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Is this the place? (Open ED)

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Is this the place? (Open ED) Empty Wed Dec 01, 2021 1:00 pm

Emil walks up to the guild building the likes he hadn't seen before, being from Bosco architecture like this is foreign to him, he wonders if he is even in the right place, but the building and the sign bare the mark of the Divine so it must be. He figures nothing in going in the best outcome of walking into the wrong place is a fight and he feels a little stiff from his travels and could use a good brawl, if no fight happens here he thinks of maybe going to the underground fighting arena he heard about on his way through town through some shady alley dwellers.

Emil opens the door and as he breaks the threshold of the building he loosens his shoulders ready for a fight and looks around for any sign of life intelligent or other wise to speak to about joining their guild. There anyone in this place? or is it abandoned or condemned ? He wonders if maybe they are more night type of people and he just came at a bad time to met anyone at all because it is not even lunch time yet. His golden eyes scan the room closest to him, the place looks clean but also shows signs of life.


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Only silence was broken by a loud scream of a little girl. In the hallways, Emil could see a small, red hair, petite girl in a fusion between a pink kimono and dress running frantically. After a few seconds. Tempris would follow suit wearing a black haori kimono with gold trimmings and the guild symbol in gold on her shoulder. On her back was the symbol of Illumin. Inside, Tempris did not wear her veil so her blond hair simply fell behind her neat and parted out of her face with a black symbol of the guild.
"Stop running you little shrimp." A small dose of laughter followed, forcing her to stop. Before she could continue running she noticed a new face inside the guild.

She was not sure who this person was, not that she was given any notice of someone coming in. In truth Most of the member base and staff was home today. Tempris and the few people who did not have a home outside of the guild basically stood guard. Now though, Tempris was kicking herself in the butt mentally for not having her weapons.
"On no... A stranger," he said following a giggle, "Emerl can you go get the secretary?" A soft voice groan before agreeing.

Tempris gave a smile at the man in front of her. "Sorry... I did not know we would have visitors. Is there anything I can do to help you Sir?"

Is this the place? (Open ED) Charlotta-granblue-stance-by-ucantw1nLet all heretics be purged by my holy flames.
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Emil looks at the two girls and is is befuddled by this wondering if he wondered into a brothel that uses children for creepy old men and the blond one was trying to get her to finish the job she started, but hopes this is not the case. Emil sees the guild mark on the blond girl and wonders if he had just wondered in on something he wasn't meant to be seeing but he plays it cool not sure if the blond girl is a child or a little person.

He laughs softly at a shrimp calling a shrimp a shrimp. Stranger huh ? He now thinks she is a child so not to be on guard and puts his hands is his hoodie pockets pretty sure he isn't gonna need to fight this small girl. He notices the Illumin mark as he gets closer after the other girl runs off. Thinking to himself he is glad to see a faithful of Illumin, then wonders why have a mark on her self like that.

Emil smiles back at her not sure if she is nice or naive or a mix of both. It is fine I think maybe I am a bit early, I have come to join the guild. Also sir was my father you can call me Emil. He looks her over and sees she looks strong for a shrimp, thinking maybe she is a little person now. How old are you ?


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"Oh... Emil." Tempris repeated with a natural smile. She couldn't believe there were so many new people joining. It was really refreshing, maybe a reward for being so tolerant and understanding. "Well... its a blessing to meet you my name is Tempris and I'm 12... but my birthday is coming up." She was not sure how to feel about being asked her age. It was honestly a first but since it was coming from a new guild member, she decided that it was going to be okay this time. Though now she was realized what the man was saying. She was a child... and she just confirmed it.

Her smile became forced but she did not complain... not yet. "So... Emil was there anyone you were suppose to meet with today?" She had to keep in her annoyance under wrap or else they could lose a future guild member. Oh and Karisa would probably get very angry at her.

