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The Mother of Fairies. Fantasic. Fabled Holiday(Open)

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#26Kaito Todaro 

The Mother of Fairies. Fantasic. Fabled Holiday(Open) - Page 2 Empty Fri Dec 31, 2021 12:11 pm

Kaito Todaro
He looks at her and he shakes his head, then gently pats her shoulder with his gloved hand. You know what they say about staring into the abyss right? He smiles and puts his thoughts in the back of his head cause right now he is here for her and for some joy and fun. I hear it will stare back at you. He is only slightly teasing as he has seen some go mad with grief before.

He listens to her talk about the tragic ending of two lives by her own sons hand, he slightly hesitates but then asks. Why would he do such a thing? is he still walking free...? He feels a bit of anger as he thinks about it, but wonders if he is not on the same path as that. He thinks maybe it is better he is alone, he can't hurt love ones without them. Revy kicks him in the shin reading his face.

Kai kneels and rubs his shin, then looks to Judith and he nods in agreement to going for more joy and some tea. Yes we would like to go celebrate, tea sounds lovely. She jumps back onto Kai's shoulder and sits as he stands back up to follow Judith to where every she wants to go and get tea at.

#27Judith Karlinius 

The Mother of Fairies. Fantasic. Fabled Holiday(Open) - Page 2 Empty Fri Dec 31, 2021 12:31 pm

Judith Karlinius
It would be a few simple answers for Katio."The story I was told by my daughter who was there during the situation was, He just went mad. Snapped there necks in front of her. Judina eventually made sure to get the bodies after he was clear from the building."At least could be happier knowing Judith did not have to witness their deaths but still the suffering was still there. They where around family to be close back and easily watched.

As for that other wonder."He is an exile now, He lives deep in the woods of Magnolia, He is cured of his madness but he still forces himself to live in tents and bare his guilt alone."So he was alive, somewhere outside of the city and alone. He could easily get the wrong idea if he wanted too, But that could leave Judith with out another family member. So the mad son of Judith was already suffering alone, Judith seemed to have dealt with it long a go and managed decently."I do miss my grand daughter, She was just getting curious about the world."It would be her final lingering thought on the matter unless any more questions where brought up.

as for what Revy mentioned Judith did have to wonder."Mind you, What do you like to drink, I know Kaito and I will drink tea, But what does one like you enjoy drinking. For I have yet to need to serve or make drinks for you yet."Judith was back some what to work mode, She was still the ever busy mother of fairies, it seemed to help keep her mind busy, Maybe now it did not seem so bad that Judith kept herself so busy so often, Maybe she needed to learn a balance.

#28Kaito Todaro 

The Mother of Fairies. Fantasic. Fabled Holiday(Open) - Page 2 Empty Fri Dec 31, 2021 12:48 pm

Kaito Todaro
If he is in self exile I can’t blame him… not sure I could face anyone if I did something like that. He relaxes cause he has no want to pick a fight with a man who has recovered and is looking for his our atonement, plus he wouldn’t want to take another child from this kind woman, not like Kai would win vs her son anyways. He is feeling the chill in his soul and he is ready for some nice warm tea and maybe a warm place to rest a bit.

I drink tea as well as hot coco. She smiles at Judith that seems to have shifted gears to her normal workaholic self, but she still needs to ask her about the other thing. Ma’am if someone was to tell you that you are a rebirth of a demon lord what does that mean? She looks at Judith closely for an answer cause she had spoke of demons before so she wonders if she might have an insight into what that could entail, Kai looks at the ground as he follows Judith not looking up, cause he hadn’t wanted that brought up.

#29Judith Karlinius 

The Mother of Fairies. Fantasic. Fabled Holiday(Open) - Page 2 Empty Sat Jan 01, 2022 11:30 am

Judith Karlinius
It seemed like the right things in theory anyway."But how long should a person linger upon thoughts of the past, until they are able to move beyond it?"It was something that was more of an opinion then anything else. In the end to Judith was no wrong answer to this really, Judith was just pondering what she would hear in the end.

