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Operation Flower (Solo Quest)

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#1Kaito Todaro 

Operation Flower (Solo Quest) Empty Tue Nov 23, 2021 2:32 pm

Kaito Todaro
Kai upon gaining the request rushes to the church to find out how he can help, he arrives and sees the state it is in and gets the info from the priest and that he has to be gentle and very careful with the flowers and how they look. I will back as fast as I can I promise on my life. The priest wonders how Illumin is testing them this time but stays steadfast in his faith and to keep the families effect hope high. Kai dawns his Flow Cloak and runs as hard as he can dodging and jumping people not worried if he is causing a scene.

Kai gets to the place the priest told him about but it is barren of the flower they need Kai feels slightly disheartened, then a light shines through the trees at him like it is leading him, then the light dims and Kai is dumbfounded for a second that he just saw that but figures it is worth a chance and rushes the way the light had shined from in the forest going deep in and he slows down looking around the trees closely and he sees in the shade of some of the bigger trees the flowers are flourishing, he gently and very careful so not damage the plants gathers the flowers, that are in desperate need right now, the thorns being no problem as Kaito is nearly always wearing his gloves, but Kai feels like someone is watching him from behind a tree somewhere.

Kai feeling he has the amount they need gets back to his feet and starts making his way back out of the forest listening around hearing the area is very quiet like there is a predator around somewhere so the hair on the back of his neck is raised but Kai knowing he doesn't have time for messing with a beast or a monster just cloaks himself with a hop and is going as fast as he can. He swears for a second he saw someone standing behind a tree watching him as he sped past it, not sure if a ghost or a god he bows his head in respect and keeps going making it into the city and taking a different route back in cause he had caused a scene and might end up questioned by guards or knights later, but for now there is a more important task at hand. He makes it to the church and he knocks, the priest quickly answers and takes the flowers from him gently and with great care.

Thank you so much you are a real god sent, to have done this so fast and not a wasted second. I believe I can cure them this time. Kai looks at him and for a moment thinks about telling the priest what he saw, but he decides the priest doesn't need anymore excitement for the day. Kai takes his reward and hopes the flowers do their job, he also wonders if he what he saw was Illumin or someone else, and also wonders if he will be dealing with the knights for his recklessness in the city.

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