Is this the place? (Open ED) Charlotta-granblue-stance-by-ucantw1nLet all heretics be purged by my holy flames.
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Sounds like a strong name. Fits you, young one.He does a cocky smile, but doesn't think less of her because she is a child, but glad she is strong and a faithful of Illumin, like himself. He wonders what is taking the other girl so long, after being sent off.

He looks a bit confused at her asking if he was to meet someone today then tilts his head back and laughs a very hardy laugh. I guess I didn't think about it, just figured it would be a quick in and out thing, didn't think I had to set up an appointment to join. He stops laughing and figures maybe it was a wasted trip for today. Guess I need to come back another time then ? He cracks his knuckles and figures maybe he can scare up some fights in the Crimson Quarter if it was truly a waste.


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Tempris started blushing and lowered her head. "Well... you know... stuff... and..." She couldn't say anything due to being so embarrassed. It was not too often she was complemented, especially by strangers or people she had just met. Of course, she was not considering the fear and respect from her enemies and sinners alike. That was different. It came from her proving herself. This, this was different.

"Well... It can be. If you don't wish to talk to anyone or see anyone. You don't need an appointment or anything. We are a little short on staff today because people are spending time with their families. So umm... I guess I can do your guild imitation. If that is okay with you." She tried facing the man but she was still a little bit red in the face from his earlier words. If anything she was really happy to have someone like this in the guild.

Is this the place? (Open ED) Charlotta-granblue-stance-by-ucantw1nLet all heretics be purged by my holy flames.
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He looks at her and can slightly make out she is red. Oh did that fluster you a little ? I really should mind my manners and not needlessly fluster women. He cockily laughs at flustering this poor girl, with his words.  I would be honored if a fine outstanding lady of Illumin saw to me. He bows his head and kneels in front of her, so he is lower then his 6'2" height.

Anything special you need me to do or I should do ? He looks right at her with wonder of how high ranking in this guild she is if she can do this in the masters stead. He knows of her and a few others from his guild but most of it is second hand, and a warning of not trusting the small blonde girl that she is a hot head. He shrugs figuring she seems pretty tame opposite to the rumors about her he had heard on his way.


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"No. That did not fluster me. I don't get fluster or stuff. If anything other people are the ones who get flustered. Which is understandable!" The girl's face was still red as she tried her best to defend herself. Little did she know, her face was not on the same page and the man had a clear view of it. "So there's no need to mind your manners. If anything I should mind my manners for flustering you! Cause you are probably fluster Hahaha!"

The man did agree to let her do his initiation which was great. It was at this time that the small girl returned with another woman. The woman over heard the conversation and offered to start the paper work. She also took the small girl with her since Tempris was not officially working.

"It won't take long. I practiced for this. I just need my stamp. I think its in my room so just follow me" The girl would then start walking off. The man should of follow but she would not turn back to see if he would join her. She wouldn't think too... since her face was still recovering from being flustered... which she totally wasn't!

Is this the place? (Open ED) Charlotta-granblue-stance-by-ucantw1nLet all heretics be purged by my holy flames.
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He figures she is embarrassed that she showed that side of herself, he just smiles knowing she doesn’t need him to bring it up that he is not flustered more honored to have received a warm welcome to the guild. Good to hear it will not take long. He stands up to follow her cause it looks like they were in full gear now.

He follows behind her with his hands behind his head and his arms up and he looks around as he follows her. Do new members stay here or do they live off site? he looks down to her to make sure he is still following her and didn’t lose her while he was sight seeing and in his own mind and thankfully he was still right behind her. Also any rules I should know or people I should avoid? He puts his arms down because he doesn’t want to seem rude to her.


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"Umm... some people live here but most off the staff and people that I know live off site. I live on site sort of... I do a lot of traveling and stuff so I don't really need buy a home. Plus... people are rude and don't want to let me buy one. I can't imagine why." The girl shrugged not bothering the piece together how much her age or her reputation plays in the procurement of a home. To her, it was just the will of Illumin. Also she wanted to learn more about this family thing. There was so much to see and people to meet. After all, she was suppose to have a sister and a dad and maybe more.

