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Casual [private] Empty Fri Jan 28, 2022 8:04 pm


The pain was almost gone, but a certain…hardness had lingered, and an ever so slight swelling was still there as well. Overall together, there was some very annoying tenderness that Jikan had to deal with currently. Stupid dang thugs...messing with that town. Made me break my wrist....

The hand she used in her last punch into that idiot's face still did not feel comfortable in their home at her side as they did before. Heck, to be honest, both of her wrist actually did not feel normal. It was as if they were working together in a form of solidarity.

And Jikan did not choose to go to any doctor or medic or medical place about. She felt it was only a weak injury and would recover easy. Just some rest, ice , compression, and elevation; she would be all good to go in some time. So honestly, the auburn haired witch did not feel that anything was in need in response.

Jikan was out walking when something stranged happened. She saw....a cat?


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Jikan blinked like crazy. And then looked around left, right, then left again. Trying to see if there were people around her. To see if anyone was casting an magic illusion spell on her while she was isolated in this forest. From what she could see there was no one present. And from what she could sense, there was no magical energy in the area. That meant, that what she was seeing was real. She could hardly believe it, there was a cat out in this snowy forest. And they were standing on two legs!!!

Walking slow to be careful and get a closer look, a brown-colored cat with a white chest, muzzle, and paw tips. With a nose and inner-ear that are dull pink. This creature was wearing a red and white suit with a black belt, hat, and cape. With a sack on their back?



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Jikan was half startled by the sudden talking animal. She was only held back by the distant memory of a short interaction she had with a female wizard a long time ago by now. It was a person Jikan had come across by accident and in a short time of having a conversation with the person Jikan found out that the person had a cat with them. She was not sure if it was more of a pet or a friend but the creature was not a regular pet. This pet was in clothes...which wasn't too odd given that people dressed up animals. But this cat walked on two legs! As well as talked as well at like a human. Heck, the cat ate human food too. And Jikan learned from the person that they were a magical companion, called an exceed. So, was this random cat another exceed?


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That may be the case since the cat was obviously able to talk since it spoke to Jikan. "Uh...hi there".

"H...h....ho....how a...ar...are yo..you in t...th..is...fine...weather???".

Ah....that's right. Jikan was so comfortable with the clothes she had on that she had completely forgot about the current weather of the environment. Winter had settled in, bringing in an ice cold chill in to Central Fiore. Funny enough there was snow yet in the land but there was indeed a change in the landscape. The trees had gone through their fall change and were in the phase for winter for the main part. Little to no leaves on the branches, the few that did were hard, brittle, and faded, lacking color and a feeling of life.

Jikan noticed the poor cat shivering.


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Even though they were wearing a nice looking fluffy coat/suit, the animal was still cold it seemed. "It is a bit cold but I am fine...?".

"M...Mia. My name is Mia".

"Ah, nice to meet you Mia. My name is Jikan". Jikan moved forward now, taking a few steps towards the mysterious cat now known as Mia. The cat shivering in the cold a little bit held together with her(?) arms wrapped around her as well as the sack in an attempt to provide extra warmth as a shield against the cool wind. Thankfully Jikan had a piece of clothing she could spare, a scarf, or really two scarfs she had woven together because they were small. If Jikan gave it to Mia, it would be more than enough to wrap around the cat several times to give a nice cushion as well as a nice shield to preserve warmth.


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At this point Jikan had walked a few feet and had gotten much closer to Mia. In her last steps, Jikan began to unwrap the two colored scarf from around her neck in preparation to give it to Mia. However, it seemed that the small talking, walking, cat was shy or nervous. For as Jikan took her last few steps the cat did a back walk of a few steps to keep the final distance between the two.

Jikan tilted her head to one side, partially out of the annoyance for she saw the reason why she backed away. It was not too hard to get. Random person comes up on you in a forest. Yea, typical response from anyone. She also titled her head at the fact that she just wanted to give the cat the scarf and be on her way. Poor thing was gonna catch frostbite if let alone.


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"Sorry I did not mean to frighten you. You just seem a tad bit too cold and I have an extra item of clothing that I do not need. So....here", Jikan placed the scarf on a branch that was hanging low. Really low in fact, far below the other ones and matching Mia's height. It was as if it was there for her.

If Jikan could remember right, there was a nearby town not that far from here. A few minutes of walking? Maybe that was the location was from? It was a good guess anyway. Now, currently Jikan was not sure what to do. She doubt she could get the cat to come with her out of the forest. Ya know, the whole stranger thing. And it was clear the Mia was cautious or nervous or whatever right now at least. The cause, unknown.


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As Jikan turned away from the cat, unbeknownst to her, the cat that was previously acting extremely reserved had taken a few steps forward. But was still keeping their distance, and for a few seconds, stayed behind the tree eyeing the scarf Jikan left as well as Jikan walking away. In time, the small exceed came from out of the three, reached out to grab the scarf with one of her paws and wrapped the scarf around herself. She immediately felt the effects of the new layer of fabric on her body. The soft textile warmed her body and the said heat was able to be absorbed a little by the scarf and recirculated as well.


Jikan had made her way into the town now. It was a busy talk among the people. Rumors of a strange creature drifted through the streets of the small town. It was something that the multi element mage was keen to hear more about.


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How did she get here near the town, and why was she staying out in the forest along with the cold and possible dangerous wild animals? Did she originally have a companion? If so, why were they not there anymore? What was the circumstances that lead to all this? And...well, how long had this been the case? The town seemed to be quite excited or at least talkative about this unknown creature that Jikan knew as an exceed.

...wait...how long? OH THAT POOR THING MUST BE STARVING. The fact just hit her. Mia had been out in the forest, in the cold. And if the town's people were talking about her, she had to been seen by them for awhile now, and thus, must have been in the area for awhile. Given the harsh cold coming in, it would have been harder to find fruits and vegetables to eat.


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Apples, banana, strawberries, blackberries, bluebarries, peas, lettuce, carrots, cucumbers. Those were the easier things. And they would not be easy to find with the current weather. The bigger calorie items, meat; fish, beef, chicken. These would be impossible to find. The animals would be hiding in the homes in hibernation, or blending in with camouflage or simply in a different area due to a cycled migration path. Food, enough food, would be nearly impossible to find out there if one was unprepared. And that cat did not look like a survivalist at all, and absolutely did not look like a warrior or a hunter.

Jikan sighed, then look to her left and to her right. There were a few shops here that she could possible buy food and supplies at. What was she to do...


"Let's see...this should help Mia out". Jikan had took the time to buy food, now she just had to find Mia.

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