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The Mother of Fairies. Fantasic. Fabled Holiday(Open)

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#1Judith Karlinius 

The Mother of Fairies. Fantasic. Fabled Holiday(Open) Empty Fri Dec 24, 2021 1:44 pm

Judith Karlinius
Alas it was such a peaceful time of year, Judith would actually consider slowing down for once in her life, Not that it was anything she knew she shouldn't, So what better way to go about then going out for some time around Magnolia and see how the people had been, Then again Judith was hoping to see some snowmen being made or completed, Since it was just something she wanted to see people managing to enjoy the season for what it was.

Always good to see the place she valued continuing this way. As long as people were smiling, enjoying the day and able to bring the joy out in it, Judith's walk would be just as she intended it to be.

Not that she was also not prepared for the season, A jolly cap and red scarf where worn along with her normal attire,since well Judith did in fact still feel the cold, She was not as weak to it, not resistance to it. Just for once normal. She had to alter the hat a bit for the sake of being able to hit her horns, Even too a bit longer to get on because of them but her pointy ears could be warm.

To the pondering thoughts of who could she see this walk? what else would she see this walk as well, It seemed like a good general ponder to have, For these times were always good for a reflection of the year that had happen.

#2Kaito Todaro 

The Mother of Fairies. Fantasic. Fabled Holiday(Open) Empty Fri Dec 24, 2021 1:57 pm

Kaito Todaro
Kaito was out in a more Santa like cloak of his own making, with hat and gloves he is kneeling in the snow helping some of the towns children build snow people while he works on a snow exceed of his own. They are laughing and playing around him, he does his best not to let them bump into him as they play and have fun around them.

He uses his frost magic to help some of the less stable of their snow people stay standing not crumbling but making it not look like he is helping them, so they feel confident in there own building skills and not him nosing it to help when not asked to. He keeps an eye out for any of them that might slip in on any ice, he looks more like someone’s older brother that is watching the children then a guild mage.

No one seems to mind him being around them and are probably happy he is keeping them out of trouble for atleast a little bit of time, he is having fun and not thinking he might look strange to passers by, just enjoying the season while it lasts and while he has some down time from him grinding quests and trying to figure out how to cure himself. He falls back in the snow and he looks up and thinks he sees Judith and he waves to her and he isn’t wearing his mask.

#3Judith Karlinius 

The Mother of Fairies. Fantasic. Fabled Holiday(Open) Empty Fri Dec 24, 2021 5:16 pm

Judith Karlinius
Oh he was in a far different state then Judith thought he could be. So with in that wave back to him Judith would start walking towards him."So you chose to put the mask away for now?"Judith did mean this as a good a thing, After all even if he was kind of walking the path of something she could consider hidden away. Judith always saw the delight in some one walking around free and hopefully less shy."It is good to see you enjoying this season."Either to his dismay or maybe his benefit.

Judith would well invite him to join her."Perhaps, You could join. I think a good conversation."Even if Katio might not be for much conversation right away, Judith could work on it then again Judith wanted to be sure he was okay and doing well with in the guild, After all that was rather important to her. As well as being off doing her own things Judith did want to up hold guild matters.

Judith could admit, She was are more attuned to all of that work while Kazimir head off to do his own things."Do tell me Kaito, How are you adjusting to the guild life?"She would keep it simple to start with, whatever else in terms of conversation that happen, would happen.

#4Kaito Todaro 

The Mother of Fairies. Fantasic. Fabled Holiday(Open) Empty Fri Dec 24, 2021 5:39 pm

Kaito Todaro
He leans back feet in the air, and hops up off his back onto his feet the children clap, he does a small bow with a soft laugh. “Yeah my mask draws a lot of attention so I figured I would go without it, need to replace it anyways.” He figures he shouldn’t tell her why he would have to replace it cause he was fighting. 

“Yeah it is a good season lots of happy folk running around.” He looks at her after she just invited him to walk with her, he doesn’t see the harm in joining her cause he has been pretty low profile around the guild only really showing up in a crowd to get a quest get it okayed and head out.

