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As Jaden walks into the town He makes a beeline for the heart of the town. Jaden had plans to leave the city today, he felt as if he had been in the same place for too long and needed a change of scenery. As he zipped through the crowd of people a familiar face catches his eye. It was none other than Father Jerad. It warmed Jaden's heart to see the Father up and about but he couldn't overlook the worried look on the father's face. With all the help of James given the father of the last few days, Jaden somewhat felt compelled to see what worried the Father.
"Hello, Father" Upon seeing Jaden the father's face lit up "Hello my Child I'm glad you are well."Jaden smiled " ya I'm on my way out of town actually heading to Crocus or someplace near there." The father smiles and uses both hands to take hold of Jaden's hand.  " What a blessing you are it just so happens I need to ask one more thing of you This girl need A chaperone to take her to The Grand Crocus Cathedral if it isn't too much trouble would you be willing to take her"  Jaden looks down at the girl as she cowers behind the father. The father begins to explain the girls living circumstances with her Parents and her magical abilities. Jaden was never really one to have a traveling partner but Jaden could see the desperation in the father's eyes and reluctantly agreed to escort the girl. All while the father was explaining the details of the mission where they would be going Jaden couldn't help but look over at the young girl every time she has seen his eyes wander over to her she would hide behind the Father.

Jaden didn't blame her he crafted his entire appearance and demeanor looking as intimidating as possible to avoid confrontation so her being afraid for him was expected. The father could easily see the girl's apprehension around Jaden. He thought it would be best to talk to her in private to try and reinsure her Jaden's intentions. As he took the girl off to the side to talk to her Jaden couldn't help but start feeling worse and worse about accepting this job. He was gonna have to spend three days traveling with the girl who was clearly afraid of him. But he already agreed so there was no backing out now. As the two left the city Jaden couldn't help but notice how the girl sheepily followed behind him. He expected as much but if they keep this pace the entire time the three-day trip would probably turn into a week so he started to brainstorm How we could make the girl feel more at ease. The obvious answer was to get her to feel more comfortable around him but Jaden wasn't exactly The comforting type.it took him a good half an hour to get a little boy to take medicine from him.

As the sunset, they stop to make camp for the night. Jaden still had no idea how to help her feel more comfortable around him.  They sat on opposite ends of the camp. Jaden mostly kept to himself reading his book. He would ever so often look up from his book to see the girl staring at him. and every time her gaze met his she would Sheepishly look away. After a little bit of this Jaden could take it anymore so he thought he would try his hand at being "Sociable" Jaden set his book down and looked at the girl and give her his "Best" smile. " I don't think I ever formally introduce myself. Im Jaden" The girl looked shocked  Jaden didn't know if it was his smile for the fact he decided to do this out of the blue. "I-Im Joanne" After hearing her voice Jaden got a rush of nostalgia She sounded almost exactly like his sister. Even though he hasn't her voice in years he was sure they sounded alike. this only strengthen his resolve to make her more comfortable around him. "So the Father says you have great promise in using magic?" Upon mentioning The father a small smile appeared on her face. "D-Did he really says that? i only just start to learn how to use light magic." Jaden laughs softly "Well everyone has to start somewhere. I grew up learning how to use Light Magic from my Father." The girl leans in a bit closer "Oh can you show me?" Jaden pauses for a few seconds "I stopped using Light magic I'm not really suited for it anymore" The girl looks down at the ground a bit disappointed

"Well what magic are you suited for?" Jaden looks off to his side debating with himself whether or not he should show her. "My Magic is a bit different from most." Jaden would hold out his hand and as a Maroon-colored, wispy Mana surrounded his hand, The girl would look on mesmerized for a few moments. "Wow, what kind of Magic is that?[/color]" Jaden would put his hand down  "The kind that no one should want" the girl's smile would fade away to a frown "Oh well I'm sure at least your Parents are proud you have it?" Upon her saying that Jaden could hear a faint laugh from "Her" Jaden looks back to the ground "I doubt that.[/color]" "Oh do they fight a lot too? " the girl Sheepishly said. "Oh no, it's not like that when I was with my parents and sister everything was good it's just things aren't like that now." The girl moved a bit closer "You have a sister? i always wanted one. What is she like?" This line of questioning through Jaden off he had tried his best to not think about these things "She was great, the best Little sister I could have asked for." Jaden would hang his head a bit "color=#ff0000]I just wasn't a very good Big brother.[/color]"Oh,"  Jaden Could hear the realization in her Voice "Im really tired i think ill good to bed"The girl walked off to the tent that the Father so graciously gave them. Jaden spent the rest of the night lamenting how poorly that went.

They got an early start the next day it did seem that their talk last night helped the Girl seemed to be walking a bit closer behind Jaden Around noon they would stop for lunch. after eating in silence for a while the girl finally spoke up "Im sorry i didn't know your Sister is a "Was" i wouldn't have said anything if i did" Jaden gives her a reassuring smile "It's fine you didn't know. You sound like her" "Oh im sorry" Jaden let out a sigh "You dont need to be sorry for that. It's nice." After lunch, the two made a very good time. Jaden figured they should be there by tomorrow afternoon meaning that would be their last night. Jaden not wanting a repeat of the night he opted to not try and talk tonight that was until the girl spoke up "Do you want to see my light magic?" Jaden looking up from his book was a little flustered by her unexpected proposal "Um sure." The girl smiled "Ok but dont laugh im not very good yet she would hold out both hands and a baseball-sized orb of light appeared in her hands it gave off a warm glow one that even put the light the fire that Jaden had made to shame. As Jaden stared into it he couldn't help but think back to how things were when he was a child "Oh that's the first time i have seen you actually smile." Her words snapped Jaden back to Reality and Sure enough, he had a smile on his face. Not the manufactured one he puts on to make people less afraid of him but his genuine smile. "Your family must have been nice? nothing like mine all my parents do is argue. my parents think I am possessed by a demon they blame for everything bad that happened in their lives. Father Jerad pretended to be performing an exorcism in hope that they would stop blaming me but it didn't work. After that, he told them i need an exorcism from the head priest at The Grand Crocus Cathedral. But after we left he told me i was going to go there to learn how to use magic to help people." tears started to well up in the girl's eyes "He said i wasn't possessed and that i was very special.[/color]" As the girl slowly broke down into crying Jaden walked over and placed his hand atop her head "He's right you are very special." he looked up at Jaden Wiping tears from her eyes and smiled.

The next day seemed to fly by it felt as if they made it to The Grand Crocus Cathedral in no time at all. Upon reaching The Grand Crocus Cathedral there was a priest just outside the Massive doors to greet them "Hello my Children Father Jerad told me to expect you sometime today." "Uh ya this is Joanne im sure the Father told you to hear Situation." Oh yes yes She will be well taken care of here with the other" as Jaden turns to her he sees that she was now hiding behind him. Which brought a small Chuckle out of him. after a few moments of reassurance and giving Jaden his Payment. Jaden began to leave as he turned to wave one last time the Sheepishly girl yell out to him "I dont think you were a bad big brother." This caught Jaden off guard. He was glad she waited so long to say this he would have hated it if she had seen him cry as a small tear rolled down his face.

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