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Fairy in the dark (Open)

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#1Kaito Todaro 

Fairy in the dark (Open) Empty Thu Nov 25, 2021 8:55 am

Kaito Todaro
After wondering off the safer path of the city, Kaito finds himself in a far less bright and far more seedy part of the city, he looks around at the rough looking crowd, some calling to come gamble for riches, some saying they have the best girls in town, and another saying a show that will leave you breathless. Kai figuring hey why not win a little extra jewels while I am here walks into a gambling hall and gets some of the chips they were using in the gambling hall. Kai speaking to himself. So they give you plastic chips to make you less likely to hold back here and lose track of the value.

He looks around at the tables of people playing other games and that there are machines off to the side no one is using Kai touches some of the machines as he walks past them on the side. Games of chance. He stops at one that gives him a feeling to play, he looks at the sheet there labeled with what matches give what, then inserts one of the labeled chips that matches, then pulls the lever on the side and the machine whirls to life. The five reels stopping all reading jackpot and the machine starts making a noise and a strobing light crystal to alert the staff someone won the grand prize. The staff all look at Kai who is looking at them in confusion as a waterfall of chips comes raining out of the machine into a catch bag under the machine for prizes that spill over.

The staff look quickly back at a rough looking man in a suit who then speaks in a gruff voice. I swear you two told me, you rigged the machines so no one would hit the 1,000,000J prize, but this faceless giant just won it. The staff drop to their knees and start begging him to not make them disappear. The man keeps his eyes on Kai thinking if he is going to honor the fluke win and let him go or pay him then have him dealt with and his Jewels returned to him.

Kai finds an extra chip on the floor so he is back to where he started plus 1,000,000J, Kai thinks of what would be a good use for all these jewels as he stands up, he feels eyes on his back of the people around him now that the blaring noise has stopped and the flashing light crystal is fading out. Kai looks at them and feels it is probably best to cash out and leave.

#2Kaito Todaro 

Fairy in the dark (Open) Empty Sun Nov 28, 2021 8:15 am

Kaito Todaro
Kaito walks up and trades the chips in for the jewels and makes for the exit knowing he is gonna be followed probably cause he over the blaring sound their boss say it was suppose to be rigged to not allow that out come so he ditches into a back ally, jumps up to a little higher of ground finds a hiding spot and takes what he had put in, in the beginning back into his own jewels just leaving the 1,000,000J left in the bag he splits it the best he can under pressure and in the dark into two bags and starts making his way through the dark seedy city, when he catches sight of one of the men that were tailing him to start so he makes a run into the red light distract and tries to lose them in the crowd.

Kaito loses them in the crowd then gets back to the safer areas of the city and he walks up to an orphanage and drops one of the bags on the door step knocks then hides and doesn't leave till he sees them take the bag inside, he hopes it will help keep them open and the children fed well. Kaito then heads to the local church of Illumin and drops the second bag in the donation box, then makes tracks out of view of the church.


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Tempris was making her rounds in the Crimson Quarters. It was sort of official guild business since this was Empyrean Divine territory and it was ultimately the guilds job to protect the people if and when the Rune Knights were failed to do so, but Tempris was doing this for her own personal reasons. She was always looking for an excuse to exercise her practices but she also cared about a specific group of the unfortunate. If she was honest with her intentions, she was sure the guild would try and stop or watch over her so she kept quiet when deciding to do this.

As she was patrolling, she over heard some commotion or maybe it was best to say... she couldn't here any commotion from a normally loud and noisy place. So the girl took to a quiet alley way and watched as a man walked out of the building. After a brief pause, a group of what Tempris assumed was the staff left in the same direction of the man. All of them went into an alley and well, this was where Tempris started to grin.

She rushed into the alley way dragging her sword behind her and well grabbed the attention of the staff.
"Oh... is there a party? Why wasn't I invited it. Very sinful to leave out others you know."
Then men where scared and tried to express their reasoning with a lie. However, Tempris was well aware of their dealings. One threat later and they decided to give up on the chase. It sucked, she really wished for more conflict but it was hard when people knew your name.