“Yeah I will join you and enjoy the sights of town.” He smiles at her as he starts walking with her, he thinks of how he is finding guild life so far. He has sorta found it lonely but he isn’t gonna be a downer on a day as nice as this one. “It is okay so far, not really done much guild side mostly just taking quests, and being avoiding trouble so I don’t cause you or the master trouble.”

He keeps an innocent smile as he walks with her hoping she can’t just see right through him. He has no wants to worry her cause she has always been kind to him when ever he stopped in, and never pushed him to do anything he wasn’t ready for, and has been very patient with him even if he was a bit distant toward people sometimes.

#5Judith Karlinius 

The Mother of Fairies. Fantasic. Fabled Holiday(Open) Empty Sat Dec 25, 2021 6:21 am

Judith Karlinius
Being sure not to make this much of a guild lecture, Judith would just smile and mention."These are the very things I hope to see forever, Magnolia is a wonderful place with seeing this all of the time."She would start off with and lead it into."These are the kind of things, I want to oversee at least Magnolia staying forever."But she would keep it at that, it was better to get into better parts of a different conversation about other things.

After all it as a festive reason."Tell me Kaito, What do you view this time of year as?"It was a simple question with many answers, It was not something complex with many layers with an end goal of passing a test, Judith was more trying to just learn more about what Kaito could see and value as a person in a different way.

Even if he was still thankful for being alive it would not bother Judith at all."I use it as a reflection period of the year, Things to consider a blessing,things to consider improve on, There are a lot of things you could think about with in this reason."It was a good time to just continue the walking and wait to hear what would be spoken about, Hopefully it was not a massive spotlight on him, Judith did not intend that after all.

#6Kaito Todaro 

The Mother of Fairies. Fantasic. Fabled Holiday(Open) Empty Sat Dec 25, 2021 6:51 am

Kaito Todaro
He looks at her feeling like those words are somewhat ominous, like they are heavy on his ears but he doesn’t understand why. Forever is a long time ma’am, I know elves live long lives. But it will need to change at some point, that change can be good or bad, by who ever is at the wheel at that time. So make sure when the time comes make sure you trust who is at the wheel of time. He feels like he spoke like he was gonna be dead before such a dreaming change could take place, it makes him wonder if maybe he will be dead or if he will be one of the ones that die to protect this.

To be honest it is the first I have spent in a city since I was a recovering teenager, my master felt it was a dumb merchant holiday, to jack up prices on honest folk. He laughs softly knowing she has just a person who hated the season and liked to pinch every jewel she could. I personally find the season nice, it brings family together, loved ones from near and far come to visit, those they can rarely see. He feels a pang of loneliness cause he lacks a family outside of his master and the small village he was raised.

He keeps walking he tilts his head back and looks at the silver coated clouds as the snow starts to flurry a little. You have a good point it really is a time for reflection, blessings and improvement. a small girl with her mother waves the girl saying “mommy look the angel of Illumin is walking with a lady do you think she is being guarded?”. Kai waves back at them with a smile and a soft laugh and keeps walking with Judith.

#7Judith Karlinius 

The Mother of Fairies. Fantasic. Fabled Holiday(Open) Empty Sat Dec 25, 2021 11:46 am

Judith Karlinius
He was correct, Forever was a long time Judith's choice of words was something she did know of in the end. Judith's dreams where big some times also high reaching like how far her head did sometimes go into the clouds."Very wise of you, Sounds like something I would say to some one else upon wanting my advise."So some credit, in which it was due to Katio it was how she would also take time to mention these things and think it over."It is how like to mention time is...Both eternal and short at the same time."They were playing the kind of wisdom and words games Judith generally did to people. Or in one of her children's own words, confusing speak was how it often mentioned.

Katio was also correct in that matter too."Your master was right in that matter, I never had my children and husband view it as a season of gifts, Rather a season that everyone gathers together enjoy a meal and if it was able to be afford, some gifts that would not cost a lot."Even if sometimes Judith might come off as scary she seemed to actually still have a lot more wholesome things to her. The mother in her guild title still remained true.

If anything Judith did not make a remark about what the child said, only just seemingly laughing about it slightly only because it was entertaining and not out of trying to make a joke of it. If he was no longer viewed as scary it was a good thing for him.

