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Cavern Explorer [Kazimir, Judith, Ghost]

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#1Kazimir Seiryu 

Cavern Explorer [Kazimir, Judith, Ghost] Empty Mon Nov 29, 2021 9:13 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
The fairy tail mages found themselves out and about again. This time outside of the city gates and near a small mountain. Word had traveled around that there was something strange going on that had drawn people's attention.

Kazimir walked forward and looked back at the team, "So far nothing seems out of the ordinary." His nose then picked up the scent of a gaggle of people. Murmurs could be heard in the distance, which turned to loud shouts.

"No one enters," a voice roared from down a twisted path. Kazimir wandered off to explore it and pushed the branches out of his way down the shallow hill. At the bottom was a cave entrance with a small crowd of five citizens standing in front of it. The wind mage stepped out into the light only to see a group of rune knights barring the entry to the cave. A couple of citizens pressed forward and the knights kindly pushed them back and asked them to stop.

"Looks like we found what's going on. Either of you want to investigate this?" Kaz asked, enjoying his more laid-back approach to questing these days.

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Cavern Explorer [Kazimir, Judith, Ghost] Empty Wed Dec 01, 2021 3:36 am

It was a new day and a new mission for fairy tail. The guild mages were off and about. However Ghost decided to tag along with the Captain and Mother Fairy. Subbing in for the Super Monk as he went to spread love over the east. So ole young Joy-Boy was called in. But Ghost was not in the right state of mind. As well he had a fear of the mountains and they just happen to be by one. Even the woods they came out out was a bit of a bust for him. But alas he played it cool. That was all he could do but it was what it was. As the group was walking Kaz would mention how it was nothing strange happening at the moment. Ghost would think on this as he did not even know what the mission was about he just came.

As soon as he came back to reality. He would see Kaz start to truck it through the woods as if he saw something. As Ghost would say to Judith,"alrighty now the captain then saw the prey for the day." Just as he looked on he would follow suit. As Ghost saw the knights move the crowd along. As Kaz asked which of them of wanna to got check it out. As Ghost would then reply to that."Let me level with ya captain me rep ain't the best with the knights. As a matter of fact I got court next sunday mate."


#3Judith Karlinius 

Cavern Explorer [Kazimir, Judith, Ghost] Empty Wed Dec 01, 2021 10:49 am

Judith Karlinius
Another day another mission, not that Judith minded, She could always use a break from the kitchen,cooking and cleaning. This time it was something maybe she did not know right away if it was something she was sure was a good idea well at least when she knew what would be happening. It was another mission and she would happy to continue on these adventures.

It was if anything, anything a good path to study and learn the life of working mages, Even if she would be classed as one now. how everyone always worked and solved the problems that were going on and happening where always interesting, In some manner it was just her way of looking at these things is how Judith took her time to slowly to work herself into things. With her learning the ropes of her magic too, since it was an entirely different beast.

Nonetheless it was another mission with Kazimir and Ghost, Which would be either fairly simple or interesting. Ghost has seemingly gotten himself into a few problems enough to be needing to go to court and not liking knights. Yet it lead her to ponder."They are merely doing their jobs, One does not need to hold them against them."But that could entirely be Judith's view of the Rune Knights. She wanted to ask why he was in trouble but it was not something to dig into right now in her mind, It could wait until later.


#4Kazimir Seiryu 

Cavern Explorer [Kazimir, Judith, Ghost] Empty Wed Dec 01, 2021 10:03 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
"What do you mean you have court on Sunday? What have you been up to Ghost," Kaz asked with a cocked brow. Although it wasn't uncommon that fairy tail mages got into trouble with the law. The wind mages past as a knight made him sympathetic to the ones with a good heart. "A problem for another time," eh remarked and it seemed like Judith wasn't going to make the first move either. Both of them held a hesitation for some things it was getting almost time to jump them into a higher gear. Wind magic slowly billowed from Kaz's hands, just as a man gestured for them to come over. Kaz let the spell flutter away as the man approached.

"You must be mages. You could get this done. There is a rare metal in that cave. It can make powerful weapons and armor. I just want to know if its in there and I'll reward you." Kaz put his hand on his chin. "While I'm not keen on going against the Rune Knights domain. A brief exploratory mission seems harmless enough. We'll do it." Kaz turned back towards the guards. He waved his hand and a whirlwind sprang to life in a circle of trees off the path. branches splintered off and shot everywhere. The Rune knights all focused their attention on the chaos.

"Alright. Stage 2," Kaz said as he snuck by the guards and into the cavern. The metal will look like a glowing blue rock and likely be deep within the cave. The cave itself was dark and damp. Kaz took his steps carefully and marched forward with the others with him.

