Maybe with in my travels I will have found the most fitting of gifts for her, As long as she is safe and alive until that days comes."Seems pretty simple and reasonable. Even for some one to hear of Miriko. But it could be people might expect things to be so complex with a woman so out there and black looking at the same time, But she in reality just seemed to be wanting to make her family happy while do what she wanted.

But she would carry on conversation."Alas I am not either, But I always learn so much from it. Stella has it's own interesting structures and way of letting nature grow and be, It is more of land to have Alistair walk than I, But I can not help but look."She did not mention if she had learned anything yet or not but she seemed to be trying too.

One pays in pancakes? an interesting notion."I did not realize one could pay in pancakes...I will keep that in mind just in case a future customer to come up with a reason to not pay me."Most likely she has a few interesting stories of dealing with customers with her paintings and prices before, But there was always something else that would come up.

While Kazimir was settling into the chair Miriko would walk over to Alistair and dig up a few brushes, A plate of just black paint and walk over to Kazimir. Here she would be able to guide Kazimir along. Dipping one of the brushes in black paint and offering the handle."Follow along with me."It sounded confusing at first because Miriko would move into a position where she could not reach the canvas but she still her a brush in her hand."I will create a line for you to follow along with, Take your to catch up with it."Then Miriko would dip her brush in black paint and start a straight line just going up. But it slowly hit the canvas to allow Kazimir to follow along with it, Miriko was using her magic to control the paint to slowly land on the canvas while she stood here, To make sure her arms did not get in the way, It was the best way to consider showing him so far.

#18Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
"Stella is beautiful. You'll have to head to Joya sometime if you haven't been." It was his homeland so he was a little biased about going there. but stella had some great amenities for any traveler. "Where are you from?" Kaz asked. It seemed that more people had relocated to Fiore instead of being born there.

Kaz laughed a little, "I suppose it is odd. But A barter system has served me well. One skill for another after all. Think of it as more of an exchange than a payment," he nodded and took the seat in front of him. He tried to think when they would even cross paths again for that to happen. "Got it," he grabbed the brush and held it at the ready until her brush began to draw the line. He followed along and it felt peaceful to see the thin black line begin to form. "It's nice to do something other than train for war."

He looked at the paint that was moving by itself. "More skills I see. That makes it easier I'm sure," he made a little small talk until the next movement began.


Painted Life Reflections.(Kazimir.) Empty Fri Apr 01, 2022 4:37 pm

When it came to Joya, it seemed Kazimir would not a get a bit of a tip from where Miriko could be in the future, Since well that was with in one of her plans."Well, Consider part of heritage Joya is in fact on my list of places to visit, Just when is a good question."Miriko mentioned because she was not sure when she would head off to Joya, But now Kazimir was intending to go there. Just means if Kazimir went there himself he chanced and encounter with Miriko if she happen to be there, No doubt Miriko however was out of place in joya.

A barter system it might be but Miriko had to ask this."Whom would be making these pancakes?"After all she wanted to see if it was him or some one else who might be making them, After all she would not complain in the end but she wanted to see if he would boast having good pancake making skills."After all, cooking skills is something I could admit I lack."Miriko was pretty and helpful with a few things, cooking however she was better off crying in a corner at least in her thoughts.

training for work is something that an just a normal reality to expect to hear about, But it could still be nonetheless a sad point of life, Almost reminded her of a painting of a travelling healer she met."We all need the distractions for the darken bleak foreshadowing the world holds before us sometimes."Miriko was an adult after all she seemed to understand these things fairly well.

Miriko brush was still moving and if you looked close enough the black line of paint was still coming from it."It is magic that I control ink and paint I use."It was a basic way of explaining her magic at least."This way, I am just in your path or standing over you, while you follow the line that is started."So it was to make sure this all worked perfectly with out problems. So far the line seemed to start curving inward a bit

#20Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
"I have some lineage in Joya So I've spent some time there myself,' he would reiterate. Nothing about it seemed odd to him. Many people migrated to Fiore for work and new lives after all.

"I would...its one of the only things I eat...primarily,'he replied but didn't specify if he made them good or not. Simply that it was what he cooked. Not being able to cook wasn't too uncommon. "Most people eat out these days anyway," he added.

She wasn't wrong about the dark world that they lived in. It was getting a little brighter though. At least for now. "All we can do is just keep on living and do the best we can.' he said and shrugged. No out of nowhere wind metaphors this time. It was something he had been getting away from.

"I see. Have you taught many people before," he leaned into the canvas to make sure his line was going straight. His attention stayed glued to it as magic guided him. As he tried to paint he took the time to ask some more in-depth questions.

"So...tell me a little bit more about having Karisa as a mother?"


Painted Life Reflections.(Kazimir.) Empty Mon Apr 18, 2022 12:45 pm

It almost seemed to confuse Miriko to hear he mostly ate pancakes."I am starting to wonder how one manages to live off of just pancakes...But still it will not be an offer I refuse."So in the end, it looks like Kazimir would eventually be having some kind of pancake meal with Miriko in the future, Alistair will most likely be there as well because they seemed to always be together, So it not all entirely out of place for that to happen."I will be sure to stock some supply for Alistair to eat, When that time does come."It seemed if anything Miriko enjoyed the idea fair amount, it was simple and not much really needed to be had in terms of preparing it all.

