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Skald Ragnulf

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Name: Skald Ragnulf

Age: Oct, 16, X763

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Pansexual

Ethnicity, Father: Icebergian

Ethnicity, Mother: Icebergian

Class: Sorcerer

Race: Demi-Human [Fox]

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Center of his chest, just a few buttons under where your collar should be.

Face: Custom - Klou and Pkingsora


Height: 6'7

Weight: 200

Hair: Black/White/red

Eyes: Ice Blue/Black Screla

Overall: Skald stands at a whopping six feet eleven inches. His body is covered from head to toe in a mix of black and white fur. He keeps it well groomed however it tends to stick up in various places. He prefers to keep his fur at a managable shorter length and even goes out of his way to wear some more human clothing. Such as long sleeved shirts with their sleeves rolled up to his elbow and with vests of various colors over them. He rarely wears pants but due to the length of his fur he really doesn't need to.  Unlike many of his kinsmen Skald has seven tails; which can be a hassle to control individually. They are long enough to drag on the ground were he not to keep them off of it. While he does have claws on both his hands and feet they are no where near sharp enough to be considered dangerous.

Extra: Skald has a single scar, going from one shoulder to his opposite hip. He rarely shows it off. He has clan tattoos on his hips and on his face; of which are red in color. His left ear is pierced by a strange red jade earring; it holds no magical properties but is merely for his own desires made manifest.



  • Kind: Skald is for lack of better terms a kind individual, he does what he can to help those that he can when he can. There's a certain kindness that does well in his job and that kindness is the sort he employs. People come back to his bar not because of the drink but because of the company that is ever present.

  • Understanding: Short on Jewels? Short on work? Simply just downtrodden? Skald has seen it all. He knows how it is and offers advice, both good and bad. If you simply want to vent he's there to be an ear. Pleasantly taking in everything. He doesn't charge people that are on rough times and refuses payment outright for those in need.

  • Workable: Skald is if one thing... is workable. He will do what he can to make your stay at his bar pleasant or if you're out and about finding him on the 'outside' of work. It's quite easy to work with him because he puts himself in such a position.

  • Gentle: The touch of one that has been through so much, the kind words that have soothed hundreds of minds and the re-assurance that he can give to them comes from somewhere deeper and sweeter than most can expect from him.

  • Meticulous: Skald is the sort that plans out everything in advance, taking every precaution, thinking of every little possible thing that could come into practice. He is a thorough planner and takes agonizing steps to make sure that things go the way that he wants them to. A win is a win for him. But an absolute win is something he cherishes...

  • Loyal: If you earn his trust, you earn your keep. If you need help he will give it, friends for him are difficult to make to say the least but if you are able to get into his 'friend' list there is very little that Skald won't do for you. Legal or not.


    • Cheese: Skald actually fairly likes a variety of cheeses, mostly in the form of cake or stuff that goes in sandwhiches. Though he prefers to have it with meat were he to partake in any. It's something of a delicacy to him given that the cold tends to make it very brittle.
    • Wine: What is a good cheese without it's wine counterpart? It probably comes from him working in his own bar, but he can't help but want to drink some of it when partaking in this 'rare' delicacy. He prefers wines that taste more like berries than anything else.


    • The cold: Skald doesn't really like the cold, having lived in it for so long. You'd think his fur would help but honestly there's nothing that stops the freezing cutting winds from the north.
    • Being lost: Being lost is something that Skald really doesn't like; he likes knowing where he's going and what sort of surroundings he has. So he gets pretty miffed when he realizes he's lost.


    • Monetary Improvement: There's very little in the world that cannot be bought with money. Friendship, love and family are some of those things. But seeing as he often lacks the three he doesn't mind settling himself into the ideals of increasing the size of his wallet. He'd love to live comfortably and keeps his mind where his money is... or where it isn't.


    • Freezing to Death: Skald's dislike of the cold also comes from the deep rooted fear of death from frostbite. Something that he got really used to as a kit.
    • Heights: Skald gets fairly uncomfortable around high locations. Often having to avert his eyes or looking away entirely from where he can see that he's very high up. If he can't tell that it's high he's fine, but he might freeze up if he sees that they're up a few stories more than what's comfortable...


