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Black Clover: Horizon Eclipse

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#1Taurus Nax 

Black Clover: Horizon Eclipse Empty Thu Jan 06, 2022 11:03 pm

Black Clover: Horizon Eclipse AyQn7Zz

Name: Horizon Eclipse
Anime: Black Clover AU
Description: Horizon Eclipse is a new Black Clover AU Roleplay forum on Jcink. We are strictly a PG-13 based site with no 18+ content or areas. It is a roleplay where people can create their own mage within the world of Black Clover. They will be able to join the Clover Kingdoms Magic Knights, Diamond Kingdoms Mage Warriors, or the evil group within the syndicate known as Twilight Void! We only have 3 squads within Clover, 3 Divisions in Diamond, and a single organization in the Syndicate.

Members who join will be able to create their own character, and pick from a list of magic attributes offered on site. They will also be able to obtain magic forms like Creation magic and Healing magic from the show as well! We have a stat system where members will be able to rank up their character to have a diverse build from other members! Not only that, but members will be able to participate within site made stories or even join up with another member in a story of their own! We are a site that is soon to be open for members to enjoy roleplaying their own characters within the universe of black clover!

We are not yet open, but we are putting in work everyday to get it up and going! If you'd like you can come join us on our discord server, and we all get to know each other while we wait until the site launches! Join Horizon Eclipse today!

#2Taurus Nax 

Black Clover: Horizon Eclipse Empty Thu Jan 06, 2022 11:04 pm

discord link didn't add above

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