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Garden in the Wolves Den [Open/Infinity Wolves]

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#1Nathaniel Hikyuu 

Garden in the Wolves Den [Open/Infinity Wolves] Empty Wed Dec 22, 2021 9:54 pm

Nathaniel Hikyuu

Lush greens and yellow leaves decorated the earth before him. The grass bent gently beneath his sandals and the earth made way for a number of structures and large trees in the back of the Infinity Wolves guild. The pristine ivory buildings cropped up sporadically against the greenery leaving no spot without interest. The delicate dance of green, white and gold against the blues of the sky left nothing to be desired. He felt...satisfied? Just existing in the garden made him feel quite content, he felt as though he were living through some of his mother's memories of her elven homeland.

Something about the garden reached out to him, touching his soul. Wind circulated around him briefly as he inhaled deeply, releasing into a soft breeze as he tugged on the air with his mana. Brushing past him and into the garden, Nathaniel found himself drawn to a large tree that sat nested between two others. Its curves and shape speaking of it's unyielding spirit and fight for survival. It curled oddly, past it's brethren and reached towards the clouds with outstretched hands from which leaves sprouted and rejoiced.

The boy felt his top pressed against his back, it's off white color and near beige floral pattern dancing in the wind. He wore a pair of orange khakis with brown sandals, every part of his outfit existing in a warm hue. His chest was exposed to the air and his necklace clamored politely against his skin. He smiled, his eyes opened barely as he tucked his left hand in his pocket and held his katana loosely by it's sheathe.  

"I think this guild was the right choice..." He uttered, bending slightly as he reached the tree, bowing as he offered his respects. "Sorry to disturb you." he whispered, reaching his hand from his pocket onto the bark, wedging his weapon onto a branch and using it to climb higher into the wooden beast. He found himself cozy a few branches up, his leg hanging from the tree as he watched the clouds through the leaves.

He felt like he had obtained peace.

#2Lee Nakamura 

Garden in the Wolves Den [Open/Infinity Wolves] Empty Thu Dec 23, 2021 12:36 am

Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn felt better after a drink or two dealing with the stress. She gently drank a little bit of her fruity drink with her daughter being dealt with by her mother. A god sent in itself. Nevermore, the guildmaster had her papers out filing them in order of urgency needing to be done. Astera was a good idea to settle down. There was the sea side she grew to love along with her daughter and fiance. She had her guild members to support her as well with her family. To be honest, she was glad things were working out. A lot was starting to work him.

While filing things in order, she knew there was someone up above her by scent. Though, she was not wanting to say anything to not disturb the fresh blood. That's what she call newbies nowadays. "I am glad. I made this guild with outsiders like myself in mind" she mentioned. She had her eye sight set on her paperwork, but focus on the person above her. There were many things hse had to think of but this was a good distraction from work and family life. Guildmastering wasnt for the faint of heart. Things had been rough to the start but slowly everything was working out for the best in its own way.

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#3Nathaniel Hikyuu 

Garden in the Wolves Den [Open/Infinity Wolves] Empty Thu Dec 23, 2021 7:46 am

Nathaniel Hikyuu

He was caught a bit off guard, his expression and posture remained relaxed as he felt himself fade into the tree. What he thought was a conversation between him and mother nature resulted in a conversation between him and the head of the guild. His eyes landed on the red-head as he peered just beneath himself to find her diligently filling sheets of paper.

He snickered for a second, he couldn't fully recall their first interaction, actually he couldn't recall many of his interactions with his guild mates. But from his recollection the woman was always busy and there weren't many moments she had free."Busy as always, Captain?" Nat's eyes became soft smiles as he began to speak. "Finally get a moment with you without feeling like a nuisance." He snickered again, his chest rising and lowering along with his laughter.

"You know, every guild stands by something. Lamia Scale and beauty, Fairy Tail and it's 'do what we must' mindset. But it never crossed my mind that a guild would wish to stand by 'outcasts'." He paused for a moment as if considering his words carefully. "You're something special, Guildmaster."

Selflessly obtaining strength for others seemed important to him, though he could not attribute this feature to his Joyan culture or Encan culture. Both focused on similar points for either a group, or an individual and honestly, Nat was never sure why he wanted to be strong. This guild felt as though he finally had a reason, however he had to admit, compared to him...the guild was full of monsters.