#8Kaito Todaro 

The Mother of Fairies. Fantasic. Fabled Holiday(Open) Empty Sat Dec 25, 2021 12:00 pm

Kaito Todaro
He laughs softly to himself. Yeah when there is nothing to do it seems like time runs slower then ice on the river, but if you have an armful of things to do it feels like there is never enough time. He rubs the back of his head, he probably is talking to much.

Well I guess a high elf would learn a lot in their years I guess, the half and wood elves didn’t agree so ably to her wants of no decor and singing. he tucks his hair behind his ear then he hears tiny feet coming and he realizes he is probably in trouble. He turns to see a heath colored exceed coming running and she looks very displeased.

So how about you Judith, what has you walking so thoughtfully through the city, to have me join you? The exceed jumps on his back then glove handedly smacks him in the back of his head, staying on his back. He rubs the back of his head where he was smacked by the exceed.

#9Judith Karlinius 

The Mother of Fairies. Fantasic. Fabled Holiday(Open) Empty Sat Dec 25, 2021 5:03 pm

Judith Karlinius
Some what interesting this assumed to amuse him, Not that Judith mind at all, it just means she did not need to control that manner of speak as much round him. So it just means Judith would not really need to control her manner of speaking."Oh, That one I have experienced a few times before."There must be a name for that mental effect, Judith just might not remember. But it must not be that important to this matter for her to remember if there was.

So now this part would be mentioned."Well well, Some one knows more about elves then seemingly I do."It would be mentioned by her at least because well."I would assume I am wood elf, Only by the choice of Mother Nature's choosing upon shifting me away from a human."She was a horrible elf, But still a decent human being. Because she knew nothing of a life style of an elf. Even then with her horns the elves might not even be sure of Judith.

At least with what was mentioned before, it showed the reason why she was roaming around."I needed a bit of time to think away from my husband, After all these year with some of the changes with in our life, I still need to adjust to it." She left it vague knowing very well what was on her mind had been lingering a while, It gave her husband a bit of a break and a chance to rest if anything else, Which he also sorely needed himself after the recent events, Then again Kaito did not know any of this, it just never really did come up with Judith because she was always cooking and cleaning the guild, like the good worker she was keeping busy.

#10Kaito Todaro 

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Kaito Todaro
Well it is sorta hard not to know about them, nice skin, look unreal up close, skilled fighters, nimble as no one’s business. He looks as if he is off in a memory for a moment the frosted wind dances playfully in the street with the snow, he snaps back to reality. You do seem very wood elf you have a earthy smell that makes you impossible to track. The horns are something I haven’t seen before I will give you that, mostly flowers and plants on their heads if they grow something. He hopes that didn’t come off creepy, he meant to affirm her idea she got turned to a wood elf, the exceed slaps him in the back of the head again.

Ohhhh yeah this is Revy, she is an exceed and she picked me as her partner, not sure what that means but I agreed. He has a innocent almost naïve smile on his face as he looks at her. The exceed watches the woman closely not sure if she likes this woman yet or not, but she seems to know Kai so she will judge her slower.

I guess I would need time to if something big happened. Not like I don’t usually have time to myself, well before Revy showed up. He wonders if her horns are sensitive to the cold is why she has them like that but doesn’t want to be rude and ask too many personal questions at once. Mind if I ask what other changes happened besides the horns and wood elf transformation? Kai puts up two fingers on his right hand at eye level and the exceed stops mid punch and crawls into his hood which he left down cause he had a hat on.

#11Judith Karlinius 

The Mother of Fairies. Fantasic. Fabled Holiday(Open) Empty Sun Dec 26, 2021 12:29 pm

Judith Karlinius
Judith could only help but laugh slightly, just for one reason."Given my magic is a nature based maybe wood elf is not that horrible of an idea to consider."It was a fun conversation for Judith to have because these dives into conversation was kind of fun to her.

Then again he also had a few friend it seemed."Oh, have a new friend do you?"Not that it was horrible in Revy's case. Judith no matter what was friendly to everyone."Well, you remind of something I had experienced once, Just you where much smaller then the cat I was use to seeing following some one else."This was leading into the meaning behind that phrase Just was just taking her time.