In the end there was other things to go on about in the end."Good, This idea can go forward with out any other problem then."Everyone seemed to be okay with all said things that were suggested."I guess I would just need to figure out which kinds you both would exactly would want."But most likely she would be able to get by in terms of what kind of tea to make for everyone.

but for that question, Well it was something that even if it was something to expect was something Judith could just manage it with out worry."They are calling viewing a person as the worst kind of daemon they can off of looks."It was a pretty simple answer, But most likely the easiest answer to make of the phrase mentioned.

#30Kaito Todaro 

The Mother of Fairies. Fantasic. Fabled Holiday(Open) - Page 2 Empty Sat Jan 01, 2022 12:12 pm

Kaito Todaro
See now there is an impossible question, there isn’t an amount of time right for that, he took the lives of his closest loved ones and a piece of himself would have died with them. He puts his hand on his cheek knowing he would never trust himself if he took the lives of his wife and daughter or anyone he cares about. He knows her son must be struggling even now with the thought of it seeing it every time he closed his eyes, a wrenching feeling in his stomach the pain of no longer feeling them close and the feeling of the taint of death on your very soul.

We mostly drink black or green. Revy nods in agreement to what Kai said. Kai smiles and wonders what the mother of fairies will pull out of her back pocket this time around. Kai internally sighs with relief to how Judith answered what Revy had asked of her, Revy looks to accept the answer cause the lady did seem to be a bit off and “seeing” things Revy couldn’t see. Kai puts his hood up and pulls his hat down a little more, Revy looks over at his but doesn’t say or stop him just pats the top of his head.

#31Judith Karlinius 

The Mother of Fairies. Fantasic. Fabled Holiday(Open) - Page 2 Empty Mon Jan 03, 2022 2:55 am

Judith Karlinius
Judith had been use to being a normal human for some long, the problems she could actually face with evening being an elf was not generally on her mind, So far with any questions  asked about Judith had not experienced any actual problems."You were taught well then, For I had no expectations, I would have found any answer really acceptable in the end."Mentioning that, So Kaito did not feel like it was a question that would be used as a trap in some manner.

But since Judith knew tea just as much as one of her child did. Judith would want to mention something for either of them to try."I have a suggestion of a kind of black tea for either of you to try, I have some left over of my supplies for my son Waylon."So now Katio could remember two of Judith's children's name, Just not the eldest son who is roaming some where outside of the city."It is called Lapsang Souchong, A very distinct smell to it that smells like a campfire, A rather bold and smokey tasting tea, IT is often a rather hard sell for people but something I suggest some one tries at least once."But then again knowing Judith and her magic being plant based, Who knows what kind of tea collect she had as well.

#32Kaito Todaro 

The Mother of Fairies. Fantasic. Fabled Holiday(Open) - Page 2 Empty Mon Jan 03, 2022 3:46 am

Kaito Todaro
I don't know if that is a teaching thing, more of a how you interpret the fabric or weave of fate. He isn't sure if he sounds like a jerk or not by saying that he just knows, people all know their limit and when is a good time. He is not some all knowing being and he doesn't try to be, just to control the monster he can feel growing in his soul.

He looks at Judith and he narrows his eyes a little. That name sounds like I have heard it somewhere in town before. He takes a note of the name for the future, so if he runs into the person he can place the face to the name, cause it sounds like a pretty uncommon name to have. Sounds like it would get the chill out and wake me up inside. I am game to try anything once. I mean besides alcohol. He looks to Revy would nods in agreement to trying it, with Kai who she knows can be a bit picky about what he eats and drinks.

The wind seems to whistle around him carrying light frosted flakes of snow as the trees are blown a small distance away freeing them. Sometimes in the rush you forget to enjoy the small things, life has to offer. Revy wonders what he is talking about or if he is finally starting to go senile from the blows to the head he had taken as of late. Kai laughs realizing he is just being a fool and that was random and probably weird to everyone but him being deep out of the blue like that.

