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The stage is a Rough place. (Solo Quest)

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#1Kaito Todaro 

The stage is a Rough place. (Solo Quest) Empty Sat Dec 25, 2021 4:33 pm

Kaito Todaro
Kaito walks up to the theater his exceed walking right behind him wondering why they would want him of all people for this play. He walks in and she sticks close to him in case this is a set up. He meets with the staff that start right on him giving him the run down on all the things he will be doing needing to do and cues for the things that will happen. He sees Tomura who nods to him with a smiles from under his mask.

Kai feels they might have bonded over their masks even though his is better. Revy hits his leg after seeing he isn't listening, Kai looks back to the poor staff member helping him go over the scenes. Revy sighs wondering why she chose him as her partner, she knows he can do this, but he is a bit too hard on himself and spacey. Kaito starts practicing the scenes and moves they need him to do, like flips and hand springs. He knows these moves like the back for his hand having been trained by a high elf spellsword that was a natural acrobat and she hammered it into him so he doesn't get out classed by a wood elf.


#2Kaito Todaro 

The stage is a Rough place. (Solo Quest) Empty Sat Dec 25, 2021 4:34 pm

Kaito Todaro
Revy watches him surprised he can move like that on command, she wonders what he can really do if he got serious. She starts cheering him on as he starts to do weapon sparing to act out the scene with the actor that is gonna be playing the part of his enemy in most of the scenes so they can get a feel for each other before doing the scenes on stage. Some of the actresses see Revy and start talking to her and trying to pet her and she knocks their hands away and tells them to buzz off.

They take Kaito to wardrobe, they get his costume to the size they need and he works with them for the fitting and he tries his best to got move or get in their way so they can get done faster, smoother and with a smaller headache for them. He has Revy put his katana in her pocket dimension sack cause he shouldn't need it while on the stage and he doesn't want to leave it laying around and someone thing it is a prop and someone get gutted by it. Revy fully agrees it sounds like something that could happen with his run of luck lately.


#3Kaito Todaro 

The stage is a Rough place. (Solo Quest) Empty Sat Dec 25, 2021 4:34 pm

Kaito Todaro
They have him test doing the moves and scenes in the costume which holds up well and isn't to tight and hard to move in so he gives them the okay and he peeks out and sees the place is starting to fill up. He goes back starting to feel nervous, Tomura slaps him on the back and laughs making fun of him fighting real danger but he is scare of a stage play. Revy didn't like that he slapped Kai on the back like that but Kai gives Revy the signal to relax, she puffs her cheeks then takes a seat.

The actors move to their places to start the show, Kai takes a deep breath getting his center then he runs out with Tomura to take on the fake foes they have set up for them, Kai has the prop staff from the last time he was here, he and Tomura are in sync in the scenes and they keep the scene as perfect as they can. After taking down the first scene where he picks up a prop katana that looks like his actual katana, some of the events where different than he remembered them really happened by he is having fun and he can tell that Tomura is also having the play of his life right now, the fake Ayakashi appears with two actresses with him. They engage in a fight with him, as he releases the woman with he is hit, he is taking on Kaito and Tomura, the crowd is eating up the play and he is surprised how well this is going.


#4Kaito Todaro 

The stage is a Rough place. (Solo Quest) Empty Sat Dec 25, 2021 4:35 pm

Kaito Todaro
They defeat the fake Ayakashi, Then the fake demon from the next plays minions come running in as the back drop changes and Kaito and Tomura are right on them and are giving it their all. The demons minions flee and the demon enters next and he comes at Kaito and Tomura and his staff work is on another level, Kai nearly botches a block on the staff fighter and Tomura sends a trust out and the demon goes down his minions coming and dragging him off stage. Kaito and Tomura are about to take their bow when the real Ayakashi appears and looks out to the crowd threatening their lives with a deep raspy scary raspy voice.

Kaito and Tomura realize swiftly this is the real one, there is real trouble, and that they have prop weapons not real ones. The staff is swiftly putting up a barrier to protect the crowd cause they know there is gonna be a real fight with real spells flying as well as Ayakashi having real weapons. Revy looks scared to death but Kai signals to stay back there, she readies her bag like he is signaling. Kai runs forward while Tomura is firing off spells past him at Ayakashi, Kai jumps into the sir while signaling Revy for his katana, she opens her bag as he hides his prop weapon behind himself, it turns into his real katana, he spins mid-air coming down with his katana and Ayakashi blocks the slash but gets hit in the gut with a spell from Tomura. Revy is worried for Kai's safety but she knows, he would be mad if she rushed out there now.


#5Kaito Todaro 

The stage is a Rough place. (Solo Quest) Empty Sat Dec 25, 2021 4:36 pm

Kaito Todaro
Kaito lands on his feet and keeps up his slashes and Ayakashi keeps blocking and dodging the incoming spells. Throwing a punch at Kai who dodges it feeling the force of the punch just barely misses him, Kai goes for a leg sweep but Ayakashi jumps to dodge it and just barely dodges in air another spell from Tomura. Kai does a back hand spring and he knows this fight is gonna be longer and harder than their first meeting was. Tomura gets ready to aim another spell and Ayakashi throws knifes at Tomura who flinches in fear of the knives, Kai gets on the way knocking the knives away with a guts of wind in the shape of a slash.

Ayakashi lets out an enraged roar of anger and comes running toward Kai knowing if Kai dodges he is leaving Tomura open to get in his combat range. Kai runs toward Ayakashi, they start swapping blows Kai trying to stay upright as he knows he can win with Tomura's help. Tomura fires off a few more spells Ayakashi staying on his toes dodges and throws knives in return which Tomura dodges on his own and hitting the barrier behind them protecting the staff in the back from them. Tomura flicks a ball of light out toward Ayakashi to make it harder to aim his knives.


#6Kaito Todaro 

The stage is a Rough place. (Solo Quest) Empty Sat Dec 25, 2021 4:36 pm

Kaito Todaro
Revy is starting to get fidgety knowing she is really at this moment powerless to help him further then giving him his katana like she did earlier. Kai is feeling pretty tired from the combined work out he has got today, he sees Tomura is looking pretty gassed himself. Kai exhales then makes a lunging move catching Ayakashi off guard and gets a clean slash to Ayakashi, who stumbles back, the crowd is on the edge of their seats cheering for a fight they don't even know is really happening in front of them, deflected spells and missing spells are banging off the barrier the staff put up, Ayakashi is looking like he is starting to lose his fighting spirit as well, Kai wonders if maybe Ayakashi might still be weakened.

Tomura releases a spell and Kaito follows in its tail, Ayakashi side steps the spell put eats the back side of Kai's katana, sending Ayakashi stumbling backward and on to his back, Kai rushes over and jumps dropping a fist into the chest of Ayakashi that lets out a gasp and falls knocked out. The curtain drops scaring Kai who side flips with his katana held out, the staff rush out to help Kaito and Tomura, dealing with damage and other problems that happened from this unforeseen fight on the stage, on the one night this show was gonna be on.

Revy comes running out and nearly tackles the beaten up and exhausted Kaito, who lets her hug and cling onto him and he talks to the staff and the manager. The manager looks them over as they are treated then hands kaito the pay for the show and tries to find out what they are gonna do about Ayakashi. Kaito gets to his feet then shakes Tomura's hand and smiles then he changes and he starts on his way out with Revy still clinging to him for dear life.

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