Since it would not bother her, Judith would use it as a chance to help her continue moving on."My list of changes with this form side from the horns and ears."Katio would have to be prepared for a small list of things."I grew fairly taller, I had a few things grow in size, My hair colour changed and my eye colour changed."It was a small list but Judith seemed to keep track of it all with out problem. She had gone from 4'9" tall to 5'4" so she knew she grew a fair amount in height, she also had to get some one to buy her new clothing that morning after it happen, It was an interesting event overall.

#12Kaito Todaro 

The Mother of Fairies. Fantasic. Fabled Holiday(Open) Empty Sun Dec 26, 2021 1:05 pm

Kaito Todaro
I guess that is quite fitting. he laughs to himself, just glad she didn’t get cross at him for talking so out of line a little. He isn’t sure if there have been a lot of elves with horns, she is the first he has ever met.

I guess you could consider me his friend very loosely. The exceed stays in his hood just looking out of it at Judith. Then wonders what this woman is to Kai, hearing about the bigger cat she ponders if she will get much bigger. Are you saying there is a bigger talking cat? He looks a little excited to hear this wondering if he will ever cross this person with a bigger cat. He doesn’t want to be rude but he wonders if he asked if she would tell him who it was.

Oh that must have been a rough wake up to change so much so fast. He couldn’t even fathom waking up and being a whole different person than when he went to sleep, though maybe if his ugly face changed he wouldn’t mind so much, though he holds that idea from growing around flawless faced elves. He on the other hand was human and not so lucky. His smile sunk a little.

The exceed picking up on this slapped him in the back of the head again. You were just thinking it wouldn’t be so bad if your face changed again. You need to have some confidence in your self, you aren’t that bad looking and if the woman judges you on your face and not who you are then she probably isn’t right for you. she huffs then gets out of his hood sitting on his shoulder, so she can be in the conversion more, and figures this woman is not to be distrusted. She looks at Judith seeing she has nearly glowing skin, she can sorta see why Kai feels how he does.

#13Judith Karlinius 

The Mother of Fairies. Fantasic. Fabled Holiday(Open) Empty Mon Dec 27, 2021 4:54 am

Judith Karlinius
It was a good ponder now internally at least for Judith. What other elves would be like, After all she had was never born one, But it was something she would figure out herself eventually. Just when was a good question she would consider later."It is a mere theory so far, I do not know enough elves to truly quite know for sure yet."Then again Judith was sure elves would not think she is one of them with the horns,since it made her a bit different.

"It might be loose, But there is always time for it to tighten up."Judith would mention it in her own now typical manner, But it seemed Katio had other interest on his mind, so he would slowly start learning more other things about. Judith's kin."Yes, My daughter while she was still living had a Cattian, six and a half feet tall standing, six feet in length. He could talk as well. Only one I have ever seen of him."It was most likely an interesting piece of information for Kaito. There was a massive talking cat out there, What he did with that information is entirely of his own doing.

However, with what the exceed did only help but make Judith laugh, her lessons worked differently because she was much more nicer then that."Well, some one else seems to be able to spark that thought aside from me."Hopefully Judith's laughter did not soil the moment but it seemed even then there was always something to learn."A soul does not walk alone forever Kaito, some one will eventually be guided it's unison."It was one of the more complex ways Judith could say in the manner of, some one will be there for that part of his life eventually.

#14Kaito Todaro 

The Mother of Fairies. Fantasic. Fabled Holiday(Open) Empty Mon Dec 27, 2021 5:36 am

Kaito Todaro
I am sorry to hear that, I sorta feel bad I got excited… Was she buried around this area? He asks cause he wishes to pay respects, even if he didn’t know her personally he feels it probably wouldn’t be wrong to ask this so he may if he ever crossed the site. But on the same hand he is unsure if he is maybe opening an old wound as he has no idea really have her past.

See even she says you have hope no matter how slim it is. She used a teasing voice this time as she meant more to pick fun at him this time then try to harm his ego. Kai laughs softly cause he feels a lot less lonely in this moment then he did before.

He does wonder more of what Judith hides under her caring, motherly persona, he wonders if like him she isn’t fully forward with things that are nagging at her just to protect those around her from having to shoulder her needs, on top of their own, and is more the bottling up type. you have anything else in mind you would like to let out while we walk? He asks this so he isn’t forcing anything she doesn’t want to let out, to come out, but asking so if she feels in her power to share he will lend his ear to her.

