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Pleasant Plans(Tempris)

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Pleasant Plans(Tempris) Empty Fri Dec 24, 2021 4:26 pm

It was something Miriko had figured to do for a while, In fact there was an entire plan for this matter and she just needed one of the pieces to come along, That was Tempris. This plan would be simple for Miriko just long time in the making since Mirko had to be sure this idea would be perfect.

So Miriko wearing that bright pink kimono with the accents of green and orange. Had sent Tempris a letter to meet her for this plan she had a few things to talk about and well, Miriko wanted this time to also speak about something important to Tempris, Something she had be unsure to speak about for a while.

So Miriko had brought a few lighter things she had set up, Two canvas for painting on, Two drawing books and pencils, Cloth that is being made this could be used for making blankets or clothing. Even then these were here just in case they wanted to do them.

There were chairs, Alistair was here too but it was given,Miriko vested a bit of time setting it up. Then again she also had the intention of that something important she wanted to talk to her about. But well she was setting up a plate of cookies, A few cupcakes. Miriko had water set up but the also various other things that would be perfect in her mind for Tempris.

Then she would wait for Tempris to show up, Then this plan start. Alistair was just quietly sitting and watching Miriko do all of this work by herself, only because it was just one of his normal lazy days, He would just settle into a nap not too long after because well he always liked his naps, So if Tempris really managed she would also find a sleeping Alistair.


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Tempris was asked by Mimi to visit her for something. Given it was Mimi she decided to go. She had a little extra money and bought a pretty blue and yellow kimono so maybe she could wear it there. She did not need all her things, but she at least made sure to bring her Sword and shield, along with her keys.

She did not wear her veil but she did have on Earmuffs, boots, and mittens. Also, her kimono had a special material that she could feed magic into and warm up the material. This time she was prepared for the weather though she would be very displeased if this was an outside event... To be cold was to be forsaken.

Tempris arrived at the addressed listed in the note and knocked on the door. "Mimi, Its me. You wanted to do something or other?" The girl said in her "cute" tone, "Its cold out here too..."

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And with that Miriko just seemed to rush to the door."Fantastic, you have arrived. Come in I have a few things for you as well as a something I had wished finally talk with you."It was was something that eventually asked about, Miriko could admit she put off for good reason.

After opening the door Miriko put on her glasses, more out of habit then anything else, she was not reading anything right now."I have blankets, I can also make warm drinks if need be, I promise you will not freeze inside here."Given Miriko herself got cold easily it was most likely planned she did not get super cold either, Even if she had Alistair.

In which quietly watching entering was Alistair waiting along with the other things Miriko had set out."Choose anywhere you want to sit, You have plenty of options."Miriko also mentioned there where chairs and if anything Alistair as well, Most likely it was not something ruled out.

Miriko would then seemingly head over to something she had waited until Tempris had arrived for, the only sign of it was Miriko seemed to light a match she had on the table and was hovering over what she was lighting the match with.

When Tempris was settled in before any of her request Miriko then walked over and placed before Tempris a small cake with candles because well the first stage of what she wanted to talk to Tempris was now enacted."Happy Birthday Tempris, As well as Happy Holidays."Miriko left no sign that she knew of this, So there was much more to this situation then first thought. None the less Miriko gift for the holiday season was dropped next to Tempris by Alistair, It was a bag, With in the bag was a thick blanket checker patterned with the colours of white and gold, So the entire opposite of Miriko normal blanket.


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Tempris quickly rushed inside, happy to be free from the unforgiving chills outside. "Thank you, I was worried the cold would pull me away from the light..." The girl rubbed her arms and shook her shook her body like a puppy. The offer of warm drinks was nice, "Thank you... I'll take anything at this point haha." She would prefer a warm milk though or a hot chocolate with milk... and cute marshmallow. Though she would never say such things. She did not want to look like a kid.

When being told she could sit anywhere, she simply picked a chair on the edge of the room. The girl had a habit of moving to outside of a crowd. While there was no crowd here, she still felt more comfortable in these spots. From here, she watched Mimi light a match. Confused, she watched as Mimi messed with something on a table. Before Tempris could inquiry on what was happening, Mimi pulled out a cake.

"What!" Tempris eyes widen with confusion. She forgot today was her birthday. In fact, she hasn't ever celebrated it.   How did the woman even know? Following that, Alistair dropped a bag with a blanket inside. Tempris was completely stunned. "but.. but... how... how you know... I... I never told anyone."

