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The Tower Tarot: Akira Kisaragi

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#1Akira Kisaragi 

The Tower Tarot: Akira Kisaragi Empty Fri Dec 31, 2021 4:38 pm

Akira Kisaragi
A wave of intrigued spread across Akira’s face as, for the first time in quite some time, he found himself once again in Northern Fiore. It was almost as if nothing had changed. The air was still as fresh and as crisp as it was nearly seventy years ago. As he took in the sights, he could not help but notice the massive colosseum-like structure in front of him. “This…was not here back then.” Akira muttered as he shown to his quarters. Ikazuchi left with the promise of meeting up later, leaving Akira once again alone with his thoughts.

Deciding that he needed to move, Akira walks throughout the guild in hopes of meeting one of his new guild mates. To his displeasure, he finds that the guild is as empty as it is vast. “Ikazuchi did mention that they were a unique bunch.” He sighs as he moves towards the entrance of the guildhall. Taking in the sights, he stares off in the distance and notices the mountainous formation in front of him. “Sieghart….” He says with a hint of pride, remembering his last trip there. Sieghart was the site where he accomplished a feat not many have ever dreamed of. It was the site where he toppled a God. Feeling nostalgic, Akira decides to vent towards Sieghart once more to relive one of his glory days and visit a reluctant friend.

After an extensive amount of travel, Akira found himself within Sigmundir Passes. The searing heat was beginning to wear down on Akira, which was concerning to him. Ever since he has bested the Fire God, he was largely immune to heat. “Perhaps this is a product of my seventy year confinement. I’m not surprised given that I haven’t used a spell since that time. This is fine. I’ll use the trip to strengthen my body once more.” He mumbles as he removes his kimono and undershirt. He carefully folds them and places them underneath his arm as he continues to move forward.

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