The exceed feels like this is the first time she has seen him be less air headed out side of their talks in his apartment, she sees him as sorta two faced, he has a darker hidden side with more people but a good kind side when he is closer to someone or when dealing with children. She figures if his curse were to be cured maybe he might not be more open around people, or maybe take an interest in pursuing someone instead of thinking of himself as trash and a blight on ours.

#15Judith Karlinius 

The Mother of Fairies. Fantasic. Fabled Holiday(Open) Empty Mon Dec 27, 2021 1:59 pm

Judith Karlinius
It was something even if personal Judith did not mind mentioning it."She is buried in Magnolia,It is out of the way, But she is buried with other passed on family members of mine."At least it did not seem so sour that she would refuse, In fact Judith seemed oddly at peace about it. She in fact did not mind if Kaito went with her to that grave."You are more then welcome to come join me to it."If anything it was kind of nice to have some one new willing rather then just people who already knew of Judina.

Or well, it showed maybe Judith was just overly careful and watchful of Fairy Tail members for a good reason. If Death was something recently lingering on Judith's mind, Her flaws of what had happen in the situation of her daughter might have reflected with in her actions."Give me a chance to see if anyone else aside from me has visited since I was there last."Could be left to wonder how much of Judith's free time was spend bouncing around three places. Could even question if Judith was home a lot either but Kaito did not really have that much insight to Judith's life yet.

So they could easily continue their casual talk while going there."Let out? Interesting thing to ask."Judith said in return she did not seem to want to mention anything else, Even if it showed it could lead some where, Then again Judith just might want to seem mentally strong for the sake of other people."Coming from some one who lack most emotions, Maybe I should pose the same question to you."It would take a bit more, But then again the progress Kaito had going so far was most likely equally interesting, After all they were walking and talking to Judina's grave,It would take a bit more time to arrive there."You won't find the Cattian I mentioned their."It was a good mention since Kaito wanted to most likely see it as well.

#16Kaito Todaro 

The Mother of Fairies. Fantasic. Fabled Holiday(Open) Empty Mon Dec 27, 2021 2:57 pm

Kaito Todaro
He smiles at being accepted to be allowed to see and pay respects to someone important to Judith, though he hopes he doesn’t make a fool of himself, knowing his luck he will do something on accident and end up the fool. I gladly accept your offer.

He has no want to get in her way or slow her down so he walks carefully and watches his steps, Revy is watching him start to flounder a little and she giggles. Kai tries to get his cool back, he takes a deep breath and exhales. Was she a strong well respected woman?. He asks at her saying others may have visited her grave while Judith was away from it.

Sorry that probably came out wrong. He looks down sorta disappointed in himself at asking something that hearing it back seems to sound offensive and intrusive of him. Her saying to him he lacks emotions his cheeks flash red. It isn’t that I lack them I repress them… though I don’t know what all feelings mean… Revy gently pats his hat so not to accidentally feel the wrath of his curse. He keeps his eyes down, thinking maybe he was mistaken, but Revy patting his head seems reassuring to him that he is okay.

I didn’t expect to find it there, if it was still around I would have figured it would be at the guild begging for belly pats and eating like a king from you. I would figure it found a new master to protect, probably more a partner like Revy did with me. he looks up and smiles at Judith to try and be reassuring that he is okay, and that he doesn’t regret coming and talking to her. Revy looks to Judith she can tell Kai trusts this woman a lot, but Revy is ready to fight this woman if she betrays that trust even if she is small she is fierce.

#17Judith Karlinius 

The Mother of Fairies. Fantasic. Fabled Holiday(Open) Empty Tue Dec 28, 2021 1:57 pm

Judith Karlinius
It was a story he did not know, Kazimir did a various other, at some point well."Judina was more known then I was when she was alive." Then again her daughter's spotlight was well deserved she had quiet a list under her belt when upon the living."She was yes.Rune knight, Guild member to many, Fought demons. These are some of the things she was known for while she was alive, I am sure Kazimir has a few interesting stories if you ever ask our wonderful guild master about her."After all Kazimir most likely had stories more in detail, Judina could only recall so many as she had often preferred to keep most of her tales to herself.