With a sigh she continued on her patrol. She ended up see that same man again. Bored and curious, she decided to follow him. His actions were not special at first but when she saw him give something to the church, she realized he was different.

With the church out of site she decided to reveal herself. Her sword rested along shoulder fully ablaze in holy flame. She had on her white cloak over her dark blue dress and veil. A golden cloth covered her forehead and the symbol of her guild was painted on the front of her dress in gold.
"Hey... sinner. Who are you? Why did you give the heretical dirty jewels you won to the church?" The girl shouted. Her shield was strapped to her arm which hanged at her side. It was ready for action but there was no need to defend herself just yet. "After riling up those heretics which pray off the desperation and addiction of the unfortunate. Very bold... Very... stupid." The girl giggled innocently despite her cynical nature and words.

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#4Kaito Todaro 

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Kaito Todaro
The man sighs under his mask wondering if she was why he got away so easily from the underbelly and if she was looking for any of the winnings he was no longer in possession of. Listening to her talk he figures that isn't it but he is not sure her aim, but he can tell he wouldn't have a chance at fleeing or fighting her. This sinner is Kaito of fairy tail. He lifts his cloak sleeve revealing his guild mark as proof, then releases his cloak sleeve back to its normal state.

He looks at her and slightly tilts his head. Does one need a reason to give to the more in need? He nervously rubs the side of his mask thinking maybe she was right those were tainted jewels. Sorry if it was an insult, to do that, but I won't go back to take them back from the church or the orphanage His voice stays strong cause he knows this figure could probably smell any hint of weakness in him.

He starts tapping the side of his mask. It was just dumb blind luck, but I would rather earn my jewels than just get mountain of them dropped on me cause of luck. Sorry if I made trouble for you. He starts backing up slowly not looking to get hit by her flaming sword as he is unarmed besides his magic and his cursed skin, which he figures neither will help him if he gets on their bad side and her giggle slightly unnerved him.

The cool night air feels as if it is standing still to him, knowing he has no allies near by and didn't tell anyone where he was headed off to but figures Judith will figure out where he went if he goes missing, but also now has a pang of guilt for knowing he is causing more trouble for her. Kai taking a deep breath and stops slouching standing at his full 6'4" height looking at her trying to steel himself. I am not looking for a fight and I figure you aren't looking for one with me or you would have cut me down by now. He knows it is a weak bluff but if he wants to be taken seriously he has to have a spine, even if it is about to get snapped for him.


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"Fairy tail... bummer," The girl let out a sigh. This was probably the number one guild she was not allowed to mess with. Also, it was one of the answers she was looking for regarding the motive for giving away money.

Regarding his question, Tempris just returned a cheeky smile. "Maybe..." She started closing the gap between then. "If you want to apologize... apologize for not making more trouble. Those heathens were too baby make my afternoon interest... You however..." Tempris Drove her sword into the ground and then leaned against the face of he blade. The flames promptly went out as she folded her arms. "Its not luck... Its... fate. He saw the desire in your action and well... here I am." She did not bother to move any closer though she did snicker as the man tried to add a bit more distance. Did he not recognize her... or at least the symbol on her chest?

"Fight? And risk getting scold by Mr. Kazimir or Ms. Karisa? You must think of me as a fool. Or maybe... you just don't know who I am." She gave another "innocent" giggle, "I am Tempris, of Empyrean Divine. You know. The an ally of the very Fairy Tail this Sinner belongs too." Tempris pulled herself off her blade so she could give a small curtsy. It was only polite.

"I simply wondered... if you were a follower of the church... or at least Illumin. Most people I know... don't like the church... so it caught me off guard that you tried to help them..."

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#6Kaito Todaro 

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Kaito Todaro
He is slightly confused about her reactions, was she actually looking for a fight with him when she walked up, if he hadn't shown his guild mark would he probably be dead or in a cell. So being in fairy tail saves me from having to be attacked by you, for now ?

He rubs his chin and slides down the near by tree relived she isn't after him. I will take your word at it. Well then sorry for not causing more trouble and getting Judith to sternly scold me. He nods to her words of fate and her being there. You could be right on it being fate, maybe we were to meet here in this moment. Only the future truly holds that answer.