#33Judith Karlinius 

The Mother of Fairies. Fantasic. Fabled Holiday(Open) - Page 2 Empty Tue Jan 04, 2022 6:18 am

Judith Karlinius
Yet still some what wise, Nonetheless there was many words and ways it could be spoken."the tides of fate, the strings of fate, the path or fate. There are a lot that can be used, Just the matter of what is on the mind at the time."Words were equally confusing as they were simple sometimes, It could be just as easy to think of a word as hard to find one fitting for a situation.

As for if he heard that name before."Well consider he a local tea shop owner and seller. it might be why,unless you have seen him somewhere else."Judith did not mention at all what he looked like weather or not it was intention was not yet to be seen in the end, Just kind of kept left in air.

Any side from the booze huh? Well good thing Judith had so many other things rather then booze."That is not something I server right away, Unless I know a person is of age. You can never guess."This was more to see his reaction, That and Judith did have that set standard way of working, She did not know really ask for the age of a person until it was needed."For now the tea will most likely be the only thing needed unless other things come up."But Judith was not walking them to the Fairy Tail guild house, In fact they seemed to be walking to a house. Even if the Fairy Tail building was not too far away. Most likely easily guessed Judith rather bringing him to the Fairy Tail guild house was actually talking him to her own actual house, Most likely because she was not ready to return to Fairy Tail yet, Given maybe she needed that small break.

#34Kaito Todaro 

The Mother of Fairies. Fantasic. Fabled Holiday(Open) - Page 2 Empty Tue Jan 04, 2022 7:57 am

Kaito Todaro
Maybe that is where I know it from, cause I heard a rumor about a nice guy, that sells great tea and that is where I get it from. He smiles and laughs softly at how small the world is, that he might have bumped into her son without even knowing it, though when he does shopping he doesn't wear his mask and cloak, just long sleeve shirt and finer gloves then these more battle ready ones. Revy thinks she sees people staring at them, hopefully they don't get the wrong idea about any of this. She thinks that Kai is kinda acting weird like too nice and to laid back, and not like his normal self.

He follows her wondering where they are heading, but he guesses that is part of the adventure for today seeing new places and spending time with the people that put up with him and his weird ways, to have fun and maybe some heart to hearts.

#35Judith Karlinius 

The Mother of Fairies. Fantasic. Fabled Holiday(Open) - Page 2 Empty Wed Jan 05, 2022 1:31 pm

Judith Karlinius
Upon entering Judith house, It seemed so plain. Judith had a small living room with various book shelves, Various potted plants, Two chairs one fairly large, and one fairly small."We do not need to go back to the guild to enjoy tea,Welcome to my home."Judith mention as she closed the door, She did have a plan for this."Come, I have a lounging area with more chairs."It must be where Judith and her husband often sat in the evening times and relaxed,There was also pictures of all of Judith's children and other family members with in this room, Even what Judith use to be as a human.

They would walk through Judith's kitchen, which was smaller then the one she had at Fairy Tail but seemed to have a lot of things built up from the years they lived here, It smelt like fresh baked bread, various sweet smelling flours and various spices for cooking as well. Judith seemed to grow them here since her house was close by the guild.

Tuck in a side space beside the kitchen. Judith opened a door to a lounge like room there were couches, chairs and tables, all lined up to be a bit more of a social sitting."You can sit anywhere in the house you choose,Even the back yard has a spot for guest, This is just my default."Then Judith quietly walked over to her kitchen, From this lounge room if he chose to sit there, Kaito and Revvy could see Judith making the cup of tea in front of them, Just far different setting in a quiet home rather the guild building.

Her calm and musical humming would also be heard. Not drown out by the sound of her quickly making anything or having to put a pan in a sink to wash.You could pick out a song she perfectly with the notes she was humming. It was as peaceful as Judith was, For this domain was hers.To think about the woman Judith was before arriving here how you could learn about how her emotions where starting to slightly fray to here making tea, It was like her own way of telling herself things where fine.