The wind mage landed at a fork in the path leading to multiple paths. He stopped. "Alright you're up," he said, leaving the destination up to the two of them to decide. The paths would all lead to dead ends with fallen rocks in the way.

Eventually, They would land on a path that was also blocked. Kazimir would roll up his sleeves and heave the rocks out of the way. The loose rubble dispersed and would lead to a larger cavern with a giant pit in the middle. The cavern was lit up by a single large pillar that towered over the other rock formations. There was a narrow ridge they could scoot across to get around the deep bottomless hole and onto the other side.

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Cavern Explorer [Kazimir, Judith, Ghost] Empty Fri Dec 03, 2021 12:05 am

As He listened to the duo. Ghost would give a bit of a laughter out. As this wasn't nothing new to him. As he looked on he would hear Kaz out and then would go on to give a reply."The Crash Fairy is a title I been called for a reason mate. But It's nothing major I think. It's all about something about unnecessary damage or something. But I swear it is my Grace mates. It's been acting up. I might need to let it out soon. As it's been forcing itself out. But I fear it's me pass coming back to hunt me." He would say the last line with a spooky yet serious tone before it laughed it off again. Soon he would see a man come over he seem to be a bit over aged around the fifties or so.

As he talked it out with the Captain. Ghost would wave at the knights. As a few would wave back. Letting what Judith said sink in about them. As he would say to her"I said the same ole thing to them and will say the same thing to the judge.Lets hope for the best." Soon enough he would follow the captain into a cave. As he zoned out about what they was going in it for. As they made it to a cross way Ghost would point to the right. Because Right is always right. Soon enough they would take it and make it to some sort of pit as Ghost looked on. He would then say out loud. "But people say my belly is a bottomless pit. I reckon we move around it me wings- I mean we can't just fly over it can we? Unless the captain summon up a wind storm."


#6Judith Karlinius 

Cavern Explorer [Kazimir, Judith, Ghost] Empty Sat Dec 04, 2021 1:08 pm

Judith Karlinius
Maybe she will never understand it, Or in general it could be something she will never attempt to grasp either. Even if she was a lady who was extremely kind,settled and well behaved by nature. Then again as long as people really did not misbehave or get into trouble around Judith there was not a lot she could do about it. Nor would she really dig into these problems any further since not much she could really do about it in the end, Besides her thought and the notion of being in trouble by the law, They had other things to do anyway.

Judith's own judgments were far different and not important in the end, The task at hand mattered, None here would judge him nor punish him, At least in Judith's view. She would not nor assumed Kazimir would. With the mention of another time it was a sign of Kazimir going to deal with it later. A good question is how Judith would get about getting into position.

Then Judith remembered the bunny ears she had and how far it allowed her to jump. Most likely being able to allow her to clear the landing to where she needed to go, at least if it was six feet anyway. So Judith would Jump to land close enough to their needed meeting point to continue on, at least if she landed close by she could quietly walk to where they would need to go, Even if it was covered in rocks. The one yet settled to to start clearing at, Judith realizing she was not the strongest would some what help by putting her staff in between some of the open sections of stone to test if she can move them, Even if she was not helpful with moving rocks, But choose to go first with the ridge forward to their path,Since they had to continue.



#7Kazimir Seiryu 

Cavern Explorer [Kazimir, Judith, Ghost] Empty Tue Dec 07, 2021 8:49 am

Kazimir Seiryu
"Fair," Kaz let out a small laugh at the man giving his reason behind the name 'crash fairy.' The wind mage narrowed his gaze in concern at Ghost's comment about something within him going haywire. He wasn't sure what the man meant but it was worth looking into later. "Hmm. We'll look into that once we finish here then."

They moved into the cave and eventually found the right path to take. Ghost led the way down it and they paused at the wide-open pit. "Hopefully this one isn't bottomless." Kaz remarked and then Judith leaped over the gap with her bunny powers.

"Let's climb around the sides," he said and began to shuffle around the narrow ledge that wrapped around the walls of the pit. The wind blew from the depths beneath them. Kaz finally found his footing on the other side and waited for Ghost. The path was blocked by large rocks and Kaz began to shove them out of the way once more. The rocks tumbled down and scattered about the ground. One by one the wall opened up revealing the three branching paths on the other side.

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Cavern Explorer [Kazimir, Judith, Ghost] Empty Thu Dec 09, 2021 4:59 am

As he looked on he would see that Judith had hops and the captain was. A lot stronger then he appears. As he saw what they had to do next. Ghost was all for it. But  the way he was feeling. He was off and on with his happiness. As he would reply to the captain comment."You sure you wanna do that mate? It's a lot and I mean a lot of work with this. I can muster a little of it. But I can only use my magic when it's the right time." He would say this as he watched the captain move the rocks. Although he half stepped what he was trying to say. Ghost could only say so much. As even he was a bit confused at it himself.