I have never met either of the two you speak of, so I am unsure how they would react to that. You a fool I wouldn't dream of calling you that. He listens to her speak her name and the name of her guild. You have a pretty name, yes I didn't know you by sight but I heard of your name, as for Empyrean Divine, I only know it by name not symbol, I am still new and as I think you can tell green, but I do know of the alliance. He removes his mask and slides back his hood showing his face leaving his longer hair tied back.

He looks her in the eyes with his hazel eyes. I respect them for their work with the community and services they do for the in need and suffering. He looks down at the ground for a second then back up to her. When I helped there with the sick a girl girl called me an angel of Illumin, but I am nothing so holy. I am just cursed. He stands up and he looks at her slowly walking toward her.If I told you something can you promise you won't call me crazy? He stops just short of reaching her.


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So it was true. The guy was completely new to Fairy Tail. To think he did not even know who his guild leader was. She wondered if maybe she could get away with a little more bullying. Though, its possible he could just ask around and eventually report her. It was unfortunate but at the very least, she could educate the new mage. "What saves you from being attacked is that there is no reason to attack you. Should your actions be a threat to me or the things I'm responsible for, I assure you no emblem would protect you." She gave a cynical smile. "I can't see a reason you think I might attack you though... Unless... your hiding something. Haha"

When the guy changed his reason for apologizing Tempris just closed her eyes and clasped her hands together, "Nothing to worry about. He forgives all and I wish to enact his will." The man honestly did not have anything to apologize for though. Especially if he knew that she really shouldn't be looking for trouble like she was. When the man called her name pretty, Tempris completely dropped her smile. Her face blushed a little but she fought not to react anymore than that. "Well... you know... That wont make me change my opinion or anything Mr. Kaito," She darted her eyes away trying to find something to focus on and regain her composure, "And you should learn all the important guild symbols. It might help you one day to know... who you can trust and who you can't."

When it came to the church, it did not seem that the boy was a follower. However he did have some connection with this church for some reason. "Cursed?" she repeated confused, "Sure, I suppose. I seen many miracles and crimes against the lord in my travels. So I'm sure whatever it is... it won't surprise me enough to insult my new 'friend.'"

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#8Kaito Todaro 

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Kaito Todaro
He rubs the back of his own head. I try not to be a threat I am more of an insect like a fly, a pest. He used a joking tone knowing she is probably fully serious. He looks at his mask and cloak and smirks a little. Only thing I try to hide is my face and skin. He is slightly tired from all the excitement and it feels good to just talk and not be running around like an idiot, in the dark, in a city you know nothing about really besides you got lost and then just found more trouble and maybe a friend.

He puts his hands together in a respectful way bowing his head toward her. Praise Illumin and you his humble servant. He attempts and fails to make eye contact as he sees her trying to not look at him. Yeah it is probably better to just see me as a sinner, easier to forget me if I die or disappear. His tone seemed colder and a little sad, he reaches into his travel sack and pulls out a list he writes to learn guilds better on it. You are fully right I need to educate myself, so I don't cause more trouble for you and Judith. He puts the list back in the sack.

Kai removes his glove exposing his hand there is a marking banded into his palm. Ignore the mark, it isn't part of it. If you were to touch my skin with your skin, you would suffer a condition, it doesn't hurt you physically it more hurts you mentally. He slides his glove back on for safety he doesn't risk her touching it to test it. The four most common to happen are the feeling like your skin is melting off the bone, like you have been poisoned and a foam is blocking your wind pipe, the feeling of drowning and The feeling of being frozen/freezing to death, only one person to this point has felt the complete feeling of death from it and lived, my master then woman that raised. From what I read in the file it killed my mother as well.

He steps back a few steps and thinks how to put what he is going to tell her into words cause he hadn't told anyone about what had happened not even Judith. When I was helping the local church to fairy tail, I ended up out in the east forest looking for flowers, I was finding none and out of no where a light lead me... so I followed it and found the flowers the church needed, but I felt a strong presence the forest went dead quiet like a predator was around I saw something human sized behind a tree watching me, I didn't dare look it in the eye and fled with the flowers. He still shutters at the thought of the feeling he had when he sensed it. He thinks she probably thinks he is crazy but he knows what he felt. He visibly shivers a little as he looks around for where he left his mask when he started this tale to her.