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It seemed so far this would go as Miriko planned, Then again this as equally as important to Miriko as well for she used this to reveal something she had put off for a fair amount time mostly because she was unsure how to go about it."Do not take it to heart, But I have known for a fair amount of time."It sounded sneaky but Miriko would not beat around the bush about it.

"After all it is my birthday as well, We do share it as a common thing."Miriko was being a bit cruel with her small hint, Even if these hints could be that Miriko just asked around and did a lot of digging to learn these things."But do keep in mind this cake is for you."Miriko did not seem to have any cake for her, Because it seemed other things where more important then eating.

What better way to go about it then just being outright."Our guild master is my mother, I,a fair amount of time a go requested her powers of time to forwards myself in age and time for a task I entirely wanted to achieve while seemingly being able to get around freely."Miriko revealed that part in which only one other person would really know and even then she left that connection there.

"To seek out my twin sister, No matter where she could possibly be hiding, I wanted to find her. To see and know she is growing in some kind of life far better then it's start when together."She was getting the explaining and the why she was so different out of the way first, Placing one of her hands on Tempris' shoulders she would mention it to her.

"That twin sister is you, I am far different since the days you saw me last, However you are just as I hoped to be, Alive and well. Happiness I am unsure but I will work on that the best I can."
Miriko's being secret was now realized to Tempris, Miriko and Tempris where sister and Tempris did not know because Miriko cover her own trail and used a few tools to make it was not easy to pick up."So, Needless to say happy birthday to both of us."Now Miriko just had to hope Tempris was not too much in shock or it was not something sounding super insane.


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"You known for a long time?" Tempris's eyes bounced between the cake and Mimi. Her mind went through any possibilities that would give that information away. Did Mimi look through any paperwork she submitted? Did Karisa tell her? Tempris wondered if that was something a mother would do. Birthdays were suppose to be important maybe right? But Karisa wasn't here so... Tempris was going ask more but Mimi revealed something weird.

"But, how does that let you know my birthday?" Tempris then turned to the cake, "I think you should have the cake... or at least... we can share it. I don't think I'm so special to deserve a day. I would not even exist if it wasn't for him."

"Karisa is your mom too. I don't understand." Tempris started to tremble. She was fighting the impulse to think back to her past. For Mimi to be Karisa's daughter, that would mean she was her sister right? But even with time magic that did not make sense. Tempris was silent stuck in an internal battle. Memories locked away tried to bubble. Voices filled her head. Cold and pain was all she could think about.

"I... you... but... I-I-I don't understand. I don't get it." Tempris lowered her head. Tears fell from her face. She did not know why she was crying. Was it anger for being lied to and trick. Was it joy from knowing she has more family. Was it relief that someone else was not dead. So many people left her just as quickly as they entered. "Does this mean you wont leave?"

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There was going to be a lot of things to explain, That could take a fair amount of time. So trying to make sure to not confuse a still growing mind, Miriko could explain a few thing to make have it make sense."I've had to sneak around a fair amount and listen in when I shouldn't to learn some thing I know now."It was the simple way to explaining that you used time to grow older, Make paintings to some people to get the information she required and listened to a few people mentioning things in happen stance, Even asking Karisa outright for a few things, It was all to find Tempris after being separated from her long a go.

"I did when making sure you were the one I was looking for out right ask mother your birthday, I helped when it seemed the dates lined up."As for sharing the cake she was find with it, Miriko would most likely not eat too much of the cake, After all it was mostly meant for Tempris, Along with that blanket. It did take a fair amount of time to make, However worth it in the end to the tall painter.

To helpfully quell the question she had in mind she would answer them while she cut a piece of cake for Tempris."Yes Karisa is my mother, Just to ensure my way around with out worry or getting attention to myself, I never mention it unless I am alone with. Not that she takes it to heart."She hoped, Miriko could be proven wrong in the end and it would be something Miriko could correct later one, It would be just something she now had to ask later just in case because it left a bit of worry in her mind.

Well given Miriko is still a busy person."It means even if I busy myself with painting, Knitting, sewing and the other things I do, You can come find me at any point for whatever you need, If I can manage it I will happily help you."It seemed different from the answer she wanted but it was not that Miriko was going to leave Tempris alone."You are not alone anymore Tempris, For I never want that feeling of loneliness from when we parted ways from that church to ever feel like they exist again."It seemed that Miriko never forgot that day, In which well their paths might be different in some ways they returned in the end."I won't leave even if I am busy, You can even borrow Alistair for rides."The Cattian was still here after all, he was just quiet as always, But that normal for him. Nonetheless Tempris was present a part of the cake, Miriko sat down and well just made to sure to say."So happy birthday to the both of us yes?"Miriko said with a peaceful and happy smile on her face, Since well she took a fair amount of time into making this.


