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To Learn From Other Pictures.(Open)

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When eventually picking up upon the existence of this gallery, For anyone who actually knew of Miriko it would not shock anyone she would eventually show up here. For Miriko it was something for her to look int to not only see the very thing she does everyday, Just by other people. These places is like taking a child Miriko with a love for sugar and candy into a candy shop telling her she could buy anything she wanted and leaving her to choose. So when she had happen to be Oak she would not waste time and arrive here.

She would have a talk with Alistair and putting a lot of the things she would carry normally into the bags, Since well she would only really need her glasses, In which would with a length of string, styled to her liking but also kept the glasses around her neck while she was not using them, they stayed around her neck."I am so excited with this Alistair!"Miriko said in her delight because well this was one of her elements so to say she was just super happy and could contain it, Just not really trying too.

Given she was already a fairly settled and calm person by nature, It would not be too expansive."Be sure to brush off your paws before entering, I will do the same with my shoes."Miriko mentioned mostly out of her own personal respect. Hoping the gallery had room for Alistair as well, Since she was normally making sure it had room for him, Brushing off her shoes Miriko would help Alistair clean off his paws.

Nonetheless the Majura Gallery had the visitor of the wondering painter Miriko, As well as anyone else around. But it was not something she had taken notice of yet. Most likely whenever some one else had spoken to her she would have no problem speaking to them. Just how would be an interesting question. Weather it be Miriko herself or Alistair who was not too far away from her. Admiring the detail and the ways the gallery was designed from first look.

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Luxin Orihara
Luxin walked into the gallery smile in place, he had come to scope out the area, as this was his next big heist. If he could pull this off clients would come swimming to him by the boatload. Majura Gallery was infamous for it's security and if he could penetrate its defences.. let's just say he'd be swimming in jewels by the next year.

Eyeing the priceless pieces of art, his keen eyes made note of the guards placed at the entrances and exits, mentally taking a picture he grinned completely at ease at how easy it was all seeming. He could practically smell the jewels now.

As he continued, he noticed the staff members busying themselves with the paintings and artifacts, in particular the female with old fashioned glasses held around her neck by string. He had heard her outburst and winced immediately wondering how she was so excitable about something like this, although he was pretty sure she had no idea he was even near.


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It was just the life she lived, Numb to the reality and things that could happen around her, Since her focuses in life were rather singular, It was pretty simple to leave the tall painter alone and do whatever you wanted. She just wanted see these things and she could be on her ways."Come Alistair, there is plenty of room here."Miriko would call for her companion since well in a childish nature and way she wanted being that she knew most and was also most comfortable with to hopefully enjoy everything with her.

In which the tall cat being would the slowly walk over to Miriko, Alistair was just a bit taller then Miriko by a hair, however length wise Alistair did take up a fair amount of length. Being about 6 meters in length, it seemed the painters friend was fairly remarkable in terms of how big he was, The Cattian would laugh for a moment."Maybe you could see if you could admit something into this place, Given how your work is sought after."Which to most people around Alistair being a massive cat already was one thing, He was smart enough to talk and have a conversation with Miriko, Was something else entirely different.

In return as she gazed upon the conversation she was having with her cat."I am unsure even if my pieces are sought after, I would have pieces good enough for display here."Miriko seemingly lacked belief in herself to have anything that would belong her is just her business more then anyone else, At least for the most part she was just trying to keep the conversation as a respectful volume, Trying not to be too loud.

Given this place already when they had been offered the drinks here that are normally offered to guest, champagne was not really her fancy."I do decline thank you for that offer, I do not particularity enjoy champagne."Well, Not like they would offer Alistair the drinks either, They did not have enough for him, also questionable if they had enough to contain it. However Miriko did not know if champagne was safe for him either, But that was just something else upon her mind."I am sorry in advance if this bores your Alistair."Miriko mentioned in advance, In which they both chuckled about it lightly enough to not make it disruptive to the rest of people around her.

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