He puts his hood back up and walks back to the place he sat his mask down. Do you know of anything out in the east wood that might be what I saw ? He picks his mask up dusting it off and returning it to his face then turns to her and looks at her not sure what must be going through her head listening to his mad ramblings, and that tall story that sounds like he is trying to scare her.


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This man was weird for sure. What was the point of hiding ones skin? Did he not know it only made you stand out more? Tempris however would remain quiet, only raising an eyebrown a the comment. When it came to his little prayer. Tempris couldn't help but smile. "I can't forget sinners. That would be like ignoring a crying baby silly."

The further negativity did flag something in her head. What was up with this person. He was very concern with this causing trouble thing. Sure it was good, but they were strangers. He shouldn't be this concern with how she felt. Something was up with this guy for sure. After that, the man began explaining about his curse. It seemed a bit silly but when he mentioned the feeling of being frozen to death, the girl stiffened up and grabbed her sword. "Wait... you can make someone feel forsaken by him. Thats... terrible... horrible. Is there no way to fix that? Do you feel cold? Does it affect you?"

When the man explained what he saw in the forest. Tempris did not look surprised. his description didn't fit anything she knew of but it also did not seem to out of place in this world. After all... she met a talking walking skeleton. "Sounds like someone was following you... But thats not enough of a description to say what it was. Our world is filled with weird heretical things so you should of looked at it more. Maybe He trusted you to do something about it"

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Kaito Todaro
He is unsure how to feel about being compared to a crying baby. He watches her for a reaction to his curse and when she grabbed her sword, he felt that he might be in danger. Whoa, whoa please calm down. I did get a cold chill for a second there, touching my own skin doesn't cause a reaction. He removes his glove then touches his own arm to show her. Just others, also what do you mean by I could make someone feel forsaken ? am I a heretic ? He looks at his hand front and back wondering if maybe he isn't cursed and is just a heretic some how.

He is not surprised that she doesn't know of anything. Like she said he has met or seen some odd people and things in his time out side of his cell. Well I guess it was worth asking in case you knew. He realizes that he glossed over something. You are the reason I wasn't chased for long right ? He at least thinks that is the case cause she knew the jewels were dirty and referred to the people that were after him.

Does Empyrean Divine usually patrol down there or is it Illumin's doing ? He is actually interested in how she will answer this question, cause if they patrol down there why would she be alone even if she is strong you would figure she would have some kind of back up close. He taps the side of his head next to his mask twice and looks around for anyone hiding around or if someone had been hiding near by and has moved on.


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Tempris eyed the man up and down. He was definitely a sinner. Maybe the curse made him a heathen but his actions shown him as something else. She really had to think on it. "Well.. you said that people suffer when they touch you. One of those suffering things you mentioned sounded a lot like what it means to be forsaken. To be cold... to not feel his warmth... Its the most horrible feeling in the world. I remembered... I used to be cold... so cold..." Tempris felt shivers crawling on her skin as her memories started to bubble up.
"Are you a heretic? I don't know exactly. I never heard of anything like what you can do. But... if you don't feel cold... Then I can only assume you are not forsaken. You are just unfortunate and that alone does not make one a heretic. No no... Its more about how you act and what you do with your sin that grants you that label." Tempris dropped her hand into her palm, approving of her own words. "You don't seem like a bad person and you help others. So you should continue you work in this world and don't worry about things like that. If you ever do become a Heretic, I will lend you my flame and save you personally hehe." She gave the man a smile this time being a bit more natural.

"Oh... yeah. I submitted a formal complaint and they said they went back to their business. They shouldn't look for you for a while but you should probably stay away from that building for a while." Then she winked at the man. Her words were much nicer than what actually happened. In the end, nobody got her and those sinners were allowed to continue suffering amidst their sin.