"I do miss her, The tall woman in armour with her dark blue hair watching over the people...something that I did not realize would effect me as it had."She was trailing off a bit but maybe these were the weaker side of Judith because they were into something recent.

Repressing emotion, Well something else you could say Judith had seen before."You can only run from what your emotions are telling, until it takes over you Kaito, Do be careful."She would keep that simple for good reason, it needed to be plain for it to linger in memory.

as for the Cattian she could only guess."I hear rumours of a tall gothic woman who paints currently has Alistair accompany her, If it is ever need be and curious enough, I am sure you could find her or him."They were not really going to be hard to find since they both here mentioned to be tall or large in some manner.

But eventually reaching a graveyard just outside of main parts of the city of magnolia, They would arrived to the graves of mention, with in the various other gravestone here, Judith seemed to have the three Karlinus graves in a corner under trees.

The three graves they where here to see were not covered in snow, Signs of other people visiting had been around. There was no snow around on the tombstones, But as well there was a blue scarf on the stone for Judina's grave. It was held there by being tied to a thin metal pole that had engravings of golden swords and at the top of the pole there was a withered and tarnished sword handle resting there from a bend in the top of the pole allowing to sit and not moving. To most people this might seem pointless. To Judith however."It seems my husband and two sons had been here while I was busy."each object here seemed to be a symbol of each grieving member of Judith's imminent family. But alas they where here.

#18Kaito Todaro 

The Mother of Fairies. Fantasic. Fabled Holiday(Open) Empty Tue Dec 28, 2021 2:50 pm

Kaito Todaro
Sad I never got to meet her then. He laughs softly, trying to imagine that, though he doubts she woulda liked him if he troubled her mother so much. He listens to Judith tell the stories about her, he envisions what this woman must have been made of to fight demons, it seems she was a full package of leadership and bravery, things he lacks. Wonderful… Guild master… He wonders why she had to say that like she was talking up Kaz to him.

She sounds like she left big shoes to fill. He hopes he isn’t pushing her to hard by having her tell him about the daughter she lost, he is glad she did tell him but, he also doesn’t want her to dig open wounds for him. He looks at her talking about a gothic woman, might be where the big animal is. He feels for some reason he might have seen someone like that in passing. I guess if I do I could, but there isn’t anything wrong with meeting someone new. I wonder what she is like.

He taps his chin trying to think what this woman might look like a as a gothic artist, he doesn’t really know much of what gothic is. well anyways I hope she is nice person if I ever meet her. Kai isn’t one to care about peoples looks or body types, he care more for the person inside of them.

He looks at the graves as they walk up seeing three, he for some reason didn’t expect three graves. He looks at her after seeing the three graves where already cleared and he sees the grave seeing the extra things on the one grave, he knows whose it must be. I guess those are from your family being here? He looks at the items but doesn’t disturb the items, he sees and feels she was a very respected woman and very missed by her loved ones.

#19Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
Such is the life given to people, some ended closer then others."But each person now has a chance to visit her, Even if she often chose to be alone."Judith did sound a bit sad saying this, But she seemed still oddly happy to be here. She was tempted in her mind to set up a picture of the people who had passed on here. She was not trying to make anything seem anything less of Kazimir in fact she viewed him as a good leader and doing a wonderful job even if he was far too casual sometimes."I do worry Kazimir will work himself too much for his own good, But my thoughts on that could be very well a reflection of how I viewed the lost one we are here to see too."Or Judith was just mothering her own guild master unintentionally. Maybe that was just her nature.

"She left herself a lot of voids in her passing, None seemingly able to attempt to fill it."Judith did not seem like a person to want to attempt either. The list of her daughters work was fair more beyond Judith's will. She had her own ways of being a good mark on people.

Not trying to throw away the mention of this painter right away she felt like she needed to explain a few things."The scarf is from my youngest son, The handle is from my oldest son, The pole that keeps them their is from my husband...meaning since I was not around the past three days, They visited here and left these things."So that would explain one of the few things Judith did outside of Fairy Tail, She was here entirely weather or not to feel at peace or not was a good question.