Judith would look around to see where they chose to Judith holding a mug in each hand and one with a vine. Judith had everything set up, to warm up a bit, After all she knew winter and snow made everyone cold, Even also warmed up differently.

#36Kaito Todaro 

The Mother of Fairies. Fantasic. Fabled Holiday(Open) - Page 2 Empty Wed Jan 05, 2022 2:04 pm

Kaito Todaro
He looks around as he walks in, he is surprised at how plain it looks, he figured she would have some hanging plants or flashier decor, but it does feel very welcoming. It does indeed feel welcoming. He wonders if he is gonna come across her husband or if her husband is okay with random people just walking into their home. He keeps following her he looks at the pictures as he passed them, trying not to be too nosy.

He thinks her kitchen looks small but cute and full of it's own charm, he thinks it smells nice in here, he wonders if she works here as hard as she works at the guild, then wonders when she has time to do it, then smiles and walks into the lounge and he takes a seat with Revy so they were in a bigger room so they can sit inside together, he lowers his hood opening the cloak a little. They watch her in the kitchen and Kai closes his eyes listening to her humming and he enjoys the tune it calming him and he slightly dozes off. Revy waves to her when she looks around so she sees where they are, and wouldn't go wondering to find them.

#37Judith Karlinius 

The Mother of Fairies. Fantasic. Fabled Holiday(Open) - Page 2 Empty Thu Jan 06, 2022 6:57 am

Judith Karlinius
She would just walk back into the room and sit down placing the various cups of tea."Jeez, Had I thought any better I would have to ponder if you needed a blanket, Pillow and a few hours to sleep."Not that he was not allowed to sleep here, Judith was use to having guests or other family tail members who lacked a room to stay. Then again it was that part of Judith's life Kaito did not know either, But it had not come up yet for her to speak about, it was just her normal way of being.

"He has nothing to worry about in the end, My husband is harmless even if he looks old and grey."Generally mentioning to Revvy this matter because well he was dozing off."Even then he is in the back yard making this in a shop." So he was here just not in the building. Which well was not a bad thing but if this is common he could walk in at any moment and look at it like it's nothing out of the normal for anyone in this house. But they had tea and a quiet place to sit.

#38Kaito Todaro 

The Mother of Fairies. Fantasic. Fabled Holiday(Open) - Page 2 Empty Thu Jan 06, 2022 7:43 am

Kaito Todaro
Yeah I don't see him sleep much if it isn't a request he is fixing his cloak, clothes or sewing something to upgrade his cloak's durability with or to give someone as a gift. But he is a decent cook/baker. Kai jolts awake to the sound of speaking, and he smiles with a nervous smile. I guess I need to take sometime later to stop and nap, clear sign I have been over working myself. He laughs softly and he takes his tea and he starts sipping his tea. Revy follows suit and they both get wide eyed at the taste and aroma of this tea and they see why she had wanted them to try it. I can tell why you said we needed to try this tea. He gives her a thumbs up and another smile. Revy nods in agreement then she sits back and looks at the woman, she wonders if she is able to read peoples minds.

I see, so your husband looks scary but is harmless in the end? Revy remembers seeing the pictures on they way in and the man didn't look like a slouch. She knows she is sorta over stepping by making that question. You also have a lovely home. She was trying not to offend this woman that Kai is clearly friends with, even if he carries himself like a lone wolf with no friends.

It is good to hear that he doesn't mind, I guess he understands you need people outside of Fairy tail and time to be away from the mad house and put your feet up and your hair down. He sounds like he is speaking in a matter of fact way, but he is not so sure how he said it was the right way, but he keeps his dumb naïve smile not gonna let it get to him today.