"Um... well... sort of not really but somethings maybe? I use to be a Rune Knight so I take the safety of the public seriously. Some might say I'm a little more active. Illumin himself does not normally act in such small ways. He simply guides us and well... I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him. So I suppose you can say he interfered through me." The girl clasped her hands but did not actually pray. She was grateful for her life but she did think that his greatest gift was the ability to choose. If he did everything for us, then that would be no different than not having a choice. Still, with someone like him... maybe a more positive message was better.

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#12Kaito Todaro 

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Kaito Todaro
He sees her shiver a little and wonders if maybe the cold is getting to her since she put the fire on her sword out or if maybe she is disgusted at hearing to much about his wicked skin. Yeah sorry if that scared you, I should just leave it at my skin is dangerous and not explain beyond that.

He sighs a sigh of relief at her saying he isn't a heretic, as he spent over half his life in a cold dirty cell he had no idea what would really make someone a heretic in the first place. Good to know I have made a friend that if I truly stay will put me down He has no idea if that came off creepy or not he is just happy to see that a smile had shown on her face.

You filed a complaint ? He looks perplexed at hearing this from her and seeing her wink at him. I figured you batted them around with your sword. But I will trust your word. He seems content just knowing that he was right, she was like an angel of sorts in that case but is not gonna say that out loud to her, no idea if it would be a good or bad reaction and he was not in a rush to get hit with the sword.

He looks at her up and down. You were a Rune Knight ? Explains somethings. He laughs softly at the thought of her barking orders and other grown men fearing for their lives at the risk of her wrath raining down upon them.

He agrees to what she said being glad he met her even if she did start this encounter off a little strong he leans on the near by tree. Glad for the interference. At your age I didn't know anything heck I couldn't even speak all I knew was pain without knowing the word for it.


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"Me scared!" The girl shouted, "I'm not scared." Tempris grabbed the handle of her weapon which set the blade ablaze again. However, she did not pull it out of the ground. "I just wanted you to be educated and stuff." She glared at the man but she did not dare move closer to him. In fact, if he tried to move closer, she would back up behind her sword. There was no way she was going to risk feeling cold because of his heretical curse.

"Put you down? You mean kill? I don't kill people. Nope. Not only is that wrong, but it robs people of his warmth. I could give you a baptism of fire though." She continued gripping her sword despite knowing she would be allowed to go through with it.

"I wish, but most people don't like to bother me when they see my devotion to Illumin." It sucked that she did not get to fight and purge those people. When the man made a comment about her being a rune knight, she kept quiet and ignored it. She couldn't picture what he was trying to say but it was probably best for both of them if she kept her anger in check. She did not want to look like a child throwing a tantrum after getting so much fear and respect out of this man.
"Oh... that sounds horrible... I wish Illumin could have pulled you out of that life like he did me."

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Kaito Todaro
Being scared is a normal thing though. He takes the mask back off of his face looking at her with his hazel eyes. He is slightly blinded when her sword went ablaze again but understands she holds a slight fear of his curse touching her, he puts his glove back on but leaves the mask off. Kai does not dare to take a step closer to her not wanting to push her to far or cause a bigger fear in her. I fear I will never get cured, but i can't let that stop me from living the best I can.

Still sounds like that would hurt me pretty bad. But fear not I don't plan on losing my mind anytime soon so you are safe from having to do that and this gear keeps people safe from me. He fears maybe he shouldn't have burdened her with the knowledge of his curse, cause it will probably hurt future relations of the guilds if he shows and she refuses to be anywhere in the same room as him.

I don't understand why your devotion should really bother people that much, it is your passion why judge you for it. He looks up at the night sky and smiles a simple thoughtful smile. I sometimes wonder what would have happened to me if I hadn't fled my cell that day the lab was attacked, I knew nothing, not how to speak or have a name, I hobbled out cause I wasn't use to walking, I even got slashed because I was too slow and the sun blinded me that day I was bleeding out face down in a cold stream.

He looks back down at her again still smiling. I guess fate just handed me a rough early hand but I think I am in a good place now, but there is still lots to learn and do ahead and I can only get stronger. He raises his hand slowly and gives her a thumbs up, trying to break the tension he was feeling in the air with her.