#20Kaito Todaro 

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Kaito Todaro
That is kinda tragic that she wanted to be alone, I guess I see why you try to push me to be less secluded and open. He gently pats her on the back, not sure he should have done it but felt he must. He looks down and sighs, thinking about his last encounter with Kaz the sneak thief. Yeah last I saw Kaz, he was lurking around invisible to take things. Clearly not sure what kind of guild master goes invisible to sneak into a kitchen, from how he had heard people talk about him and his long list of achievements he expected someone that wasn’t lurking and taking things like a sneak thief, though he has no room to take as he snuck into the guild kitchen to bake cause he didn’t want anyone to see him baking.

Yeah I bet someone like that left a few huge voids, maybe one day I will be strong enough to not be a burden. But if I stay a small fry I will leave less voids… Revy pinches his cheek. He stops looking so sullen and he looks at the items again as she tells him about them. Sounds like you all have a strong family tie, it is good they came to see her and that they left their mark so both her and you could tell they had come. He tilts his head back with a smile looking at the clouded sky, wondering if someone is watching over them as well. The sun peeks through the clouds for but a second hitting Kai right in the eyes and he laughs softly thinking to himself that was a quick answer.

How is a respectful way, I may pay respects to her? He looks to Judith cause he knows a few different ways to do this task but he wishes not to insult her or her daughter so he is not strangled in the next life by her for disrespecting her in a past life, even though he figures that to be impossible he can not rule it happening out. Revy jumps down off of Kai’s shoulder and looks around the graves.

#21Judith Karlinius 

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Judith Karlinius
For a moment it seemed as Judith stood here, There was a still feeling of calmness here. Like being here just seemed to leave her at a place of peace and quiet. Even of the situation behind the three graves were grim, It just seemed like if they where all here and untouched it allowed Judith to feel better, The bonus was just how her family showed that they remembered."Most of my family tend to enjoy being by themselves, I am generally now days the one trying to show most people, How it could be okay for the opposite of it."It almost seemed like now, it was starting to show maybe, Judith as fearing this things she held very close and dear to her heart is starting to risk to fall apart, She was doing her best to keep it together, Kaito was experiencing a part of Judith's own personal trial.

Nonetheless she seemed to manage well."Take each life lesson in stride, It will have it's dark times and light times."Sure this was coming from Judith at most likely progressing dark moments in her life, But it showed that even then she would give the best advise she could with in these situations."Learn also that taking breaks and defeats are okay."It was also something out or no where to mention, But had a good reason for it.

"A respectful way is fairly simple, Whatever you make choose to do is entirely up to you, A pray, a moment of quiet, a symbol to remember...It is entirely up to you."So there was no right or wrong way as long as you did not do anything to ruin the grave.

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Kaito Todaro
He enjoys the calm of this place with her, he listens as she speaks about her family keeping to themselves, this surprises him as much as she is motherly and always there for people that she is the black sheep it seems. I see you are trying to lead them a little more toward the lighter side, I would feel bad if they didn’t follow your example. Cause losing you would probably leave a huge rift for them and fairy tail, so don’t go doing anything to risky you hear me? He points to her with a teasing tone and a smile. He knows he is getting ahead of himself but he also knows above all else she is still a person and she needs to know she has people that back and support her as well, even if it is him.

Revy looks at Kai from behind the graves. Did you tell her about that crazy that Kai shushes Revy to make her stop talking. Kai nods to her talking about taking life’s lessons in stride, he knows he has to do these things, but he has never been one for taking long breaks or idling, he feels his last defeat was to that oaf Emil cause Kai took the fall for him, but he coulda won, but Emil may have died from the fall, Kai knew to aim for the trees not the water to break his fall from the cliff.

He looks at the grave then rubs his chin, then walks over to where there is some snow and he removes a glove and melts the snow in his hand then focusing the water turns to a sparkling ice rose in his unloved hand that shimmers a blue color in the light with a fairy tail logo on the side of the rose. He figures it is common enough to leave a rose on a grave, he knows it won’t last forever probably just until spring comes when it will melt, but he knows that maybe even she would have disliked his meek distant self, she probably wouldn’t have minded a rose of blue. He walks over and he gently places the ice blue rose down by the other stuff left to her on her grave and gently claps his hands softly to pray, then he backs up back to Judith.

