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Nice mask you have. (Solo Quest)

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Nice mask you have. (Solo Quest) Empty Mon Dec 20, 2021 12:22 pm

Emil walks up to the theater and he cracks his knuckles and he is not gonna stand for a man harassing women of the theater from the city his guild is in, and as the madam tells him about the man and how scared the girls are. He is enraged at hearing this mans audacity to send a note and attack poor women only doing their job.

Emil walks around the theater and looks for anyone acting weird or funny or for anyone appearing and disappearing from sight. He takes notes of some of the places there could be passages under the theater and thinks of places and times this masked man could come and get in.

Emil goes outside and he looks for any muddy prints of anyone walking around the back in the slush. He doesn't see any that concerned him. He hears the show starting inside and he figures he should stay closer to the building just missing someone moving in the small amount of wooded area behind the theater.

Emil walks back toward the theater, then his danger sense goes off and he moves and throws a punch back at the masked man that just tried to hit him from behind to take him out the man took it to the mask sliding backwards. Nice try asshole!

The masked man looks stunned by being hit then runs past Emil and into the theater disappearing into the crowd. Emil comes running in but is trying not to ruin the show as he looks for the man in the dim lighted room. Emil thinks to himself "he has to be here some where i hit him squarely."

The man takes out a few of the back stage guards, sliding into a room to recover from the punch he took to the face. Emil figures he has to look back stage for where this man is. Hopefully he hasn't hurt any of the girls.

Emil gets back stage and starts looking in rooms for this run away monster of a man that took that hit to the face and didn't collapse like a sack of potatoes, Emil knows this man is not someone to mess with and is dangerous.

Emil doesn't find the man, but sees a trail of blood and he follows it to a door that looks like it leads to a basement area, he leans in a little to look then gets drop kicked in the back sending Emil falling down the stairs. Emil braces himself and rolls with the fall to lower his chance of dying and landing on his neck the man closes the door locking it.

The man laughs deeply then stalks the back halls looking for his prey to take and do with as he wishes. Emil lands hard at the bottom of the stairs a bit winded but he knows he has to get back up.

He forces himself to his feet then he hurries up the stairs not feeling overly injured just heavily winded from the fall. He gets to the top of the stairs and the door is locked and he breaks the door to get out of the basement. Emil hurries down the hall and hears the screams of the actresses as the man appears on the stage taking them in his arms.

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Nice mask you have. (Solo Quest) Empty Mon Dec 20, 2021 12:23 pm

The man yells a threat to the crowd if anyone interferes with him taking the women he will harm them very badly. Emil runs out and raises a finger a if challenging the man. Fight me you coward, those women are innocent actresses. He starts walking closer to the man ready to beat this man who just had tried to kill him by throwing him down the stairs.

The man starts running the women in his arms, Emil pulls his fist and arm back a golden-purple Magic seal appears and a fist shaped projectile flys from it as he punches into the magic seal. The man takes the hit to his back losing his footing and letting the women go they fall to the ground a little roughly, Emil doesn't waste a second rushing right after and tackling the man out the back of the theater punching the man on the ground.

The man is defending but is feeling Emil's enraged punches that are starting to crack his mask, the man throws mud in Emil's eyes blinding him momentarily, the man flips Emil off then starts pounding on Emil who takes the punches unflinchingly as he rubs the mud out of his own eyes, and throws some stiff punches out in the air hoping to connect with the masked man. The man dodges the wild punches the best he can.

Emil connects with a half-blind wild swing of his arm, the man letting loose a pained scream after what sounded like a crunch, Emil thinks he broke the mans jaw with that punch. The man pulls out a knife and goes to stab Emil who punches the ground and a Golden-purple magic seal appears and gilded lightning shoots up from under the ground hitting the man.

Someone comes running and grabs the man and flees with him Emil starts chasing after the other man but he knows he can't catch them. He calms down then returns to the theater, people looking at him who is covered in mud and blood and looks like he is still sorta pissed.

He walks inside to go check on the actresses  to make sure they are okay, one has a small cut on her face from when the man dropped her, but she doesn't blame Emil who saved her even if she did get a little roughed up. The Manager looks Emil up and down thinking he looks like a very poor sight, bruised, bloodied, she tends to his wounds and hands him his payment before patting his head and sending him on his way. Emil takes his jewels and he guesses he will head for the hot springs if they will let him in with a slight head injury.

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