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"Being scared is something the weak do. I am no longer weak. Illumin has bless me with strength and purpose. Thus as long has he is looking over me. I will never be scared." Tempris gripped her bladed tightly. It was her pact, her proof that she was not the same as before. It was her warmth in this cold world. So she felt like she could hold her head high with it beside her.

"Oh a Baptism of Fire is not painful at all. I go through it every morning. His flames are warm and pure," she relaxed a bit more now that she was talking about something she was more happy about, "But it is option for others... I can only help those who stray too far away or who wish to experience freedom from their sin." It was a requirement for being in the guild. However, she could not help but feel herself shifting to this mentality ever since Bosco anyway. Her faith was still strong but... now she was also cherishing the few souls she decided were worth her time.

"I think its because of other heretics who share my passion but use his name to achieve their own selfish and unholy goals. Also... I have heard that the church does not tolerates some groups but I have never been a member or affiliated with the organization... outside of Bosco. Its... funny. I actually practice alone most of the time." The girl's smile grew weak but she did not drop it, "It seems you have experience some of the troubles those who pretend to be followers inflict onto others. One should never regret obtaining freedom. One should never... go back to those times either." Tempris's free hand made a fist. Her smile dissolved before she lowered her head. "Not even in memories. Seek new ones filled with warm. That's what I do."

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#16Kaito Todaro 

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Kaito Todaro
Hearing her saying being scared is for the weak, he laughs. "Then I guess I am pretty weak. He wonders about her, but seeing she is not someone that would be swayed easily no matter what he said about being scared, being a good thing that it can keep you sharp and means you realize there is a true danger to overcome.

He listens to her explaining about it and he wonders how it would feel, but knows he will probably never feel it, unless something grave happens that requires or forces him to lose his path. I bet it feels nice if it doesn't hurt, I will trust you, and will count on you if I ever lose my way. He smiles warmly and hopes it never comes to this.

A few bad apples spoils the bunch He starts walking closer to her slowly not wanting to spook or cause her to raise her weapon at him. Oh really ? I figured you were, but I guess I assumed wrongly. But as long as your faith is strong and unwavering I see no worry in that. Last time I was in Bosco it didn't end well, to keep it short it is how I got the marks burned into my hands, protecting a small demi-human girl. He looks at his gloved palms as he finishes.

He looks at her when she says he had a run in with a bad group of followers. I am unsure if they were followers of Illumin... none of their notes said anything of it just notes about how to use me, or my curse, if I am close to dead and where to toss my body.He thinks back to the forms he saw that his master had shown him with information on him most of it being censored to keep somethings hidden from prying eyes. I have no want to go back, I wouldn't trade my freedom for anything. He moves to place his hand on her shoulder gently. Trust me you have given me one strong memory tonight with a lot of warmth in it, thanks for that. He smiles at her even if she can't see it.


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"Maybe..." Tempris smirked. She had no intention of poking at the man's confidence here. You were either strong enough to fight for your believes or you weak enough to follow another sinner and survive. As long as he choose to be weak, then he would continue to be scared and force to follow another sinner.

When the man moved closer to her, she didn't budge. The man's curse was not on her mind, not with the idea of weakness and serving Illumin in the for front. So many warm thoughts drown out the cold reality and suffering of this man. "No... it didn't. That demon defeated Brunhild, but I divorced myself from them. So their suffering is on them." She lowered her head, "But its reasons like that we needed a better light. But they choose darkness."

"No true follower of Illumin would dare do something so cruel. Thats what I know. Illumin is watching too, always. Those who fail to seek forgiveness and reform will get their retribution. For those people who cursed you. Their retribution will be given as well. But those are cold thoughts."

Tempris tried to perk up, "So what are you going to do now? Cause more trouble?"

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#18Kaito Todaro 

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Kaito Todaro
He knows he still has a long way to go to be strong truly strong but still kind, but for now he is weak, but everyone starts somewhere, he just has to use more of his wit and instinct then his power for the moment. But worry not I will get stronger, I would say something cheesey like even if it kills me, but right now that doesn't seem right to say, cause it sounds like I would turn dark for it, and maybe lose my kindness.