#39Judith Karlinius 

The Mother of Fairies. Fantasic. Fabled Holiday(Open) - Page 2 Empty Fri Jan 07, 2022 5:24 am

Judith Karlinius
Family questions something Judith was far more then willing to answer. However she cound ponder if Revvy was trying to sell him a job of working in Fairy Tail's kitchen,but that was just Judith's own pondering."Oh do i sense some one who wants a job in the kitchen?"It was easily pick up Judith meant this for humour and not to give any over baring stressed to Kaito in the end."Unless Kaito wishes to shows if he is able to equal me."Even more you could tell Judith was joking because she was laughing slightly about it.

Here was no worry or pressure for anything, The are a was if anything a quiet place, Even if close by of Fairy Tail it felt like most outside sound was not really apparent."I have, A good way of picking up how people enjoy as I continue my understanding of them...Or well a Mother's way so to say."Experience with many people led to many things being easy for Judith, At least she was not dangerous to be around in any manner.

Seems she was a smart cat, Just as smart one the giant one her daughter use to have."I do often have to tell people he is harmless, But when your often just seem a greying haired man covered in dust, metal dust, dirt and rather sweaty at times, I can see why they are scared of him."Then again she was still correct,But she still could not help but smile slightly"But people rarely see him, Even if he is just in the backyard."It must be a pretty warm work shop to be out there for long periods of time during winter. But they seemed to be a happy two even with the situations behind them.

Judith took care of everything just as well she did here as she did at Fairy Tail, Everything needed to be neat and clean no matter where she was."Sometimes, a little effort pays off."Which was a lesson she had to teach a few people,Judith set example for what she wanted things done like, So it was just reflecting so to say.

However this part of Judith might seem a bit, different. only because."I mean he had to come to terms with it a few times, I often bring in people who happen to not have enough money to afford a roof over their head when they join the guild...I just forget to tell him."So it might cause some problems but consider how long this life has been for them, He was just use to it by now, At least nothing horrible has become of it.

#40Kaito Todaro 

The Mother of Fairies. Fantasic. Fabled Holiday(Open) - Page 2 Empty Fri Jan 07, 2022 6:13 am

Kaito Todaro
Kai shakes his head cause he doesn't have time to be working the kitchen, to much to do and very little time to do it in. My master did use to tease me that maybe I would make a better house husband than a fighter. She smiles and laughs a little thinking about it. She is a skilled fighter but her cooking skills were poor. He shakes his head knowing he shouldn't speak ill of his master even if what he said was true, and he doubts her could go head to head in a cooking contest with Judith. I do not have those years of experience in cooking to dare challenge you. He bows his head in respect to her with a smile knowing he is not gonna dare that feat.

He wonders what she means by picking up how people enjoy. You have an esp magic ? He looks her up and down and wonders if she really has such a thing or if he is just being weird, but with her he is unsure how much he could really discount being real or not about her.

Sounds like Kaito here, a slouching giant masked man, that is harmless to most people but people often greet him with mistrust. I see why when he does town things he doesn't wear his mask and cloak he shops in normal clothes, like an alter ego. She looks at Kai who is clearly not making eye contact with anyone anymore. Sorry I am running my mouth again... She pats his shoulder, she knows he doesn't worry about it cause he is use to it around of people outside of the village he grew in. He gently waves off Revy's hand from patting his shoulder.

Guess he isn't really a personable person? She drinks more of her tea and looks back to Judith with a smile. She stands on her seat and tries to look out the window toward the backyard. You two still get along? Kai points her in the back cause that question was out of line. Sorry i shouldn't ask that.

Yeah effort does add up and sometimes rubs off on others. He thinks of all the time he spent getting his butt handed to him by the wood elves he trained with, their better form and their nearly infallible balance even in the air as they flipped and used trees like boosts to get around faster. The look on their faces when he got better and could mimic their movements, but still was a human with limits.