Soon he would look on and see the three way path and then would look oddly to Kaz and say to him."Hey captain what are we looking for again? Some sort of treasure right. Do we get a cut out of it?" He would say as he started to laugh a hot mess. But still fairy tail was deep in a cave. Hopefully no monsters wold jump out. But still Ghost would then ask Kaz another question."Say, umm did you happen to use any strength magic. When you lift those big rocks captain? I am just a bit curious about it all get me." For some odd reason Ghost is starting to think that the captain might not be human.

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#9Judith Karlinius 

Cavern Explorer [Kazimir, Judith, Ghost] Empty Sat Dec 11, 2021 12:47 pm

Judith Karlinius
Weather or not Judith was followed, She had no doubt her other guild members in some other matter might be around to be sure she was okay, As well as Judith could use this to be on a look out for whatever else could be needed to be noted of. But travelling the paths too a fair amount more of time since it was rather dark, Judith would have made a light for herself but she did not wish to alert any other rune knights in the area if they happen to be searching still. It would be helpful for what they were searching for. She also knew very well it was a bit risky she went about this her way right now, But not that Kazimir had really told anyone otherwise right now.

But they had a mission and Judith was going to help in her own way achieve it. It would help that Judith also wanted to be sure she had no problem getting around. Judith would just hope this was the right path since she just kind of chose a path and went on her way, Simple enough to turn around and go back, But she was content going this way for now until she had to consider in other factors that might need to change her mind. But for now, Judith would talk her path quietly internally counting how many steps she was taking so she would know how many she had taken, Just as a mean to continue her focus.



#10Kazimir Seiryu 

Cavern Explorer [Kazimir, Judith, Ghost] Empty Mon Dec 13, 2021 12:51 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
"No worries Ghost. It's not too bad," he replied and happily moved the rocks out of the way of the team. Kaz dusted his hands off as Judith walked on towards a path and Ghost began to speak.

"We are looking for a glowing blue rock that is supposed to be a rare mineral. The job is pretty simple now. Find out if its here and let the guy know." The wind mage shrugged t how little peril the mission was, for being the tier it was given to them at.

Kaz put a hand on the back of his head with a nervous laugh, "Oh...uhm. No, I actually don't have any magic that can buff my physical abilities. Just good old push-ups and lifting." He scratched the back of his head with a smile and looked further down the cave. "I was in a fight once and was physically overpowered and didn't want that to happen again." He added and started to walk behind Judith. "But you'll get your magic under control in no time."

He stepped into an open room behind Judith and that was filled with a glowing blue light. "Looks like we found it. All that is left to do now is head back out the same way we came. Judith, you are in touch with nature. You'll be the perfect guide out of here."

"Unfortunately we don't get a cut of it. But there should be a good reward waiting for us." Kaz said as the cave rumbled a bit. Small rocks fell from the ceiling and bounced along the ground, knocking into the wind mage's boot.

He let the others lead the way out of the cavern and followed their lead until they were outside and could deliver the information about the mystery stone.


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Total 1100 (1050=20% belt reduction+10%guild reduction)

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Cavern Explorer [Kazimir, Judith, Ghost] Empty Thu Dec 16, 2021 12:50 am

As he looked on with a cheerful smile. Ghost would be thinking about what was just said. As he started to point out a few things Kaz was talking about. But surely he had to have had something else. As there is no way a regular human could do such a feat. Like, move big boulders out of the way. As he the captain gave the ok that the job was done. It was time to leave. But the thing is, besides the lights in here the cave was truly a dark dark dark place. But Ghost did not see the captain light any lights. As a matter of fact. He was moving as of he could see. As if he could see in the dark of all places.

As he saw a few rocks fall. Ghost would look on and give a smile back. As a job was well done yet again. Ghost would then say to the captain." Alright, mates let's get the rocking and rolling out of here. As these here rocks are starting to get bigger and bigger as they fall." Just as he said that a nice size boulder would fall and block the open doorway that the group came. As he looked on Ghost would give a smile, while looking at it. "Alrighty now it's my rn to prove my worth. Hey Fairy Mother and Captain, You two did their wonder why my grace gets me into trouble? Well, wonder no more I will show you two. But don't say I didn't warn ya."