I hope she likes it or she might come to haunt me or hunt me in my next life. He laughs softly sliding his glove back on to warm his slightly chilled hand, he knows he shouldn’t joke about it, but he hopes that it helps lift a little of the burden from her heart and shoulders, to hear him be a bit more lighter, he met every word he had said here to her, so he wasn’t lying or making a story. He looks to her and wonders if his words and actions helped or if he just poured salt in her wound.

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Judith Karlinius
It would only be met with some what of a smile, Kaito tried only given where they were standing at it was mostly likely far different from how Judith should honestly be spending her holidays but at least it showed maybe her guiding was not overly overwhelming but more out of worry and controlled well."Alas, Fate always has it ways of getting what it views it's choosing."These kind of things might be the most unhappy one could see or picture Judith in. But given what she most likely vested in for her family and she valued them that much, maybe it was just her family and Fairy Tail was all she had in the end.

That moment she seemed more curious on what he would do rather then what Revy spoke about, Because sometimes, Things that happen when she was not around where not her worry, It was something she at least made herself commit too, to not just seem too nosy."I am unsure if anything we leave behind would get to her, I would have to figure out if there was anything else in the beyond regions of life."That however might branch into things far to risky for things that Judith might not need to trend upon.

Nonetheless Judith would walk over to the two other graves bearing her family last name, Make sure they where cleaned off."I will have to get flower for them later."already back to her normal self it seemed. A sign that Judith would believe everything was okay in the end, Everything going on could continue in life."Anything else you want to ask about my family while were here?"It was an interesting chance for Kaito. Judith seemed delighted and at peace, Most likely planning to return to town after being done here.

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Kaito Todaro
i guess you have a big point fate… He looks away he wonders what she is thinking right now, or what she is looking to do from here, he figures he has helped her a bit. Revy looks unhappy at Kai shushing her, she thinks this woman should know some crazy person said he is the rebirth of a demon lord, even though she doesn’t believe Kai could be something like a demon.

I think, even if they are gone they can feel us thinking about them and leaving our gifts of love, thoughts or remembering them. He smiles and half his face looks like it is masked in shadow making his smile on that side look sinister. But when he moves his face looking back at the grave then back at her his face looks normal again.

He follows her and he looks at the two other graves. who do these two belong too ? You needn’t tell me if you don’t want to. He rubs that back of his head not wanting to seem too nosing but he wonders who these two wonderful people once were. He signals Revy back to himself and he rubs the tops of her head with his gloved hand hoping she will forgive him for being rude to her, but he figures she will forgive him later anyways, cause she has yet to hold a grudge against him so far. He wonders if Judith is gonna what to split up after this stop or if she wants to head around more, as his day is free he is fine to keep walking around.

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Judith Karlinius
Judith seemed to quietly agree with him upon what he thought of if people existed with in the means of beyond of life. Maybe this was why Judith kept always coming back here and keeping it neat and clean."If only in some manner, I could prove it. However I am unsure if I want to know what happens when going that far."It seemed like Judith almost was telling herself to not go into that boundary of magic, for how knew what kind of rabbit hole she would go down with that. But maybe this was also Judith's normal internal struggles at play again.

So now they went more into Judith's life maybe a tail starting to build more with sorrow then anything else."It is not to discount their lives,They have been dead for longer then Judina."Maybe just the mental wounds she once had with their passing had healed a fair amount a go. Their story was however fair different then Judina, Their end would most likely be fairly more depressing to hear of.

"These two are the graves of my daughter in law and my granddaughter, Killed by the hand of my oldest son."She did not go into fill detail, But it seemed the details upon these seemed to be a lot more depressing."I had them buried here after Judina had found them, Just as much as my daughter did, They deserved a much better life then what fate gave them."Judith seemed protective of life, Because she understood what losing it was, as well as how it effected people.

Nonetheless after walking over to the graves, Kneeling down for a moment of a quiet.Judith seemed content to move one."Now, Shall we continue on somewhere else? after all, Should also do something to celebrate the joys of life too."Judith did not seem to view it healthy to linger upon death too long, most likely already having done so a fair amount."Shall we go get some tea?"After all there was always things to talk about that was brighter with the world.

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