He laughs into his hand. That does sound like you, opening your home without a second thought, but I think he knew who he was marrying when he took the vows, a super woman, kind and sweet. Willing to give everything she has to help someone. He rubs the back of his head knowing he is probably embarrassing her and over stepping a boundary as a guest. Revy looks at Kai. If only you could be this charming normally you might find a woman. She giggles teasing him cause she knows he isn't at a stage in his life that he needs to be worrying about finding a girlfriend or a wife.

#41Judith Karlinius 

The Mother of Fairies. Fantasic. Fabled Holiday(Open) - Page 2 Empty Fri Jan 07, 2022 3:19 pm

Judith Karlinius
So it seemed maybe Judith's humour was taken seriously, When it was more meant for fun, After all she had years of practising it was something that well, She only every expected some one who had major time and effort into cooking would actually attempt."Even then keep in mind, It was not me actually being serious, I am only of belief one should know how to cook and clean as a normal part of life to live, It should never been something so serious in that manner."Just made sure it was cleared up and made sure, Kaito should cook because he should need rather then trying to best Judith at something.

"It is all matter of a upfront judge of character, I know this well from a few people I have met in my life. Even my Daughter was considered rather scary when you only just see her rather then speaking to her."the long dark blue hair and blue eyes, Tall woman in armour, Was far different from Judith in her human look or her current look. The children mostly took after her husband in the end. all had blue hair none had white or lavender purple hair at all.

With a bit of a laugh, Judith could not help but find it funny what was implied."He had always been the quiet type, Prefers to work away on anything metal then talk. The end of the day we still love each other with out problems."Their marriage and life was find even with Judina's death and her oldest son's situation had happen, Consider the emotional stress, they might have had problems before and but manage to get pass them. Then again if her husband is rather old at this point and anti-social he might not want to spend the time dating anyway.

"Even now, in one of my spare rooms, I had another Fairy tail member taking up the room, up until she has her own place to live."If that lady was around or not was something different, But for now that lady had taken up room there for now.

Then again she could not help but mention."I do think there could be some one for him, However it might not be something right away for him to realize."Revvy might be hinting he was hopeless, Judith was more hinting that it would come in time.

#42Kaito Todaro 

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Kaito Todaro
I more figured it was a joke but was covering my bases. He relaxes and drinks his tea he was enjoying this time, really it is the most time he has spent around someone in a bit that wasn’t Revy. But yeah cooking and cleaning are a pretty important thing. He figures his master really just liked having him cook and clean for her, but he got good at it in the end so he can’t complain.

He wonders if he woulda been scared of her daughter or if he woulda tried to be her friend, not that she woulda probably wanted to be his friend in the end. Yeah I don’t really worry about it. He has learned to have thicker shit then to just let people judge him because of how he looks and how he dresses.

Yeah if he got you he must be a decent gentlemen He laughs slightly teasing her, but he figures her husband is probably a swell guy, even if he might come off as rougher. So he is a craftsmen ? He wonders what her husband makes in his workshop out there but he isn’t gonna ask cause it is none of his business.

He looks out into the house wondering what this fairy tail member is. Oh really ? I guess I will have to meet her sometime. He figures they probably went home for the holidays and isn’t around at the moment, he returns to his seat and relaxes as Revy finishes her tea.

Pfft you are funny Judith. He laughs at the thought of him finding someone that could like him like that, as he is tainted inside and out, even though Judith and Revy tell him differently. But I guess I can’t fully rule that out to be honest, though I feel sorry for the poor woman that settles for me. He rubs the back of his head with a nervous smile.

#43Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
He was not worried about it, at least for now he was not surely some one like Revy would keep reminding him of it and it might effect him down the road, So who knows. But Judith would not attempt to interject it really all that much."Which by all mean, You should not worry about if you do not want too."Most of the young people she dealt with either where head long into it or not even paying attention, With some in between. Not that Judith really wanted to worry about his personal life either, She was a guild member but even if she could mother other people, It was really not her place in the end.

