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The End of Miyamoto Akuma

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#1Miyamoto Akuma † 

The End of Miyamoto Akuma Empty Fri Jan 28, 2022 3:02 am

Miyamoto Akuma †
The last battle happened between Sleeping Calamity and Rune Knights takes Akuma and the other member of the guild to the prison. Taken down by some of Rune Knights warrior was never part of the plan, and Akuma seems to be the most shocked one by the situation he is right now. Started his journey with some good steps and really outstanding from the others, Akuma feel really bad for his poor planned. The fact that he really grab more unwanted attention from the Rune Knight put himself in this situation, and not just his, but also other people from Sleeping Calamity. This fact of live can't be accepted by his mind and heart. He found himself stuck in situation and keep questing about what he did in the past, good memories and bad memories are all come back in a flash. Akuma can't accept this, he tore his top and put them together like a rope. He tied that to the ceiling and ended his life by hanging himself to death.


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