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Drakneo Kai

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Drakneo Kai


Name: Drakneo Kai

Age: 25 Febraury 4th, X766

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Pan

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Minstreli

Class: Adventurer

Race: Half-elf

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless.

Tattoo: Right shoulder

Face: Fate Grand Order- Astolfo


Height: 5'7

Weight: 65 KG

Hair: Pink

Eyes: Blue

Overall: Drakneo is a 5'7 male with long pink hair and blue eyes. He has high cheekbones and slightly pointed ears, that are usually hidden by his hair. He tends to dress in girl's clothing because it makes him feel cute. He tends to wear aa cape that never seems to stop flowing. His usual dress is a somewhat short black battle skirt and light armor over his usual floral blouse. He usually has a smile with slight sadistic twist, even though he has a kind heart, his eyes contain a hint of darkness. He has short nails he paints blue, covered with a pair of white gloves he only wears outside of battle.  

Extra: He has a black and white tattoo of a griffin on his back and two ear studs on his right ear.


Personality: Drakneo is a kind-hearted soul, but he has seen darkness and he's embraced it. He knows darkness lives in all of us and it's not something to fear. He faces everything with a smile, and rather you're "good" or "Evil" he will become friends with those he respects. He's never afraid to stand up for what's right in his own opinion sometimes that's caused him trouble, but he doesn't care. He's always been one to act first, choosing to trust his instincts over what logic would point towards, because of this he's been deemed somewhat of a renegade in his home. He tends to be very bubbly outside of battle. However once he sets foot into a battle his cheery demeanor becomes much more sadistic. Once the adrenaline of battle sets in his darkness is shown and he'll fight until he's on the verge of death. However since he doesn't hold good or evil to the same standard as others, if his friends decide to fight each other he'll stand on the sidelines and watch until it looks like one of them is about to die. At that point he'd step in to end the fight one way or another. He respects people has their differences, but he'd rather knock someone out instead of killing them.


  • Cute things: He absolutely loves puppies and kittens and just about anything that's fluffy and sweet.
  • Sweets: he loves candy and soda and has a bit of an addiction


  • Death: since killing his mother, he has never allowed himself to kill
  • True evil:anyone that could kill an innocent with a smile on their face while drinking the blood of their loved ones


  • protecting the weak: since his mother was killed, he has devoted his life to protecting the innocent


  • Spiders: His first adventure he ran into a giant spider and barely survived and ran for his life.
  • Losing his friends:Ever since he killed his mother, and been forced out of his home. Since then he cherishes his friends and fears ever losing them.


Strength: 10

Speed: 5

Constitution: 5

Endurance: 9

Intelligence: 1


Magic Name: none

Magic Element: none

Magic Enhancement: none

Magic Description: none


History: Drakneo was born to a beautiful elven woman with crimson red hair that flowed like flames. She was born in the forests outlying the town of Mongolia. His father was a handsome human male with platinum blonde hair born in the city. His mother was named Lin'dele and his father was named Zev. They loved Drakneo with all their hearts and trained him in the use of blades since their family was never really magically inclined, however they decided to take up the blade and learn how to combat mages. When Neo turned 13 he was given his first blade and his training began. Growing with skill and strength he developed a love for the feel of battle and eventually began to crave it. One day after five years of training he decided to give in to his lust for battle, however, his skill had become too much and he nearly killed his father, if it hadn't been for his mother stepping in between and protecting his father he would've been killed. His mother took the hit and fell over her head rolling to his feet. His father snapped and proved to Drakneo, he was just holding back and almost killed his son. "Leave. Leave and never come back, if I ever see you again I Will KILL YOU NEO!" After that, he ran away from home with just the clothes on his back and the blade he had used to kill his mother. He had nowhere to go though and no one he could turn to, one thing he did have was the stories his parents would tell him as a child. He remembered how they would talk about traveling adventurers and how they would sometimes become famous and rich. He decided that he would try to become one of those famous adventurers and started on his journey.

Reference: Erebus Greshen

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Hello, and welcome to FTRP! My name is Atani and I'll be taking a look at your application. The following changes need to be made before approval:

  • Where you have lorems and ipsums for your likes, dislikes, motivations, and fears, you may replace that with the like/dislike/etc. itself-- so instead of "lorems: Cute things", it would be "Cute Things: ---"
  • I would like to see a short explanation for each like, dislike, motivation, and fear. It can be as short as once sentence, but using an example from your likes, it would be formatted as "Cute Things: insert description here."
  • You may remove Distribute 30 points over the attributes below with at least 1 in every Attribute.

Once all changes have been made, you may bump this topic and link back for it to be reviewed.

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This character application has been approved.

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