That word did fit it best."He has nothing to prove to anyone in the end, He walked into a house of a hermit and left with a wife in the end."In short and vague terms, He just found Judith one day and slowly build up knowing her when she at one point lived the life of a hermit. It might be an interesting life to change around to be here and not somewhere in a area alone as a hermit.

But he was correct, he just crafted things."What he mostly does, Most thing metal he is often back there workings, Times off I walk back their making sure he has not hurt himself, Ate anything and bring him something to drink."Well Judith really did make herself busy super often, but some how managed that part of her life too. Maybe she should learn to take a break every once and a while.

Judith was not trying to be funny in the end, She would turn slightly serious about it."You always carry the cloud of a negative mindset, Even if you assume it is something you view against some one, You should consider that there is always more to it."Judith mention to start with, there was most likely more to advise to him, but dating was something, some one needed to learn on their own. "Fate choose things strangely for people, What becomes that part of life all matter upon how you meet the person, what they are like and how you bond to them."It was basic and vague but Judith did not want to go into detail too much about it, Since well not much else could be said.

#44Kaito Todaro 

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Kaito Todaro
I figure one day it will probably just happen rather I want it to or not. He sighs figuring this has been beaten to death so far by Revy. Wait you were a hermit ?. He looks at her surprised that she could have been a hermit, from how welcoming and friendly she has been.

He sounds like a passionate man, who gets lost in his work. He hopes he can be that passionate one day, but sorta doesn’t want to worry his wife if he does get that deep into things, or maybe he will be more like Judith and be the checking in on his wife or girlfriend that gets too deep in her passion.

Yeah don’t my gloomy side is that attractive to anyone besides a cultist looking for a willing sacrifice. He is only half kidding cause he has had some run ins with cultists. well I hope chooses someone nice. He smiles thinking about it. Revy quickly adds that they also have to like cats. Kai snickers at Revy feeling she had to add that.

#45Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
So it was story time. After all Kaito did not know."That shorter woman you saw in the family pictures with light purple hair, Was me. Many years when the world was young to her, She feared the unknown and people who she did not think you could handle it."She talk about it like she herself was an entirely different person that no one knew and this was something you could read form a book."For many years, She set up a place so far out of the way, Most people did not think she actually exist, So she felt like she could handle what was in front of her, Rather then confront the unknown world she had yet faced."Then again that person was now Judith who's life changed differently and most likely for the better.

It was most likely an interesting taste of how a person could change in their life if something right came by and it was embraced. Equal parts wanting and seeing change."Or consider learning more beyond that gloom,But that is just me mention."Judith mentioned it more as a word to the wise, Then again it was magical and wonderful thing of freedom of choice everyone had,But she would not push him too hard, just casually sip her cup of tea and ponder what else she could do right now.

#46Kaito Todaro 

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Kaito Todaro
Still hard to believe you were a hermit. Yeah I saw the purple hair, have to admit it looked good on you. he still can’t believe she was a hermit but he is glad she felt safe enough to tell him, and that her husband was able to help her to feel safe to enter the outside world so that he and all the others could meet her. She is why he was able to join fairy tail after all, cause he almost fled after the fight with those other members.

Yeah I think I still have some growing to do as a person. He rubs the back of his head cause he knows she is right as usual, but he knows that is from her experiences and he knows he can trust her. Revy is watching them talking and knows better then to but in on this talk.

Anything else you would like to do? He wonders what else she might have in mind for today if she was to have any other plans. I do have a question do the horns hurt or give you discomfort? he actually wondered for a bit if they did hurt her or cause discomfort.

#47Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
It was always interesting to see that part of her left known, But there was always a good reason that she mentioned these things to other people. After all Judith was showing what could happen in the right situation."It shows how far life can catch up to a person sometimes."Judith seemed to mention her point. After all to think that a hermit just had life catch up to her and she was like this now, She what time that such things would happen she could not foresee, But did not need to either. For that was up to fates choosing for him.

