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From The Darkest Hour (AU Hunger Games RP | JCINK Prem)

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From The Darkest Hour (AU Hunger Games RP | JCINK Prem) Empty Sun Jan 02, 2022 4:13 pm

From The Darkest Hour (AU Hunger Games RP | JCINK Prem) FtdhAd

In her 107th Year, Panem stands as strong as ever in the face of adversity. The Capitol leads the people of the 12 Districts toward reunification as we heal from the shocking attack on our nation. A Task Force has been assembled to root out the rebel scum remaining among us, and our loyal citizens are hard at work repairing the damage to the land and infrastructure of our beautiful country. It is the dawning of a new center as we continue the Hunger Games and remain committed to the safety and well being of our people. Join together, citizens of Panem as From the Darkest Hour We Rise.

From the Darkest Hour is currently running a government officials & unification task force character promotion until the end of the month.

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