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The Hymn of battle. (Solo D-Rank)

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The Hymn of battle. (Solo D-Rank) Empty Tue Dec 28, 2021 2:02 pm

Vex being seen on the street was approached by a man saying she is, juts the women he is looking for to take down the lower rung women's champion of Baska, He wants her to enter and dethrone the current women's champion he is offering a ton of money, he is in love with the champion but she won't spare him a moment since she is the champion he hopes she will see him after she is no longer the reigning champion.

Vex guesses why not, she heard these tournaments allowed killing so she could give some souls to her goddess, not that she really is a fighting person, but she is trained to fight. She strides to the area that she needs to sign up and she gets herself signed up and ready for what is probably gonna be the most action she has had in a long time. Her starts stretching and she sees the champion, who is around six foot tall and a decent amount of muscle. She sees why this man is so eager to try and court her, she is a pretty nice age and she isn't overly manly looking for a champion.

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The Hymn of battle. (Solo D-Rank) Empty Tue Dec 28, 2021 2:02 pm

Vex is handed a number which is six, she takes her place and sees she is vs a teenage girl. She sighs but it appears she is going to take the soul of a girl not yet ripe for the picking, so she might have to hold back or else risk sending an early soul that might anger her goddess. When she is called up, she strides out with her hips swinging and her being cheered and cat called, then the teenage girl she is gonna be fighting walks out and trips on the stairs just short of making it into the fighting square, the crowd laughs at her, Vex points to the crowd who quiet as if they were in danger, Vex helps the girl up and into the fighters square healing the girls hurt knee.

Vex then walks over to her side and gets ready and the girl gets ready looking like she knows she made a mistake, the fight starts and Vex starts singing a Hymn as she walks toward the girl, who looks scared to death at this Hymn singing woman closing in on her, she starts backing up and ends up at the edge of the fighting area, Vex just pokes her forehead and the girl falls out of the fighting zone to the soft grass shaking in fear. Vex is named the winner and she gets down and helps the girl back up, she is an orphan, she points to one of her cultists and tells the girl to go with him as he will help her and give her a home. Vex is then lead to the back again to rest till her next fight.

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The Hymn of battle. (Solo D-Rank) Empty Tue Dec 28, 2021 2:03 pm

Her next fight is vs a middle weight woman that isn't lean but isn't big at the same time, Vex feels this fight should be a lot better then a scared child pissing herself in the fighting area. She walks out, to the crowd chanting her name and booing the other woman that wonders why they are cheering her when all she did was beat a child while she had to fight a giant of a woman to get here. The fight begins and Vex starts singing the Hymn again and the woman feels fear, her blood running cold as ice, as if her singing is freezing her like ice.

The woman tries to shake it off then goes at Vex throwing a punch. Vex without missing a note in her hymn she dodges the punch getting behind the woman jumping on her back locking her arms around the woman's neck and her legs around the woman's waist while leaning back, the woman is struggling from this sleeper hold on her throat, she knows her time is limited and she can already feel herself fading she tries to tap out but vex doesn't let go and the woman knew she was gonna die. She drops to her knees falling forward and Vex lets go, not killing her just getting the fight to a proper ending.



The Hymn of battle. (Solo D-Rank) Empty Tue Dec 28, 2021 2:03 pm

Her next fight is the championship fight, depending how well this woman did she was the target to kill, and ruin the man's heart and turn him to her goddess Tutrix. She has a sick smile on her face but she changes it to a normal charming one as she walks in to the crowds cheers. The champ gets no reaction at all her heart sinking. The fight starts and Vex starts singing again and the champion feels like ice cold water is running through her veins, she tries to shake it off as she runs at Vex who seems unphased and lacking fear of the champion.

The champion makes the first move throwing a hard punch which Vex dodges doing a back hand spring into a back flip landing flat on her feet still singing her twisted hymn, the champ runs at her again this time accounting that the woman might dodge but ends up eating a round house kick that twists her neck hard, the champing feels a snap in her neck and she starts going numb flopping to the ground hard hitting her head dying right there. The fight is called and vex kneels and starts giving the woman last rites with a different hymn that sounds sweeter and more welcoming the man that hired her runs up and is crying and vex comforts him telling him at least she died that way she wanted to, fighting he pays her without a second thought. She sends him with the body and some of her undercover cultists to have them convince him to join them in their journey to spread the word of Tutrix.

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