#4Lee Nakamura 

Garden in the Wolves Den [Open/Infinity Wolves] Empty Thu Dec 23, 2021 7:30 pm

Lee Nakamura
LeeAnn listened intently. Granted she was a busy women according to her comrades and furture husband. She always found time for her family, that was a given. After what had happened to her, she better cherish them a lot more than her brothers ever did. Of course, her father was fond of his newly appointed son-in-law. Though, he still was a little hard on the guy. Alex was a good guy and she was lucky to be set up with him. Nat commented how busy she was glad to have something down time away from her office and the slapping water of her daughter's pet stingray, Phandom.

She laughed a little. Infinity Wolves was something ahead of it's own time according to her parents. Not many people willing to admit she was right. There was many people who have threatened the Fire Breathing Dragon herself nurmerous times. Though, that never played out well with them. She dealt with them personally. She heard out the new comer about how special the guild was. He complitmented on her being special. It was the first time someone, some stranger told that to her. This caught her attention, making her look up from her work. This caused a smile. "Guilds these days don't stand for outsiders like us. I mean look at me, a demi-human lizard. No matter what faction I was in, nobody treated me the same as humans. Rune Knights nor Blue Pegasus. So, created my own" she spoke of. She closed her file and stared up at her guild mate.

"I created this guild as a safe house, providing people a place to stay for free in exchange they help run the facility such as helping cook food and get their life started. Something someone helped me with. So you see, we stand on our own four paws. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise who you are. I am no one special just a person doing what I think is right" she spoke.

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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.
#5Nathaniel Hikyuu 

Garden in the Wolves Den [Open/Infinity Wolves] Empty Fri Dec 24, 2021 9:43 am

Nathaniel Hikyuu

"Aye." He started, locking eyes with the captain for a moment, "You fought and earned the respect you have, created a home for a number of us and gave us a chance to do the same." He responded, snickering once again, his eyes closing behind his joy as he thought for a moment about the master's words. This was a woman he could look up to and someone he could imagine learning from, someone he was proud to call his leader and for him to land here so quickly after leaving home must be nothing less than fate. As she declined his compliment, ensuring him she was merely doing what she should his face turned to a bit of a frown.

"Should I ask the rest of the guild if you are no one special then?" He sat up a bit, no longer laying against the branch but instead finding himself sitting upright on the branch just off the leaders right shoulder in alignment. "I never thought the head wolf would be so modest, I'm shocked." He tilted his head for a moment while his legs began to swing, the soft material from his floral shirt caressing his sides as he turned once again to the leaves above him and thought for a few moments."From this position I almost forgot you had fangs." He smirked at his own remark.

"Is this going  to be our first argument? I always thought it'd be about sharing the best spots in the guild to nap." His jovial nature continued shining through as he continued to poke fun at the captain over her response. "I'm not much of an outcast, well I don't feel like one. I'm too much of a 'hippy' for humans but not enough so to be friends with the elves. I don't care enough about the shogun to be a member of the Joyan state but the Encan tundras are not very friendly to a wind mage like me." He sighed for a moment, his legs stopping as he did so. "I just want to feel at home, and the person who created that home is special to me." He looked down once more, pulling his bottom eyelid down a bit and sticking his tongue out, "Like it or not, Captain."

#6Lee Nakamura 

Garden in the Wolves Den [Open/Infinity Wolves] Empty Mon Dec 27, 2021 9:26 pm

Lee Nakamura
Her face to turned as red as her hair. The orange locks were wild and firey just like her personality. She grinned a little bit feeling a little flattered at such compliments. "I think you are too kind. I am just a demi-lizard doing what I think is right. I saw a problem with our system and wanted to try to change that" she spoke. She leaned back against the tree taking in the gardens. It has really evolved with my mother's and grandmother's work. They really had a green thumb, something she never inherited from her father. Thinking about role models, she thought about her elder brother. Hikaru was her biggest inspiration to do anything. When suicide really tried to take her, Hikaru came to mind and most of the time she would stop. It took a long time to get to the point in her life to be happy enough with herself and her current state of daily life. There was a small set of silence as she thought more and more about her own demons and angels.

