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The show must go on. (Solo Quest)

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#1Kaito Todaro 

The show must go on. (Solo Quest) Empty Tue Nov 23, 2021 1:24 pm

Kaito Todaro
Kai meets up with the client just outside of the theater. Hello there darling you must be the one the guild sent over, we have two weeks to put on the best performance that we can. So what can you do to help me out? Kai walks up so he is face to face with the client. I can sew, clean, manual labor, Hand out fliers for the show. The client is over the moon that this fellow in front of them can check almost all of the boxes they need. You are hired and I am counting on you. The client lets him inside and shows Kai around and to some of the cast, they get Kai straight to work  getting measurements for the cast to repair and refit their needs, some of the cast even use him to bounce their lines off of as he worked on their costumes, Kai helps as he can as he goes getting the costumes done, to the manual labor to help them test set pieces and props for the show, then helps watch and rate their dry runs and rehearsals.

The last week is upon them so Kai gets a staff uniform from the back making himself look clean, well groomed, no mask, no cloak, and finer more refined gloves and heads outside with the fliers handing to those that pass by and promoting it by voice as well using the clients name calling it the clients newest windfall and everyone should see it cause it will only be for a very limited time and it will be one to remember, by day three the tickets are sold out and Kai hopes this will be everything the client hopes. The client walks up to kai who is still in the staff uniform. Shame you hide your handsome face behind a mask, and you clean up nice when you aren't wearing that cloak.

Kai not being use to being flattered smiles. Thanks but I think I fit better in my mask and cloak then I do in this get up. Kai goes into the back and changes back into his normal clothes, getting back to some other manual labor in the back and with lines and making sure the roof doesn't actually come down on them. The night of the Big performance comes and Kai is in the wing helping the crew get set pieces in as their anchor so no one gets lifted off. The finale is about to happen and Kai hears a noise above in the lights and sees one is about to fall and he snaps his fingers a cyan seal appears at the top of the curtain and Kai lifts his finger as the client takes his final bow and Sparkling tendrils of frost catch the light making an effect on the bowing actor and the whole theater erupts in applause for them and Kai hurries  up into the rigging and grabs the light releasing his Icy Vain spell he used to catch it and he puts the light back on the cat walk turned off.

The crew are all out on stage taking their final bow and kai lays flat on the cat walk. Show business is rough I am not made for this kind of work Kai jumps back up to his feet and gets down and to the client that pays him and Kai heads out to go home to sleep and take brake for a few days.

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