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New Horns, Who's This?(Karisa.)

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#1Judith Karlinius 

New Horns, Who's This?(Karisa.) Empty Mon Nov 22, 2021 8:21 am

Judith Karlinius
The always chaotic nature of Judith, She just had a way of just always just showing up sometimes, Given how close these two where and not many have noted Judith had been about telling people about it, She felt more often it was better to keep it to herself, So she did.

It just happen, sometimes out of now where showed up, Not that she was really annoying. these two was always were different and always got along. Even if Judith was always a wee bit spacey.

So with it being one of these days, Judith just showed up, Most likely to not a lot of people around. Then again she had not entered here or had seen in here before. Opening the door and walking through it, Closing it behind her. She looked around to see what was around to see if who she was looking for was here, Or if she had to try another time.

Then again because Judith also looked super different, Judith might be seen as a stranger. So far pondering to herself how nice of a place this was. A lot different then who Judith kept Fairy Tail. Then again Judith's building was not really needing updating or changes, Judith also kept a lot of things in good shape enough that looks and decor never needed to be updated.

So she now had to ponder, Did Judith waited by the door? Or did she start walking around, Seemed like a good time to think about it while standing still.


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My Mother
Told Me

There is no going back from what has been done. Her soft hands wrap around her stomach that swirled living beings within as she tried to comfort the truth. It was almost time. She bit her lip as her thoughts wandered, her legs moving for the maiden to go amongst the people she knows. People within Hosenka knew of her as the Master of the area. How long will it be till it no longer is that? This body was becoming tiring as it felt like it could collapse at any moment. Her illness was still there, as she could feel it. To bring comfort, she arched her back and took a deep breath before continuing on her walk. Perhaps, she should have brought her dear companion. At least he'd have a use for such.

Her brown eyes with the sun within them gazed towards the person who was not too far from her now, her sister. Was she here visiting such late hours for a reason? She chuckled quietly as her eyes half-closed. Her white-blonde hair tickled towards the side from the night winds. The tiredness showed as the dark circles under her eyes and the darkness of the eyeshadow was wearing down. The Elven Goddess went forward towards her sister and stopped after standing two meters away. "How nice for you to visit, dear sister. I suppose now is better than none to share the news," she spoke ghostly in her soft melodic tone. The gatekeepers saw her and instantly opened the doors.

Instantly, she was bombarded by her servant friend who stood tall. The man gazed downward at the two and bowed his head, "Mistress, I have everything ready," he spoke in his deep silk tone. His brown long hair, golden-orange eyes, and wore a brown-black suit. "Thank you, I - eh!," she leaned over a bit as a hint of pain went through her stomach, eyes wincing, but as fast as it came, it disappeared. The man quickly helped her by taking an arm, "This way, madam and Mistress," he insisted as he escorted them.

After a few doors and pathways, they finally entered the tea-meeting room. It was swirling with colors of rich red was the leaves were falling from the trees, bamboo plants in selective areas, and the designs of nicknacks. The mat and table were centered in the room as there were already tea and snacks ready for them. On the side, she could see her other 'drink' ready for her. Slowly, he helped Karisa down and then showed her where Judith shall sit. "Anything else you need?," he wondered gently with a welcoming smile.

#3Judith Karlinius 

New Horns, Who's This?(Karisa.) Empty Mon Nov 22, 2021 8:57 am

Judith Karlinius
It was not something Judith at least expected because well. Judith did not really recall telling her of this change."Wait, you knew of this already? I did not recalling you at all."then well she could not help but point this out and continue with a joke."Either my fragmenting memories I thought was just the past are catching me now, Or your spying on me."With could end with Judith laughing about it. Whatever was said in return well most likely was not anything Judith expected, Mostly because she only expected laughter if anything else. With the mention of fragmented memories was a thing Judith had been avoiding the path of fixing, Since she was unsure if she really wanted to or not.

With that Judith just sat down, Because there was not much else really needed at least in her view anyway."No, I do not really need anything else."Judith was really just wanting to see who she was already talking too, She could make do with anything else that was around."See both you and I are always busy in our own ways."Not that she was making it a horrible point, considering what Judith remembered they where living quite busy lives. Judith's was just different then hers.

"But,Nonetheless I guess I should learn what you actually wanted to talk to me about."This was Judith settle into her chair and listening quietly as she normally did for people when in conversation, If anything it might truly be an interesting subject that was going to be shown.


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My Mother
Told Me

"Oh dear sister, you don't need to tell me anything... I find out everything in my own way," she gently picked up the tea kettle and poured themselves tea. The smell made her feel calm and warm, but deep inside it made her feel nauseated. Slowly she leaned down to take the vial that her companion prepared for her and poured it in her own cup. The color of the liquid was black mixed in a maroon red. She prepared her own tea with some cinnamon and honey as she forbid herself to add sugar. A few swirls she then takes a sip.

'They' felt satisfied so far with this, unlike normal human drinks and foods. What did she create? What has she done?... These questions, even if the answers turn out to make her regret, it was too late as she will accept it. This is what happens when you experiment with life. "Hmm, busy, quite so..." she softly spoke and gazed away. "As you can see, I'm pregnant and I have a wedding coming up..." she gazed around at her servants and waved them away. As soon as they all left, closing the doors her eyes then gazed at her sister. "I love him... you know? I wanted to give him a family no matter what the cost - call me crazy if you will...I mean he approved of wanting children. I just don't think he realized the cost when he was a vampire... now a werewolf," she ranted on.

"These children aren't human, Judith... I don't know what they are...What they will be." she lowly spoke as she knew how Ana created Judith one last time before she rested in peace. Judith doesn't know yet... What if she wasn't successful in her own experiment?

You'll love us still

Her eyes widened as she heard voices that sounded like whispers. A chill ran against her revealing skin as her eyes cornered left and right without letting Judith see. Slowly, her right hand went against her pregnant stomach and felt kicks. Was it possible? She almost forgot Judith was there in front of her for a second as her head shot up to gaze at her innocently with a warm and uneasy smile. "I need to know if I die giving birth to them... will you keep them safe? Make sure Kazimir is taken care of?", she needed this reassurance just in case her illness takes place during the birth. The mad scientist could never stop thinking...

#5Judith Karlinius 

New Horns, Who's This?(Karisa.) Empty Tue Nov 23, 2021 9:36 am

Judith Karlinius
Everything so far seemed to show a new lingering worry, By that it seemed she feared it going beyond what was expected, If anything it was viewed as paranoid behaviour by Judith, But still she could see the comfort needed here."So you are spying on me...interesting."Not that Judith had anything to hide so even if she knew various things not like it was really going to get out, After all She knew a lot far more about Judith then even Judith knew of herself currently."Not that I have any secrets with you anyway, So it was not too much of worry."So it seemed they would dive into the worst of it.

Was it a horrible worry? Not entirely, Since Judith was always a positive person still."It does seem silly, I think you will be okay."Judith would get off of her chair before the tea drink started. Walking to the back of chair of Karisa she just quietly hugged her and just let herself relax there."Sometimes, even if we do not like it. We have things that are left to fate and nature's wishes." She did mean this in a good way, Even if it could not be taken that way."They are a creation of two people who love each other, No matter what they might be best to think they will not be that horrible."Also just Judith being herself.

It was still as simple promise really."It will be something still pretty simple to honour as a request."For now Judith really did not move from her place, Then again Judith was also extremely gentle.This was the Judith everyone was use too, But for Karisa this Judith was some one far different that her origins, That Judith was long buried as equally as different.

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