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The Mother of Fairies. Fantasic. Fabled Holiday(Open)

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#51Judith Karlinius 

The Mother of Fairies. Fantasic. Fabled Holiday(Open) - Page 3 Empty Mon Jan 10, 2022 1:27 pm

Judith Karlinius
It was a good ponder to consider."Well consider, I have not had to experience that, I am sure I could manage the pain of horns growing in."Consider any other of her life experience it was something that she might not ever need to be sure about ever needing to recall considering to ever feel that pain she assumed it would be odd watching horns grow out of your head, But it balanced it out in the end.

Nonetheless he seemed content and ready to go, This would give Judith time she would most likely use to spend it with the man in the other room."Equal parts work and rest is a questionable balance to work."A thing she most likely knew from experience but nonetheless Judith would have no problem getting from her spot and slowly leading Kaito out of her home.

"But before we may depart for the day, Do you have any other questions for me?"It was a fair thing to set up for him because well, Sometimes it was unknown when a question sparks the mind, Beside one last one was always not so bad, Sometimes the final question of a situation was the most interesting.

#52Kaito Todaro 

The Mother of Fairies. Fantasic. Fabled Holiday(Open) - Page 3 Empty Mon Jan 10, 2022 2:20 pm

Kaito Todaro
I think I have bothered you enough for a day, you should spend some time with him.. He smiles at her then gently pats her on the head then he looks at the door. thanks for the hospitality we should do it again some time in the future. He reaches back and pokes Revy and she snaps out of it and looks at Judith and bows her head to Judith. I can’t think of anything, you have anything else you would like to share? He looks at Judith wondering what else she will have up her sleeve to share if she does decide to share anything else with him even though he is not really worthy of having her grace him with anymore. Revy rubs her own chin wondering if they will ever be back here again or if she will actually see these two actually ever talk again.

#53Judith Karlinius 

The Mother of Fairies. Fantasic. Fabled Holiday(Open) - Page 3 Empty Mon Jan 10, 2022 4:29 pm

Judith Karlinius
So far it seemed pretty clear and simple in the end, As she thought there was not much else. But with Judith there was always one last thing to share."A sole star shines alone with in the skies, Even if it is never truly alone, For always there always others around it."It was one of the more complex things Judith could say to a person but there was most likely various meanings to it.

But Judith seemed okay with being pat on the head, Even if Kaito had warned being touched by him before, So she would have to wait to see what would happen with that."Do not fear returning here when I am around, There is always a time and place for it."So most likely he can return at the same point, Just when it was is a good question Judith did not have an answer too.

But Judith had no questions, No wonders either for it was just how Judith was, she could learn if entirely need be."I do not, Do stay safe and do not freeze out there."With that being their ending Judith waved good bye for their departure and closed her door, Evening just sitting in her own chair reading a bit before while the later hours preparing for the hour. Judith seemed to be standing there for a long time while she hugged her husband."As the wheel of time pass,the leaf that long withered away. Still feels like it should be on the ground next to the tree, Or flying in the breeze of the wind..."Judith was reflecting still on what was missing, she had managed to keep herself in control for the most part, But it has been hard for her at some points, At least in with in her dream, nothing was wrong or missing.


#54Kaito Todaro 

The Mother of Fairies. Fantasic. Fabled Holiday(Open) - Page 3 Empty Mon Jan 10, 2022 4:44 pm

Kaito Todaro
He smiles and waves as she says to stay safe and to not freeze. I will do my best , you stay safe and if you need me just send word. After she shuts the door, he gets Revy out of his hood and into his cloak so she stays warm then he pulls up his hood and starts making his way back to his apartment on the other side of the city, but as he walks he thinks on the things he has learned today through Judith, he feels kinda sad for her having lose a daughter, a daughter in law and a grand daughter. He doubts he woulda been able to do anything even if he had been around when it all went down, and he doubts they woulda listened to him anyways. He wonders on her star in the sky comment and he wonders if she was trying to tell him something or if he was looking to deeply at it.

He figures he is just over thinking it and he can feel Revy holding tightly to him as the wind blows into him aggressively he starts humming an elvish lullaby to calm Revy down so she will stop digging her claws into his back. She calms but stays close to him and holding tightly, it had been a pretty full day for just taking the day off to goof off, and he learned a lot, though he sorta feels it might be the last time, but he doesn’t know why he feels a deep dark sinking feeling about the future. He disappears into the flurry of snow making his way home.


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