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A babysitter really!??? (Solo quest D-Rank)

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A babysitter really!??? (Solo quest D-Rank) Empty Mon Dec 13, 2021 3:13 pm

Emil walks up to the Hinoki Theater and walks in wondering what this watching of children training was gonna be and how hard they were gonna be training and what weapon they would be training. He sees the manager and he follows her with a smile and wonders what this training room looks like when he walks in he is disappointed they are training to learn to act not to learn to fight, figuring it was probably somewhere in the fine print of the request but as he is already on it his honor won't let him abandon it now.

He stands and watches them training in acting and he tries not to laugh out loud at some of them being just horrible and not fall asleep from being completely bored watching this. During the first break he sees two girls fighting over a dress costume that one of them will be wearing in the near future for a show. If you have to fight over it, it means you lack the confidence in your skill so you feel you have to compete for it instead of earning it through your own skill. Both girls look at him turning red then they both let go of it and Emil puts it back then notices a boy is off to the side alone but before he can approach him the break is over.

Emil keeps an eye on this boy through the next part of class and sees he is really not enjoying himself and seems to have the leftest of left feet. He studies the steps the teacher is trying to teach but the teacher seems to not be slowing down even though the boy is struggling, Emil figures this is how they weed out the weaker of the older students so they can have the cream of the crop.

During the next Break he walks up to the boy who seems very discouraged and moping. They are rough on you huh kid ? The boy looks at him and then looks away feeling embarrassed. Emil stands the boy up and shows him slower how the step is even though he is a lumbering giant himself. Make sure you keep the front of your mid foot planted it will help your balance and make the spin pivot easier on you. The boy tries it as he said and he keeps his balance far better then he was in the class so he works on the steps more before break is over.

Some have to work harder that is what makes it more worth it kid remember that, some get it easy others need the heart to work harder. Emil pounds his own chest in pride with a big dumb smile. The boys face gets red and smiles willing to keep trying even if it takes all he has he will prove himself.

When class resumes the boy is giving it his all like Emil told him too. Emil is proud and smiles and keeps his eyes on the class to make sure they are all being safe. The end of class comes and Emil makes sure every child is taken by who should be taking them even scaring a few fakes away with their tails between their legs. Emil heads to the office and reports to the manager who seems very happy with his work even though she knew he was disappointed at first, pays him and sends him off with a wink.

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