"One learns over time, To rush it will only lead to disappointment."Which was the simple way to look at it, also the no brainer answer too but Judith just had to say them sometimes."There is never a guide towards what one should really learn either."Nonetheless the subjects will move on because it was just good to keep it going.

So far the answer was pretty simple."They are a strange thing to have, I remember when I woke up with the horns, I did not notice it too much until i had to attempt to change clothing for the day, Then well. They proves that they could be uncomfortable at times."She so had felt no pain with them but more awkwardness, But then again Judith could admit."Then again this entire transformation I went from a very short woman, To average height with horns..I had a few amount of adjustments to take into account."She even could laugh about it, For reflecting on it was always interesting to her, From everyone being tall to her to only just slightly taller was always interesting to reflection on, Then again for her husband, He got a new wife with out having to remarry.

Then well the door to the back yard open, The sound of a older man mumbling to himself about how cold it was, If Kaito of Revy wanted to meet Judith's husband, He was now walking close by the situation.

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Kaito Todaro
He can hear the wind start howling outside and he wonders if a storm is starting to blow in but he has never been one to fear a storm but it sounds like it might get nasty out. Yeah I hear haste makes waste, my fine horned friend. He gets closer to her and he looks at her horns but he stays far enough back to not invade her space, admiring how they look and he is surprised they don’t seem to weight her down much.

Some guidance is there but you have to see fates plan or feel it I guess. He rubs his chin with a smile like he is looking off into space a little like he is thinking of something but he doesn’t really look like he is getting much from thinking besides a slight headache.

still surprised how quick you seem to have recovered from such a change. He has never heard of such a change taking place to someone but from how she speaks she recovered quickly from it besides the need to ask someone to get her new clothes that would fit or match her new look.

Revy jumps down and goes toward the door and she looks out at the man and Kai like the nosy man he is also looks out to see what her husband looks like to see if he would feel any fear from seeing him, he tries to keep his excitement in check so not scare the poor man cause a weirdo is in his house with his wife and a talking cat dressed in Santa gear, this would probably look weird to anyone not expecting to see it.

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Judith Karlinius
The play around and what if's are always interesting when some one understood them, After all not a lot of people really did seem to enjoy and or attempt these things.Then again maybe it was something she needed to teach a few people to do, Might be able to confuse people and start creating pretty coded conversations or well fairly minor in theory.

For more about her shift it seemed if anything Judith got around fairly easy with it."Maybe because it was magic that changed me over, As well it seemed I was sleeping, These changes did not hurt all that much in the end."Which was good luck about it in the end, It was a blessing in which she enjoyed about the situation.

With hearing a conversation it showed how use he was to these things, As this man seemed to stretch out and you could hear his bones crack. Then at least to Revy. The tall man with dark blue hair starting to grey seemed to walk over where Judith had made tea, there was a cup left for him, Almost like Judith had prepared and was ready for him to come into the house. Picking up the mug and giving it a sniff, it seemed to leave even with the lines of aging on his face a slight smile on his face.

Then the proof of how use he was to that he would just take a sip of his mug of tea, put it down for a moment, take off his boots, pick up the mug again and then walk into that first room they went by to sit down, He did not look into the room they where in because it was not his business, He was not that curious. Then again he stopped at Revy for a moment, Then he well pat Revy on the head and then quietly went to his chair to read a book.

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Kaito Todaro
I guess that is perfectly fine, I bet if it hadn’t been magic that woulda hurt a lot to grow those. he rubs the sides of his head like he could feel the pain, in a phantom style of pain. Revy looks like she is in shock then the man patted her head like that. Kaito lifts her and puts her in his hood so she can recover cause she has never been pet like that before and was not use to it. I feel like it’s been a long time I stopped to just stretch and relax, thanks for today. he bows his head to her doing his best not to launch Revy from his hood, then he stands back up and adjusts his cloak which is pulling back because of Revy’s weight in the hood he smiles hoping she is okay cause that might have been a strike to her pride, cause he has just treated her like a person no5 a cat like she is, besides giving her fish treats.

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