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Gang Warfare # 1 [Solo | Quest]

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Gang Warfare # 1 [Solo | Quest] Empty Sat Nov 27, 2021 5:47 pm

The moon seemed to cover the night sky as it sat up in what could feel like a chair high above. Gazing down and looking down with its dark long eyes as darkness covered this outskirt of Era. Jikan had finally stopped moving for the day, breaking out of her little camping day at the Era dungeon. An aftermath of her little tussle with some 'guests' that came unplanned to the little get together she got her letter to attend. A few exchange of words some good exercise and Jikan found herself taking a nap. A long one where she found herself awaken being carried to some jail. She had legs and knew how to use them, and given that they weren't broken, she was made to walk the rest.

She was in the cell for a few hours before she realized her beloved mount Maxx was not near her when she was getting trasnported. And well, that would not simply do. He was hers, and he was alone and unsafe. And so, she broke out, deciding to get out early to take care of something important to her. Thankfully she did find Maxx, she did not see him but he was being transported after all.

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Gang Warfare # 1 [Solo | Quest] Empty Tue Nov 30, 2021 3:35 pm

SO, that little break out, party, walk out was all just a little misunderstanding on Jikan's part. Oh well, the situation was not bad in the end. No one died or got hurt too bad. Jikan just got a little exercise doing some, physical contact, training as she made her way through the guards and the dungeon exterior. She was only going out of her way to go to her mount, to make sure he was safe and sound. So she had no need to cause or aid in the escape of any criminals already present. The added act only likely to cause even more heat to be pushed onto her. Some of the forces were likely kept away to keep the rest of the area tame, with a minor branch sent to recapture Jikan. And from all she knew from hearing and seeing, none of the people who were in her little meeting were there yet.

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Gang Warfare # 1 [Solo | Quest] Empty Tue Nov 30, 2021 3:44 pm

With that, it was not much of a reach to guess that she was the first of their group to arrive in jail and that the rest would come in a bit of time, if at all. With the Rune Knights and the jail system, there was no telling what dungeon exactly a person could find themselves in. Jikan could be in one that was designated to have all of them in together, or it could be the other way around and all of them would be separated. Either way, she alone when it came to fighting her way through the guards and was now out with her precious Maxx. Seeing the attention that she got, she decided that it was better to not fly, at least not yet. When they got farther away that would be a good chance get away and maybe hide her tracks if she played it right.

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Gang Warfare # 1 [Solo | Quest] Empty Tue Nov 30, 2021 3:59 pm

And so that was what Jikan would do exactly. She had a good head start in escaping once she got Maxx out of confinement from the Rune Knights. Things were silent as she snuck out then jumped on her mount to ride off. She did that hours ago, and although she heard no sounds of movement or magic as she fled, she still felt unease and expected to be pursued and hunted down. But it was not yet time to spread the wings on Maxx's body, there was not enough darkness and shadows to hide her movement from the possible prying eyes and attentive ears.

She guided Maxx as her ran. Sliding between tree,s crossing roads and heading closed gaps. Anything to try and hide tracks. Doing this Jikan found herself slowly changing environments. Moving from the concrete and steel walls to the open dirt roads and trees, to lesser and lesser condensed greenery that was combined with modern simple wooden homes.

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Gang Warfare # 1 [Solo | Quest] Empty Tue Nov 30, 2021 4:53 pm

It was odd...this place that Jikan found herself in was, eerie for some reason. Like something was off or tense but this sensation was coming to Jikan for what initially looked like no reason. This feeling would soon come to be understood why in the next few minutes. "HELLO?! Is anyone here?!".

Seconds passed as Jikan and Maxx slowed in on their approach. A door was flung open, no, kicked open right off of its hinges. A person hidden in some cloaked attire ran, soon a few people were also out of the door. But did not look like they were with them. The individuals looked more like normal everyday citizens, and had a panicked look as they were scanning the world around them for some reason.

Whatever was going on, Jikan's arrival seemed to put a stop to it. Just exactly what tho was the question....

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Gang Warfare # 1 [Solo | Quest] Empty Tue Nov 30, 2021 5:15 pm

The people stepped out of the now door-less home, slowly. Their figures coming more visible to Jikan. It was a man and a woman. Ever the curious and cautious person, Jikan had made her way closer to the scene. Eyeing the way the escapee went but keeping her guard up as she approached the house that the individual exited from.

"Th-thank you". One of them came forward, a simple trembling figure that shyly spoked as if they were famished and weakened bodies of criminals that were locked up in the the iron jail cells that were held within the stone walls of the Era dunegon. Whatever...was going on here. Was taking a toll on them.

"HM?", Jikan made a sound, one to show that she did see and acknowledge them. In addition, hopefully they would take it as a sign to speak about what was going on here.

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Gang Warfare # 1 [Solo | Quest] Empty Thu Dec 02, 2021 6:51 pm

"Thank you. You came at the perfect time. That...hooligan was threatening us. Trying to get info on someone. We told him that we had no idea who he was talking about. We moved into our home not that long ago. This...war they have going on with each other is even worst than we heard. We have nothing to do with this...oh maybe we shouldn't have come here after all...".

"We had no where else to go though. Our town got destroyed by the dragon and this was the only place we could afford...".

The situation was beginning to be expanded for Jikan's mind. If what the two of them were saying were true, than this was a case of mistaken identity. One tat might have ended in a much more violent end than a simple door frame being broken. "War you say? between who exactly?".

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Gang Warfare # 1 [Solo | Quest] Empty Sun Dec 05, 2021 4:55 pm

The two individuals titled their heads, positioning their heads closer together instead of away from each other. Dread was held on their face as it seemed the two were mustering the strength to speak. As if just saying the groups names would put them in grave danger. "We...do not know exactly where they came from. But all we are anyone here really knows is that they are at least against each other and are originally from two different regions. One group go by the Dragons and the other by the Wolfs. The dragon's work primarily in the upper class crimes, money laundering, fraud, stealing and evasion of money, as well as racketeering. The Wolfs work on the dirt stuff, narcotics creation and circulation, loan sharking, black mail, and extortion to name a few. Both are terrible. Both are hungry for power and land. And with the mess they cause...".

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Gang Warfare # 1 [Solo | Quest] Empty Fri Dec 10, 2021 5:26 pm

The person spoke low, shaky, dreaded, the words and syllables that came out of their mouth filled with a layer of despair that grew heavier and heavier with every second. "it...it, would have been better if they just worked together. But instead they are fighting each other, attacking like crazed beasts not caring about who or what is caught in the cross fire of their stupid actions!".

Jikan listened, taking the information in before her. Two groups, underground groups that were part of the underworld of this area. They were unknown though, but they were a power hungry ground and the question of if they were a new group or an old group that was trying to muscle in. But regardless, they were clashing. Spending lives, blood, and money to get what they desired. "So, what have you done in response to them?".

"What have we done, are you made?!?".

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