He gently pats her shoulder. Some get blinded by the light, so they miss when they have turned to true darkness in the lights stead. He knows those probably sound like cheap empty words to her, but he means them. I know as a sinner I shouldn't spew my own words like I do, but if I see someone I can help I try to help them the best I can. He smiles warmly even if knowing he is the only one that knows he is doing it.

I believe I was born this way, not by some ones ill doing, so I can't say I can blame anyone, for all I know I crossed someone in a past life and now I am baring the rotten fruits of that action, or more realistically I was just unlucky and was just plain old born cursed. He keeps a soft smile, not really down by being who he is just that he wonders what human contact that doesn't hurt someone feels like, but he knows he has a while before that can happen.

To be honest I am not sure what my next move is gonna be. I doubt it will be trouble. He rubs the back of his head, then decides to tease her a little. Maybe a nice home with a picket fence a woman that loves me, maybe even a pet. He laughs softly hoping he might have lightened the burden on her mind a little with him saying something so silly that is a pipe dream at the current moment. What is your plan miss Tempris ? Bust more trouble makers ?


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"Yep, and when that happens. I appear and guide those lost souls to his truth warmth." She had no clue the man was hinting at her. How could she, her life was fully devoted to Illumin. She owed him her life, her existence. If he did not intervene, she would be a pile of ash or worst... living in the ice box forever seeking his warmth until she left this world... alone... and cold.
"But its good that others, even if they are sinners, work to make this world a better place. So fret not. Your actions shall be rewarded when the time comes."

She did not have much to say about his view on his situation. In truth it was not his fault. There was no previous life. There was no answering punishment with torture. On should not be stripped if basic humanity or freedoms because they did a bad thing. They should be punished and then sent to Illumin for forgiveness. "Warm thoughts Mr. Kaito of Fairy Tail. They will take you far."

The man took her question a bit too far. She was not seeking his life mission. To be honest, she never thought about looking that far out. There was too much wrong in this world for her to dream of sitting one place. "Plan... umm... I dont know... I never thought about those things. I mean... I'm not even strong enough to protect my faith. Not yet."

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Kaito Todaro
He softly pats her head with a warm laugh. Just remember to keep your sight as well my friend don’t get blinded. He looks at her and wonders if him saying that might cause her to lash out at him. I just simply do my best no matter how small, I try not to fret as it will only distract me or people with me. I wonder what reward awaits me. He knows he has no time now to be thinking about his own death and reward in the after life.

He wonders what warm thoughts he could think about beyond being cured and maybe understanding people better, none really come to mind, outside of love but he doesn’t understand that feeling either Just read about it, so he will stick to being cured and trying to understand and learn about people. What are your warm thoughts if you don’t mind me asking you miss Tempris

He gently shakes his head seeing as she took him seriously. I was teasing you with the settling down thing. I don’t think I could ever really stay in one place for too long as my master put it I have a wonderers soul, but it seems to get me into trouble like tonight even if I did hit a windfall, plus meet someone new. He stands up straight and smiles at her with a thumbs up. If you ever find yourself in need of backing or back up feel free to call on me and I will do everything I can to help you feel strong enough if you feel lacking. That is if you could stand a sinners help plus you have your guild mates as well to lean on. He figures she doesn’t need to hear that but he wants her to know she isn’t alone even if she sometimes feels alone beside Illumin and her faith.

He hopes his words are reaching her and not offending her in someway, he just doesn’t want her to lose her way like the ones she is against. Kai knows little about religion but respects the people that do have the passion and the faith like Tempris does.


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She was not sure what this man met. How could someone like her go blind. Her vision was the most clear thanks to Illumin. The head pat was not appreciated either. Had this man not been a member of fairy tail, she surely would have pushed him or at least slapped his hand. So all she could do was just back away. She stayed silent wall looking at him displeased with his action.

"My warm thoughts... Well, I think about a fire place. Drinking warm milk. Napping in the sun. Stuff like that." She also liked spending time with certain people, but she was not willing to part with that knowledge giving how close this stranger was trying to get with her. "Warm thoughts should make you happy and warm inside."

