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Just when it seems like life in Mystic Falls is getting back to normal, things are changing once again. A few months ago Sam was able to expel Lucifer from his body once and for all and Sam then found out that he was going to be a father to a child that shares both his DNA and Lucifer's. His son Jack was born a month ago and has just been aged up by the spell that swept over Mystic Falls over a year ago and still lingers to this day. The birth of his son along with his new vessel have drawn Lucifer back to Mystic Falls once more while around the world angels and demons are finding it easier to create nephilim and cambions respectively. Elsewhere in Mystic Falls the group behind the hit list has arrived in town just in time for the final part of the list to be published. Their goal is to release the Nazi werewolf Garrett Douglas from his captivity and have him lead their group that wants to reveal the supernatural to the world and take over. As if that wasn't bad enough, Wes Maxfield has managed to perfect the synthetic vampires that he has been creating within the Augustine Society and the first wave has just been unleashed on the world with the aim of eradicating all traditional vampires from the world. As for the Mikaelsons, Dahlia is finally ready to make her move with a number of Malivore's monsters at her disposal to ensure that she is successful in taking Hope and Alice from their parents to make herself more powerful like she did their aunt Freya and cousin Adrian before them.

With so many dangerous liaisons right around the corner, devastation is sure to follow.

We have just celebrated the site's fifth birthday and there are lots of amazing characters available along with plenty of plots to get involved with. You don't need to have seen all of the shows either so please come and join us!
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Most needed characters:

Elena & Jeremy Gilbert
Kol, Finn & Freya Mikaelson
Wes Maxfield
Garrett Douglas
Davina Claire
Kyle & Abigail Saltzman
Landon Kirby
Hayley Marshall
Lucy Salvatore
Lukas Petrova
Harley Baker

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