"This was a group effort. I maybe the guildmaster, but look at everyone. They make the guild, I just lead it. Kon, Atani, and Raymus all make it was well. They and I are the founders. I think of us as a team. A good alpha realizes her faults and depends on others to help where she is weak" she spoke. LeeAnn had learned that from them and her elder brother. He once spoke how he as more independent and she was more depent and they were both wanting to become more like each other. His laugh warmed her heart thinking of him. Where ever he laid, she hoped he was okay. "It's not so much as an argument as a debate. I just believe I am nothing special. Just a simple demi-human doing I think is right. I wanted someplace to call home and so did my old guildmates, so I create this" she spoke. LeeAnn left out a few details on a few things. She closed her eyes and listened to Nathaniel's story. She could compare a little bit with Joyan culture. It was too constricting her to taste even with Manzo's help. She liked her life with the help. "Kinda why I made it. So people like us wouldn't feel alone and have a chance at life. Everyone deserves it unless you attack my family or guild, torture shall come" she spoke.

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#7Nathaniel Hikyuu 

Garden in the Wolves Den [Open/Infinity Wolves] Empty Tue Dec 28, 2021 8:34 am

Nathaniel Hikyuu
Nathaniel pondered for a second, his hand moving to his chin, stroking the patch of skin where a beard would go. "So I can be too kind, but You can't be someone special." he continued to dramatize the moment as he tilted his head back bit, staring into the sky and humming for a second as if actually thinking about the situation deeply. "Well, Captain, if you want to be right what else am I supposed to tell you? I guess denying it makes you a special kind of special." He smiled teasing the guild master before chuckling to himself momentarily as his grin widened, hands setting back onto the tree's branch as he stabilized himself. "Semantics." He added, "Your value is non-negotiable. Where I'm concerned you special, you're my leader and I don't just listen to everyone."

Though now that she mentioned it the boy had yet to meet the other founding members now that he thought about it. He hadn't met very many people from the guild. Were the Infinity Wolves secretly a group of lone wolves? His eyes searched the garden momentarily, as if looking for something in particular but struggled to locate anything that might indicate the presence or influence of anyone else. "This garden was who's responsibility? I want to thank them personally, it's so peaceful here." He looked around again before continuing, "What exactly did the others contribute, I know little about the history of the guild and I'd love to know. I did pledge to be your brother in arms."

Before long he had another question, "Are demi-human lizards very common? I think you're the first I met but my experience in Fiore is uh...limited." He questioned, "Tell me about yourself a bit Captain, I'm interested in learning more about what makes you...you."

#8Lee Nakamura 

Garden in the Wolves Den [Open/Infinity Wolves] Empty Tue Dec 28, 2021 12:00 pm

Lee Nakamura
She laughed a little at her newer member's excution of being extremely dramatic. In all honesty, she really didn't want to be into the spotlight. She found it to be a bit unsettling to her. To LeeAnn, it was a source of being selfish for things she considered to just be everyday life. There was a lot more help that made this guild a reality. She had to give everyone credit including her current members. They helped make this guild what it was today. "It's a team effort. Let's settle on that one" she spoke. When he added more of the conversation that made her perk up. The sentence she was still trying to process. Being called a leader was hard enough for her to understand. Someone actually looking at her in this light was eye opening. A complete stranger thought of her as that kind of person. "The concept of being a guildmaster is still a new one to me. I am glad I could provide that for someone thats not a founding member" she smiled.

Nathaniel mentioned about the garden. It was really everyone's responsibility. Really, it was her mother's hobby and dream to have a whole garden. Something her father really wasn't too keen on. Now her mother could garden til' her hearts content. "It's my mother's hobby, she loves gardenning, but really it's everyone's responsibility. I see member and refugees helping out too" she mentioned. The whole guild made this place magical.

"Honestly, I wish I knew the history. Its a mystery, I just knew it. All I know it's been in my family for a while now" she mentioned. She got up to stretch her legs until she showed some of her red and orange scales on her shoulders and neck. Honestly, I have not idea. I was a demi-kitsune, but for some reason one day I woke up like this. Who knows" she shrugged. He seemed persistant on her and what she was like. The guildmaster had to reward the admriation. "Well, I am the head of the Nakamura family and was once a in the Rune Knights and previously apart of the Blue Pegasus guild. I am an Inferno Dragon Slayer, third generation. Not to brag...that's just a small summary. Say, since were getting know each other. Tell me a bit about yourself?"

