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A peaceful view and good eats. (Open/Social)

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#1Kaito Todaro 

A peaceful view and good eats. (Open/Social) Empty Tue Nov 23, 2021 9:51 am

Kaito Todaro
Kai feeling a little crowded in the city decided it was time to get back to some good old nature for some time to relax and unwind a little. Kai walks along a flowing river searching for a good spot to set up for a good day of fishing for some dinner. Kai happens upon a picturesque area of the river where the tree coverage is just perfect to cover with shade this time of day even a cool cross breeze, that gently shakes the near by trees with there vivid green leaves and strong dark brown trunks just beyond it is a small field of flowers in full bloom with bright colors of reds, blues and yellows and Kai swears he sees some purples as well farther in but is not gonna go and trample on natures beauty to do it.

Guess I lucked out, I found a great spot and have a Pretty view as well. Kai starts setting up his camp putting his traveling sack in the tent then placing his gear and sets a few rope traps incase of anything trying to sneak up or stalk him. Kai takes off his cloak and jacket leaving his blood red fairy tail guild tattoo in plain sight on his shoulder while in his sleeveless red shirt, folding and placing them on the ground next to where he is, then removes his gloves and places them on the pile knowing it is safe to as his chances of someone bumping into him out here are very low he almost removes his mask but decides against it but he lets his hair down to dance in the wind freely. Kai takes his seat, baits his hook then casts out into the river.

The sounds of the trees leaves rustling, birds chirping and singing makes him feel warm inside to help him relax, he keeps his gaze fixed on the line, watching for any sight of a bite from the clear babbling river in front of him, Kaito keeps his ears open for the sounds of anything bigger that might come his way so he has time to relocate.

#2Kaito Todaro 

A peaceful view and good eats. (Open/Social) Empty Sun Nov 28, 2021 8:06 am

Kaito Todaro
Kai spends most of the day fishing and just admiring the pure sweet nature around him as he feels it has been for ever that he just let himself sit back and enjoy himself with some relaxing fishing and fresh air unlike the cities hustle and bustle that he was not really use to yet but is trying hard to be use to, Kaito prepares the fish and gets them cooking over a fire glad he didn't have to fight anyone or anything while he was out here at peace camping undisturbed by any animal or person. Kaito after waiting a decent enough time tries the fish and is glad he didn't overload on the spices and feels it is the perfect amount of bite to tender meat that he probably could have done, for this wonderous and fun filled trip. Kaito heads to bed and sleeps soundly through the night to wake to a peaceful day he packs up and heads out.


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