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Vex talks bone (solo Quest)

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Vex talks bone (solo Quest) Empty Sat Jan 15, 2022 6:57 am

Vex walks with her right hands and she feels safe with them with her their target is a talking skeleton that gained sentience and speech through a spell, she wonders why the user didn't realize it sooner before dumping it into a graveyard with zombies. The female right hand is walking in the front with an orb on her arm lighting the way, the male stays in the middle ground as they walk so they can help guard Vex in case of an attack from behind with his chains. The female calls back softly that she thinks she found the graveyard they are looking for and they group up and get in closer to the graveyard and they can hear zombie groaning a little further in. Vex signals them to enter and to keep their eyes open for a walking talking skeleton as they avoid the zombies, moving slowly between the headstones out of sight.



Vex talks bone (solo Quest) Empty Sat Jan 15, 2022 6:57 am

The woman keeps the light orb close to herself so she doesn't draw the zombies with eyes attention, the man taps Vex on the shoulder and points to an area ahead that sounds like someone is speaking and telling bad jokes to zombies, that just groan back at the skeleton either not understanding him or just groaning because they are zombies and can't talk like a normal person can. They move closer to that area and try not to trip of each other in the dark none of them having dark sight and keeping the light limited so not to draw unwanted attention. That get to the place and see the one telling the lame jokes is indeed the skeleton they are after but it is surrounded by a decent amount of the zombie horde, Vex tells the male to lure them away and buy them time till they can get this skeleton bagged, the man bows then runs out rattling his chains and runs horde following him.



Vex talks bone (solo Quest) Empty Sat Jan 15, 2022 6:57 am

They hurry out and to the skeleton which is surprised to see living things here, he has no want to leave and return with them cause here he gets his own army of fans that love his jokes and he doesn't have to worry about being boo'd off the stage. Vex knowing they don't have time for this, leans back and kicks the skeletons head off and the woman shoves it in a bag and covers it with things in the bag to keep it quiet and not draw the horde on top of them, Vex and the woman get free from the graveyard then Vex sets off a magic flare to signal the man they are out and he is free to leave now. The man easily ditches the slower and dumber horde and finds his way out with the light of the flare from Vex. They meet up with him and the woman pulls the orb of light back out and they get back to the meeting spot to give Cain the talking skull who looks slightly amused, he pays Vex then heads back to his workshop. Vex takes her right hands and goes home for the night.

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