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When we parted ways from the church... It was too much. The cold memories she tried to bury deep in her head bubbled up. Karisa's words added to it creating something she could not picture. A memory of voices and feelings. A overwhelming burst of misery. It was too much. She was freezing. The room was cold, so cold. Was the door closed? Was there open windows? Was there a fire place? The room warped around her, slowly losing color. Then her eyes caught glimpse of the flickering candle.

"He... he's here." Tempris grabbed the candle and held it close to her self. "Thank you... for staying with me..." She was fixated on the dancing flame as the room was filled with nothing but darkness. "Today... Today is my... birthday. But... its cold... It was so cold for so long. I hid it all... I just wanted to not be cold. I... I..." A flicker from the candle nipped her finger, waking her from her trance.

For a brief moment, she was able to see Mimi again and Tempris quickly dove to the woman hugging her tightly. Burying her face in the woman, she did not want to let go. "I don't want to go back to to cold... I don't want to remember anymore."

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Even if Miriko expected something, She still had emotions and feelings too in the regard to how she was reacting, In Miriko's mind in some manner she felt like she cheated her sister by doing what she did and forwarding herself so far in age, She almost had wanted to find her mother again and change it to be Tempris' age, But that put many problems she would have as an adult in action, It was not something that was now manageable,So what could be done is what she would manage here.

But just to make sure, Miriko would point to Alistair."He is right over there,I do not leave anywhere he does not fit in."Then will the steps of the large cattian was most likely easy ti figure out as Alistair moved about the room, Then next to Tempris he would just settle back into place sitting there.

But alas she was still cold, Then again Miriko kind of understood this you could only think so much of a day when you reflection upon what was behind your life for some many years. So she would rather get her own blanket, The one with black and grey checkers and make sure it was draped around Tempris well enough to give heat but still free to move.

Then well would experience the the spring in the step of Tempris, She was unprepared but would manage. So she did not want to remember, in some way, with in Miriko's own ponder she understood. So she would then positions herself to lay back on Alistair, making sure to still keep Tempris in the she was hugging on to now. With allowing a few moments Miriko leans her head onto Tempris' head."Then I am sorry to remind you of it, But we do not need to anymore....We can find the warming comfort of the lives we live now."Hopefully that was take how she meant it too, After all both of them now longer had to think about the cold, The time a part, loneliness, Or churches. Miriko did not need to think of day of people being made at her for drawing rather then reading over the same passages again and again. There was this new breath of life between them now, Even if it was actually maybe a bit cold but they could work that.


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There was no escaping this chill. Even with the blankets, Alistar, and Mimi beside her. Tempris could feel their warmth. She could feel their touch. However, inside she felt cold. The memories of her past continued to haunt her. Still, the girl was at least calming down. The room was no longer a church, a cold icebox meant to keep her away from her lord. Her crying devolved to just sniffling. Her mind stilled stuck on the memories. "Mimi... what was it like... outside safe to experience his glory. Back then when... you weren't looking like an older person."

She did not look at the woman. She was not sure her own intentions. Did she want to think about something other than the church? Did she want to know more about this family life that she missed? Or maybe, did was there something darker that festered deep in her mind.

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It was a good question, But Miriko would have to admit something eventually that might not be too bright in that situation. For her life focused on so many other things now days that anything having to do with faith had been long departed from her mind."Well it is an interesting questions Tempris."It was time to choose words carefully, After all she did not practice such things in a long while, Since she devoted things to making and perfecting the various things she had mentioned and showed other people doing. For what Miriko recalled for the space case of a child she was was not much at all."It is part so long a go,I do not remember much anymore, Far gone the days since I had to recall the memories of my life are more replaced by the time I spend with the various things I know now."It was the most honest thing she could say about it in the end, Miriko was not trying to make this too much of a horrible. After all the meaning of the situation was suppose to be still good intention, But I guess there was still a fair amount of questions.

Was it a fitting answer? Miriko was unsure with hoping that these answers did not just shift Tempris into horrible places."After all my focus went a different path, I just kept wanting to pick up the brush and nothing else had really came to mind."Miriko was just as simple as she could make herself seem to be, She focused on painting and drawing after they departed, Then just kind of shaped different, No other focus had gone on to her mind."I have not considered what could be considered an experience of his glory."It must be a sign of sort she could attempt to remember, but hard to remember.

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