    Strength: 6

    Speed: 6

    Constitution: 6

    Endurance: 6

    Intelligence: 6


    Magic Name: Line Magic

    Magic Element: Darkness

    Magic Enhancement: Fast Cast Type

    Magic Description: Line magic is a offensive and supplementary leaning magic. It's often used to attack opponents at a distance with shadows of the target. Manipulating it to suit their own needs while attacking the individual with their own shadow. They are also able to make use of their own shadows as grasping tools of things nearby. Like a set of extra hands to help with more customers or to perhaps even help the cook with that pot of rice that's overboiling...



    Skald was born to a wandering tribe of beastman based out of the province of iceberg. He does not know where he was born nor do his parents really care to tell him. He was born in the wilds like they were and like their parents before them; while not ostrisized or commited to any particular city state they would make travel between them. Often not wanting to try to settle down; afraid of the many powerful creatures that roamed the land. His youth was a blur of movement; never stopping and often only staying in one place for a few months at best.

    Unlike the nomadic tribes his people often lived a little more purer off the lands. Hunting after wild beast and scavenging rather than the focal point of trade. Their magics meant to support and help the group rather than improving on ones own. It was a strange way to grow up but it did make skald very reliant towards others as a result. It wasn't until Skald was about ten that he found out the reason why his people were on the run.

    They were being hunted.

    Not for sport, not for slavery, not for any kind of real reason that one would think normally. But there was a curse on his people; they were damned to be hunted by the wills of the land. The men that were following them were nothing but undeath. The mighty draugr of the northern province. His mother and father, and their parents before them had committed grievious crimes that had not gone unforgotten. So they ran and ran and ran... until the very world stopped. It was forgotten who was really responsible out of the clan. So they all shouldered that belief that they were all responsible.

    But skald didn't like the idea of being blamed for something he clearly didn't do, thinking himself better than this he though to talk to the draugr the next time they ran into them. A few years later he would get his chance and his scar. A draugr chief of sorts nearly cleaved the young beastman in half as he tried to talk them down. His family faired no better, slaughtered down to a man. Trying to help their youth rather than running like they had been. None of them were really proper fighters.

    Skald was left for dead in the middle of no where by the draugr who didn't even do him the favor of putting him out of his misery. Were it not for a traveling merchant and his assortment of helpers did skald even manage to see another sun rise. He had his honor on his mind and in his heart; giving his word that he would pay back the merchant any way possible. Which he would be able to over the course of a few years. Saving the merchant from a failing business and pushing for him to leave the dangerous realm of iceberg.

    Skald himself decided to try his luck in the various towns of iceberg. Settling into one of the larger ones to run a small bar for a time. Figuring that he could get his act together and move down to the warmer climites. However it wasn't all sunshine and rainbows. Luck may have been on his side before; but knowledge would help more than anything else. And he struggled to make due. Having to do some things he was not proud of to keep the bar on the up and up. It was only a matter of time before he would consistantly have to resort to doing 'deeds' to keep his bar going.

    If he wanted to uproot himself he could but it'd take some heavy acts to get him out of the pickle of 'owing' some very powerful people...

    Reference: N/A

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Hey there! Just a few small things:

  • Race: Please put "Demi-Human: Fox"
  • Face: Is it an OC by an artist? If yes, you can give the artist if you know their name.
  • Magic: Can you be a bit more descriptive? What exactly are you manipulating? Is it just shadows/strands of darkness magic? Also you can take the last part about it being "limiting" out if you want, it's really up for interpretation what you do with it after all.

That's it! Bump this thread when you are done ^^

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@Nuala wrote:Hey there! Just a few small things:

  • Race: Please put "Demi-Human: Fox"
  • Face: Is it an OC by an artist? If yes, you can give the artist if you know their name.
  • Magic: Can you be a bit more descriptive? What exactly are you manipulating? Is it just shadows/strands of darkness magic? Also you can take the last part about it being "limiting" out if you want, it's really up for interpretation what you do with it after all.

That's it! Bump this thread when you are done ^^

With the race bit I had talked to Jyu about it beforehand, thus the Beastman[Fox] bit. But understood.
The art has been done by multiple artist so I simply listed both.
Hope I explained the magic just a bit better.


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This character application has been approved.

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