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Kaito takes on the stage. (Solo Quest)

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#1Kaito Todaro 

Kaito takes on the stage. (Solo Quest) Empty Thu Dec 16, 2021 6:35 am

Kaito Todaro
Kaito comes hurrying up nervous for the show, he gets to the back and they show him his costume which is pretty much what he is wearing but fancy with more frills. Kai removes his mask and he sees the staff looking at him wear, guessing they are just not use to more then one guy walking around here masked. Kai puts on the new mask which is darker and more intimating with an oni on the front. They help him with his long wavy hair to get it up and they give him a jet black wig and he places it on looking far more scary then normal.

They start working on making the cloak fit him better, as it was a little to loose and soon he is fitted out and they give him a bo staff as a prop weapon. They go over what the show entails him to need to do but warn him the lead actor is a stickler and wants it to look and feel real. Kai wonders what this means but know there is no time as the show is about to start so Kai goes out to watch the play a little and he can tell the lead actor is a pro just by watching his movements how he speaks his lines and the crowd is in baited breath.

Kai is still nervous cause he doesn't want to blow this request or get yelled at by the lead actor cause he knows he deserves to be yelled at, but he knows he has to do this even if his mouth feels drier then a desert and his palms are getting sweaty. He steps back taking a breath and looks at the other actors and actresses running around keeping a soft hum of whispers making sure to get in their places before the scenes start and doing it very well to Kai who wonders how he got the spot her as the silent end bad guy figuring it was cause they saw him walking around with his own cloak and mask. Kai starts spinning the staff they handed him in his hand without thinking just watching the show and the stage manager walks over and asks him to stop twirling it like that, because others are working back here and they don't need him hitting someone by accident or destroying a piece of the set.

Kai stops it dead in his palm holding it across his own back. Sorry I am a little nervous. The manager walks away a little weirded out by him. Kai goes to see if he can be of anymore use and he sees some of the actresses staring at him so he back tracks to stay out of the way, sorta feeling a little judged by their glances he knows he will be cued soon to go out and do his part even though he has no lines he still has to put on a show.

#2Kaito Todaro 

Kaito takes on the stage. (Solo Quest) Empty Thu Dec 16, 2021 6:36 am

Kaito Todaro
Kai taking a deep breath trying to get his focus so not to trip over himself and his cue comes and out he comes running like they said he points his bo staff at the lead actor then twirls it looking like it is part of his arm. The lead actor fires off some spells, Kai uses the bo staff to dance around his attacks and get closer and he snaps his fingers on his free hand that isn't spinning the staff and a White magic seal appears in front of him and he swipes the staff through it releasing a projectile of wind at the lead actor which he dodges and comes in close to Kai getting hit in the back by the projectiles return path.

The actor staggers a little from the unexpected hit. Vile beast how dare you take so much from us and to dare strike me with your vile magic! He goes to run at Kai, who in turn points and snaps his finger a cyan magic seal appearing under the lead actor then upon raising a finger a sparkling tendril comes up grabbing the lead actors legs stopping him in his tracks and Kai leans back doing a evil dark deep sounding laugh as a sound effect goes off from back stage which means it is time to shift to Kai being the one on the back foot.

The Lead actor breaks free from the binding spell and starts raising offence with Kai using the staff to look like he is weakly parrying sword blows, then taking a decent close rage blow from his mans magic that sends him sliding across the stage and Kai takes a knee. This is where it ends vile creature! The lead actor thrusts the prop sword into Kai who falls back clutching at the sword and falling flat on his back.

The lead actor turns to the crowd and with a booming voice says his line.The creature has been defeated may we all have the peace we all strive for and return to a new sense of normal. He pulls the fake sword from Kai's body raising it in victory and the curtains close to the crowds booming applause and Kai gets to his feet to take the final bow with the other actors and hopes they don't have many complaints about the way he handled that final scene cause that was fun.

He goes into the back to see the manager there ready to tell them how that did. You all did so well and we ended it strongly as well, did he live up to what you hoped ? She looks at the lead actor who smiles from under his mask. Yes he did, when you brought him in i thought i was gonna have to carry the weight on stage for that scene but he did his part. He bows to kai who bows back to him surprised the lead actor had praised him.

The manager pays him and has him go get changed back into his normal clothes and then Kai heads out not sure where he was gonna head.

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