As he felt a bit more comfortable around the said duo. Ghost would then walk up towards the giant boulder blocking their way. But it was odd because as he was walking. He was waving his hands all around him. As he did that the rocks would break into tiny pieces. By the time he made it to the giant boulder. Ghost would have opened his eyes and they would be golden. As he touched the boulder it would then turn to dust. As if someone crushed it. As he turned around he would look at the duo."Well Captain and Judith, what do ya think pretty nest tricks yeah..."

Just then Ghost would run out of the area at high speed. Now revealed to the two. That he wasn't as human as they would have believed him to be.



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#12Judith Karlinius 

Cavern Explorer [Kazimir, Judith, Ghost] Empty Sat Dec 18, 2021 1:30 pm

Judith Karlinius
These times while travelling to the cave would feel a bit longer then she assumed, These caves did dig far deeper then she would first think, But if there were people willing to wait as far as needed be, It would be Fairy Tail and it's members, most likely stretching beyond just Judith. it was not so bad going on ahead when she did, Since well it was good for the safety of the other two at least in Judith's mind. Then again could just be Judith's own way of being a in control of something, Which she viewed as harmless.

Then again they were not too far away it seemed at least Judith could some what have an idea of them being close enough around him unsure if she heard them speaking or not because of her own focus of continuing on forward and watching out for what would be what they were looking for. Since after all they did some here for finding somethings, Just finding what it was, just seemed to take a bit more time, It should have been a give since there was not a given number of distance they needed to travel, That Judith remembered anyway.

Sure it was most likely mentioned or figured out in other ways, Judith might have just forgotten. Then again Judith had also wanted to see what all this cavern, Then had to remember she needed to be sure what she was looking for was found, It would be easy to spot considering how dark it was with in the part she was travelling in. It was annoying to not have a light on, But surely she had to keep in mind like before she risk getting caught by some one else if they thought some one else was here and it was not other Fairy Tail members.

Then internally Judith thought how annoying and a bit of a pain it must be to sneak around in the dark, Well when you had to do it in a serious manner anyway. At least in the end it seemed this would all pay off, They found what exactly they were looking for. Shiny blue rocks, In which Judith was delighted about. After all it just meant this mission was fairly straight forward from here, they needed to get out, Which well in the dark was going to take a bit more time, hopefully at some point their eyes adjusted to the dark they were walking in, Judith even was ordered to guide, Which she would not have a problem with, They just needed to continue moving along with her and her pace.

It would not take too long to leave the cave with Judith, Since it was just simple to her as just turning back around and leaving the cave, After they got past the rune knights since they was also something else they still had to work around, Just making sure everyone else was ready to sneak their way around the rune knight themselves.

After that Judith would plan her jump yet again going about it the same way she had done before, a hop with her bunny hood. when the time was right to jump at least, that total of six feet to jump was always helpful to Judith. It left the options Judith felt needed. So when she took off in her jump it was most likely a moment of time that was far clear of anything that might see her. Once getting past the Rune Knight area, Judith was continue on her way to where she would meet Barras in Magnolia.

If anyone had told Barras what they were assigned to tell him or not, Then it was just good to feel free from not having to sneak around anymore. Then again Judith also used finishing the tasking, talking to Barras and waiting until everyone else was done as a chance to let herself quietly think about a few things in her mind, Then after she had for moment and everyone was gone, Judith would consider the mission done and go home herself, With the days work done and feeling happy about it.


Total: 1525/1000



Cavern Explorer [Kazimir, Judith, Ghost] Empty Thu Dec 23, 2021 7:45 pm

As he was running through the cave at full speed. He would start to notice that he was turning back to his former self. As his disguise was of no more use to him. It was a happy moment for him and all that. But now he could finally be himself and not hide away from the pain he hid so long. The mission went as well as he could go. As the team was now on their way out of the cave. But one thing that was on his mind was that. Maybe they should give their small group a team name or something. Well, it was just a thought, to be honest. But another thought came to his mind. Who was the Ace of Family Fairy Tail? Or could it be the Super Monk? After all, he was pretty cool and be was like him in more ways than one.

Either way Ghost himself was just glad to have finally been able to fit in. This place was not so bad. As a matter of fact. It was not bad at all. Now if they could get a mission where the team could kick some buttocks, that would be swell. He would be thinking this as he headed out of the cave and into the daylight. With the mission done he would be on his way home. As he let the captain handle the paperwork and whatnot. It was just another day for the Fairy Tail wizards and boy was he gonna have a blast with them again sometime later.

But for now, he was just happy that he made it out of that cave. As Ghost was not too fond of the darkness and that cave was full of it all. But thankfully he had the captain and the mother of fairies with him. As he looked on he would notice that the sun was setting. Just like this job the day was done.




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