"Sure you were teasing." The girl mocked with a smirk. "I bet you were expecting me to also admire that simple life. Well, I do admire your ability to have such simple happiness, but my work is not done," She turned away from the man, "And thanks but... In my line of work, you need to be more sure of yourself... and strong. Else, you might see yourself being overtaken by the flames." She made a fist and felt please with her powerful words. Surely she had to sound really cool and strong.

"Of course, if it is power you want. I can always train you. I have lots of experience fighting. I'm like probably the one of the strongest people ever. Not to brag"

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Kaito Todaro
He puts his gloved hand on his chest inside of his cloak and wonders if maybe he is missing something that makes him feel this warmth she speaks of, maybe he is broken and can't feel it. He knows talking to her makes his chest feel warm so maybe it is friendship he should be more focused on then being cured or learning about people. He understands he over stepped by patting her head cause it probably made her feel like he was treating her like a child.

He bows his head to her. Sorry that I asked too much of you, you barely know me and I tried to ask you to explain the world. He keeps his head down I don't really figure you one to settle for simple, you have to much work ahead of you to clean house and guide them back to the light. He raises his head back to normal. Everyone needs a hand sometimes miss Tempris, just saying I will lend you mine if you find need of it.

He returns his hand out of his cloak off of his chest and back to his side. I respect your strong words and I know you can more then back them up as well from how you carry yourself. Maybe sometime you could train me. I bet you are good in a fight miss Tempris. He hopes she doesn't go over board later if he does end up meeting with her to train later on cause that sword looks like it could do a ton of damage without trying.


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"You should stop apologizing so much. Strong people don't apologize... at least this much." She folded her arms, half expecting him to apologize more. "But back to my question. What are planning to do now? Are you going to go home or are you going to look for more money? Maybe you want to look around the city more?"

This was her true intentions. The man looked like he could bring more trouble and well, she was getting bored. She really wanted to do something more exciting, if not pick a fight with more shady people. If only she wasn't so well known. "I'm sure if you want to go back to the district, nobody will bully you with be behind you... unless you provoke them. I suppose I could over look such things this time around since we are suppose to be allies and stuff." A small innocent smile masked the girl's true intentions. The girl however felt no need to hid her feelings around this man. It wasn't like he could do anything to her... besides snitch.

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Kaito Todaro
He smiles nervously knowing he apologizes to much. Yeah I guess that is a bad habit, I’m s... I will work on that.... seeing her fold her arms he wonders what she is thinking. I guess we could go back but I ended up there cause I got lost while I was looking around, you got anywhere you want to show I would be willing to go. He wonders if he is gonna be bait for more trouble or if she really wants to show him around. He knows either way the night is still some what young and there is still time for some fun.

Her smile tells him that she is probably gonna use him as bait, he looks around, feeling sorta like someone is watching him. He thinks it is probably just a grunt scoping out where he is and if she is still around him or if she knocks him on his ass and takes off. I figure they are still watching, so you might be walking into a trap. He looks to her face for a reaction to him saying this. He figures maybe he is just being paranoid and maybe no one is watching them.

He stretched a little to loosen up just in case they do run into trouble if she wants to go back into the Crimson quarter for more criminal fighting, but if they do expect her they might have some kind of ambush for her and him.


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"I suppose your right. It could be a trap. How I pray it will be a trap. But I do suppose I shouldn't encourage you to cause trouble." The smirked before turning around and grabbing her sword. "I do hope I see you again, Kaito of Fairy Tail. I hope that we could have fun and cause trouble together later." The girl the pulled her weapon out of the ground and slung it over her shoulder. Then she proceeded to walk away. "Tell your Guildmaster I said Hi."

The girl would not turn back, not wanting to show the cynical grin. She could could not believe there were so many new things do and so many new players to have fun with. Not to mention she really hoped the guy would train with her one day. He seemed like a fun person to fight and maybe they both could grow a lot from the encounter. Even if they didn't she was still itching to test some of her new things.


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