"Rules rules... yes. We have stupid rules." Tempris stopped at a door. Then she grabbed the nob and twisted, "Don't start trouble with other guilds or people without permission. Don't hurt the innocent. Protect the secrets of our guild with your life." Tempris walked into her room and dropped to her knees at her bed. She then reached under it to pull out a box. Inside that box was the guild stamp.
"Ah ha. Here is is. If you swear by these things, then I welcome you into the guild." Tempris would open the stamp and wait for the man to agree and show her where he wanted the mark.

Is this the place? (Open ED) Charlotta-granblue-stance-by-ucantw1nLet all heretics be purged by my holy flames.
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wow even you aren’t allowed? he wonders why they would stop someone like her from gaining a home. He thinks for what part of the city he should look if he did want to find a place. He figures he will have to explore a bit more first to find a decent place.

I guess I better not mess with fairy tail then since they are in these part of the land. Wait if I challenge one to a one on one duel does that count? Emil heard rumors of a masked weirdo from fairy tail that did a number on some people, he follows her in without asking and kneels pointing to the left side of his neck. I agree to this and in gold please. he looks around then wonders something. You often just lead males into your room like this? He looks at her in the eye wondering her answer or if she will just get flustered again and tell him off.


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"I don't think challenging someone to a duel is... troublemaking. I mean, unless they don't want to duel you. Friendly competition should be fine though." Tempris giggled, knowing full well that the man was probably just joking. It was pretty funny after all. "Fairy Tail is pretty tame. There is nobody there that really scare me. Well... scare in the normal sense. I'm sure if you ask though, someone over there would be happy to duel you. But if you really want to learn something. Then you should challenge me some time!"

Tempris readied the stamp as the guy kneeled and then stamped his neck as requested. "What you mean? Nobody comes in my room... except for messengers and the secretary. Also, This is offical business. So don't have any sinful thoughts in here!" She smiled though it was much colder than before. She would stop though after realizing that there was a letter on her desk. She stepped away from the man to pick up the letter. Then she scoffed. It appears that a small project had popped up for the girl and she had to take an immediate leave.

"Sorry Emil but something just came up. There the only other thing you should know is that the Guild  Master wants to meet up with everyone in Stella. So make sure to be there. It would make her happy and stuff... and hopefully you can meet more people."

Tempris pulled out a golden key and then held it to her forehead. With a twist white and blue flames covered the girl and her outfit changed to something a bit more traditional for the young zealot. She had on a Dark blue Veil with a gold band across her forehead. A dark blue and white dress with the symbol of Illumin on her back in gold. Dark boots and white socks covered her legs and feet. The girl then grabbed her shield and sword which immediately went up in white and blue flames. Then she led the man out of her room. "If you need anything else, the secretary should be able to help you!"

Then Tempris pulled out another key and pushed it into her door. With a twist the door opened revealing a magic portal. "Till we meet again, may he bless you with light and warmth."

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Is this the place? (Open ED) Charlotta-granblue-stance-by-ucantw1nLet all heretics be purged by my holy flames.
Tempris Ashflare #ff3366

Is this the place? (Open ED) Empty Mon Dec 13, 2021 9:46 pm

Good cause there is a masked weirdo from fairy tail I hear is a decent fighter. He seems excited for a good fight and them being masked will make more fun cause he can hit them in the face harder without worrying. I think I am still a ways away from taking you on head to head.

Emil realizes his attempt to make it less awkward that he just walked in without thinking has back fired majorly and she now thinks he is a creep. I am having no such thoughts I promise you that, just tried to tease you to cover my thoughtless act of just walking in without thinking or asking permission. Emil has a woman in his heart that he is not gonna disappoint.

Emil stands and looks at her. You people work fast I will make my way there after I go look for the weirdo in the mask and maybe beat him up good…. In a duel. He leaves her room to explore the city and look for the masked weirdo.


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