As for how many people she taught the answer was a bit different."The number of people I have offered, compared to who have taken me up on are vastly different."Now it was time to explain just maybe how the life of a busy painter like Miriko might be. Miriko would go on explaining to Kazimir"I offer so many a chance to learn off of me most people I meet I offer with in first to section meeting to  teach them, As I honestly want people to see. My talent is merely me repeating things enough to to have it work, Rather then some talent not achievable."Miriko explained which well as Miriko was trying to show this was about her trying ot be rich or famous but just spreading some kind joy in the world with seeing so many things."Most refused I would say I get about 25% of the people I offer taking me up on it."Which considering how many people Miriko might meet normally, it was a low number.

However just that one question about what her mother was like Miriko seemed to take her time to answer."It seems you might have been waiting to ask more interesting and in depth question."Miriko did not seem to mind even if she was taking her time with them. Even then she let out a sigh."She as a mother, I have had no problems with...when I was actually in her care."The main detail was when she was actually in her care, in which seemed to be the main part to stick out."Keep in mind, Most of my life I was raised in a church."For she felt she answered Kazimir's question.

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Kazimir Seiryu
Kazimir gave a chuckle, that fleeted from his lips. "Its not easy but I make it work." he gave a playful answer back about the pancakes. It was something that most people brought up eventually. But it was a lot better than his previous appetite for blood.

"Then it's a plan. Pancakes in the future. Oh yeah," Kaz whistled and his griffon flew down to land near them, and cocked a brow at Alistair, checking out the beast that was unlike any other.  

"I see. It's a shame more people aren't interested in the arts," Kaz replied as he made a small mistake following Miriko on the line of paint. His brush trailed off a bit as he was distracted talking. A nervous lip curl appeared on his face, that he quickly dismissed and acted as if it didn't happen.

"Interpretive art," he tried to clean it up.

"You caught onto me then," he replied to her catching him asking a tough question. it was something that was bound to come up eventually. And she made an interesting choice of words when she spoke about it. So much like Tempris she had some connection to the church. Given what he knew now, it was alarming to see how many people had been impacted by the church's presence.

"I see. How long where you at the church?"


Painted Life Reflections.(Kazimir.) Empty Mon May 09, 2022 12:52 pm

Kazimir carried some kind of interesting in the fact the practice of the arts seemed to have been fading in some manner, She wanted to agree for more people seemed vastly more interesting in owning it rather then painting and it was not something she considered too annoying as of right now."It could be, I merely worry of a day such creation does not happen anymore because people rather buy then create."Miriko mentioned so casually about it. If that was her only worry about the art world she might be really unable to do much about it even if she wanted too.

Alistair did look at the arrival of Kazimir's companion but did not really do much but say."Well you could sit here and rest if you want?"He was just about to go back and take a nap the cattian also did not mind the idea of another being around him, Miriko was nice but since you got use to being around her, sometimes things got boring on the slow times. At least it seemed Alistair knew how important this meeting might be to Miriko. Alistair did not know a lot of her family members aside from Tempris anyway.

She would keep it to herself but she would not entirely blame Kazimir for wanting to dive into that part of her life, it was mentioned fairly often but still not a normal part of her conversation pieces."It is mostly with in my formative years, If I try to pinpoint it around between the ages of 4 to 9 if I were to guess."She started it off with thinking, She was smart in various way but at times, there where things she might not fully remember."I always just say my more formative years...It was mostly me reading, trying to draw and paint to the nuns not being very impressed with me."It was at least her being honest, But Miriko always seemed to be just a content and happy woman about the things she does in life.

#24Kazimir Seiryu 

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Kazimir Seiryu
he tried to mimic more of the strokes now as Miriko caught on to his plan. He intended to learn a few more important details about her life and doing it while painting seemed natural. it was odd to see how close so many people were to the church. Not being originally from here though, he didn't have that rich religious history behind him from his youth.

"Sorry to hear they weren't impressed. You are doing a great job, "
he smiled up at her and set a hand on her shoulder for a second, before passing it back down to continue the painting. "Why did you end up leaving there," he followed up, but didn't want to press it if she didn't want to talk about it, and left some lag time for her to back out of that line of conversation. He knew how tricky it could be to talk about some subjects. Perhaps that's how she bounded with Tempris.

"Only if you want to talk about it"


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With that mention the casual mention of it. Even if times everyone did not enjoy the situation of learning that Miriko did not seem to like what Miriko was not, She was able to just move along from it."I am sure even if this one of five or more skills I learned was not too impressed, I will never be bothered what they think for I will most likely never be around them again."Miriko mentioned because she had not been seeking them out to ever talk to them again, Miriko just went on to do her own path in life.

It was another interesting question."Eventually I left there because some one burnt it down, Tempris and I went our different ways when that happen, Even if not willing for the mind of a small painter at the time."The better part of all this was Miriko's own reflection of it, But the idea of past and current reflection as the subject of various paintings when you look into Miriko's work, She just never mentioned it out loud because it was not the paint of that section of work she just did them at the time.

So far seems subject of her life when it came to actual family members were fairly easy to talk about with Miriko, She was not overly hiding much right now. A different light for the interesting tall figure behind the canvas looking upon the land with her purple eyes under the shade of the gothic umbrella. Miriko in a personal sense would always be different then the public one, A magical thing maybe people would pick up on eventually."Even if the past was as it had been, I am content for my life now."She had seemingly no regrets for the most part.

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