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Naruto Chronicles: An AU Naruto RP [JCINK]

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#1Naruto Chronicles Staff 

Naruto Chronicles: An AU Naruto RP [JCINK] Empty Wed Dec 01, 2021 10:54 am

Naruto Chronicles: An AU Naruto RP [JCINK] S7B9u0O

Tired of staff ghosting you...endless clicking through dead sites? Me too. Too many rules and complex progression systems that are too confusing and stuff won't help you over the learning curve? Scared of other players trying to kill you and want a straightforward, casual RP experience? Want all of this but don't want to start over from the very beginning? Do I have your attention? Keep reading

We invite you to join us here at Naruto Chronicles at www.narutochronicles.com/index.php. We are an AU RP site from the original manga/anime that focuses on friendly staff and community and focuses mainly on fun and exciting story development.

We host multiple events, allow villages and Kage to make their own decisions, custom jutsu, legendary canon techniques, custom items, legendary canon items, and much more. You can come and join a village, create your own custom village, or even create a customized organization. This is casual RP for those who enjoy it. You are not penalized for working or not responding fast, etc., but are rewarded whenever you do. If you leave a character behind for a while, they will not be deleted or killed unless you ask for them to be. You can come back and rp with them at any point. We offer a balanced system that is both fun but also creative and gives you milestones to work for. You are not forced to be in combat threads, and we also have a "What If Board," where you are FREE TO DO WHATEVER YOU WANT. It will not affect your character's story, but you can go there and have fun with friends and or RP as a space ninja or something… do as you please. We offer everything we can to make our members happy. Join us today at www.narutochronicles.com/index.php

We offer you the option to liquidate your characters from other RP forums for a chance to start at a higher starting rank.  So don't be afraid that you may have to start all over again, but we do offer incentives and bonuses for people who rank up from the bottom.

We are an INCLUSIVE community that prefers to let members enjoy themselves and communicate ideas freely. We hate the idea of sites that have STAFF keep everything to themselves. Everything you want/desire can be earned through RP. Also, have a suggestions section that is not for show, but we actively listen to our members' ideas and have often implemented those thoughts.

We have quick and responsive staff and members that are ready to help you today and now! Check out our site and join us on discord!

The setting takes place at the dawn of the village's creation, where the warring period is not far behind us, but we are still in the first generation of Kage in the world. The Biju are still available in the world for ANYONE to obtain and become a jinchuriki if they so choose. We host Biju Battles to combat them and can be hosted for a large number of individuals. The canon characters do not exist and have never existed, so you and any of your friends become the essence of time!


    [-]Special Village Organizations that offer rewards for joining, such as ANBU, Explosion Corps (Iwa), Puppet Bridgade (Suna), ROOT (Konoha), LEGENDARY SEVEN MIST SWORDSMEN (Kiri), and Kinkaku Force (Kumo).[-]Village RP positions such as ANBU leader, Jounin Commander roles, etc. that offer an assortment of prizes and bonuses that come along with them.[-]Custom Setting, Custom Villages, Custom Organization[-]Jcink Premium Account-Sage Mode/Cursed Seals/Summonings-No Jutsu or item is "Banned."[-]FUN EVENTS-Character Liquidation (Not forced to start at the bottom!)[-]Fun Stuff/ Helpful Staff

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