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Always a bigger fish. (Solo quest C-Rank)

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#1Kaito Todaro 

Always a bigger fish. (Solo quest C-Rank) Empty Wed Dec 08, 2021 9:15 am

Kaito Todaro
Kai looks over the request about protecting the actresses and he hopes he is ready for this level of quest as he is just fresh to being C-rank, so he thinks he might be in over his head, but knows by accepting the request it is already to late to turn back. Kai arrives at the Hinoki Theater just as the show is about to start and is greeted by the manager Yua. You better not let me down we can not afford for these fine ladies to be hurt. Kai understanding the gravity of the place he is in having alot to prove here by not getting off to C-rank on a bad foot.

Kaito starts walking around the inside of the theater using his thermal vision to look for anyone hiding in the shadows and wonders if maybe it was just an empty threat to lure someone away from somewhere else in the city. Kaito moves to the outside and he feels like someone is watching him from somewhere nearby so he starts scaling the outside of the theater while looking around with his thermal vision but sees no one below so they have to be above. Kai starts scaling faster to get to the roof and when he gets up there he sees a heat trail of someone just having been there, he follows it and finds a loose panel and gets in. it and looks around and just sees the blur of someone getting through another panel, kai keeps after the person moving around stored props and costumes and then gets to a ladder that leads down to the main back of stage and he slides down it instead of climbing down it to save time.

Kai has lost track of the person he was chasing and his thermal vision isn't going to do much back here with the other actors and the stage lights causing heat trails, he stops using his thermal vision and his eyes return to normal vision and he starts looking for clues for where this person disappeared to back here, he tries not to cause a scene back here during the show, cause he doesn't need the manager to strangle him for ruining her show. Kai knocks on dressing room doors before entering and checking wardrobes and closets trying not to take note of the things he sees so not to be prying and getting himself into more trouble.

It is as if the person he was chasing just disappeared into think air him not letting that sit well with himself, goes out to see how the show is going so far. He watches a little of the second act while keeping his eyes out for anyone strange lurking around. He wonders why these actresses are the point of this persons ire to threaten them so blatantly. He starts moving to go outside to see if maybe the person had ran out the back of the theater knowing he would lose Kai who is probably clearly new to this kind of thing.

(W/C 511/1000)

#2Kaito Todaro 

Always a bigger fish. (Solo quest C-Rank) Empty Wed Dec 08, 2021 9:17 am

Kaito Todaro
When Kai Breaks the thresh hold of the door way he hears a female scream and the crowd gasping, Kai rushes back into the theater and into the crowd as they are fleeing. Kai sees the same person he had been chasing standing on stage holding two actresses in his arms. These are now mine and if you try and stop me my hand might just slip and they moght have an accident. Kai does a small hop a magic seal appearing below his feet his body cloaked in wind magic he hurries ignoring the warning.

Kai thinks of a plan to provoke the man into releasing the actresses and focus on him instead. If you are really as big and bad as you are acting then take me on for them. The man feeling nothing to prove or any level of threat from kai turns to run away with the actresses and Kai gonna let the man get away points at the man while snapping then raises a finger catching the guys leg in a tendril of sparking frost stopping him. The man having had enough of this meddlesome mage for the night releases the actresses and breaks his foot free as the actresses run to the left wing of the stage for safety.

The run starts running at Kai at full tilt to teach him a lesson, Kai snaps a magic seal appears and Kai slashes a finger through the seal releasing a slash of air , heading right for the man, the man seeing the incoming projectile dodges it and returns to the angle he was running at Kai, who draws his steel katana knowing this is gonna be tough, Kai sees the projectile is turning around coming up behind the man. Kai does a slash at the man who jumps back wards to dodge the slash gets hit in the back by the returning projectile. The man takes a second to catch his breath feeling he might of under estimated this man, he smirks then starts raising some offence of his own Kai barely being able to dodge or deflect his blows.

Kai takes a glancing blow and he feels like a few of his ribs might of been cracked, he figure he is gonna have to take this man out what ever way he can even if it is a little dirty. Kai runs at the man throwing his katana into the air before jumping up and grabbing it backwards and spinning his body in the air. Ayakashi not expecting a giant to take flight and had blocked low takes the hits from above and stumbles back knowing he can still take more. Ayakashi runs at kai and starts throwing punches and kicks aiming for the ribs he knows he must of hurt in the first clash they had.

Kai knowing what the man is aiming for makes sure to take very measured steps and not take another straight on blow, When the man goes for mid body level kick, Kai drops low and goes for a leg sweep the man pivots to make the sweep miss, Kai slams his hands down pushing up with a kick that catches the man under the chin, the man stumbles but doesn't go down. Kai knows he needs to finish this in the next clash or he is gonna be out of mana and to slow to keep up with Ayakashi.

The two men run at each other again, Kai throwing his Katana in the air again like he did the first time he got a decent hit on Ayakashi, Ayakashi wise to this knows Kai will be weaker in the air so he can finish him when he jumps. Kai jumps spinning releasing his cloak so it looks like he is lower then he really is. Ayakashi pushes up as hard as he can making sure if he hits Kai it is over, but he hits nothing but an empty cloak and Kai slashes him across the back and Ayakashi falls over cursing Kai and his bad luck.

Kai goes to restrain the guy when a dark shadow speeds past him sweeping Ayakashi up and is gone, Kai does to chase but his cloak peters out him being out of mana, Kai takes a knee to catch his breath be glad he survived and them fighting didn't destroy the stage. What crowd is left claps surprising Kaito cause he thought the place would be empty by now. He gets back to his feet grabbing his cloak then he goes to the back and sees the actresses are fine and unharmed besides being scared. The manager hands his his payment with a smile and a good job. Kai uses a dressing and wraps his ribs then leaves.

(W/C 1310/1000)

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