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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.
#9Nathaniel Hikyuu 

Garden in the Wolves Den [Open/Infinity Wolves] Empty Tue Dec 28, 2021 2:23 pm

Nathaniel Hikyuu
Grinning wide he agreed, "Aye. A team effort it is." It seemed like they'd be in an endless loop of thanking one another as time marched onwards, "And I'm glad I have the opportunity to represent it." His response was a tad more serious than his usual tone, "This thing is pretty permanent you know." He added, tapping his guild mark gently.

Lee continued, informing him about the garden and it's maintenance, he never would have thought it be a community effort, hearing that immediately showed him he was clearly not doing his part. He let his mind wander for a moment. The tundra taught him little else beyond the harsh combative nature of wind magic, but very little about it's soft embrace. What could a wind mage offer a garden? He drew thoughts of pushing leaves and seeds across the field and clearing leaves in the fall. He basically imagined himself a glorified janitor. "Sounds like I have many thanks to give, the best thanks might just be doing my part."

Seeing her scales made the situation all the more real, she really was part reptilian but according to her she used to be a kitsune instead. "Do you ever miss it?" He asked in regards to her former self, he couldn't imagine waking up and one day losing part of his elven lineage. It was scary to him, "I can't imagine how that might feel, being an elf is so core to my being, as much as being human."

There was a lot to unpack there, a lot of questions he wanted to ask as she responded in kindness however there was only so much he could possibly pry at the moment. She in turn asked him about himself and he nodded, "Aye." He hung upside down from the tree for a moment, in thought as he held his chin once more. "I grew up among elves in Enca. My time in Fiore has been much shorter than you'd probably think. I was taught the way of the sword by my father, but as you can imagine Enca is not exactly prime grounds for fighting or practice." He looked as his blade for a moment before letting his body fall from the tree, rotating and landing on his feet in a crouch. "Using wind magic was always hard in a storm, like i've said, so using an object as a conduit..." He halted. Holding his sword out and letting his mana tug the air around him into a vortex around his blade before dispelling it into a breeze. "I could survive in the wilderness alone with any tool."

He thought about it. The connection between him and his magic. A style molded through survival and creativity. "My father called me the Slipstream Samurai and my elders said it is the wind that will bring about change. So I guess i have a lot to live up to." A warm smile crossed his face as finished, looking back to his fearsome leader. "Unlike your name I'm not sure what Hikyuu means in the land of Joya but I guess i'll give it meaning here in Fiore."

He blinked twice, "My apologies for ranting, I was so curious about your dragon magic and I completely got carried away." He laughed through his teeth, "Dragonslayers are legends I've heard of, I didn't think the magic actually existed. Fiore is such a crazy place."

#10Lee Nakamura 

Garden in the Wolves Den [Open/Infinity Wolves] Empty Tue Dec 28, 2021 11:10 pm

Lee Nakamura
There was no running away from this attention. She better get used to it. Nathaniel point to his guild tattoo mentioning this was permanet. She seemed a little confused. The tattoo or the fact he was staying in the guild? She was a little unsure. "I am a little confused. Do you mean the tattoo or the fact your staying in the guild? Sorry I need a little bit more clarification" she asked.

LeeAnn listened to the boy before her. The garden was one of the many examples of how the group was much like a wolf pack. She never wanted to take credit for everything. The pack was like a clock, every gear plays the role in it's overall function. "No need. You just got here. There are many things you can help the guild by, just by doing jobs you are providing for us. You get a free place to stay, free food, everything. All I get in return is a portion of the money to help run the guild and provide for refugees as payment for doing jobs around here. This place is a safehouse for non-human races. The garden is just one of may examples of a group effort" she spoke. She smiled thinking about how her daughter was the 'head of the aquarium department' as she put it. Hikari was more of the spokesman. The other guild members and herself took care of the wildlife. "I mean we've got the garden, training, helping out with the aquariums around the guild, maintance, even entertainment or cooking. I made it like this to help everyone even non-guild members get a second chance. See why I refuse to take credit for everything" she smiled.

