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Azure Fenic

While he was still in the staging plans of his grand plan cutting off any and all contact with the group would more than likely cost him some valuable time but that was assuming that they even knew that he was gone, they more than wouldn't with their mission statement and all that good stuff. With more or less the groundwork taken care of the informant packed his things and made his way to the outskirts of Era so he could call his trusted Griffin. The sun was high in the sky and shining brighter than ever before that or being locked up in a terrible lit room has done some damage to his eyes. The rules for leaving Era were rather simple given that anyone of his caliber would be taken down on the spot, leave during the guard shift, and without fail. Azure wasn't really sure just want he would do once the planning had been complete but he did know that he was going home to visit his family, and stock back up on his collection but that could wait till much later after all empires aren't built overnight as they say.

The sky had all but lost its flavor to him at this point but then again they were to be expected when your main way of travel is out of the sight of common people. As they took to the skies, he could tell that his plans would have to wait just a bit longer, which did not sit well with child-like half Oh relax would you things like this take time, he told his other half as they pulled out a random book from their bag and started flipping through it. Normally he would read a romance book but it would seem that he had read all the good ones at so far however this one was different in some way but he couldn't put his finger on it.

Almost like it was part of the ride Azure fell asleep reading the book just as they flew past the capital. When he awoke the feeling of being trapped washed over him and it was something that only happened when he came back to the guild or the west.

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