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Tournament Arc [Quest: Nathaniel]

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#1Nathaniel Hikyuu 

Tournament Arc [Quest: Nathaniel] Empty Wed Jan 12, 2022 8:49 am

Nathaniel Hikyuu
Not a quest very common of the young man, but he did enjoy sparring and fighting to some extent. His peaceful, helpful nature in the city of Baska may take a turn here, they may finally get to see the young boy can perform more than just errands for tailors and doctors. Today he was told some amateur boxing champion was the favorite to win the most recent tournament in Baska, his old rival did not like that and hired Nathaniel to challenge him and humble him in front of the crowd.

Feeling like some kind of agent of karma Nathaniel decided on his plan of action and sat in the audience to observe the fights. The man seemed quite capable, but to be fair to his opponents, none of them seemed particularly skilled combatants themselves. It was like watching a samurai decimate a village full of civilians and cheer about it.

He felt a lot more confident in his decision to fight him now.

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#2Nathaniel Hikyuu 

Tournament Arc [Quest: Nathaniel] Empty Wed Jan 12, 2022 8:58 am

Nathaniel Hikyuu
Nathaniel watched until the climax, but it went about as you'd have expected based on his previous bouts. As the man's arm was raised, Nathaniel pressed his foot onto the seat in front of him, hopping from the stands and onto the tournament grounds. "Oi! How about one more?" He asked, "You didn't even break a sweat." He pointed his sheathed katana at the man and smirked, "We can change that."

The announcer paused for a second before erupting into joy, this was apparently very exciting for them and they loved the idea of a new, fresh face versus the Baskan amateur. The Boxer grinned nervously, slamming his hands together and saying something mean that Nathaniel only half heard over the man screaming between them. Taking one side of the ring, the other man at the other they stood off for a moment before the announcer raised and lowered his hand.


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#3Nathaniel Hikyuu 

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Nathaniel Hikyuu
Nathaniel's ears perked up, their pointed tips hidden behind parts of his hair as he kept his weapon slung over his shoulder, his hand gripping the handle as he watched his opponent blitz towards him. He needed the distance closed anyway, continuing to hop backwards with him Nathaniel kept time with his steps forward. The man clearly had decent power and Nat's only really option was to avoid. He wasn't a boxer, slipping and weaving around punches weren't his specialty, instead he step off to the man's left side and swung the blade downwards, still covered of course, forcing the man to back off.

"Fancy footwork." Complimenting the man as he kept his rhythm and stayed bouncing in front of the young mage. When he rushed back in Nathaniel didn't back down however, he stepped backwards, rolling his upper body from his right side to his left and countered with a swift strike to the man's abdomen using his wind magic and his right hand. The man momentarily froze before falling over.

Nathaniel stood for a moment in complete bewilderment, confused as to how he came so far made entirely out of glass but it didn't matter, Nathaniel was the victor today and crowned the new amateur champion.


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