She listened to the boy's past. This really interested her since she never met anyone from Enca before. Joyan culture was something she had a bit of a taste in and never really cared for it. She did enjoy it, but even, if she was half-Joyan, she was never going to be apart of it. Her life in Fiore with her family was who she truly was. He used wind magic and a sword. He grew up with the elves, but was trained by his father using a sword with his wind magic in hand. He never was really good using staright up wind magic from what she had gathered. She listened very intently trying to picture everything. "So, your whole gimmck is using objects with your wind magic? Interesting, have you ever thought about...wind-making magic? Liek creating objects out of wind? Never seen it before, but I may have a close friend of mine who could help you with wind magic. That's if he still uses it. Sorry go on" she asked. He explained why he doesnt know what his name meant. Last name. LeeAnn surprising was familar with the word, but it was a little foggy. Her time in Joya was shorter than most, but she could piece the word together a little bit.

"If it makes you feel any better, I have not a clue what my last name means. Then again, the last name's meaning doesnt really resonate with me as much as the family that makes the name. I maybe head of my family, but the name is only a name." in terms, she was right. The name was just a slang for a longer sentence. To her, it was you did with that name that would give you meaning to yourself. He explained how he was osrry for ranting and was more interested in such a ancient magic such as Dragonslayer. It was only in legends. She laughed a bit. "I am one of many dragonslayers. WE maybe few, but my cousin, Konyo, is a dragonslayer as well. I believe he's ice. He's, also, in the guild. One of my previous...colleagues is a dragon slayer as well" she spoke. The hesitation at the mention of colleagues made her mouth go dry thinking of him. What happened to him since the war from Atani reaction to him made her blood run cold. How in the world a fire mage managed to feel cold was unbelieveable to her.

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One must emulate both the fox and the lion, because a lion cannot defy a snare, while a fox cannot defy a pack of wolves.
#11Nathaniel Hikyuu 

Garden in the Wolves Den [Open/Infinity Wolves] Empty Wed Dec 29, 2021 9:38 am

Nathaniel Hikyuu
"Both, even if I lose my arm I'd have to get the tattoo somewhere else." He responded, calm and collected as usual. Standing eye to eye with Lee with a bit strange. Although their heights were roughly the same, her presence felt so much more...intimidating. She commanded an air of respect, not much the same could be said about him he had the vibe of a slacker.

Upon hearing how she had set the guild up, it's inner workings and volunteer system, he couldn't stop smile. She had it all figured out and he would just have to keep working on bigger and badder quests. However, that didn't stop him from asserting himself. "You'll still find me helping around the garden." He added, "Call it my elven blood if that makes it easier." Chuckling again as he placed his hands gently behind his head, while he was lazy, he always found time for the outdoors. He didn't have many ways to give back to nature in Fiore, maybe this was something he could adapt post missions. "Plus, imagine all the interesting things I can learn from the people we help. So many new views and perspectives, cultures and lifestyles. I can't wait. But I guess i'll let you have the whole, not doing it alone bit."

As Lee commented on his magic he raised a brow. Making things from the wind? When he tried in the past, making shelters and the like he always found wind to be so unstable. Manifesting an entire object out of the air and using it for any defined purpose sounded incredibly difficult. Air was constantly moving, it wasn't like inflating a balloon, how would he hold the shape. "wind...make." He commented, unsure of what to even do with this revelation, but upon hearing about a wind mage Nat's ears perked up, so much so his piercings jumped enthusiastically. "Yes please, I knew a lot of water mages, not very many wind mages. It'd be great to meet an expert. Which part of Fiore do I need to travel to?"

Thinking about it more he couldn't fully wrap his head around it, "Making things out of the wind sounds...strenuous but if it's possible...I'll figure it out." He paused, deep in thought for a second as he thought about it. He was snapped back as Lee responded, it's interesting to him to hear how important the familial lineage was. "Something we share then. I won't dig too much, but I do hope your family is doing well. For a family to have as much land as this, I can only imagine how stressful it is to lead them all." He said with a minor bow following behind it.

He was kind of shocked to hear about there being not one but two dragonslayers here. Even a third she was personally connected to. It was like there was some big Dragonslayer anonymous meeting he just wasn't invited to. "That's crazy to think about, wasn't this some of the strongest magic to ever exist? To think there would be two of you here alone, and a third somewhere out there as well." He stopped for a moment, "The world is such a small place, Captain. But there are so many mysteries I don't even know where to begin."

The boy rolled onto the ground, sprawled out like a star and staring into the sky for a brief moment. "There's just so much I don't know." He said softly, his expression blank for a moment before he laughed, "I can't wait."

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